Merry Christmas everyone! J-Pop here with the 4th and final chapter! I don't know how I managed to finish this with finals and 21 units and a part time job but I did so love me people! And hopefully all my stressing out will be worth it if I bring you an enjoyable end to this story.

This chapter contains graphic sex! Not for anyone under 18.


Sakura had found it a challenge to keep quiet in the bedroom after hooking up with her former teacher. her natural tendency being to let out pleasured sounds with every new caress was, and Kakashi had only reinforced that habit by encouraging her to be let g of her shyness and let him know what felt good. However, she couldn't recall ever being this loud upon receiving oral stimulation alone.

Then again, she had never had two men focus their attention on her body simultaneously and she had to admit that while Kakashi was more than enough to fulfill her by himself, Kakashi and Yamato together were simply mind blowing.

The Copy Nin was the only thing holding her upright at the moment, her back slumped against his chest as Yamato lay between her legs, holding a toned thigh in each hand to make enough room for his head which was currently buried in her sweet center, lapping at the slippery folds of her womanhood as though he meant to drink every drop of her.

Kakashi was working over her neck with his own skilled mouth and the hand that wasn't running through her hair was rubbing maddening little circles around her clit, caressing the area Yamato was overlooking with his tongue.

All three of them were panting hard but Sakura's breaths were punctuated with piercing cries and guttural moans as her back arched and her body shook. Yamato's tongue was just as strong and nimble as the rest of his body and the slow, swirling movements he made within her hit all the right places, and soon, her body was strung taut with pleasure, all her muscles tightening in preparation for the final, cataclysmic release.

Yamato began focusing his attention higher near Kakashi's splayed fingers, wanting to wrap his tongue around the throbbing pearl that the jounin was teasing so mercilessly. When his lips brushed over the Sharingan user's circling fingers, he got the hint immediately and retreated to rub his dampened fingers over an erect nipple, watching with interest over the kunoichi's shoulder as the ANBU member's tongue flicked over her clit, eliciting a whole new stream of pleasured sobs.

In her ecstasy induced stupor, she hadn't realized how hard she had been tugging on the dark hair between her fingers, pushing the Yamato harder against her core in desperation as she teetered on the verge of orgasm.

Right when she was sure she was about to plummet headlong into the abyss, she felt the wondrous mouth over her center pull away and she couldn't stop her whimper of disappointment at being left high and dry.

She cracked open the jade eye that had fluttered closed in her bliss and saw him peering up at her, his handsome features bearing a slight blush, proving that he was as hot and bothered as she was, well, maybe not quite. He wasn't seconds away from getting off.

"Why did you stop?" she moaned, trying to guide him back to her juicy core with a soft tug on his russet locks.

"Because I was afraid if you came while pulling my hair like that, I'd be bald before the night was over," he smirked, apparently not mad at the discomfort she was causing him and rather pleased that he had been able to make her lose herself in the moment completely.

"I forgot to warn you she was a hair puller," Kakashi chuckled, knowing from experience she could get a little carried away. "But we can fix that."

Before Sakura could have a say in thee matter, Kakashi slid away and she found herself on her back, the fluffy softness of the rug encompassing her as Kakashi moved by her head, grabbing one of her wrists in each hand and pinning them by her ears.

"That solves that problem," Kakashi smirked, looking down at his captive smugly as Yamato laughed lightly, parting her thighs once more and repositioning himself so he could continue exploring her slick sex and the little pink button above it without a death grip on his head.

The new arrangement put Kakashi in a perfect place to watch his friend's tongue run over Sakura's delicate flower. It also put his own arousal right above her face, considering he was kneeling above her head and leaning forward. The medic knew an opportunity when she saw one and let her tongue brush over the length of his burning flesh, causing the silver haired man to shift his attention from her pussy to her face very quickly.

Sakura giggled against his cock and his surprised expression that quickly softened into something more devious when he saw she was willing to lick him while simultaneously being licked.

"You really are a dirty little thing," he whispered darkly, positioning his tip against her lips where her red lipstick was slightly smeared.

The green eyed kunoichi was about to answer that the fact made her perfect for a perverted man like him, but the feeling of the slender mass of Yamato's finger entering her core rendered her incapable of anything but a lustful cry.

The ANBU growled as Sakura's inner muscles immediately suctioned him inside, rhythmically pulsing and contracting around his digit and extracting a soft moan from his own lips.

"Damn," he murmured in awe, not expecting her to have the tightness of a virgin after obviously being with her ex-sensei for over a year.

Sakura managed to gather enough of her wits to resume running her tongue around the bulbous tip of Kakashi's manhood before letting her flexible muscle flick against the sensitive underside, causing her lover's eye's to squeeze shut and his grip on her wrists to tighten slightly. Why did she have to be so damn good at what she did? It was making it extremely hard for him to focus on anything else.

Yamato began to pump his finger slowly in and out of her core while his mouth sought out her clit once more, taking the bundle of nerves between his teeth and letting his tongue slide over its tiny surface over and over again, earning a muffled cry with every pass.

He could hear Kakashi's soft groans and knew Sakura must be doing something wicked to him and when he glanced up the kunoichi's body, he was proven correct. It was downright erotic to see her ex sensei pin her down like that and offer himself to her without granting her the use of her hands. If that was the kind of stuff they did when alone, he was more than a little envious of his friend's love life. However, he had been granted this one chance to join in and he was not going to waste it. He returned his attention to Sakura's sex and began to suck her clit in rhythm with his thrusting finger, causing her to cry out in rapture against Kakashi's cock.

