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[The flight no. 396 from America has arrived, please go to….

A blonde hair boy with black sun glasses on his head walked toward the baggage claims with tennis bag slung on his shoulder, "… Echizen Ryoma… I'm going to challenge you aga—"


Two girls rushed in the room and bumped the blonde boy's shoulder aside.

"Yuuka!!" the silver haired girl that past her shoulder yelled as she helped the girl that bumped the blonde boy accidentally.

Asakura Yuuka quickly took her bag that fell a second after bumping the stranger. She glanced to the person she bumped, "You're in the way!" Yuuka yelled.

"C'mon! We are so late!" Asakura Yuuna dragged her to the exit.

The blonde haired boy looked to the rushing girls with annoyed sapphire eyes. He continued to walk to the exit with his mood decreased down.


Twin tales

Part 1: The honest, the reckless and the foreign.


"Mom, dad!!"

Yuuna ran to hug her parents that waited their daughters outside the airport. As for Yuuka, she walked calmly and took a deep breath and exhaled lightly.

"It's been 2 years… But, I don't think you are moving us here just to make sure we didn't do anything weird right?" The dark silver haired girl that loosened to her waist asked as she moving closer to her parents.

Asakura Mai smiled to her twin daughter, especially to the too-straight-Yuuka, "Of course not, and we know that you two had been doing now, tennis right?" She said as she led the girls to the car.

Yuuna and Yuuka smiled, "Right." The twin winked playfully to their mother.

"Daddy just want you two study like those normal girls and live like normal girls," The black haired man with spectacle said, "Above all… Staying here wasn't pretty bad at all and we can watch you closely."

Yuuna smirked, "So daddy is spoiling us now?"

Yuuka smirked, "So daddy is worrying us now?"

Asakura Kyou grabbed the twin's shoulder and kissed their cheeks lightly, "And also I missed that part of you Yuuna, Yuuka."


The next day, Asakura residence, 8.10 a.m.

"Wakey, wakey…" The long dark silver haired girl muttered as she trying to wake her twins from her slumber.

"Hmmm…?" Yuuna responded as she turned her body slightly while rubbing her eyes, "What?"

"Its 8 already!"

"… 8?"

"The school started at 9 baka!!"

Yuuna thought for a minute and quickly straightened her back, "WHAT!" she quickly climbed down from her bed and rushed to the bathroom. Yuuka let out a small sigh as she walked to her desk, packing up her books for the day.

Asakura Yuuna and Asakura Yuuka were in the same room after all. They always together, no matter what happen they will solve it together. A little different from the twins were Yuuka was straighter and Yuuna was more reckless. They were in America for two years back because of their hobby, tennis. They two was a tennis player that been famous along the teens in America and they won 7 consecutives tournament that held in America, in playing doubles. As for single, they didn't bother to play single, but they could be wilder than in playing doubles.

"My dear cutest twin sister Yuuna… can you at least wake up by yourself?" Yuuka mumbled as she set her contact lens into her amber eyes in front of mirror.

After fifteen minutes, Yuuna came out from the bathroom with Seishun Gakuen girl's uniform and she let her short silver hair loosened past her shoulder beautifully. She picked her socks on her wardrobe beside Yuuka's wardrobe while Yuuka combed her hair. After 10 minutes, they both walked downstairs.

"Morning dad, mom!" the twins greeted in unison.

"Morning, Yuuna, Yuuka." Mom said as she was waiting the toast bread as dad was playing with his golf stick.

"Girls, don't be late for your first day." Daddy muttered as he swung the stick.

The twins took the plain toast bread that already served in the table and hurriedly to the door, "Itekimasu!!"

"And remember; talk with stranger if you're lost!"

Yuuna fell down and Yuuka bumped the door immediately.

They rolled their eyes and sweat dropped, "Mom…"


Seishun Gakuen, first floor, 1-6 class room, 9.20 a.m.

"My name Asakura Yuuna, I like vanilla very much, yoroshiku." The short silver haired girl bowed her head and gazed the students with her amber eyes.

"She's from America like Echizen-kun, so please make her feel comfortable here." The teacher said. Then she pointed to the chair beside the dark haired boy that wasn't paying attention much to the new student introduction, "Please seat there."

"Hai." Yuuna replied as she walked to the chair. She sat as she hung her bag beside the desk while the students around her were looking her in awe.

Am I really that weird? Yuuna thought as she let out a sigh on her mind and decided to focus on what been happen in the class.


