The story taken place during their mid semester as UNIVERSITY student, so I hope you like the ending

The story taken place during their mid semester as UNIVERSITY student, so I hope you like the ending


Twin tales


Tokyo University, 9.24 am

"Shoot I'm going to be late!" The silver eyed girl jogged inside her building with 'Connection and Communication' written on the sign beside it. Although she was about to be late, she was smiling, for she remembered about the earlier morning incident.

The alarm clock that woke her up, quickly she grabbed things she needed for her study. While at it, she noticed her mobile phone's screen with '1 NEW MESSAGE' accused her unmercifully. After she got ready with her things and clothes, she read the message:

((Gonna be in Tokyo two days from now See ya later. Love, Yuuka.))

True, Yuuka was on her assignment task, which she needed to capture some pictures of two good places in Japan and she especially went to Osaka and Hokkaido for that. It was already 2 months before she left for her assignment, before she was indeed in the same University with Yuuna and they made into the most difficult University.

Back to the real time, Yuuna had a break at 1.00 and she found a man she familiar with in the middle of her way to the cafeteria. She greeted him with a poke on his shoulder. With a bright smile, she said, "Tezuka-senpai!"

Tezuka Kunimitsu let out a sigh. "I told you a million times drop the senpai, it's been years…"

Still the same as ever, she thought and she too, known that he was doing his last script to pass the university, which means he would likely leave the University in a matter of time. "How do you do?"

Tezuka pushed his spectacle to his nose bridge while he said, "I'm fine."

"Isn't Tezuka?" A man with a bright purple suit and expensive clothing, Yuuna realized. He had a deep gray eyes staring at the brown haired man that she was talking with. He glanced to Yuuna after greeting Tezuka. "Yuuna-chan, it's been a while."

Yuuna gave him a look. "Please. Pretend that we are stranger when you use that. It's really—Ew." Yuuna stuck her tongue out not allowing him to complain and ran to the cafeteria, before he interjected something at her.

"Yuuna-chan!" A girl with one pigtailed greeted her cheerfully. "Let's eat."

"Rin-chan… Alright!" She agreed and walked with her to the rest of the way to the cafeteria. Midori Rin was Yuuna's best friend apart from her twin sister. She was the closest person who Yuuna liked to discuss about guys with her, especially about her prince.

For the time being, Yuuna ate with Rin and they conversed lightly about the previous class that lectured by the mad instructor. Yuuna doesn't bother with such things; all she bothered was now in the TV, which showed her some interesting news. She glanced to her silver Guess watch and indicated that she needed to go to her office work, where she was hired to be a tennis player. Before she goes, the news talked some more about tennis things and she clearly found Echizen Ryoma holding a big trophy that almost beat the size of his own height.

She quickly spurt her mineral water and chocked on her hamburger. God knows what he did for his life. She prayed that he could think more about others—aside from tennis. She thought he could open up more with the situation he was in with her as well. Put the explanation later, Rin looked at her in puzzled.

"Something wrong?" Rin said, not noticing that Yuuna's prince was on TV.

Yuuna shook her head enthusiastically and quickly finished up with her lunch. Better to be hurry for my work.

Rin bid her as Yuuna already told her today's schedule. Yuuna was about to walk away from the cafeteria, but a voice stopped her from behind. She knew the voice from somewhere, but she couldn't put her finger on it. But I knew this voice… She turned her figure simply to meet the guy she didn't expect to be here at this hour—or day.


Shinjuku Street, 5.20 pm

Glancing to her watch for the trice time, she sighed, "Why they took so long?"


She glanced to her side and found who she was waiting for half an hour already. "Fuji-kun, Sae-kun. How unusual, to be late, I guess you guys grow older as what I didn't expect from you two."

Sae looked at her sheepishly, "You'll be like us soon later." And only to get Yuuka's dagger look.

Yuuka sighed but now it was a relief. She cleared her throat and spoke up, "Let's find a place to talk; I don't like talking here because you guys are too stand out for me, if you know what I mean."

Fuji nodded, "I know you too long."