The Copy Nin groaned as he felt the vibrations of her mouth against him, pulling his erection away and moving forward to allow her to lick at the soft fleshy sacs the base. If she continued to suck at the head of him like she had been, it might have been enough to send him over the edge when combined with the sight of his friend eating her like a man starved and he wasn't ready to lose it so quickly.

Sakura was writhing frantically now, stimulated further by the feel of downy fur against her back. Yamato was working her into such a frenzy that she wasn't even wholly aware of what exactly she was doing to Kakashi, simply licking and sucking any part of him she could reach. She hardly noticed when he replaced his testes with his hard shaft once more, even as she took it greedily into her mouth and began to suck hungrily while Yamato increased the speed of the digit sliding into her.

Kakashi forced open his eyes and watched Yamato ravishing Sakura's core in the soft glow of the Christmas tree, knowing it would be his undoing but no longer caring. He could see the kunoichi's taunt stomach flexing and rippling as powerful contractions coursed through her with every suck on her sensitive pearl. Her legs were jerking around his shoulders with similar spasms and she knew she was on the brink, just as he was.

Just then, Yamato slid his finger out so far that he was nearly free of her clenching muscles and Kakashi could see it was dripping with her essence. The sight of that glistening digit finally sent him over the edge and he whispered his groaned his release through gritted teeth, warning Sakura that he was about to spill himself into her mouth and she only sucked harder, urging him to give her every last drop.

With a broken cry the silver haired shinobi finally succumbed to pleasure, filling Sakura's mouth with hot, thick liquid which she gulped down as if she hadn't had a drink for days, leaving his member twitching weakly as it went flaccid against her tongue.

With a weary sigh, he pulled out of her mouth, dribbling a few milky droplets on her cheek in the process right as Yamato thrust his finger back into her core with unexpected force and he went wild on her clit, sucking and nibbling and licking it, determined to send Sakura to the place Kakashi had just come down from. He was immediately successful and could feel her body clamp down on him like a vice as she called his name in a cry that continued to spiral higher and higher until she had no air left in her lungs. She was thrashing and writhing in pleasure, but Kakashi held her down, watching her enraptured expression with awed appreciation until she stopped convulsing and collapsed against the soft rug in an exhausted heap, still trembling as Yamato eased her down in the aftermath, showering her labia with gentle kisses as he pulled his finger free of her pulsating core.

Kakashi released her and sat back on his knees, trying to catch his breath as he watched Sakura do the same. He could tell Yamato was watching her heaving breasts and pleasured flushed face just as he was and realized the ANBU still had his pants on. He chuckled inwardly at the thought of what his wood-summoning friend would be in for the second his little pink kunoichi got her strength back.

When Sakura's eyes finally fluttered open, they were hazy and dreamy and her movements were sluggish as she stretched luxuriously on the rug, enjoying the tingling in her body that radiated out to the tips of her toes in the warmth of the afterglow.

She arched her back slightly so she could look at the man behind her and gave him a lazy grin before letting her tongue snake out to lick up the traces of his orgasm from her cheek. He smiled right back and leaned down to kiss her softly before whispering in her ear.

"Yamato still has his pants on you know. He's overdressed for the occasion."

"I know." She giggled back, summoning the strength to push herself into a sitting position and casting sultry eyes on the man in question. "I plan to fix that right now."

One second Yamato was looking at the pink haired goddess who was eyeing him like a tigress, and the next he found himself on his back with her hovering over him, her fingers making quick work of his last article of clothing, sliding it down his legs and casting it into their growing pile of shed clothing.

Her eyes locked onto the part of him she had been dying to expose and was not at all disappointed. It seemed God had endowed him well enough to ensure him bragging rights, although she still wasn't sure if he beat Kakashi in that department. However, the aching need to be filled by something long and thick meant she wasn't about to be picky. Wasting no time, she grasped him in one hand and straddled his hips.

"Sakura, wait. Shouldn't I be wearing a condom or something?" Yamato panted, trying to keep up with the woman's fast pace.

She shifted her eyes from his cock to his face and smiled in a way that made his balls tighten just a little.

"I'm a medic. I've got it covered." She said sensually, holding his gaze as she sank onto him, embedding his throbbing member into her tight passage.

Sakura threw back her head and moaned in ecstasy while the brown haired man let out a strangled sound from low in his throat, his hands coming to grasp her hips reflexively as he was enveloped in a tight, liquid paradise.

She hardly allowed her body the chance to adjust to his girth inside her before she began bouncing enthusiastically, driving him in and out of her core at a rapid pace. She planted her hands on his chest to steady herself as she rode him hard, moaning his name out like a cat in heat as she drove herself steadily towards another release.

"Fuck, Sakura…ugh…slow down little." Yamato pleaded, practically seeing stars with the sudden sensations he was being forced to endure. Like most ninja he had excellent stamina but he wasn't sure how long he could hold out against her violent onslaught. The sight of her alone was threatening to do him in, her full breasts bouncing tantalizingly with every rise and fall of her hips, her pink hair flying wildly as she tossed her head and her face contorted into an expression of utter bliss. Good god she was an animal and Yamato had to tame her quick before he lost control.

Wrapping one arm around her waist, he used the other to push off the ground and was able to flip them over without disengaging their bodies, putting Sakura back on the bottom and giving him control of the situation. Sakura gasped in surprise as her back hit the fur covered floor and she found the way he was dominating her to be highly arousing.

The ANBU intertwined his fingers with hers and pinned both hands by her head, looking at her with dark eyes like smoldering coal.

"You've got to learn how to slow down." He practically growled at her, his voice setting sparks off along her spine. "And I'm going to be the one to teach you."

"Does that mean I get to call you Yamato-sensei?" she rasped, maintaining her sense of humor even in her passion.

The man atop her pushed his hips forward hard and deep, extracting a sob from her that immediately rendered her incapable of making any more jokes.

