An Alchemic Reaction

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Summary : This story begins a day after the events of the movie Conqueror of Shambala. If you haven't seen it, go watch it! Since it may spoil it for you! This simply a story of picking up the pieces, and an unexpected love, that should not exist between two people who's paths have crossed once again.

This is a RoyXWinry fic, and focuses heavily on this couple. Other pairings will be a little bit of Kain/Scieszka, and Havoc/Hawkeye sprinkled here and there. It will be NC-17 or MA as it progresses.

When a character is in thought i use 'single' quotation marks sometimes. Dialogue is used with "double" quotation marks. That ends my grammar lesson :)

Author's note : In the beginning of this fic, the ages will be as follows : Winry-19, Roy-29, yes they will be 10 years apart in this fic, it is my own little world :) and I might not even be off by that much , I estimate Roy went to Resembool and found the talent of the Elric's when he was about 21 years old. blah blah blah...on with the story!

I do not own FMA, FMA owns me though ;)

An Alchemic Reaction

Chapter 1 : A Bittersweet Reunion & An Unexpected Visitor

A heavy sigh and a trace of a smile wavered upon Winry Rockbell's mouth as she looked over her shoulder to her dear friend Scieszka. She nodded back firmly, reassuring her with a small pat on the back. They were both exhausted, and after yesterday's tumultous events, she felt nothing but heavy legs and an overwhelming sensation of loss. She turned her head back to the door in front of her, and gave a hesistant light rapping upon the door. A rumbling noise came from inside the house and they could both hear the squeals of a young girl. The door opened and the face of Gracia Hughes looked relieved and surprised to see the two young women standing at her doorstep.

"Well! if it isn't my husband's favorite bookworm, and dear Miss Rockbell!?" Gracia smiled lovingly, and stepped forward to hug the two. " Please come in! Elicia! Guess who's here?" She opened the door wider and called out to her young daughter, who poked her head up from the couch, and suddenly toppled over the cushions, rushing to Winry.

"Big sister! It has been so long! Where have you been?" Elicia clutched at Winry's waist, jumping up and down with childish glee.

Winry bent down to hug the little girl, who had grown a a few inches since they had last met.

"Hey there sweety! My how you've grown! I'm sorry i haven't visited in a while, but i have been so busy at work. How are you doing little Miss Elicia!?" She forced herself to bring back some of the old sweet Winry, everone knew her to be, the Winry she no longer felt she knew, just for this sweet innocent girl.

Elicia stepped back and stretched her mouth open with her fingers, happily announcing, " I lost two teef! See?!"

"Oh my! Well, congratulations Elicia, that means your growing into a lovely young woman!" Winry clasped her hands and pinched the little girl's cheek, making her squeal with delight.

"You both look exhausted! I can imagine, after all that has transpired in the past few days." Gracia stepped forward, running her fingers through her daughter's hair, "How about some lunch, have you eaten yet?"looking at the other two expectantly with a soft smile.

"That would be great Gracia, I'll help you prepare." Scieszka accompanied the young widow into the kitchen.

Winry stayed in the living room, her eyes scanning the comfortable yet desolate home, it felt familiar to her, the isolation, and the loss, that damn loss. Her eyes caught the vivacious Elicia skip lightly to the table full of family photographs. She watched her whisper quietly to one of the pictures. She suddenly felt her eyes water slightly, but she held it in, keeping it together for the sake of the little one, who seemed to have accepted her father's passing, but surely missed his physical presence. She turned on her heel and stood next to Elicia looking over the many happy memories the young and now broken family had shared over the years.

Elicia's first birthday party, Elicia in her new bathingsuit on the beach, a small family portrait. Then there was that photograph, the grinning Maes Hughes, with a young unscathed Roy Mustang. She recalled the short and awkward phone call he made to her house just a few days ago. She hadn't seen the General, since his search for the Elric's back in Resembool.All she knew was that he has once again been proclaimed as the hero of the nation, thanks to the attacks throughout the cities Which means he must have assisted...She snapped out of her reverie as soon as she heard Gracia call out to her.

She whirled around, "Oh..Pardon me Gracia..Did you say something?"

Scieszka walked into the room with Gracia beside her, each carrying a tray of mini sandwitches and treats.