As they three arrived in a café and they ordered some beverage. Yuuka looked pleasantly with her dark blouse and a mini skirt. She used above knee boots, to cover her legs. Her hair seemed longer than before, since she doesn't like to cut her hair, but aside from that, she hasn't change at all. Yuuka began after she seated relax, "Well, how's the day up to?"

Fuji's usual smiled haven't leave his face, "I'm fine, but still busy with the studio." He said, referring to his own photo studio that Atobe gladly lend to him, since he knew that Fuji could make it smoothly in the future. "Is your assignment done yet?"

"A little bit more in the report. The photos haven't been printed yet, but I guess I still have some time left to finish things."

Yuuka rolled her eyes to Saeki Kojirou. As a model, he had such a face and tall figure, no wonder that Yuuka almost fell for him, but she knew she fell for his job and all. His hair still the same, but the white bleaches was replaced with brown color. He leaned on the couch and uttered, "Yuuka-san, don't you need to ask me?" He said, sounded hurt.

Yuuka raised her eyebrow, "Do I need to? I always saw you in the TV, magazines, posters, walls, and everything. Do I really need to ask you?" She said and didn't bother her sarcastic marks hit on him.

He grinned lightly, "Hey, I'm just joking."

Yuuka grinned back, "Well, just call me if you need a photographer. I'm free with special price."

"I'll call when I have much money that you always offered to me." He said, sweating a little when he remembered that Yuuka always charged money a lot much in taking the photo than the cost of the print, hence he was broke soon after that.

"By the way, Yuuka-chan, why are you calling us?" He said. After meeting Fuji in Osaka who was doing his own work, Yuuka became close with him. First, he was in the same elective with her and the second because Yuuka had known him from the high school, even he was two years above her.

"I'm just wanted to hang out with you guys, I'm getting bored lately." She sighed and leaned on her elbows. The three started to be this close because of Yuuka. Saeki met Yuuka when Fuji invited him and coincidentally meet Yuuka on the way, besides it was about working and Saeki afraid of Yuuka's charges because of first meeting. After lots of talking, Yuuka went home, with Fuji accompanied her, since he was the only one who have car right now. Saeki went home with cab, after a lot of grumbling because Fuji doesn't want to ride him home.

"See you some other times." Fuji bid her with a little peck on her cheek and Yuuka went inside after waving him a good-bye.

Yuuka locked her apartment door behind her and went to her room where she hung a photo frame on the wall. She just smiled helplessly when she found the photo of her with him, Kevin Smith. It was already 6 years she hadn't seen him. The first 9 months after he confessed to her was full of memories, but she couldn't hold him back for he was aiming to be a professional tennis player. Thus he went back to America to train hard and to be a better player than Echizen.

She went to her bath room and refreshed herself with the warm water to her face. Yuuka looked to the mirror and pretended nothing and normal, but inside, she eagerly wanted to see him. I thought I almost forgotten him, but I couldn't. What a waste, if I went out with Sae-kun, I won't need to miss him or something.


The next two days later, in Yuuna's apartment 10.07 am

"Baka! You didn't say that you will be home today!" Yuuna said while her hand beside her waist, glaring at the man who brought a big trophy. She couldn't help to say that, but she was missing him, even he was staying in the same roof for the moment, since the Asakura's parent went to the 50's anniversary honey moon.

Echizen Ryoma detached his hat and only smirked.

Yuuna sighed and hugged him in process. "I miss you." He responded with his arm around her back.

After a few conversations, Yuuna decided to go to her old house, which there was no one inside. Yuuka had gone to somewhere else so she couldn't watch the house and stayed in a small apartment closed to her working site. Yuuna too, so the house was empty for a year. While Yuuna and Echizen walked hand in hand together, Yuuna realized a dark haired girl stood in front of the house with hand bag on her crook and checking her mobile phone seriously.

Whew, talking about coincident. Yuuna had a small idea on her head.

"Who am I?!"

This voice… Don't say that… Yuuka sighed a little. Blinking over to a pair of hand that covering her eyes, she said nonchalantly, "Monster." Ah, yeah, monster suit her most.

"Damn you!!" Yuuna screamed in the process of hugging her.