"You can call me whatever the hell you want as long as you moan it." He chuckled as he felt her legs wrap around his hips and her ankles cross at his lower back, holding her too him tightly as he prepared to thrust again.

Sakura could only writhe and shudder under the delicious weight of Yamato's body, and though he wasn't pumping his hip as fast as she would have liked, he compromised speed for power and depth and she could feel the tip of him bump against her cervix with every push.

Kakashi was watching the whole thing with his hand wrapped around his own cock, slowly jerking himself back to an erect state. He had never dreamed he would be so turned on by watching another man fuck his girl, but he had to admit, seeing Yamato drive into her like that and hearing her resulting moans was making him hard as a rock.

However, he wasn't planning on observing all night.

While the two were preoccupied, he opened the drawer on the small table beside the couch, taking care not to bump the lamp sitting there as he sifted through the handful of items he had placed there earlier in preparation for tonight. He found the small bottle he was looking for and made his way back over to the couple on the rug, unscrewing the cap as he went.

Sakura was oblivious to the Copy nin's actions, focusing only on the pleasure Yamato was giving her. She wanted to wrap her arms around him and crush him to her but without the use of her arms, she was a prisoner beneath him, which was kind of sexy too.

She settled for uttering a broken demand, her uneven breathing making speech difficult.

"Kiss me."

The elite shinobi didn't have to hear that twice. Without altering his steady rhythm, he leaned forward and captured his lips in a heated and slightly sloppy kiss but both were too aroused to care. They were only concerned about nerve endings and ultimate satisfaction and their way their mouths blindly sought each other conveyed their desperation.

Yamato broke the kiss when he became aware of Kakashi's presence behind him. Turning his head over his shoulder, he saw Kakashi with a tiny bottle that he assumed to be lubricant and was spreading the transparent substance generously over his finger.

There were numerous possibilities of where that finger could go and Yamato didn't like many of them.

"Whoa, wait a minute Kakashi." He said, snapping out of his passionate haze. "I know I agreed to a threesome and all but there's some things I'm just not ok with."

The silver haired man caught his drift immediately and smirked in response. That was just fine with him because he wasn't really ok with that sort of thing either.

"Calm down, it's not for you." He chuckled, making a gesture to indicate he should roll them over and put Sakura back on top.

The light bulb went off as he understood Kakashi's ulterior motive. He turned back to his partner and switched their positions once more, moving her as if she weighed no more than one of the pillows on their sofa. Sakura picked right up where she had left off, bucking her hips atop him and moaning loudly, oblivious to the fact that Kakashi was now behind her. She became very aware of his presence however when a strong hand pushed on her back, urging her to lean forward until her breasts were pressed to Yamato's chest.

"Kakashi?" Sakura panted over her shoulder as the jounin knelt behind her. She shivered as she felt a slippery finger trace the edges of the puckered hole nobody had touched until now.

"Relax." He commanded as he let the tip of his finger dip inside her, enjoying the way the ring of muscles immediately gripped him like a vice.

Sakura began to squirm at the sensation. She had always been a little squeamish about Kakashi exploring that part of her, but Yamato gripped her hips and prompted her to keep riding him, robbing her of the ability to struggle and decreasing her will to fight him anyways. In fact, she found the duel sensations to be strangely pleasing and focused her attention on kissing Yamato again, leaving Kakashi to his own devices.

The Copy nin eased inside a little more, aided by the slick substance covering his finger. In all truth, Sakura didn't allow him much ass play, despite her willingness to be adventurous in almost all other bedroom activities. He had only managed to convince her into letting him penetrate her there a few times, but every time he did she came for him without fail. He suspected it was her expansive medical knowledge that made her shy away from anal sex because she knew all the mechanical workings of the human body and all the graphic details of just what went on inside that hole. Kakashi didn't really care. He knew it was a dirty place and a different set of precautions had to be taken, but the incredible burning tightness that clamped around him when he was inside that place was more than enough to make up for it. Now that Yamato was here, he planned to use the situation to his advantage. If her pussy was occupied, he'd have to find another alternative wouldn't he?

Taking care to move slow so as not to hurt her, he pushed in deeper until his enter finger was lodged in her. He could feel the bulk of Yamato's shaft sliding in and out of Sakura's vaginal passage through the thin barrier of tissue and noticed that Sakura's moans seemed to have gone up an octave. As much as she claimed she didn't like it, Kakashi had a sneaking suspicion the medic was getting off on this.

He wriggled his finger tip around, feeling her muscles squeeze him reflexively and Sakura let out another impassioned cry.

"Mmm, that's it honey, scream for us." He whispered against her neck as his free arm encircled her waist.

She was still leaning forward and with a slight pressure against her stomach, he urged her to start grinding back and fourth as opposed to up and down, allowing him to start sliding his finger in and out of her ass in time with the motions of her hips on Yamato's cock.

"Oh my god…" Sakura whimpered, starting to feel overwhelmed by the pleasure now that the muscles of her womb and her ass were contracting simultaneously.

Yamato had been on the edge of release for quite some time but had been holding out by sheer willpower for Sakura's sake. The odd sensation of Kakashi's finger massaging him through her vaginal wall wasn't helping either. Thrusting his hips up a little harder, he began to pound into her hard as he forced her hips down on top of him.

Sakura screamed right on cue as Yamato hit a magical spot within her with tremendous force, making her vision blur and explode into colors that had nothing to do with the lights on the tree.

Everything became a surreal dream after that as she finally transcended her current realm and was transported to a world made of blinding orgasmic pleasure. She was no longer fully conscious of the bodies below and behind her. She only know that they continued to touch her and make the all consuming light inside her grow until she felt it might destroy her with its brilliance. Just when she thought she would pass out from the overload, she was floating back to earth and was barely aware of hot liquid filling her womb and the intrusive object touching her anus slipping away.

