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Danny Messer sat on a hospital chair, clutching a sleeping baby wrapped in a soft pink blanket to his chest. There were tears slowly falling down his cheeks. His Montana, gone, forever. He still couldn't believe it. He felt the bundle move, so he looked down and saw brown eyes looking up at him. He forced a smile and bit his lip.

"Hey there! I'm your daddy!" He said softly. The little girl lifted her arms up to him, as if she wanted him to pull her closer. He chuckled a bit.

"Well, aren't you a cutie?" Danny asked. The little girl looked up at him in confusion, and then looked around the room, as if she was looking for someone. Danny frowned.

"No, sweetie. Your mama ain't with us no more… Your mama… passed away… while giving birth to ya." Danny said. The little girl seemed to understand what he was saying, because she had started to cry. Tears were threatening to fall from Danny's eyes as well.

"But that don't mean that I love you any less. I should be thankful that you didn't both die. You were our miracle baby, hun. Before you, your mama miscarried 3 times. We were so worried that you wouldn't make it. The doctor told us that you wouldn't, but you proved him wrong, didn't ya? You're a fighter, just like your mama. Oh darling, your mama was an amazing person. She was brave, yet shy at the same time. She had these beautiful brown eyes, which I see you've inherited. And her laugh could make any guy weak in the knees." Danny said with tears falling down his cheeks. The girl had calmed down and was blowing bubbles with her spit. Danny chuckled.

"Awe, I hope you grow up to be just like her. I miss your mama already. She was a great woman, you would have liked her. But you know what? She's gonna be with us all the time. She's gonna be there for your first word, first step, first booboo, first everything. She's gonna be you're guardian angel." Danny said. The little girl had stopped really paying attention and had fallen asleep in his arms. Danny smiled and kissed her forehead.

"Goodnight, Lindsay Montana Messer." Danny said, and then he put her in her little bed and walked out of the room.