Yuuka hugged her back as she felt Yuuna's happy feelings emerging toward her. After a while, Yuuna began, "God, how come you didn't tell me that you will come? All of people never tell me what on earth they doing now!!" She said referring to the confrontation with Echizen.

Yuuka composed herself as she get on her feet, "I just about to text you but, I got a feeling that you'll come."


Yuuka rolled her eyes to the guy beside Yuuna, waiting for a moment to talk, but not yet coming. She grinned wickedly and approached him, "Hey, shorty—I mean Echizen-san!" She poked him badly on his arm in a process until red.

He looked hurt a little and muttered, "You're exaggerating."

"Which means I'm happy for you," Yuuka grinned, "By the way," She looked at Yuuna, "Where's the key? I hardly remembered that I saved it with me, so it would be you who keep it." She stretched her question hand toward Yuuna.

Yuuna amused and bring out a key from her bag, "Well, here it is."

Yuuka widened her eyes playfully, "Oh my! Yuuna didn't forget to bring the key?! This is one of the seven magic I supposed." She sneered and laughed. Since Yuuna was her two-minutes older than her in the birth certificate, she likes to tease her.

Echizen nodded in agreement and Yuuna scowled on the end.

"Now, let's go couple. I hate to say this, but I don't like to be seen as a third wheel on public."

"Oh, okay, see if I can find the fourth wheel for you."

Yuuka ignored the remark and went in with the key on her hand.

As they three went in, Yuuna and Echizen straightly went to the living room; to dust off things since all things had been quieted for ages. Yuuna can hardly counted the inch of the dusts while Echizen just being a lazy to shove it off.

"Yuuka, are you sure that we're going to stay here tonight?" Yuuna hesitantly said.

Yuuka sneezed once and came toward Yuuna after she explored the bathroom and all. "Yep. All clear."

"All.Clear?" the other twins repeated with an exaggerating quotation mark with her finger. "This is so not all clear."

"Shut up and now buy some groceries before you become lazy. I'll take care of the cleaning things. Deal?"

"So deal!" She dragged Echizen with her to the door after taking her wallets in the way.

"I wonder about her home now…" I bet its going to be a real messy. She looked around and decided to open the back yards door, so it won't get too humid. She crept toward the yards and searching for something—so it be.


On the street, 6.33 pm

Yuuna had taken Echizen to the supermarket and made him to carry the basket while Yuuna just dropping foods now and then. It was really amusing yet pleasant—for Yuuna was happy if she was next to her prince. The great trip to supermarket ended and they both had fun shopping.

As they walked home, Yuuna began, "This is so coincident, right?"

"Yeah, it's been ages that she doesn't poke me that hard." He said sarcastically.

"I didn't mean that!" Yuuna said, replacing Yuuka to say. She cleared her throat to throw the topic, "By the way, I met him the other day." She said differently.

"Him?" He asked.

"Yes, the one and only him."

"…Great. Why don't we tell Yuuka-san about this?" He said above than his normal tone, "And if it's about him, she would gladly hear, probably."

"I wonder about that…" Yuuna murmured.

As they about to turn on the next corner, they found a guy, leaning on the wall with crossed arm, blonde hair, black glasses tuck on his casual clothes that match his jeans. Yuuna was speechless—Echizen was more than that.

He smirked.


Back yard, in Asakura resident, 7.20 pm

"What took them so long?!" This is the second time I waited for deadly. She swore that she would kill her with her chopstick if she doesn't come in twenty minutes more.

Yuuka leaned back on her palms and looked up at the sky. She could pick out a few stars, but not many. Light pollution from the city made it hard to stargaze. But she figured seeing a few was better than none. A night breeze blew past and she closed her eyes, enjoying the feel of the cool wind. She let off the long sigh. Why am I remembering him again, I assume he would likely forgotten about me. I miss his voice. But then again, she remembered his word. He wants to be the top of tennis player. Deleting the bittersweet memories, she looked down to the trees.


Huh? Thought Yuuka. her silver eyes looking to the backdoor, then to the walls, maybe the sound of the winds.

She stood up after she felt that her back aching her.