Yamato was granted with the wonderful sight of seeing Sakura reach her peak right on top of him and he gladly followed suite as her pussy squeezed him so tightly he couldn't hold back any longer. His own release was excruciatingly pleasurably, the intensity of it wracking his body and knocking the wind right own of him, but it was over in mere seconds. He felt Sakura collapse against him, nothing but dead weight now as she lacked the strength to engage a single muscle. He wrapped his arms around her trembling form as he tried to will his own body back into functioning order, but in all honesty, she felt so good in his arms and he was so wonderfully relaxed that he really didn't want to move at all for the moment.

Kakashi withdrew his finger and reached for one of the many packets of antibacterial wipes he had packed in the drawer along with the bottle of lubricant, just in case he should get the opportunity to take Sakura's second hole like he had hoped. He wiped himself clean as he watched the couple on the rug, panting and sweaty and totally sated. Despite the fact that her hair was a mess and her make up was smeared, Sakura carried that irreplaceable glow of post orgasmic bliss, and this time, Kakashi got to see it from a distance instead of up close and he had to admit, she was just as breathtaking from this new perspective as well.

However, if he knew her at all, which he did quite well in fact, he guessed that the second her exhaustion ebbed away, she would be ready to go all over again. Once, twice, sometimes even three times wasn't enough for Sakura.

Sakura became immediately aware of that fact when she sensed Kakashi behind her again and managed to push herself to a sitting position. Yamato's flaccid length slipped out of her and she could immediately see that he was all sticky and wet thanks to her own body.

"Look at the mess you two have made." Kakashi mused from over her shoulder, a hand creeping around her torso and his hand dipping to play in cotton candy curls in a place dangerously close to her clit. "Why don't you clean him up?"

Yamato cracked an eye open at Kakashi's suggestion, a little curious as to why his friend would be examining his penis in the first place but when he made eye contact with the silver haired man, he only received a wink from the inky eye as the Sharingan continued to stare. The Copy nin's intent became a little clearer however when Sakura giggled at the request and moved down the ANBU's body and took his penis into her mouth without any warning. She seemed completely unconcerned that she was sucking her own juices off of him and actually let out a soft hum, as if she was savoring something absolutely delicious.

Yamato tried to call her name but nothing but a strangled whimper escaped his parched throat as he watched a set of luscious red lips engulf him. One hand was supporting herself on the floor while the other held her hair behind her ear, making sure she had a good view of her pretty face and she slid up and down on his limp member. The wood summoner knew it wouldn't stay that way for long, especially since she was looking at him with those big green eyes while she sucked him, those kohl rimmed, sultry orbs that sent fire into the pit of his stomach when she looked at him like she wanted to eat him alive, and he supposed that's exactly what she was doing right this moment.

Kakashi had her trained way too well, apparently excelling at teaching her more than just chakra concentration techniques, for he felt his cock began to harden all over again and he was a little surprised she had managed to quite literally get another rise out of him. We wasn't quite as young as he used to be after all, but the eye candy in front of him and the skilled manipulation of his cock with her lips, teeth and tongue ensured that he was once again at full mast in record time.

Her mission accomplished, she let the ANBU's shaft slide free from her mouth. Sakura was already craving the feeling of being filled up once more, and Kakashi's fingers teasing her clit at she sucked Yamato didn't help. She was wondering just who she should tackle first when Kakashi whispered into her ear.

"Sit in his lap and put it inside you."

His husky words made her skin tingle and the fact that he was ordering her to impale herself on another man was somehow inexplicably sexy. But at the same time, Kakashi hadn't had his turn yet. It seemed a little unfair for her to offer herself to Yamato again.

"But what about—" she started to ask, turning to look over shoulder at him and pout with lush lips swollen from her attentions to the brown haired ANBU.

"Just do it." Kakashi ordered, his voice holding a finality while still being seductive. Sakura didn't question him and did as she was told, straddling Yamato's thighs as he lifted himself into a sitting position.

Once glance over Sakura's shoulder told the man all he needed to know. Kakashi had opened the bottle of lube once more and was preparing his cock for what would undoubtedly be the penetration of a very tight spot, and he had a good guess as to where that was.

"Like this?" Sakura asked, facing Yamato as she gripped his shaft in her hand and positioned him at her opening while the other threaded into his soft brown hair.

"Yeah." Kakashi confirmed, abandoning the tiny bottle and taking his place behind her. "Now put it inside."

The kunoichi sunk slowly down onto the hardened flesh in her hand, letting out a tiny mewl of pleasure as she gazed into the dark eyes of her temporary team leader. Her opening stretched deliciously to grant him passage and the both of them shuddered in delight as her hips lowered to the base of his shaft, lodging him inside her completely.

"How does he feel inside you?" Kakashi asked, his breath stirring the tiny hairs at the base of her neck.

Sakura rolled her hips experimentally and immediately cooed in delight as the head of his cock hit all the right spots within.

"So good," she moaned, shutting her eyes and letting her head fall back as she gyrated on top of him at a pace far more leisurely than her previous break neck speed.

Yamato let out a breath he hadn't known he had been holding as her core fluttered and flexed around him. She was like liquid velvet, like a molten vice, and Yamato had to keep himself from thrusting up into her like an animal and enjoy the gentle churning of her hips on top of his.

Kakashi noticed his friend's awed expression and chuckled softly.

"She's something else isn't she?" he asked with a knowing smile, remembering how he had been just as blown away by his ex student's sexual prowess.

