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The first time Kakashi caught his girl checking out another shinobi, he had simply dismissed it. Sakura had been nothing but completely loyal to him ever since they had become entangled in a heated, though unexpected whirlwind romance nearly a year ago, and while the desperate need to be constantly together had cooled down a little bit, the sex had only gotten hotter as he continued to coax Sakura into being more open to trying new things. He trusted her completely and knew that living in a town full of shinobi meant plenty of sculpted male bodies to ogle. So what if Sakura was staring at Yamato's backside appreciatively? He knew that once he got her in the bedroom, he would be the only man on her mind.

However, Kakashi noticed that her temporary team leader seemed to be the only man she ever looked at, besides himself of course. Yet, she never acted on it, never flirting or batting her eyes at him when the three of them managed to find time to go out with Naruto and Sai and catch up on what everyone was up to.

The silver haired jounin still wasn't bothered much. If she was going to let her eyes wander, he was glad it was towards Yamato. They had been buddies back in ANBU even if they hadn't been assigned to the same team and he knew Yamato was fairly straight laced and hardly the womanizing type. If he even noticed Sakura's admiring glances, he never said anything and Kakashi knew he never would. He was a good man who would put their friendship before a night with the pink haired bombshell. If her eyes had been set on Genma, Kakashi would have had cause to be worried.

However, the Copy nin had been completely taken aback when he had let himself into Sakura's apartment after an evening training session to find her sprawled on her bed completely naked, pink hair damp after an apparent shower, with her hand working furiously between her legs. All of this would have been fine except for the name that she was calling as she arched and squirmed atop the messy sheets.


Kakashi had been too shocked to move as he stood in the doorway, watching his girlfriend masturbate to thoughts of another man. Even as the anger began to rise in him, the sight of her naked and flushed and moaning evoked arousal as well, making him unsure of how to act. Should he confront her? Or should he pounce on her and fuck her senseless, driving his friend from her mind with every thrust? He was still debating when she did something else that surprised him. Her second hand straying to her breast and beginning to tug at a hardened nipple as she moaned again.

"Mmm, Kakashi, Yamato, don't stop!"

So, she was fantasizing about a threesome was she? The new development caused his anger to ebb away. He had, after all, encouraged her to be adventurous in the realm of sex, but this was something he had never considered before. Sure he had wondered what it would be like to have Sakura's blonde friend Ino come join them every now and again, but never had he thought of having a threesome with another man. While Kakashi was completely comfortable with himself and his sexuality, he was not gay or bisexual and wasn't sure how he felt about sharing Sakura with another man.

"Kakashi…ugh! Mmm…Kakashi…"

The sound of his name in breathless, needy tones broke through his contemplation. He would have to think about that later. Right now, he had more important matters to attend to, like making sure that when she reached her peak, it was with him inside her.

He began to walk towards her, shedding clothes as he went and the sound of rustling fabric finally alerted her to his presence.

Wide eyed she whipped her hand away from her heated sex and closed her spread thighs, even though it was far too late to cover up what she had been doing.

"Kakashi! I thought you would be getting home later!" she gasped as he advanced on her, pausing only to slide his pants down his legs, leaving him only in a pair of gray boxer briefs which she had to admit was quite an appetizing sight.

"Hey, don't stop on my account." Kakashi chuckled, his voice lower and rougher than normal.

He sunk to the bed and crawled atop her, his hand closing around her wrist and brought it back to the apex of her thighs in a silent order to keep touching herself.

"I-I thought you would be home later." She stuttered, unsure of just how long he had been standing there and what he had heard as he planted a hand by her head to support his weight.

"Obviously." Kakashi chuckled. "But lucky for you, I'm home now because instead of just moaning my name, I'll make sure you'll scream it."

As he dipped his head to kiss her, his hand closed over the one at her sex, forcing her to sink a finger deep inside herself and greedy swallowed the ensuing moan with hungry lips.

Just as he had predicted, she spent the rest of the night crying out his name in ecstasy and he doubted that his brown haired friend even crossed her mind at all.

The next morning he awoke to the bathroom door opening and Sakura exiting the steam filled room with a towel wrapped around her. No doubt she was getting ready for her shift at the hospital as she made her way over to the closet that was twice as big as the one in his own tiny apartment.