She was about to walk away. Am I hallucinating now because of remembering the past? She shook her head in absolute disagreement. Maybe I was too hungry. She continued to walk away.


It was going to her nerves. Damn someone who yelling at this time. "I didn't ask for any commercial cosmetics!!" Maybe because I forgot to pay the Online two days ago, she thought.

"I haven't said anything yet!"

A bang heard on her back door, revealing him… Kevin Smith.

"Surprise?" He smirked.

Surprising indeed, Yuuka was dreaming about smacking her head to the block wall hundred times not to miss him. The blonde guy looked at her from head to toe twice. Yuuka crossed her arm slightly irritated about his appearance and her growling stomach. This is just too absurd.

"You…Didn't change so much, not what I expected." He commented.

Yuuka approached him, gathering her courage to believe if he was before her eyes now. "You too, blonde freak."

He laughed, "I'm relief that you didn't say that you didn't remember me."

I was just about to joke on that. She pulled out a small note book out of nowhere and threw at him. He was surprised and began to flip it somehow. While he getting on to the note book, Yuuka began to say, "You owe me, 105 dates, 89 hugs, 50 kisses and—" she couldn't hold it anymore. "—an endless 'I love you' sentence." She cried.

He looked up at her, when she cried like a little girl who's lost her kite to a strong gust of winds. He smiled weakly and decided to relieve her by embracing her tightly. "I'm sorry."

"Sorry won't stop me from crying, idiot." She circled her hands around his neck while still sobbing hard.

He wrapped her petite body and caressed her hair gently, "I'll make up for that."

She ceased her tears and looked at him in questioned, "It would be long you know."

"That's why I'll be." He kissed her with only a barely touch on her red lips. "I stay with you."

Yuuka nuzzled to his warmth and given the rest burden on him.

"I love you."


"What a happy ending…." Yuuna said as tears filled her eyes. She pulled out a quite professional camera from nowhere and began… thwap! "Got it"

"That's bad; she's going to blow your head if you do that." Echizen said, remarking about the camera she was holding. It was belong to Yuuka herself who was now in a romantic air with Kevin. I could imagine that Yuuka-san will choke her.

"Why not?" Yuuna said in amused innocent, "She would be happy that I take a good moment of her." She chuckled.

It's the opposite. "Let's go make some dinner for them." He turned around from their hiding place, which is on the broke-down door that made by Kevin accidentally no other choice and dragged Yuuna on her crook.

As they both ended up in the kitchen, Yuuna asked, "Hey, are you going to be with me?"

Echizen chopped things unusually while Yuuna was waiting for the soup to boil up. "Why asking that?"

Yuuna stirred the soup and answered, "…I'm scared of losing you." She admitted, "First, you're famous in matter of fact, I didn't get to see you except in TV, I know it was a bit selfish, but I just…"

Yuuna felt herself being pushed against the sink and hands guarded her between. "Ryo…" she eyed him amusingly.

"Don't say such stupid things," He said softly and he brushed his fingers along her jaw line and kissed her. Even it was only a touch, Yuuna felt the feelings she doesn't get often from him. As they got apart he embraced her, he whispered, "I couldn't imagine anyone beside you to be with me."

Yuuna just wanted to drop her chin down, but she let out teasing giggles instead, "If most of our friends ever seen you being romantic, they will keel over shock."

Echizen released her and continued to chop things while Yuuna began to look after the soup. I guess, I should be relief, she thought as the weight on her chest had vanished completely. Sorry to doubt you, Ryo.


The night went well; Yuuka had taken a view progress and told everyone that her assignment finished in a week. In the mean time, Kevin decided to move to Yuuka's apartment, since he had tournament to begin with. Yuuka had complaining things about the matter, since he jumped to the conclusion too quick, but deep inside, she felt too happy to say it. Yuuna on the other hand, she could be in her happiest moment—when Echizen Ryoma said that he would take her to America for her birthday while Yuuka was taken to another state for Kevin's schedule time.

As the time goes on…

The time that they spent from when they met….

The time when they felt together….

From now and then…

Until the day break come….

They will never going to be apart…

This is how the end, no, the beginning of their lives with their loves one.