hope y'all like it, its just a side project lol you know Creeps in like a spider was supposed to be a side project to my first story but people like that one more. So this one is more like me side side project… well long story short: enjoy.


Ashley Davies is basically a Los Angeles nobody. She lives with her mother and father who are pretty wealthy people. Both her parents being brain surgeons gives them deep pockets. Her sister, Kyla, is basically the poster child for perfection. She's on the lacrosse team, the soccer team and god knows what else team. What teams does Ashley waste her precious time in... none. She's basically the black sheep, go figure. She's strictly into chicks, of course her parents don't know, but her parents/relatives consider her a punk rocker. Despite all their differences, Kyla and Ashley are fairly close. Ashley tells Kyla everything and vice versa.

"...For heaven's sake I know you're sorry, but you won't stop crying. This anniversary may never be the same. Inside I hope you know I'm dying With my heart beside me in shattered pieces that may never be replaced. And if I died right now you'd never be the same..." I sing my heart out on the stupid stage with it's stupid burning lights that are making me sweat. I'm usually not nervous when I sing in public but it's this song. Mayday Parade's "Three Cheers For Five Years" just make me feel so much and all at one time... stupid song. "...So when this is over don't blow your composure baby I can't forgive you I know you want me to want you I want to." God, that was hell on my lungs, I might need to stop smoking... nah.

I hear the usual applauses on open mic night at 'The Pit'. I don't know how Jaimie convinces me to even come here, this place is so... blah.

I place my guitar in its case then drag me and my crappy guitar off stage feeling pretty idiotic for even going up there in the first fucking place. Stupid Jamie.

I walk in the far, far back where our usual table is located and all Jamie can do is smile her Jaimie smile. She's lucky she's cute or I would've blown her off a while ago.

"Ashley! You were so amazing, like always, though." she says standing up with her huge ass purse. Pointless by the way. I mean if you have that much stuff to carry that you need a suitcase on your arm then you need to do some serious reorganizing.

Aside from that stupid bag Jamie's pretty amazing on the eyes. She has these blue/gray eyes that could stop a bull from charging, just so gorgeous. And then her natural blonde locks make her even more enticing, growl, but she likes to experiment with her bangs so they're always a different color, right now they're black, but it doesn't take away from the full picture. Then her tattoo: a bracelet made of little hearts around her left wrist. Tattoos are just sexy to me, no argument needed. But I don't like Jaimie like that I mean I like girls but not Jamie I mean, ugh, Jamie's not really a girl to me anymore.

I sigh then roll my eyes, "Can we just get the fuck up out of here, please, Jamie? I don't even know how you drag me here every other week. I'm never doing it again, bitch." I walk toward the exit, which is also the entrance, go figure.

Jamie catches up with me and begins to walk next to me, "Whatever, you'll come back if I ask you to." I know she's smirking because she knows that she's so damn cute.

I smirk, too, but continue looking straight ahead, "Because you know that you're too cute for me to say no to, you can't always use that."

"I can if it works."

"You sound like me." I say smelling coffee, gotta be Starbucks and now I gotta go to Starbucks.

"I learned everything I know from you." she says lacing her left hand with my right.

I shake her off, "I'm still mad at you, ass. Don't go holding my hand." I say being guided by the smell of Starbucks. Oh, and FYI Jamie doesn't like me we just do gay stuff like that. She's completely straight and I'm completely gay, there's no doubt whatsoever. Basically, we don't care what people think of us, we'd run around naked in public if we didn't have a criminal record already. Just kidding. Not really, but we would run around naked if we could, we talked about it.

"Get over it." she says.

I don't say anything for a minute, "Okay, over it. Now let's get some 'Bucks."

"Can do." she says as she slides her left arm through my right arm. Now that I let her do.

We walk into Starbucks and I just get kicked in the face by the smell of frappichinos and hot chocolates and whatever they have in here. Ooh, toffee almond bars and muffins.

It's kind crowded but not really, "I'm gonna go grab us a table before the teeny boppers get there first. Get the usual." I say walking away from her and I'm already halfway at the table.

"I know, I know." she says walking up to get in line and, damn it, it's long. Anyways, I slide a chair up to the table and sit down and then I slide a chair next to me to put my feet in and to save it for Jaimie. The people in here are vultures, caw, caw, they prey on unsuspecting wooden chairs like these. Man, I really have too big of an imagination.

Oh my god, she's been in that line for at least five minutes, my ass is going numb. Where's the hell is she? Probably flirting with the cashier to get free drinks or something. Ugh, I stand up because I need to see what the hold up is but I might lose our seats so I'm just gonna sit back down. I put my elbow up on the table then lean my face against my palm. Hmm, I think my lightning needs a pal. I'm talking about my tattoo, I have a lightning bolt on the underside of my forearm. I think I might go get some more ink done, I'll ask Kyla about it.

Jesus, what's taking so long, now I'm sure it's been like six minutes. I put my head down and someone bumps into the back of my chair so I lift my head up to see who. "Watch it, queer eye."

Ooh, great it's bitch face, Madison, "Oh, trust me, I am watching it Madison, and it's not a good view." I say looking at her ass then up into her eyes.

"Ugh," she scoffs disgustedly, "You're so gay."

"Really? I didn't know, now tell me something else about myself." I say sarcastically.

She smiles then un-smile as she walks away from me. And then her little cheer squad follows behind her, Tiffany, Rachel, Mindy, Mindy, Mindy, Rachel. Actually I don't know all their names, I just know two and that's only because Kyla likes to hang out with them, sadly.

Anyway, then some blonde girl walks by that I haven't really seen before, she must be the new girl I've heard so much about. She's cute. Let me introduce myself, I take my feet off the chair, sit up straight then grab her hand as she brushes against my chair, "Hey, I'm Ashley." and I give her one of my famous smiles.

She smiles back, she might be one of the nice cheer whores... I actually hope she's not a whore. "Hey, I'm Spencer."

"I like you're name." I'm still holding onto her hand, "And I would ask to shake your hand but looks like I already have it."

She smiles, "Looks like."

Hmm, she's not bitchy... now. Maybe it's a facade, maybe at school she'll be a bitch to me, they all are. "So you go to King, right?"

She nods, "Yeah, you go there, too, right... Ashley?" she says remembering my name. Better remember my name, you'll be screaming it later.

"Yeah, Spencer." I say making sure that name is etched into my mind. Spencer. Spencer.

"C'mon, Spencer, we have to go over cheers!" Madison yells across the store to Spencer. Spencer takes her hand back.

She smiles sweetly at me, "I gotta go, nice meeting you, Ashley."

"Same to you." I say watching her walk away and she runs into a chair on the way over to Madison's table. She looks back at me blushing then heads toward Madison, that was cute. She has a nice a--

"You wouldn't believe how many times they screwed up our order. We've been coming her for like a year and they can't get our shit down, jesus fucking Christ." Jamie says blocking my view of Spencer walking away. I lean to the side so I can see Spencer, "Who are you looking at?" Jaime turns around and looks at Madison then looks down at me, "Madison? You're checking out Madison? Are you sick?" she puts her hand up to my head.