In the same time, first floor, 1-3 class room.

"Asakura Yuuka, I like chocolate very much, yoroshiku." The long dark silver haired girl bowed her head and gazed the student with her pearl black eye contact on her eyes.

"She's from America, so please make her feel comfortable." The teacher said. Then he pointed to the chair beside the window on the corner, "Please seat there."

"Hai." Yuuka replied and walked to the seat. She hung her bag and sat there quietly while the students in the class was stealing glance to the new students with awe.

Am I really that weird? Yuuka thought as she let out a sigh on her mind and decided to focus on what been happen in the class.


In break time after 2 sessions over, 12.01 p.m.

"Asakura-chan! Is America fun??!"

"So you can speak English really good!!"

"How's the place there??!"

Immediately Yuuka found girls around her desk while she was about to go, Yuuka smiled nervously and in the same time Yuuna was in the same pinch as her.

"Asakura-chan! What is your hobby?!"

"Is America cool!?"

"Why don't you join the English club?!"

Yuuna laughed nervously while the girls surrounded her desk. Yuuna obviously needed Yuuka's straight attitude in the time like this. Her recklessness just brings more trouble. After a moment later, a door opened slightly and came in a long dark silver haired girl to the 1-6 class. The students quickly put their eyes to the door.

Yuuka startled a bit after realizing much pair of eyes watching her closely. She walked to Yuuna's desk and poked her shoulder, "Let's go see around the school."

Yuuna stood up, "O-okay." She replied.

Yuuka rolled her eyes to the girls that surrounded Yuuna's chair, she smiled, "Hello there."

The girls began to smile, "So you're the new student in 1-3!!" said one of them.

Yuuka nodded, "My name is Asakura Yuuka, yoroshiku."


"Yep, what's wrong with that?" Yuuka asked back as the girls was looking at her curiously.

"So, you both… siblings?"

Yuuna and Yuuka chuckled in the same time and smirked, "We're twins."


The class began to be more crowded and girls from the other class came in quickly when they heard that a twins had came to the school. The weirdest thing was the dark haired boy that slept in 1-6 class began to wake up after hearing the word 'twins' from the real person.

Yuuna and Yuuka exchanged look and they both sweat dropped.

"Is twins really weird?" Yuuna whispered.

"Not weird, probably RARE." Yuuka whispered.

After the crowd, a boy was really pissed off because the noise was too loud in class. He slammed his desk and the class began to silent. He stood up and glared the crowds.



Yuuka smirk a little as she knew that this was her chance to escape from the crowd.

"Ah! Yeah, you said you want to take us around!" Yuuka said as she dragged Yuuna's upper arm to follow her while Yuuka walked quickly to the boy. Yuuka rolled her eyes to Yuuna and winked.

Yuuna smirked when she knew that Yuuka had plan inside her sleeves, "Uhm -oh! Echizen-kun! Yeah, you said that!" Yuuna joined the act as the twins dragged the boy outside the class. The class began to silent for a second and then they back to their chats.

The twins dragged the boy until the class far from sight. The twin loosened their hand that grabbed the boy that between them and let out a sigh.

"Good." Yuuka muttered and went straight to Yuuna's side.

Yuuna stared to the boy who looked puzzled, "Thank you for your cooperation." Yuuna smiled and waved him while walking with Yuuka side by side in the corridor ignoring the boy.

The boy looked to the retreating girls as he yawned lightly, "A new student?"

He went away with some curiosity that he famiYuukar with the faces of the girls on his deep thought.


"Yuuka, your acting was really good back then!" Yuuna praised as the girls lined up in the bakery stand.

Yuuka gave her peace sign on her right hand, "Of course! It's my skills after all"

Yuuna chuckled.

When Yuuna was up to front, she ordered vanilla bread with chocolate bread for her twins. After the two walked away, some eyes were staring the girls with suspicious and curiousness. In the corridor, they decided to see around the school (other than toilet) and until they reached the place that they never been to.

"Ne, Yuuka…" Yuuna muttered as she walked beside the long dark silver haired girl who bit her chocolate bread, "Did you feel that people staring at us all the time?"

Yuuka nodded her head as she found that the students that wondered in the corridor was looking them liked a rare species walking together. "Are twins really that rare?" She muttered.

When the girls talked, Yuuna wasn't looking her front and bumped someone. She stepped back a bit and looked up, "I'm sorry…" Yuuna muttered.