Gracia glanced at Winry and caught the flicker of sadness in her eyes, " Oh, I was just mentioning to Scieszka, that Elicia and I were about to make our monthly visit see my husband..." Gracia set the tray down shakily onto the coffee table. "If you two would like to accompany us, or stay and rest you're more then welcome to, remember that this house will always be welcome to both of you."

Winry stood still for a moment. "Why thank you so much for your generous hospitality Gracia, I appreciate it so much. I may stay a few days to help those who were injured from all the attacks."

"Well Winry, please make yourself right at home, you can stay as long as you like." Gracia smiled, and sat down on the couch, Elicia following suit plopping herself next to her mother, grabbing a sandwich with her little hands.

Scieszka set the tray down and peered at Winry who was standing still over the family photographs. "I'll come with you Gracia, I think Winry may need some rest." Then it struck her, and Scieszka sat down and clasped a hand around a glass of lemonade. "Gracia.."

Gracia turned towards Scieszka, "Yes?"

" Well you said, monthly visit, right? It's been a month since you have visited the Brigadier General's grave?" Scieszka asked pushing her wire framed glasses up her nose.

Gracia frowned a bit, and nodded taking a small bite of her sandwich. "Yes, why do you ask Scieszka?"

"Hmm, well Winry and I went to pay our respects the other day, and found a bouquet of white lillys already placed there..we thought perhaps it was you and Elicia, but..oh well, I guess it was someone else." Scieszka siezed a small pastry, and popped it into her mouth savoring the sweet sugary flavor.

Winry froze, and stared at the photograph of the late Brigadier General and him, the one staring right back at her. It made sense, he must have stopped by the grave before reaching Central to help the troops. Winry let out the long breath she was holding in, and padded over to the couch to join the others.

It was going to be another period of adaptation, the attacks injured many and she was hellbent on doing all she could to help those who needed it. Ed and Al were gone, and while a part of her felt a huge sense of loss, the other was satisfied with knowing that somewhere they were both alive. At least she hoped they were. The Elric's were too stubborn to die. She only wished she could have had the chance to say her goodbyes properly, she wished they had had more time.

After lunch, grabbing a few umbrellas, Gracia, Scieszka, and Elicia left the house to visit Maes' gravesite. Winry decided she would stay to freshen up and rest. After a quick bath, she brushed out her hair and changed into a short sleeved salmon colored, polo dress. She stared at the mirror, and found herself looking pale and worn out. 'I am too young for all this drama!' she thought to herself.

A few brief knocks on the front door nearly made her topple off the vanity chair. 'Geez Winry! Get a grip! I wonder who it could be?' After the attacks on Liore and Central she was weary of answering the door. Especially since this wasn't exactly her own property.

She stepped near the second floor window to take a quick peek at the inquiring visitor. Relief spread her features as she saw the dark haired man standing at the doorstep.

Winry trotted down the stairs, and swung open the door. "Good afternoon Sergeant Major Fuery!" she beamed and gave the surprised sweet man a friendly hug. Winry pulled back. "I take it you are looking for your fiance'? " Arching her brow mischievously.

Kain Fuery blushed brightly, scratching the back of his head nervously. "OH well, yeah..yes Winry, how are you doing? Scieszka told me you would be staying at the Hughes' home for some time to help us out with the recovery, and reconstruction! So is she around?"

Winry smiled, "You just missed her, she went with Gracia and Elicia to visit Maes' grave." They should be back soon though."

Kain looked down, and shuffled his feet a bit. " Well, I got a few errands to run anyways, just tell her i'll be back to pick her up later tonight!" He smiled up at her, pushing up his glasses in the same fashion as his sweet fiancé'.

"Definitely, Kain! See you soon then!" She gave him a wink and waved the young soldier goodbye, and stepped back into the house. She tip toed across the living room, and into the kitchen, feeling a little better then before. It was good to be out of Resembool for a while, even though Central was wartorn, the battles were over quickly, and the recovery would surely go well. 'Think positive Winry, think positive!'

She decided to make herself some tea, and began to boil the water upon the stove. The rumble of a looming thunderstorm was overheard in the distance as the sprinkle of a light rain began to trickle down the windowpane in the kitchen. Winry looked out at the grey sky, from the kitchen windowpane, lightly pressing her fingertips upon it. 'I hope you are both ok...' she mused, until….

