WARNING: This is not a very Karin-happy story.

Maid Number 167

SasuSaku AU// She was known as Maid no.167 out of 254 servants in the Uchiha household. She has a name, but only her dorky roommate knows it. He was known as the God of Sex and guess what? His name was even more popular than Jesus. Uh-oh I sense chemistry







Why does God have to dump every stinkin' bad thing on her? Why can't He dump all these crap onto someone like…like…like Uchiha Sasuke?! He deserves this more than her!

That good for nothing spoiled bastard!!

Everything happened so fast. First, she remembered herself eating a big scoop of vanilla ice cream on a bright sunny day by an ivory beach. Then she saw her dad waving in the horizon, calling her to join him and her mom for a barbeque dinner. She was so content with everything until her dorky roommate, Banana, woke her up from her sweet saccharine sleep. It was then she realized it had all been just a dream.

Well, she kind of already knew it was a dream because her mom passed away three years ago. There was no way anyone can bring the dead back to life. Not even God. But still, she wanted to stay in her cozy little dream more than anywhere else. And she definitely want to stay there than a place like…this.

The Uchiha Mansion

Ah yes…so how did I end up in this fricken mansion again? She asked herself in the dark wine cellar.

Oh right…because of my stupid education!!

Unfortunately, the only 'good' thing God ever granted her since her birth was her ultra smart brain. She had been the only student in her tiny public school and community to ever get enrolled into Japan's richest, greatest, prestigious, not to mention p.r.i.v.a.t.e. high school.

Also known as Fiery Leaf High


Fiery Leaf Private High

Oh yes, one can absolutely not forget the word private. Because private usually means one thing that can be expressed in two simple words: Expensive Tuition.

Of course, she received her scholarship and all those ladee-dadee-dahs. But those money-greedy professors just had to make tuition so ridiculously high that not even her scholarship can cover the cost. Her dad was absolutely heartbroken when he found out he couldn't pay for his only daughters' tuition. The salary he got from running his own little restaurant barely supported his family due to high taxation.

She didn't mind though because she never really cared about education. She just wanted to stay at home and help her beloved daddy run his tiny business. However on the contrary, her dad believed education was the most important thing right now and urged her to grab a hold of this opportunity. That way, she'll have a better chance of achieving a life that will out-beat his life any day. And thus, she did.

But first, she had to find an extra cheap place to stay and most importantly, she had to find a job.

After days of painstaking efforts, she finally found a solution to her problems. An old crunched up newspaper happened to hit her square on the face one day and just her luck, she saw an advertisement stating that the infamous Uchiha family was currently trying to find one hundred housemaids to work in their household. They offered food and shelter for each maid as long as she sign a one year contract to work.

God must surely love her, she thought.


Although she managed to convince Fiery Leaf High's principal to lend her their 'golden' uber expensive textbooks so she can study independently during her spare time. And although she managed get the job at the Uchiha household, her life still officially sucked.

Ah, and here come's the million dollar question again. WHY?


- She was labeled and called Maid number 167, or for short, just 167. How creative.

- She had to wake up at eight in the morning. Well technically, seven in the morning if you want to eat breakfast. But she didn't care since she didn't like eating breakfast. In addition, she loved sleeping too much. Banana always had to wake her up for work.

- Her life was boring.

- She had to watch Uchiha Sasuke and his sick playboy ways.

- And…she had to wear a stupid wig.

It's not everyday people are born with pink hair you know and she, herself, knows that. So she bought a cheap short black wig that covered up her long naturally pink hair everyday just to fit in with the crowd a little bit more. Not even Banana knows about her secret or the fact that she was secretly studying the textbooks she had gotten from Fiery Leaf.

Aside from the hideous wig, she couldn't stand Uchiha Sasuke who lived alone in the mansion along with two-hundred-fifty-four other maids. (She didn't get why they would need that much maids to run the mansion.) Anyways, his brother, Itachi, had gone to work with their parents, Fugaku and Mikoto, in America which makes Sasuke a very free boy.

A very very free playboy.

He, like her, was enrolled into Fiery Leaf Private High. And unlike her, he had the money to pay for his tuition. He was a genius who aced all of his tests without studying, he was a jock that excelled in sports, he was hot to the point where every girl drools in front him, and he was a big fat arrogant jerk.