"Oh? Never seen you before… A new student?" A soft voice sounded. The person was with a red haired boy who seemed really cheerful.

Yuuna nodded, "We are."

Yuuka looked to the boy's height, "So, this means… We're in wrong floor." Yuuka rolled her eyes to Yuuna.

She chuckled nervously, "I think so… Maybe third year or second year's place to be"

"That's right!" The red haired boy spoke up when he saw the new girls in confused, "This is where the third year students class!!"

Yuuna and Yuuka looked in awe, "Hoooo…."

The brown wavy haired boy looked to the girls with a little puzzled face showed, "Is it my eyes, or did you two look so similar?"

Yuuna smiled, "Asakura Yuuna,"

"Asakura Yuuka," Yuuka chuckled.

"Of course we're similar… We're twins after all." The twins said together with the same tone.

"WOAH! Twins!! Cool!!" The red haired boy beamed with his brightest smile.

The brown wavy haired boy opened his eyes and revealed the deep-blue eyes, "… I never expected twins transferred here…" He smiled, "I'm Fuji Syuusuke, third year."

"I'm Kikumaru Eiji! If you have problems just ask us!!" He frankly said.

Yuuna happily nodded and Yuuka looked to the brown haired boy, "Fuji-senpai… Are you a type of sadistic?" Yuuka straightly asked.

"Baka!" Yuuna poked Yuuka's head lightly, "Too straight Yuuka… Too straight."

" Fuji!! She sees through you!!" He beamed with laugh.

Fuji chuckled softly, "Well… That's interesting." He smiled.

Yuuna and Yuuka exchanged look and they knew that they shouldn't messed up with the sadistic type. Their mom was one of the types. So they decided to take their leave.

" Fuji, thanks for waiting," A bespectacled boy walked out from the class with books on his hand, "Did something happen?" he asked when he saw both Fuji and Kikumaru were looking at the corridor with smiles.

Fuji smiled, "A new students came here a while ago."

"And they are twins!" Kikumaru beamed.

"That's rare." A bold boy from behind the bespectacled boy and appeared beside the red haired boy, "Is it first year?"



After-school, Seishun Gakuen tennis court area, 3.29 p.m.

"Yuuna, let's join the tennis club!" Yuuka said happily as they too were wondering around the tennis court area outside near the fences.

Yuuna gave Yuuka a thumb, "Yosh! Let's ask someone!"

The twins walked to a group of girls standing outside the fence. They glanced to the court that the girls were watching and found the boys that probably were the boy's tennis court area.

"Excuse me; we want to join the tennis club." Yuuna said. The girls were really into the scenery in front of them and continued to watch with excitement.

"EXCUSE ME." Yuuka repeated from Yuuna.

They finally noticed.


"We want to join the tennis club."

The girls glared each other and gave a cunning smile, "What a coincident, we are one of the tennis club girls."

"Oh great," Yuuka said as she smiled, "How can we join the tennis club?"

The bunch of girls led the twins to the court beside the boy's court area and met the coach. Yuuna and Yuuka looked around while walking behind them and found that there wasn't many girls joined the tennis club.

"Did you have experienced in tennis?" the coach asked while writing the registry paper for the new members.

"Yes we have."

"Can we test her coach?" A voice from behind interfered.

Yuuka rolled her eyes to the girl who was asking the question. What a stupid question, Yuuka thought as she rolled back her eyes to the coach.

"Well, if they want."

"We don't bother it." Yuuna said as she smirked lightly, "It's only a match."

"Yeah, only one." Yuuka added.

The brown pigtailed girl smiled widened. I will beat them while the regulars are in their break time so Tezuka-kun noticed me! She thought in the first time.

Yuuna stared to Yuuka, "Did you bring a racquet?"

"Nope, let's borrow it." Yuuka replied and looked to the coach, "Can we borrow a racquet?"

"Of course." She muttered and gave them both a racquet.

"No, we just need one." Yuuna said as she pushed the racquet that offered to her and looked Yuuka's racquet, "Yuuka, you can go first." She winked her and pushed her up to walked with the challenge brown pigtailed girl.


In the same time, boy's tennis court, near the water fountain.

"30 minutes break!" The regulars stopped playing and let out relieves.

Near the water fountain, the boy's regular team was resting and has a break time that allowed only 30 minutes from the stoic buchou.

"Today was kinda hard!" The red haired boy complaint as he took his drink from his tennis bag.