BUM BUM BUM ...A strong succession of swift knocks on the door, jarred her from her thoughts. 'This house sure is attracting a lot of visitors lately' Winry thought, she whirled around, turned the heat lower on the stove, and paced barefoot towards the front door. She figured Gracia and the others would be back by now, and needed to get in quickly from the stormy weather.

However, as she opened the door,her heartbeat began to race, and her hand shook lightly near the doorknob. it was an imposing silhoutte of a man. He was covered in a large black cloak, the royal blue military uniform peeking underneath. His hair longer over one side of his face, and Winry was left with an indeciphirable lump in her throat at that moment, simply staring wide eyed at the raven haired man in front of her. Almost like doe in headlights.

He faltered, his one eye widened slightly at the site of her, he always had the strangest luck of finding this girl at the Hughe's home. He had even looked up at the upper window, to make sure he didn't see the movement of blonde hair swishing about, before knocking. He quickly collected himself, and pulled his shoulders back.

"Good Afternoon, is Mrs. Hughes home?" He berated himself mentally for his authoratative tone, but he couldn't help it, he had been a soldier, a Coronel, and a General for so was almost normal for him to speak in such a manner. He coughed, and tried to clear his throat a bit. The site of her always made him a bit nervous deep inside.

Winry stared at him, his tone a bit harsh, and she glared at him. "No, General, she stepped out to visit her late husband's grave. She should be back soon." She saw his expression waver slightly, but he quickly composed himself into the stern man he was famous for being.

The storm grew harsher, and the lights in the house flickered.

"Alright, I am sorry to have troubled you, Miss Rockbell, I'll be on my way then." He bowed and turned around sharply. When he felt an unexpected firm hand grasp his coat,"General Mustang" she spoke softly. He was stunned into stillness, feeling like he was about to jump out of his own skin.The rain pelting him, droplets of water dripping down his face.

"I need to have a word with you please, and Gracia will be back soon, will you please come inside?" Winry could barely stand, her nerves went wild when she saw him. She just had too many questions that needed to be answered, and she felt he knew what she wanted to know. He must, he was there, aiding Ed and Al before they left.

Roy slowly spun around, and looked her straight in the eyes. He saw the sorrow in them, and felt an urge to protect the girl, the one he had wronged so long ago. "I don't believe that it is a good idea Miss Rockbell, you see,I----- "

She cut him off, "PLEASE!" she wrenched out, surprising the General with the abrupt burst of emotion in which she pleaded, her hand still tightly clutching the heavy black fabric. He decided to oblige her, and nodded. She stepped aside, and let him into the house. He hated coming to this house, too many damn memories. 'What the Hell am I doing?!' He took in a quick breath when he felt her once again, her hands trying to help him out of the sopping wet coat. "Its alright Miss Rockbell, I'll take care of it." He shrugged off the coat, hanging it upon the coat rack. He shoved his hands into his pockets and began to pace the room. Keeping his distance and back intentionally facing her.

Winry stood still, she watched him for a moment, his broad back was stiff, she decided to just cut to the chase, she would probably not get another chance to ask.

"General, do you know what happened to Ed and Al?" She shifted, clasping her hands in front of her.

"No, I don't, I'm sorry Miss Rockbell... they seemed to have left through a portal which I had the task to close." He shuffled his feet. Feeling tension all through his back. He then heard a light sniffle, and he gritted his teeth. 'Dammit don't cry...not now!'He turned around to find the girl on her knees; she couldn't seem to control her emotions very well. 'DAMMIT!' he yelled at himself mentally. 'Do something Mustang! You owe the girl that much and more!'

He sighed heavily and trudged towards Winry. He stood before her, his shadow seemingly swallowing her whole. He bent down, and tentatively lay his hand upon her shoulder. "Miss Rockbell..." she looked down a few stray tears trickling onto her knee, clutching the hem of her dress.

"Fullmetal...well...Edward, he told Alphonse, to tell you, that you were the best..I believe he was referring to your talent with automail...He also said to take good care of you...that was before, Alphonse jumped and left with him..into the portal."