"She's a fucking goddess," Yamato groaned, and Kakashi couldn't agree more. A goddess that deserved to be made to scream out in ecstasy on a cold Christmas night as the winds howled outside with equal ferocity.

Making eye contact with Yamato, he gave a subtle jerk of his head, indicating that he would need his cooperation to join his body with their's. Yamato nodded and wrapped his arms around Sakura's torso, drawing her close and stilling her movements. As the same time, Kakashi positioned the tip of his cock at the tight hole and gabbed the firm globes of her ass in both hands, pulling the cheeks apart and spreading her open for him.

The medic's eyes widened as she felt his head press against her puckered entrance and whimpered at the burning sensation in her rear as she opened up to him under the pressure. He was sliding in easy enough thanks to the excessive lubrication he had covered himself with but with Yamato already filling her womb, she thought she might split apart.

"Kakashi," she whimpered, unable to turn around and look at him and instead burying her face in Yamato's chest as her body was penetrated by a second man.

"Just relax baby. Take all of me in," Kakashi soothed, trying his best to be gentle so as not to hurt her as Yamato stroked a hand over her back reassuringly.

At last he came to rest fully inside her, gritting his teeth against the blazing heat and amazing tightness that even her pussy couldn't surpass.

"Are you ok?" Yamato asked gently, tiling her face up to his with a finger under her chin.

"Yes," Sakura replied softly. "I just feel…full. It's weird."

"I promise it will get better," Kakashi assured, letting his hands move to her hips. "Just don't tense up on us and enjoy the ride."

The kunoichi nodded timidly as Yamato brushed a thumb over her lips, giving her a warm smile and Sakura knew she was in good hands with these two men. They were far more experienced than her and had already proven they were quite adept at pleasing women.

With renewed confidence, she wrapped her arms around the ANBU and let her fingers play absently over the raised scars that marred his skin. She could feel the muscles just beneath the surface flex with restrained power as he lifted his hands to her shoulders and pressed down slightly, pushing her down onto him a little deeper before releasing. The subtle movement made heat flare through her and she gasped in pleasured surprise.

Coordinating his movements with perfect efficiency, Kakashi tightened his grip on her hips and pulled her backwards when Yamato repeated the action of pressing down, forcing both cocks inside her at once. This time, a tiny sound escaped her mouth at the sensation and when they repeated it with a little more force, she let out a full blown moan.

She head Kakashi chuckle behind her.

"I told you it would get better."

Sakura probably shouldn't have been surprised at their perfectly coordinated teamwork, considering how Kakashi preached it all the time and both had had joined the most elite group of shinobi in the village. On the other hand, she hadn't expected such skills learned for combat to come into play in the bedroom. They worked together flawlessly, matching speed, rhythm and force thrust for thrust and soon what had felt slightly uncomfortable and foreign, was turning out to be the hottest, most amazing sex she'd ever had.

She tried to buck her own hips to urge them to move faster, but they way she was pressed snugly between their sweating bodies didn't leave her much room to maneuver and she was forced to remain passive, able to do little more than moan and cry every time they pumped forward into her simultaneously, sending light dancing across her vision and fire over every nerve ending.

Yamato had never been part of a threesome but being with Sakura and Kakashi like this felt so natural that he didn't have any trepidation at all. He simply welcomed the new and exotic feeling of his friend's member rubbing against his, separated only by the thin membrane within Sakura's body. He could hear the three of them moaning in unison, two deep, masculine voices and one feminine one that seemed to be calling out the loudest of all.

Sakura let her head fall back against Kakashi's shoulder, thrusting her breasts out as she arched and Yamato couldn't resist the temptation of the soft mounds bouncing in his face. When he took a tightened nipple into his mouth, broken sobs of impassioned reverence erupted from deep inside her and she dug fingernails into the taunt muscles of his back as she tried to hold on. The low growl he uttered against her skin however, hinted that perhaps Yamato wasn't adverse to a few more scars, especially if they were in the shape of tiny half moons.

Kakashi felt his own release building fast, the tight walls of her anus milking him relentlessly. He bit down on the juncture of Sakura's shoulder with a grunt as his rhythm broke and he began to pound in and out of her at a nearly frantic speed.

Yamato felt the shift in their lovemaking and followed suit, falling into his own frenzied pace and he climbed towards release, slamming Sakura down onto his shaft again and again, urged on by her breathless pleas for more as she too teetered on the brink.

He was so wrapped up in her, in her scent and her taste. His name fell from her lips over and over in such beautiful tones of utter pleasure that he couldn't help but wish it was his true name.

"Tenzou," he whispered harshly, unable to control his breathing.

"What?" Sakura panted, not sure she had heard him correctly though the fog of pleasure clouding her brain.

"My real name," the ANBU gasped as her vaginal muscles squeezed him especially tight, "Is Tenzou."

"Tenzou…" she said, trying to concentrate through the rush of incredible sensation coursing through her. "I think I like Yamato better."

Kakashi made an amused sound from behind that quickly turned into a growl of pleasure. He was a little surprised Tenzou revealed his true name but if anything, it meant he trusted the both of them completely. Sakura would keep the secret with her for she was familiar with handling classified information but the fact she even held the knowledge at all proved that she was already far closer to the wood summoner than she had ever been.

The three bodies continued to writhe against each other, the sweat running off their bodies as they neared orgasm.

The ANBU was first to succumb, the absence of women in his life making it harder for him to hold out and he erupted inside the kunoichi's womb. Sakura followed almost immediately, the hot stream of semen against her insides sending the muscles into a fit of violent contractions. Her scream was high and wild as she became lost to the world, the sound of Kakashi's and Tenzou's name, his real name filling the apartment. She wasn't even aware that she broke through the skin on his back as she raked her nails across him.