He turned on his side and propped himself up on his elbow as he watched her pull out her signature red top and shorts, complete with the pale pink skirt she wore over it. His mouth quirked into a smirk as she let the towel drop from her body and let his eyes rove over her naked form as she went to her dresser to retrieve a pair of panties from the top drawer.

"Good morning." She smiled over her shoulder, aware that he was awake without him saying a word. She was greeted with the sight of him watching her from her bed, the sheets hanging dangerously low on his hips, exposing his deliciously sculpted torso. His normally unruly hair was even more disheveled and seemed to only add to his sex appeal. It really was unfair that he looked so devastatingly good with bed head.


She stretched leisurely with her arms over her head before bending over to step into a lacey pink thong. Her movements were too slow to be anything but a deliberate tease but he wasn't complaining. There was no sight in the world he would rather wake up to than her glorious naked body.

As she slipped the miniscule piece of cloth up her legs, covering the trim patch of pink curls over her mound he murmured, "If you really want to have a threesome that badly, you just could have asked me."

He chuckled when the clothes in her hands fell to the flow and she slowly turned to face him with her mouth agape.

"Y-You mean you…"

"Heard you moaning Yamato's name last night? Yes." Kakashi finished, his smirk betraying his amusement at her reaction. "I didn't know you were into threesomes Sakura."

"Well, I've never exactly had one." Sakura mumbled, raking a hand through shower damp locks. "I just thought you would be mad if I asked you about it. I didn't want you to think that you weren't enough to satisfy me."

"I'm not mad." Kakashi said, crooking a finger at her and beckoning her over and she obeyed, coming to him with a slow sway of her hips. "I want you to be adventurous with me in bed. Getting upset over this would be hypocritical."

Sakura climbed atop him as he rolled onto his back, the sheets over his waist and her skimpy panties the only things that separated their naked bodies.

She planted her hands on his chest and leaned down to capture his lips in a kiss that was slow and sexy and was dangerously close to turning heated and making her very late for work.

The medic pulled away before she became too caught up to stop herself, moving a hand to trace the slightly raised pattern of the faded ANBU tattoo on his left bicep as she gazed into hooded, mismatched eyes.

"I love you." She said simply, knowing few men would be so understanding of her secret fantasy.

"And I love you." He answered, his hands coming up to rest lightly on her hips, his fingers ghosting over silky skin.

After a moment of comfortable silence, he added, "So when do you want to invite him over?'

"Invite who over?" she asked, brushing a stray strand of silver from his eyes.

"Yamato. When do you want to seduce him?" Kakashi asked naturally, as if he hadn't just asked when his girlfriend wanted to bring another man into their bed.

"You mean you're ok with it?" she gasped, hardly able to believe what she was hearing.

The jounin shrugged. "Why not? He's a man I know well and someone I trust. I've never had a threesome with another man before either and I'm willing to try anything once."

Sakura's green eyes practically glittered with excitement at the thought of being trapped between two able bodied men. No doubt she had become something of a pervert since she had started dating Kakashi.

"Well," she said thoughtfully. "Christmas is coming up and I doubt he has plans. We wouldn't want him spending it alone would we?"

"No," he smirked knowingly. "We wouldn't."

The kunoichi giggled mirthfully before pausing as a thought occurred to her.

"Kakashi, you just said you had never had a threesome with another man before. Does that mean you've been with two women?"

His tone was mischievous as he answered.

"Wouldn't you like to know?"

"You have." Sakura gasped, pretending to be scandalized. "Tell me! Tell me! Who was it with?" she giggled, fisting her hands and beating his chest playfully, unaware that her actions made her breast bounce a little too enticingly.

Suddenly, she found herself on her back with Kakashi hovering over her, his fingers slipping under the elastic of her underwear and pulling them away.

"Kakashi!" she squealed. "We can't do this now! I'm going to be late!"

"You have time for a quickie if you have time listening to stories about threesomes." He answered, hooking a toned leg over his shoulder as he began to descend her body.

"But Kakashi, we—oooh!"

Her hands instantly fisted into silver locks and her hips bucked as she felt the hot slide of his tongue on the bundle of nerves between he legs, signaling that she had already lost the battle. Maybe she would be late just this once…

When Sakura returned home from work that night, she discovered Kakashi had taken the liberty of ordering dinner and several steaming cartons lay on the table. She was grateful for the warm food after walking home in the bitter cold. While it hardly ever snowed in Konoha given the temperate climate, the December winds carried a freezing bite and tore right through the jacket she was wearing. She might as well have not worn one at all for she was chilled to the bone the second she stepped through the hospital doors and onto the street.