Winry snapped her head up and stared at him, her eyes glassy, her mouth twisted into a tight grimace of pain. Roy's eye widened slightly, her eyes seared with a hot blue pain, that brought back terrible memories for him. He nearly stumbled back, but he kept his body bent over, and still out of sheer willpower. He strangely began to feel a heavy weight tug upon his heart.

"He said...Ed said...that's all Ed had. to..??..." Her mouth trembled, and her body lunged forward involuntarily, into the General's chest. Her hands clutched his shirt collar, and her face was buried into the royal blue uniform blotching it with her tears.

Roy looked down at the young woman her golden hair brushing against his chin. His arms were stiff, with only one hand still on her shoulder. Once again the overwhelming urge to protect her overcame him. He couldn't bare to see any woman in so much pain and suffering, especially her, he had caused her so much pain in the past, and whether or not she forgave him, he would always carry that burden upon him. He owed her his life, he could at least comfort her, she had lost so much, so young.

The General slowly curled each arm around her, hugging her securely, he felt her tremble, so he rubbed her arms lightly to ease the tension. He didn't want to seem insincere, he truly wanted to comfort her. He felt the need to comfort her, to protect her, to somehow atone for his past, in some small way. He had always tried to keep tabs on her, to make sure she was safe and alive, but always from a long and safe distance. Never had he expected this type of situation.

Winry felt exhausted, she no longer cared that she was weeping and being held by the man who had once committed a horrible attrocity against her. She had forgiven him long ago,he may not have known it, but inside she had. Perhaps not telling him so, was her subconscious way of letting him suffer a bit for those sins he committed. She didn't care right now, she needed someone to just hold her for a moment.

"Ok.." she sayed weakly, regaining her wits, slowly breaking the emotionally charged embrace. She looked up at the General, and she paused, even with nearly half his face marred and hidden by an eye patch, he was devastatingly handsome. She felt a long wisp of raven hair touch lightly upon her nose, and felt tinge of red spread across her cheeks, thats when she noticed a tiny smirk forming on his lips. 'That bastard! How dare he smirk!' feeling a bit embarassed by her blatant blushing, she attempted to stand up, but felt her knees buckle. 'Oh this is just great 'Winry the damsel in distress!' she chastised herself silently.Roy swiftly caught her and held her by the elbows, steadying her on her feet.

As soon as Winry regained some equilibrium she caught his gaze once more,"Umm...thank you...I'm sorry I just..." she sighed and looked up at him snapping her arms back to her sides. She felt too close to the man, an awkward silence began to grow. As if right on time, a loud whistle rang through the house, breaking the quiet stillness.

Winry jumped into action, "OH MY! The TEAPOT!" She ran off into the kitchen flailing her arms around. Leaving Roy in the living room, with a puzzled and bemused look. He followed her, and had to hold back a choked laugh at seeing her run around, trying to salvage her tea. She twisted around and gave him a pointed scowl, and actually stuck her tongue out at him. 'Did she actually just do that??' For the first time in a long time, he felt a real smile creep upon his mouth.

"Miss Rockbell do you need any assistance?"

"No General Mustang i do not, I am perfectly capable of handling boiling water and...and..."she let out a long sigh, as she fixed up some tea. "Would you care for some tea General?"

Roy's brow arched up, "I would really love to Miss Rockbell but----"

Before Roy knew what hit him, she shoved a teacup into his hand nearly scalding him with it. She crinkled her nose, "Just have some tea General, you will need something to warm you up before you leave."

Roy looked at her, slightly dumbstruck, it seemed this vulnerable young woman, who was a tearful mess just moments ago, was still a force to be reckoned with. She had some major coping skills, she had to, it was probably second nature to her by now. Of course, events like these would make anyone give, and break down at times...he wondered how many times she had broken down, and how many times anyone was there to catch her. Guilt prickled inside him, but he pushed it aside for the time being. He sipped the tea gingerly, ignoring the considerably bitter taste.

The front door blew open, causing Roy and Winry to jump, and rush over to the living room.

Author's Note: that is chapter one for now, I still have the story whirring around in my head, so it is definitely a work in progress! The next chapter will hopefully be up in a few days. This is not going to be an epic by any means! lol...but a good old love/angst story :) with a few nice lemons along the way! Hope you liked it so far!