She was on her way down from her high when Kakashi at last reached the pinnacle, pushing into her with one last thrust before filling her ass with his own essence before collapsing forward in exhaustion, knocking Tenzou onto his back and Sakura across his chest in a tangle of weakened limbs.

For a moment, none of them had the capacity to speak and so they laid there in the twinkling, multihued light, listening to heavy breaths and thudding heartbeats as they gradually slowed to a less frantic pace.

When the silence was finally shattered, it was by Sakura's voice, with one tiny, awe stricken syllable.


"Wow indeed," Kakashi chuckled before pressing soft kisses to the damp skin of her back.

Tenzou played idly with a lock of her bubble gum hair, twisting the silky strands around his finger absently as she lifted her head to look at him with a lazy smile.

"I never pegged you as a screamer," The ANBU said, grinning mischievously as Sakura reddened slightly.

"She didn't use to be," The silver haired man supplied, summoning the strength to pull out of the kunoichi and roll to the side, reaching for another disinfectant wipe. "But it didn't take much encouraging for her to start screaming like a banshee."

Sakura turned a shade pinker.

Tenzou laughed and cupped Sakura's chin when she tried to turn away in embarrassment.

"I'm glad you do it because it's extremely hot."

Sakura bit her lit shyly and rested her cheek on his chest.


"Really," Tenzou confirmed.

Kakashi finished swabbing the mess away and tossed a wipe to his friend who caught it easily in one hand from his reclined position.

"I tell her that all the time too but she doesn't believe me. She thinks I'm some kind of creepy pervert with weird fetishes."

"Well you are," Sakura giggled, and Tenzou couldn't contain a small laugh of his own.

"Maybe so, but you like it that way," Kakashi retorted with a happy eye crease.

The brown haired man rolled Sakura onto her back and pulled away, slipping out of her easily and sitting up to tear open the packet to cleanse himself as Kakashi made his way over with another fresh wipe and began to dab Sakura's thighs clean of all traces of their lovemaking.

Sakura sighed in contentment under the cool caress, her eyelids growing heavy as fatigue finally set in.

"You sure are prepared Kakashi," she mumbled drowsily. "Just what else did you pack in the drawer?"

"That's a secret," Kakashi smirked, cleaning up a drop of milky liquid from her skin.

The kunoichi huffed in annoyance but was too tired to retaliate in any way. "You probably brought some kinky sex toy or something you perv."

Kakashi just raised an eyebrow suggestively.

"I didn't, but if that disappoints you, I can plan better for next time."

If there had been a pillow within her reach, she probably would have thrown it at him but there was none and she was tired and the feel of the cool cloth on her thighs felt too good to disrupt anyways.

Tenzou was suddenly starting to feel a little bit like a third wheel one again. They had invited him to join for a night and now that night was over and he should be getting home since it was already incredibly late.

He got to his feet, mentally commanding his legs to hold his weight even though they felt like twin pillars made of noodles, and made his way over to the impressive pile of clothes on the floor, sifting through them until he found his pants.

"Just where do you think you're going?" Sakura asked, turning her head to the side to look at him. Kakashi had paused in his ministrations and was giving him the same questioning look.

"I was just going to be on my way," The ANBU said, noting the way Sakura was positioned with her legs spread with Kakashi between them already made him feel like he was intruding. "It's getting late so I should be heading home."

"It was getting late hours ago," the Copy Nin countered. "Just stay here for the night. It's way too cold to walk home now."

"That's kind of you," Tenzou said. "But I'll be fine. I can teleport home and avoid the bad weather anyways."

Sakura and Kakashi looked at each other, exchanging mysterious glances at the ANBU's words. They seemed to have the ability to communicate wordlessly through means of a secret language that Tenzou didn't know and he wasn't sure what they were saying now but he was pretty sure they were up to something.

However, when Sakura sat up and began to crawl to him on her hands and knees, wearing nothing but a sultry smile, he knew he was in trouble.

"Drop the pants," she commanded in the same sexy voice that had caused all the trouble to begin with.

"But Sakura—"

"I said drop them."

Tenzou let the garment fall to the floor.

"Come here."

He obeyed, following her as she moved backwards slowly, guiding him back to the fuzzy rug until she was next to Kakashi. She Stretched out on her back, completely unashamed of her nakedness and patted the vacant spot next to her.

"Lie down."

And lay down he did, admitting quietly to himself that the plush rug and her body heat were a lot more alluring than the cold sheets awaiting him at home.

Sakura smiled sweetly, as if she hadn't been acting like a domineering seductress seconds before.

"Good boy, Tenzou," she giggled, leaning over to kiss him on the cheek.

Kakashi laughed and rolled over to grab an oversized quilt off the back of the couch. It was worn but it was clean and warm and he spread it over their naked bodies before pulling Sakura to him and motioning for Tenzou to get closer as well.

Sakura nuzzled the jounin's chest affectionately, sighing in contentment as heat from the bodies to her front and her back washed over her beneath the large blanket.

"Merry Christmas," she mumbled softly, already succumbing to sleep in the secure embrace of two men's arms.

"Merry Christmas," the elite shinobi answered back softly. In moments the kunoichi's breathing had evened out and she was lost to a world of dreams, leaving the men to their own conversations.

Tenzou slung a muscled arm over Sakura's hip, enjoying how the soft flesh of her thigh fit into his hand.

"When I came here tonight, this was the last thing I would have imagined happening," he confessed, propping himself up on his elbow to look at his long time friend.

Kakashi chuckled, fixing him with his own mismatched gaze.

"We planned it all out you know. She brought it up and we conspired together. You didn't expect a thing did you?"

