So, surprise!

This is the last chapter of Ashley Nobody.

Don't hate me.

Can I please wake up like this everyday? Right next to my sexy, naked girlfriend. Is that in anyway possible? Just give me a sign.

"Ash..." she says with sleep gracing her voice.

"Mhm?" I mumble as I pull her closer into me. I'm spooning her. It's like one in the afternoon on a school day. Well, school started hours ago so technically it's a free day! Yay!

"You didn't set an alarm, did you?" she says.

I kiss her naked neck, "It wasn't the first thing on my to-do list. I had higher priorities if you catch my obvious drift."

She chuckles softly, "I hope they don't call home to my parents."

"No need to worry about that," I say with a huge smile. I'm a smart girlfriend. I predicted this very moment.

"Why would you say that?" she says flipping herself over on her back so she can look at me. The blanket is still covering her lovely bosom.

I look up at the ceiling, "I might've made a few changes to your personal information. Ahem, you're welcome."

"Ashley! What'd you do?" she says as all seriousness escapes her voice.

I smirk deviously, "I put my cell number in as your contact number for your parents so if anything were to come up then I'd get the call before anyone else."

She kisses me on the lips lovingly as her hand caresses my face. She pulls away a little then stares me in the eyes, "Don't you go changing my will."

I laugh, "Hey, I'm the bread winner here so I think you're alright."

She keeps her hand on my face as she rubs my face. She's just smiling lovely. I've never gotten a look like this from anyone. Of course, I've always gotten the lustful looks as well as the angry eyes that lead to sex but nothing endearing like the way Spencer likes to look at me sometimes.

"What are you going to do about your family?" she asks in a whisper as she rubs her thumb against my skin.

I shrug quickly, "Haven't thought about it really." Lie.

"Not one bit?" she asks. She knows I could possibly be lying.

"Nope." Lie.

She flicks me in the nose. Ow. Goddamnit that fucking hurt. I place my hands over my nose because that'll definitely soothe it, "What the fuck? Why?" I say a little angry.

"Aw, poor baby. Lemme see." she says bringing her hands up to my hands. She grabs them and moves them away from my face.

I'm like a little kid in the sense that I want her attention even though she's the one who hurt me. On purpose, "What'd I do to deserve that shit?"

"Because you lied to me." she says like its a matter of fact.

I sigh, "I don't know what I'm gonna do. I don't know. I wanna see my mom. I wanna know if she's okay."

"Hasn't she been acting quiet lately?" Spencer asks.

I nod.

"Chances are she already knew about the other woman and the kids. Maybe she was just too embarrassed to tell you and Ky?" Spencer suggests.

"Why would she be embarrassed? It's not like it's her fault or anything?" It's my dumb-ass father's fault for walking this earth as the dick that he is. He needs a total personality makeover.

"I don't know. I'd be embarrassed if you left me for some other girl. Period. I mean I'd be pissed for sure but I would definitely be embarrassed to know that I couldn't satisfy you. Imagine if we were married." Spencer says as she scratches the back of her neck.

I nod, "True." I'm gonna fuck with her a bit, "So, you've imagined us being married already?"

She raises both eyebrows in shock, "I mean—I've thought about being with you for a really super long time. And if we were together for so long then, yeah, we'd get married, right? You're not gonna just love me and leave me."

I smile, "Psh, wham, bam, thank you, ma'am. And I'm out of the door." I say jokingly.

She squeezes my hand, "Really?"

She's being serious. I shake my head from side to side, "No, babe, no. I can't see a life without you. I don't even know how I've survived this long in life without you. Now that I have you I'm not letting you go for someone better to scoop you up. Because you know that would happen, right? Someone better than me would scoop you right from under me if I ever strayed from you for a second. Everyone else seems to know that you're too good for me but you. I hope you don't smarten up." I say with a smile.

She blushes bright red, "Shut up. I'm not too good for you. I'm just as tainted as you are."

I scoff, "Psh, you're mistaken. Even Mary fucking Poppins is on a worse list than you, baby."

She lets go of my hand and throws it away from her, "Fuck you."

"Ooh! Spencer said a dirty word. You know what the does to me, don't you?" I say tickling her into oblivion.

Moments like this I feel like I should keep in my memory bank forever. I mean, I know I'm gonna make more with the same girl but it's just good to have. The icing on the cake is that I honestly believe that. That I'm gonna be in love with Spencer until the end of time.

Take your time, father time. I don't want to rush anything anymore.

I feel like for my whole life I've been living to die. Instead of dying to live. If that makes any sense to anyone else but me then congratulations. I just want to put this part of my life on pause.

I love my past. I'm grateful for it. If the past hadn't happened then I wouldn't have become who I am at this very moment. Someone that can be loved by another. I never knew how much I truly appreciated other people.

Life's just good. What more can I say?

This nobody is somebody.

Don't worry there's a sequel.

I'm already writing it :)

I wouldn't leave you guys hanging.

I hope you enjoyed the first installment.