"Eiji, don't complain too much," the mother of Seigaku boy's team Oishi said, "We're facing the national, so we deserved it."

Tezuka nodded in acknowledged.

"Something interesting went on the girl's court, 79.35" The data man of Seigaku appeared out of nowhere.

"Wahh!! Inui!" Eiji jumped back, "You should stop appearing like that!"

He smiled when he saw the reaction and began to write down something on his book. After a while, a spiky haired boy ran toward the rest regulars with smile.

"Oy!! We saw something cool on the girl's court!!" He yelled and grabbed the short capped boy and the red haired boy already moved instantly after hearing him.

"Momo! Did something happen?" The kind boy said while he was trying to catch up with the second year boy who had already ran toward the girl's court. His racquet was left because if he held it, it would cause more disturbances while having a break.

"Fushuuu…." One of the regular that used bandanna stood up and walked to the court beside their court.

"Saaa… Why don't we look Tezuka?" He asked with smile on his face.

Tezuka walked ahead without saying anything but his silence means yes.

After the regulars arrived in the girl's court, they lined up a bit near the green fences and the coach noticed them.

"Oh, break time eh?" Ryuuzaki coach said as she fixed back her eyes to the girl's court, "You better see this… It's pretty rare."


"3-0! Asakura leads! Change court!"

The silver haired girl tightened her band that tied around her short hair and walked to change the court.

As for the girl that was thinking she would win; she was really shocked that she got lost with the longer hair and now she was almost lost with the shorter one. She looked around and found the boys had already in the girl's court area and talking with the coach. Oh my gosh! This is it! I'll win this for sure! I will make him noticed me! She told herself as she was the one who served first.

"Hmmm…." The dark long silver haired girl leaned on the green fences while crossing her hand. She observed the match quietly in far from the crowd.

"This is too easy…" She mumbled as she pursed her lips.

"Asakura-chan!!" A voice called the longer hair girl and accidentally the other twin in the court turned her head too.

"Ah! Eiji-senpai! And please, call me Yuuka," Yuuka smiled after knowing Yuuna was turning around to see who was calling her too. Yuuka noticed the boys that were beside the place she stood now, "And they are also the regulars eh?"

"Yeah!" He replied.

"Anyway, talks later, I want to see her match first." Yuuka said as she fixed her gaze to the court.

The spiky haired boy looked to the unfamiYuukar figure that stood out with the short height. So he thought she might be a first year.

"Eiji-senpai, who's she?"

"She is Asakura Yuuka, a new student in first year." The prodigy interrupted while walked beside Momoshiro Takeshi, with smile.

"She's too?!" He asked while looking the same silver hair but a little brighter silver.

"Yes, she's Asakura Yuuna." The prodigy replied. He stared to the girl and decided to ask, "After this you will play aren't you?"

Yuuka looked at him and chuckled, "No, you've mistaken, I finished my match earlier." Yuuka said and fixed her gaze again to the match, "Probably 5 minutes more."

The others who heard her amused.

The short boy walked coolly beside the Momoshiro while looking to the match with ponta on his hand, "Hmmm…." He murmured and stood in the middle of Momo and Eiji.


"Where's his school?" A voice that stood in the Seishun Gakuen gates, "I thought he was here." He mumbled and walked in to the school, "Maybe he's playing." He smirked and walked with the tennis bag swung on his shoulder. The blonde hair boy walked around to see where the court was.


Damnit! I'm getting lost!! The brown pigtailed girl thought in her mind. She was frustrated because her pace was cut by the silver haired girl. She was really in trouble for she was the captain after all, if she lost, how can she faced the boy's regular captain, Tezuka Kunimitsu?

She hit the ball back and Yuuna hit back with faster and stronger.


Yuuna walked to the service line again and guarded her court with grand smile on her face. She was really enjoying the match every nanosecond.

I don't have any choice! I'll beat her with my new move that I practice for the national tournament!! She thought and served. The served was lot faster than before, Yuuna was immediately startled by the sudden change of power from her.


Yuuna smiled, "Heee…. You have some hidden moves…" She muttered, "Then, I should be serious then…" She smirked and stands by.

How stupid of you to underestimate me! She cursed the opponent in her mind as she served; Yuuna had changed her grip to left handed grip. 10 times faster than her return than the 3 games that she played before with her right hand.

The brown pigtailed girl dropped her jaws.

"Yo-you're a left handed?!" the brown pigtailed girl shouted across the court.