Unwinding a scarf from around her neck, she wasted no time in slipping out of her medic gear and pulling on an oversized T-shirt that reached her knees before returning to select a carton of appetizing meat and veggies and went to the couch where he was waiting for her with his own cardboard carton in hand. His mask was pulled down and he was lacking the usually green jounin vest he always wore, lounging instead in simple black pants and his long sleeved shirt.

She sighed in contentment as the hot carton warmed her frozen fingers. The apartment was warm and cozy and curling up next to her ex sensei made it feel even homier.

"How was your day?" he asked as she snuggled up next to him, draping her legs over his lap and making herself at home.

Sakura grabbed a large chunk of meat with her chopsticks, popping it into her mouth and chewing thoughtfully before she answered.

"Not bad. Most of the patients today were civilians. One man had a broken leg from falling off his roof and another was a kid with a bee sting. The poor thing turned out to be allergic."

She took another monstrous bite and Kakashi chuckled. Apparently healing the world one patient at a time had worked up an appetite in his pink haired kunoichi.

"So, a fairly uneventful day?" he asked between his own, smaller bites of food.

"Basically, except civilians are the biggest babies! I mean, sure injuries hurt but the man was in his forties and he was crying like he was five. It was embarrassing."

"They've hardly had the chance to build up their tolerance to pain like we have." He noted, poking her teasingly in the ribs with his chopsticks. "We fight so they won't have to."

"I know." Sakura sighed. "I just forget what softies civilians are."

She silenced herself with a mouthful of broccoli and chomped away happily as Kakashi ate his food in a much more dignified manner. Mid chew, Sakura suddenly remembered something.

"Geshshu I shawm tuday."

Unfortunately the fact that her mouth was stuffed didn't do much for her communication skills. After spewing nothing more than inarticulate sounds and broccoli bits, she decided to quit talking with her mouth full. Somehow the Copy ninja remained unfazed and answered calmly, "I don't know Sakura. Who did you see today?"

Despite his composed demeanor, the smile on his lips betrayed the fact that he was silently laughing at her and she elbowed him playfully before swallowed the lump of masticated vegetable and tried again.

"Yamato came by the hospital today. He was visiting someone from ANBU who has been recovering from a spinal injury. I happened to pass him in the hall so we talked for a bit."

"Did you ask him over for Christmas?" Kakashi asked, fishing a piece of chicken out of his carton.

"Well, no." Sakura admitted. "I wasn't really sure how to ask that. I figured, 'hey, wanna have a threesome with me and Kakashi?' wasn't the way to go.

The silver haired man chuckled lightly beside her. "Hardly."

"It was hard enough acting natural around him because I kept getting mental pictures of him..and you and…no clothes…and…"

"Sakura, you are a pervert." Kakashi said, his tone of voice making it sound like he was stating a well known fact.

She was about to elbow him again but realized it was all too true and sighed in defeat.

"Well, since you're not exactly smooth in that department, I suppose I could help with inviting him over." He mused.

"Good. You know him better than I do anyways." She muttered.

"The trick is not to let on to what we have planned until he's already here, otherwise he's sure to back out. Back in ANBU, I only remember him picking up a woman or two all the times we were assigned together. Even when we had periods of leave while at other villages, he never made bedding women a top priority. He's not exactly the wild type and probably wouldn't jump at the idea of joining a couple."

"You don't think he's…gay, do you?"

Sakura pondered as she dug around her carton looking for any meat she might have missed.

"Yamato? No way." Kakashi chuckled. "One of the times I did catch him taking a woman home, his room happened to be next to mine and judging by the sounds she was making, I have a feeling she left the next morning feeling very satisfied."

Sakura froze with her chopsticks suspended half way to her lips, the scrap of meat dangling from them falling back into the carton as her mind conjured up images of what the ANBU member just might have done to that lucky woman.

"Hello? Anybody home?" Kakashi asked when he saw the dreamy expression on her face. He had known her to be something of a space case when she was younger, particularly where Sasuke was concerned but she had grown out of it…well, so he had thought.

The kunoichi immediately snapped back to reality, shooting the man beside her a sheepish smile.

"So how exactly do you suggest we ask him over then?"

Kakashi seemed to contemplate the question.