Tenzou shook his head.

"No, not until she walked out in that little red outfit," he said, motioning to the ribbon and panties that were still strewn over the floor. "That was your doing wasn't it?"

Kakashi smiled a little at the fact his friend knew him so well.

"Yup. But she looked incredible didn't she? I knew you wouldn't be able to resist that."

Tenzou sighed and laid back down, tucking the blanket around his shoulders as he pressed closer to the warm female body next to him.

"You play dirty Hatake."

A soft chuckle was the last thing heard before both men too followed Sakura into the dark void of sleep, resting weary bodies as the wind continued to howl outside. While it was freezing in Konoha, no three ninja were warmer or more content than the three wrapped up in a blanket on the soft, brown rug.

Sakura awoke in that wonderfully gradual way in which one slowly rises through various levels of consciousness as if surfacing from the depths of a pool. At first she was aware of warmth enveloping her from both sides and the comfortable sensation of something soft and fuzzy beneath her. As she gradually became more aware, she realized the sources of heat were bodies. And then that they were male bodies. And then that they werenaked male bodies.

The soft light penetrating her eyelids told her that either it was morning or someone had left a light on and when she allowed her eyes to flutter she saw that it was both. The Christmas tree lights had been left on but the soft gray blue light of winter morning seeped in through the crack between the curtains covering her window.

However, what really got her attention was the sight the two male shinobi on either side of her, still resting peacefully judging by the steady rise and fall of their chests. Heads of mussed silver and brown hair were the only visible parts of them since they were bundled up in the quilt against the cold, but Sakura knew that underneath were twin expanses of battle-scarred skin and beneath that, rock hard muscle.

The events of last night came flooding back and she felt a wave of heat wash through her at the memory of all the different ways they had been so intimately joined. Sex with two men was a fucking incredible experience and she knew her best friend Ino would have killed for such an experience. However, the blonde kunoichi had not yet figured out that dating boys left much to be desired when she could be dating a man. Ino always turned up her nose at the thought of Sakura dating a man that always had his nose buried in a dirty book, but Ino also wasn't willing to look past all that and really the person Kakashi was and what he had to offer her.

Besides, how many men Sakura's own age would have been secure enough to allow another male to join in for a night of mind blowing sex? None that she knew, and that's why her loud mouthed friend was missing out.

She lay there for a moment, enjoying the sound of their even breathing and the feel of their bodies entangled with hers. However, after a moment, she became aware that those sounds were the only thing she was hearing. Everything was completely quiet. The angry winds from yesterday had obviously died down but there were no chirping of birds, no bustling of people below. It was Christmas morning after all and people were probably sleeping in, but for there to be no sound at all was a little strange.

She wormed her way out from under the blanket, sliding Tenzou's hand from her hip and Kakashi's arm from her waist as she went. She was immediately struck by the chill in the room and scampered over to the pile of clothes, extracting Kakashi's sweater from the mess and slipping it over her head. It came down to the middle of her thighs and the arms were way too long but it was better than prancing around in the buff.

As quietly as she could, she crept to the window and peeked between the curtains, completely unprepared for what she saw.


She was hardly aware she had even let the breathless whisper slip, so entranced was she by the beautiful sight.

Her second story apartment had a fairly expansive view of Konoha and she sometimes liked to sit by the window with a cup of coffee when she had nowhere to be in the morning. However, she had never seen the village look like this. After the wind had stopped howling, the snow must have started falling and there had to be at least two inches on the ground. The rooftops were all dusted with powdery white ad the streets below looked clean and pristine, free from any footprints for no one had ventured outside yet.

All the familiar places looked new and strange, covered in the feathery soft flakes and she felt her heart fill with joy as she saw that those same flakes were still in the process of falling. It was Christmas morning and it wassnowing!

Suddenly acting like she was ten years younger, she bolted for the door, forgoing important things like shoes or pants or even underwear for that matter, opening the door wide and hopping out onto her doorstep, oblivious to the stinging cold biting at her toes.

Kakashi and Tenzou hadn't been asleep ever since Sakura had first lifted her head to take in her surrounds since being a light sleeper was crucial to survival as an elite ninja, and they were all too aware of the sudden draft that swept through the room. Kakashi groaned and pulled the quilt over his head, trying to protect his face from the cold while Tenzou yawned and sat up, rubbing a hand through his sleep mussed hair.

"What time is it?" he asked groggily.

"Mffmmpn…" came the muffled reply from beneath the covers.

Well, a lot of help that was.

Tenzou noticed he door was open and guessed that Sakura was outside, although why she was out there in the freezing cold or why she hadn't thought to at least shut the door behind her was beyond him.

Wincing at the cold that assaulted his body, he stood and pulled on his pants before creeping to the door, very aware that he wasn't wearing much clothing as goose bumps broke out over his skin. Cautiously, he stuck his head around the corner to see just what on earth the pink haired woman was up to and what he saw made him smile.

There she was, radiant and beautiful, wearing nothing but Kakashi's sweater from last night, her face upturned to sky with her arms reached out in front of her, dancing and twirling in the snow on her doorstep.

He leaned against the doorframe, watching her for a moment until she sensed his presence and turned around.

"Can you believe it's snowing?" she asked with childlike excitement, her eyes shining like emeralds as she stuck out her tongue to catch a falling snowflake.

Tenzou chuckled and shook his head.

"Sakura, you're wearing nothing but a shirt, get back in here before you freeze," he said, but his voice was as warm as his smile that he couldn't wipe off his face.

"But it hasn't snowed here in years," she said, oblivious to the bits of snow that were sticking to her hair. "I can't remember Konoha ever looking so pretty."

