Chapter 1

The darkness seemed endless, a gaping maw with jagged teeth that opened wide and threatened to swallow it's victim whole. The weak flickering light of the candle bravely fought against the monster that held it captive, its light ducking and dancing over the rough, uneven edges of rock that it had lit upon. A gentle wind muttered through the enclosed space, a soft underscore to the harsh whispers of the occupants of the space. The tangent smell of fear lingered in the air.

The light danced again, this time illuminating the cave-for it was a cave- and the three figures that sat close to the single candle. As they moved closer to the candle it became clear that they were women, a woman with strawberry-blonde hair and dressed in an earth-coloured gown, a dark-haired woman in an emerald gown edged with silver and a red-haired woman in a pale pink gown edged with white lace. The strawberry-blonde leaned forward and spoke in a harsh whisper.

"The time has come for a great battle. The forces of Light and Dark are assembling. The Golden One will fight. She will defend the lives of the Next and the City of Angels will burn and Darkness will reign. The Champion will be kept from Her but He will rejoin the battle at the end and fight at Her side. A great change will come."

"A change?" The woman opposite her leant forward also, her dark hair spilling over her shoulders. The third woman leaned forward. "What does that mean?" she questioned, the light playing over her pale skin.

"This I cannot tell you. I only See as far as the Fates allow." The blonde answered. "But know this; you must seek the Golden One. That is all." the woman sighed and disappeared in a small burst of light that lit up the cave. The other two women shielded their eyes from the sudden flare of light.

The red-haired woman turned to her companion. "The Golden One. You have worked out who it refers to?" she inquired. The dark-haired woman nodded. "Good. You know what must be done then?" The woman nodded again grimly. "It will be best if you go then Kathryn – she knows you much better than I." the red-haired woman continued. "We must make haste; I fear there is not a moment to lose. Tell her that we will aid her in any way we can. Our powers are hers to wield as she would wish."

The dark-haired woman–Kathryn- spoke then. "And you will remain here and gather more information, then Christabel?" Christabel nodded. "Yes. The Coven has many contacts of seers and shamans that may be able to help us. I may also attempt to wrest information from the Watchers Council. I will join you soon sister."

Kathryn stood then and grasped the other woman's hand. "This may be the end." she whispered fiercely. "But we shall fight and the Darkness shall feel our wrath. Balance shall be restored." She pulled Christabel into a hug and whispered into her ear. "I shall see you soon then sister. I bid you farewell."

She turned away and lifted her hand and muttered "Peto Rutilus Trucido" Swirling silver light flew from her hand and flew into a vortex. With a last look at Christabel, Kathryn stepped into the vortex which closed behind her and vanished from view. Christabel stared at the spot at which Kathryn had vanished and whispered "Good luck sister." She picked up the candle and began to make her way out of the cave.