"Well, Christmas is three days away, right?"

Sakura nodded in response.

"And tomorrow is Friday. Chances are he'll go to the same bar he always goes to on Friday nights to catch up with old team members when he's not away on missions. If we drop by and find him, we could ask him over then."

"So, simple as that? We just ask him over for Christmas?" Sakura asked before biting into a chunk of bell pepper.

"Yeah. However, I need your help to sweeten the deal."

Sakura paused in picking up another veggie to look at him, a little wary of what he was about to suggest.

"You have to cook dinner."

Well, his proposition could have been worse but his words still made her groan. Sakura wasn't half bad at cooking. In fact, she was rather good at it. However, it wasn't something she really enjoyed doing.

"All of it?" she sighed.

"All of it." Kakashi smiled, clearly enjoying the thought of a home cooked meal. "Turkey with all the fixings, side dishes, dessert, you name it."

"Kakashi, we can't eat all that."

"I know. That's why we're having Yamato over."

His mischievous grin was almost boyish and contrasted with his mature features and scarred face.

The medic leaned her head against his shoulder as if the mere thought of cooking made her tired.

"That is going to take me all day." She groaned.

"I'll help you." Kakashi said, bringing an arm around her shoulders and giving her a soft squeeze. "And besides, isn't sex with two good looking shinobi enough of a reward for you?"

Sakura sighed. He had her there. However, there was one more thing she wanted out of this bargain.

"Fine." She said. "But on one condition."

Kakashi raised an eyebrow and waited expectantly for her to continue.

"We get a tree."

Now it was Kakashi's turn to groan.

"You only want a tree because I will be the one cutting it down and lugging it back here. Besides, we don't even really celebrate Christmas the way other people do. We already agreed to no gift giving."

"I know." Sakura said with a smile. "But I want one. I want to decorate one because I haven't been able to since I moved out of my parent's house. We would always get one every year when I was growing up and I miss it.

"Fine." The Copy nin sighed. "Well get a Christmas tree, but you have to pick it out. I'm only responsible for cutting it down and carrying home."

Sakura let out a gleeful giggle and threw her arms around his neck in a hug, nearly impaling the back of his skull with the chopsticks that were still sticking out of her empty carton.

"Thank you!" she smiled against his neck, nuzzling the skin there until Kakashi felt his skin prickle pleasurably.

"You're welcome." Kakashi sighed, wondering how the hell he had managed to get talked into this. Maybe civilians weren't the only softies after all.

The next day was even colder than the last, the bitter wind tearing through Konoha and causing everyone on the street to seek shelter. Sakura spent most of her days behind hospital walls and out of the terrible weather and Kakashi, having nothing on his agenda, opted to forego his usual training and stay inside with a Copy of Icha Icha.

The sky was a brilliant blue, for any clouds were soon swept away by the chaotic winds, and Sakura gazed out the window on her break, dreaming of summer days when the sky was that same clear color, but she could feel the warmth of the sun on her face, not the cold sting of winter winds.

Her shift seemed to fly since she was much busier than yesterday and every time things began to slow down, Shizune or Tsunade would come by and give her something else to do. Sakura didn't really mind. She'd rather be busy than bored. Before she knew it, her shift was over.

She hurried home, spurred on by the thought of a warm house and a hot drink and was thankful her apartment was only a few short blocks from where she worked. Upon reaching her front door, it took her a moment to slip the key into the lock as her usually steady hand trembled from the cold. When she finally succeeded, she hurried inside and was welcomed by warm air and delicious fragrances and was surprised to see Kakashi standing over her stove doing something that looking suspiciously like cooking.

"Hey you." She said, wandering into her kitchen, drawn by the wonderful aroma and sheer curiosity since Kakashi wasn't exactly known for his skills as a cook.

"Hey." He answered, smiling slightly under his mask when he saw her curious look. "Hungry?"

"Starving." She answered when she saw two pans on the stove, one heating up two grilled cheese sandwiches and the other simmering a creamy red liquid that could only be tomato soup.

"Wow, I'm impressed." Sakura smiled, watching the Copy nin flip the sandwiches to reveal perfectly golden sides.

"Don't be. Grilled cheese isn't exactly S-class difficulty and the soup is out of a can."

Sakura giggled and positioned herself behind him, wrapping her arms around his waist and laying her cheek against his back.

"It doesn't matter. It's exactly what I wanted to eat."