"I can," Kakashi said, suddenly joining his friend in the doorway, wearing his pants as well. "But you're right; it has been a long time."

"But it's soperfect!" Sakura said, the thrill apparent in her voice. "It's snowing on Christmas of all days!"

Kakashi simply chuckled and shook his head, watching her dance around with an expression on his face Tenzou couldn't remember seeing for a long time. Just the way he was gazing at her told him his silver haired buddy was head over heels in love with this woman, something the ANBU hadn't ever thought was ever going to happen for the Copy Nin and he was truly happy for him.

Sakura scampered down the stairs a little ways, giggling at the way her toes sunk into the soft powder.

The two men watched her from the door for a moment, enjoying the snowy scene before them in their own quiet way before Kakashi finally spoke.

"You know Tenzou, I know we agreed on a one night fling…but if you ever wanted to get together and do this again, I know Sakura wouldn't mind and neither would I."

The brown haired man turned his head and looked at his friend who was still watching Sakura with loving eyes.

"I might just have to take you up on that someday Hatake," he said, containing the surprise he felt that Kakashi had enjoyed the night as much as he and didn't mind sharing the most important person in his life with him again.

The stood for a moment more, watching Sakura giggle and twirl like she was just a little girl, radiating an innocence and joy that both of them had lost long ago.

When the silence was broken again, it was Tenzou speaking.

"You know, we really should get her inside soon. She's barefoot after all."

"I know, but that's easier said than done," Kakashi chuckled, crossing his arms over his bare chest as he assumed his usual slouch against the opposite side of the doorframe. "In case you haven't noticed, she's rather strong willed."

"I dunno how she's not freezing," Tenzou muttered, noting that her toes and fingers and nose were starting to turn red.

"If there were something more interesting in the house, she'd probably come back inside," Kakashi stated and Tenzou nodded in agreement.

The jounin waited a few beats before asking, "Tenzou, did you ever year about the Konohamaru incident at Ichiraku a while back?"

The ANBU shook his head and Kakashi chuckled softly.

"It was there I learned that Sakura has a strange fetish of her own."

He glanced up to make sure he had his friend's full attention before continuing.

"Konohamaru used Naruto's infamous jutsu and transformed into Sai and Sasuke, although, if I recall they were naked and in a very compromising position."

"I see," Tenzou said slowly. "And how did Sakura react?"

"Her nose bled all over the place," the slouching man replied simply.

"You're kidding," the ANBU said, not sure whether to be more surprised about Konohamaru's behavior or Sakura's love of naked men…together…doing…stuff.

"Nope. It's a true story," Kakashi said.

Sakura was still twirling in the snow, not paying attention in the least to the two men on her porch.

"Tenzou, just how open are you?" Kakashi asked quietly, his focus still on the woman in the snow.

"Uh, why do you ask?" he answered nervously, not liking where this was going.

"Because I know exactly what will get Sakura inside."

"Whoa there Kakashi, I told you last night. I'm not into that sort of thing," Tenzou said, holding his hands up and backing away.

"Neither am I," Kakashi shrugged. "But I wouldn't be opposed to something as minor as a kiss, especially if it gets her out of the snow."

"You could always throw her over your shoulder and haul her inside," the ANBU offered.

"I don't feel like a getting a beating this early in the morning," Kakashi sighed, knowing full well that Sakura's strength had escalated to the point where she was a dangerous opponent, especially when angry.

"What if somebody sees us?"

"Nobody is going to see us."

Kakashi pulled his friend to him before he could edge away anymore.

"It's just for her benefit."

Tenzou seemed to hesitate but finally caved. He had already tried something new last night. Why not try something else today.

"All right Kakashi," he conceded. "But just until she's out of the snow."

"Trust me," Kakashi said, cupping the other man's cheek with his hand. "When she sees us, both going to be dragged inside and pounced on so fast we won't know what hit us."

So the truth came out. This was just a way to get Sakura to jump all over them again, and if that was the case, Tenzou didn't mind sacrificing a little and began to focus solely on putting on a show for the pink haired kunoichi.

Tenzou chuckled and tried to relax as Kakashi tilted his head towards his and let their lips touch. He had to admit he enjoyed the warmth of him heating his chilled lips and let his hands rest comfortably on the taller man's bare shoulders.

Sakura couldn't remember being so enchanted. She never got the chance to play in the snow as a child and by the time she finally went to a place where it was cold enough, it was for a mission and there was no time for play. Kakashi may have seen a lot more things than her in her lifetime but he shouldn't be such a killjoy, keeping to himself on the porch.

Well if the two of them wouldn't come to her, she would bring the snow to them.

She bent down and scooped up a handful of snow, molding it into a snowball and turned to send it rocketing towards Kakashi's chest but what she saw at the top of the stairs made the powdery ball drop from her fingers, instantly forgotten.

The scene on her doorstep was so hot she was surprised the surrounding snow had melted into water and then evaporated away. The two shirtless, muscular, handsome men were currently wrapped in an embrace and kissing…yes…kissing and seemed completely oblivious of her all together.

Was she dreaming?

Sakura rubbed her eyes and looked again. No, they were definitely kissing and looking fucking sexy while doing it might she add.

As if feeling her eyes on them, Kakashi lifted his head and looked at her as if suddenly remembering she was there at all.

"Hey Sakura, we're going to go inside where it's warmer ok? Meet us inside when you're done doing…whatever you're doing."

The Copy Nin proceeded to walk inside, grabbing Tenzou a little too forcefully by the wrist as if he couldn't wait to get him into the house. That action alone sent Sakura's mind reeling with the possibilities.

She probably stood there stunned in the snow for a total of maybe five seconds before she took off like a shot, racing up the stairs and into the house faster than she ever had in her whole life.

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