He can kiss my ass! She thought angrily and crossed her legs in a very unladylike manner. Oh well, no one could see her anyway.

Seriously, Uchiha Sasuke was such a big fat arrogant dickhead. He played around with girls, he broke innocent girls' hearts, and he was a daredevil. To some it all up, he was an evil heartless piece of shitty ice.

He flirted and made-out with maids along with every other possible girl alive. (Yuck!) And somehow, to her surprise, every girl still likes him! Including Banana. To make things worse, he had an evil yet drop-dead gorgeous girlfriend called Karin who tramples over the girls that Sasuke flirted with.

"So did you ever like Sasuke?" Her best friend, Yamanaka Ino, asked over the phone. Ino was her wealthiest friend that moved to America at an early age.

Ok, fine! Yes! I did like Uchiha Sasuke. I did. Note the past tense! So what? Is that a crime? She remembered answering furiously over the phone. So what if she liked Sasuke before? Fact: He was hot. Wouldn't you be attracted to people who you think are hot?

But after seeing his playboy behavior, she was totally turned off by the supposed King of Sex.

So back to the story.

Dang, everything went by so fast.

After being woken up by Banana, she hurried downstairs to do her shift of chores for the morning. By lunch, it was her turn to clear the dining table and so she quickly ran through the kitchen only to be interrupted by the notorious Sasuke-obsessed maid-in-charge, Mina, who ordered her to bring a bottle of 1967 wine to her since Sasuke requested it.

Of course, she had to listen to stupid Mina since she was the maid that was in charge of everything. In another words, the highest position amongst all maids. So, not wanting to get fired, she darted to the wine cellar and since God loved her oh-so-much, Sasuke happened to be in her way when she was about to run into the cellar. And then…


World War III!

Nahh...something far worse than World War III.

She had accidentally ran into Sasuke causing both of them to tumble down the dark wine cellar. Unfortunately for them, the wine cellar door which was never closed due to the fact that it self-locks whenever it was shut, closed and officially locked them in.

Mina is going to get soo mad… she thought with a groan. Even though she hated her job, she was not ready to get fired yet. And why did she ever end up getting locked up with the man she hates?! Crap happens to me…

"You're so clumsy." She heard Sasuke said in annoyance.

"I'm sorry sir." She replied politely. He was her boss after all.

Inner Sakura: Aargh, no I'm not sorry you bastard!!

"What's your name?" He asked impatiently.

Damn…is he going to fire me?

"Saku-err…I mean one-hundred-sixty-seven."


Ok fine…don't reply you rude egghead.

Yup, there she was. Trapped with her boss, Uchiha Sasuke.

Grrreat! My first actual encounter with my boss...

Truth to be told, this was her first very time talking to Sasuke. Not that she cared. But she just found it amusing since this is the first time they exchanged words after her three-month stay. So many girls would die to be in her position right now.

Hah...screw them... fembots...


Eh. The awkward silence again. She hated awkward silence more than anything.

Damn...This is so not the life for a seventeen year old! She thought bitterly. She could see an outline of Sasuke's toned body a few meters away from her who was currently sitting on the floor like her. They had tried calling for help, knocking the door open, and a lot more methods that would possibly bring Scoffield to shame. But alas, none worked.

She sighed inaudibly and glared at a wall which is the same as glaring at the darkness because there wasn't any light in the room.

Someone, help me. Banana…anyone…

As if on cue, a violent noise could be heard from outside of the cellar causing both of them to jump up. The cellar door suddenly opened and a ray of comfortable light reflected warmly upon her.


"ONE-HUNDRED-SIXTY-SEVEN!!! Get your butt out of there now!!!" Mina screech.

Meet Haruno Sakura: the 167th maid out of 254 servants in the Uchiha household.



Happily seventeen.

In deep deep trouble.


Before I type anything, I would like to credit certain things that gave me the inspiration for this fic.

- Ouran High School Host Club

- The awesome cliché maid-stories plot

- Ashiteruze Baby

I will be borrowing some of the ideas from different sources and add a little twist here and there. Don't worry, I'll credit them.

I've decided to portray Sasuke a little differently than my other fics. As you can see, he's an interactive lady's man in this fic. I'll try to make him stay in character though. But as a warning, he will be slightly possessive in the future.

Yup, that's about it! And for those who noticed, yes… this chapter was slightly re-edited as well as the other chapters. Enjoy. Ciao.

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