She could hear him chuckle and feel his back vibrate with the sound.

"Is that so?" he asked, his tone obviously amused.

"I didn't know it until I walked in the door but it is." Sakura smiled, equally playful.

They stood there a moment in silence, Sakura wrapped around him and Kakashi enjoying her touch as he finished their meal. When the second side of their sandwiches were as brown as the first, he flipped them onto separate plates and filled coffee mugs with tomato soup. He claimed drinking soup this way was less messy and more functional but Sakura never ceased to roll her eyes at him for it. Tonight was no exception.

"We have bowls you know." She said as she took her plate and mug and followed him out to the couch.

"I know." He said simply in a tone that said the apartment could have been filled with bowls but he still would have filled a mug instead.

The subject was instantly dropped when she bit into her sandwich. How long had it been since she had had one of these? She had forgotten just how good they were and continued to eat in silence, placated by the food that was perfect for a cold night in a warm house.

"What time do you want to head over to the bar?" Kakashi said, disturbing the quiet as he sipped soup out of his mug.

"Oh yeah, we're inviting Yamato tonight aren't we?" Sakura sighed, settling back against the plush couch. "It's so cozy in here, I kinda don't want to leave."

"Well, we don't have to." Kakashi chuckled. "But that would mean only one pair of hands on you after Christmas dinner instead of two."

Sakura dipped her crust into her soup and sighed again. He was right.

"You excel at persuasion." She smiled. "If I didn't know any better, I would think you are looking forward to this as much as I am."

Kakashi shrugged, but his visible eye was mischievous.

"I'll finally get to see what you look like from another perspective when you're on the verge of orgasm and you start sinking your nails into anything you can hold on to."

The kunoichi blushed a little as she brought her mostly empty mug to her lips.

"Sorry, I can't help it."

"I know." Kakashi said, wrapping an arm around her and pulling her into her lap. "But I never said it was a bad thing."

Kakashi took her mug from her hands and placed it on the coffee table nearly spilling Sakura on the floor as he leaned forward but he held onto her and redirected his focus to her as he straightened.

"In fact, I think it's rather sexy."

Sakura's giggles were silenced as his lips met hers gently, his kiss tender and soft and she let her weight settle against him, her palms pressed to his chest as he tasted the last traces of soup on her lips.

"You never answered my question." He said softly when he pulled away. "What time do you want to leave?"

"Let me shower first, then we can go." She replied, bringing a hand up to wipe away a few stray crumbs from the corner of his mouth.

She went move off his lap and stand but Kakashi held her right where she was and she looked at him questioningly.

"Need any help in there?" Kakashi smiled, nodding towards the bedroom door where the shower was.

"I don't, but your hair does." Sakura replied, noting it was even wilder than usual. He probably hadn't even bothered to brush it today if he had spent the day lounging around her apartment.

That was enough of an invitation for Kakashi. Without removing her from his lap, he stood and walked them both into the master bathroom which had a shower barely big enough for the two of them. However, they had managed to make it work numerous times and they would make it work now.

He set her down on the tiled floor and cranked on the hot water, letting it warm up while he stripped off his shirt before turning to divest Sakura of her own clothing. She found it amusing that he was more interested in getting her naked than himself but within moments, her shirt, bindings, skirt and boots were all gone from her body. Simultaneously they went for the last garment the other was wearing and managed to awkwardly wrestle off their pants and shorts before stumbling into the shower and shutting the door behind them.

Sakura found her back pressed against the warmed tiles as Kakashi's lips descended once more and she found he still tasted slightly of tomato soup. His hands cupped her breasts and began to knead the soft globes gently and Sakura shuddered at the flash of heat that started low in her belly and shot up her spine. He knew her body well and navigated it skillfully and soon she was wet and ready for him, overwhelmed by the need to have the aching emptiness in her filled.

All thoughts of getting clean in the shower disappeared as he pushed into her, hiking a smooth leg over his hip to allow him to sink into her deeper. He immediately began to move in slow, powerful thrusts, the heat building between them having nothing to do with the steaming droplets falling around them. Sakura wrapped her arms around his back, clinging to him desperately as he pumped against her.

Through her lust clouded mind, she managed to form the thought that it was a good thing they weren't in a hurry to go anywhere. Knowing Kakashi's incredible stamina, the only thing that was going to force them from this shower was the hot water running out.

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