Yuuna rested her loan racquet on her shoulder, "Ahh… It's pretty easy to return… What a shame…" Yuuna provoked, "I thought I could play all out if the opponent is strong…" She mumbled loudly and changed back to right hand, "It's getting boring, let's finish this." She mumbled softly.

After 5 minutes, the game finished with 6-0.

"Game and match, 6-0 won by Asakura!"

Yuuna skipping toward Yuuka and gave high five at her.

"Gokurosama deshita, Yuuna." Yuuka said as she gave her towel and took the racquet from her.

Yuuna put the towel around her neck, "Hehehe… It's pretty easy."

"WOW! You're a left handed?!" A yelled from the red haired boy who sounded really exciting to see girl in left handed.

Yuuna nodded in twitched.

"Yuuka-chan, are you too?" The prodigy asked with smile.

Yuuka smiled back, "What do you think?" Yuuka asked back and put her eyes on the short boy who was drinking ponta.

"I knew it… -I think I saw him somewhere… Uhm… -the tournament…" Yuuka pointed her chin while thinking back to the time when she played in America.


Yuuna was the first one who remembered.

"Samurai Jr!"

Ryoma Echizen rolled his eyes to the girl who shouted, "… Oh…" finally he remembered who the girls were.

"Asakura Yuuna, Asakura Yuuka, first year that had transferred from America," The data man read his book and appeared again in the middle of Echizen and Eiji, "I heard they're twins."


A same reaction as ever, Yuuka and Yuuna thought. It was the second year spiky boy who was too over reacted with such things.

"Fushuuu… You're way over reacted powerhouse." Kaidoh hissed.

"Shut up mamushi!!! It's just really weird that I saw twins these days!!!" He yelled and picked a fight between.


"But, Yuuka-chan… why are your eyes is black but Yuuna-chan was amber?" Kawamura said as he appeared beside Momoshiro and to make the twins not bothered by the cat-fight.

"I used contact lens," Yuuka explained, "So people easier to difference us."

"She sprayed her hair too." Yuuna added as she took a lock of Yuuka's hair and show it with her true hair.

The others nodded in awe as they saw the twins in closed.

After a sip, Ryoma looked to them and began to speak, "They are the twin—"

Yuuna quickly put her hand to cover Ryoma's mouth that would spill out the twins' famous name… 'Twinnies'. She hates that name very, very much and Yuuka too, she wants to punch the emcee in America who made the name for the twin doubles player.

Nice! Yuuka thought as she shrugged her shoulder, "Echizen Ryoma, we heard about him a little when we stayed in America." Yuuka said as she looked Yuuna who zipped Echizen's mouth with her hand.

Yuuna loosened her hand after she gave a murderous glare to Echizen, "Shorty shouldn't say something unnecessary." Yuuna mumbled as gave a smirk.

"Hmph, stupid twinnies." He murmured.

Yuuna stepped his foot without making anybody to notice her, but looks like they could see it and then she dragged Yuuka to the coach while stuck her tongue annoyingly to the short boy while going away.

"Well, we first senpai-tachi." Yuuka waved them as she pulled by Yuuna.

The others waved while looking the twins in sweat dropped. (Except the stoic buchou)

"Looks like the girls holding some grudge toward Echizen!!" Momo said as he glanced to Ryoma who was look in pain on his feet that being hardly step by the shorter hair.

"… You shouldn't mess with girls…. Especially twins now." The prodigy smiled.


After the twins could entered the girl's tennis club, although they was been scared by the girls that bullied them, they still joined the tennis club, simply because they love playing tennis. A few minutes walking outside the court, on the turned wall, Yuuka bumped with a person who was likely was in turned too, she rubbed her nose.

"You're in the way." Yuuka spoke and found a blonde hair boy in front of her, "Again."

He was surprised seeing the rude girl that he was bumped with, "Can't expected you to be here." He stood in front of Yuuka with a mischievous smirk.

"Looks who's talking." Yuuka said as she glared him, "Let's go Yuuna." Yuuka muttered as she grabbed Yuuna's hand and walked pass him.


Yuuka stopped and turned her head slightly.

"Did you play tennis?"

Yuuka continued to walk while she spoke, "Like you can beat me, bye." She muttered and walked with Yuuna.

"Che, conceit girl." He said as he smiled a little, "A little different from others though."

He shook his head to erase what he was at and walked to the court.

"Echizen Ryoma!"