Prince of Both Worlds

Summary: Naruto is the son of both Minato Kazama, god of heaven and peace, and the great Kyuubi no kitsune, god of hell and the underworld. Kyuubi had given birth to their son Naruto, who would soon be known as the prince of Konoha, heaven, and the underworld. Along with the title of being the god of pleasure, beauty, honesty, nature and courage. But right after Naruto was born; Naruto's parents had to flee for they were being attacked by another god, who was set out to overthrow Kyuubi by killing him and his family. When he was hidden on Earth, he was adopted by his newly acquired friend's family. Join Naruto on his journey as he sets out to find out about his past, and who he is. Join him as he struggles to regain his lost memory along with his family's own.



Chapter 1: To Leave the Past to Begin a New

The god's of the upper heaven were shedding tears on the village hidden in the leaf. Their tears fell on a helpless child who, at the moment, was at death's doorstep. His bright blue eyes had lost their shine, his once tan skin was pale as a ghost, and he was no longer smiling. No one would if their body was covered in blood, bruises, and gashes. Tears were slipping down the young child's face, blending in with the rain. The child, who was no older than 6, was left to die by his attackers. The child's attackers were non-other then his own neighbors, teachers, fellow ninja and villagers. The little boy, who knew neither mother nor father, stared at the crying sky with hollow eyes.

"Why?" he asked the sky. "Why I'm I always getting hurt? Why can't someone love me?" He shouted in rage and hurt, his voice sounding like a broken piano. His numb body grew colder with each passing second, but he no longer cared. He stopped caring a long time ago. He didn't know why the villagers always tried to kill him. He didn't know why he had no parents or friends. He didn't know why they called him demon and a monster, when in truth they were the cruel things they claimed him to be

"I hate this pain," he hissed out, attempting to move, only to flinch back in pain as a broken rib pressed into his right lung.

"I hate not knowing what I want and need to know!" He exclaimed with anger, tears still flowing like little miniature rivers down his face. He was finally able to get back on his feet and he slowly limped over to an empty trashcan, all of 5 feet away from him.

"Why am I treated the way I am?" he asked the rain, as if it could answer his question. He sighed while getting inside the trashcan, his shelter for the night. He hissed once again in pain as his wounds rubbed against the steel of the can. He almost puked at the smell that was sure was going to rub off on his scraps of fabric, which he never dared to call his clothes. But he was able to endure it, at least he had somewhere to sleep, and protect him from the rain. He was just glad he was able to stay alive one more day.

Miles away, there were other children in his situation, thinking those exact thoughts.


Once the sun had started to rise, the rain started to stop. The blond child had awoken with the sun for the third time that week, with no wounds in sight from the previous night. The only evidence that he was ever attacked was the dry blood that was stuck to both his body and scarps of fabric like a second skin. The young male snorted in disgust at the sticky blood and revolting smell that came from both his body and rags that he had for clothes.

The little boy gave a small sigh as he walked down the quiet streets of Konoha, his prison. It has become a routine. Wake up, walk down the streets while hiding from attackers, look through garbage for food or steal it, and find a place to stay. He rarely ever took baths.

Sometimes, if he was lucky, he would find a nearby river and bathe in it. He stopped as he found a garbage can and decided it was time for a meal. While he was searching through the trashcan, he failed to sense a small figure approach him.

He jumped in alarm when he felt someone poke him. He turned around to yell at the person until he saw who it was. It was a little boy no older that he was. His hair was wild and brown, his skin a creamy brown, with warm dark brown eyes. He had strange triangle markings on his cheeks and his developing body was covered with patches of dirt and plants. The boy flashed the blond a goofy smile before he introduced himself.

"Hey! My names Kiba, how 'bout yours?" he shouted, holding his hand out. The blond just stared before holding out his own hand to shake it.

"My name's Naruto," he timidly stated.

"Wanna play with me little fox?" Kiba asked. Naruto was surprised at the nickname but smiled either way.

"Hell yeah!" he shouted. "Last one to the park is a rotten egg!" Kiba shouted before running in the direction of the nearest park. Naruto stood stunned for a moment. He ran after the wild boy as soon as his mind connected with the fact that he now had a friend. He no longer needed to be alone.

Kiba had won their little race and stated that since he won, he should pick the games and where they should play them. The first place he chose was the sandbox.

"Hi foxy!" Kiba shouted after a while of playing.

"Yeah dog breath?" asked the blond. The other wild child just snorted at the comment.

"How come you were looking through the garbage?" Kiba asked, staring hard at his newly acquired friend. Naruto in return tensed up. He quickly scanned his mind for a good lie, but Kiba interrupted him before he could even speak. "And don't you dare lie!" Kiba warned, baring his canines. Naruto sighed, not finding the will to lie to his first real friend.

"I was looking for food." He spoke as if it wasn't a huge deal. He turned his head away when Kiba grew silent. Suddenly, a growl broke the silence of the empty playground.

"Don't you have a mommy and daddy for that? To give you food, like the way my parents do?"

Naruto once again sighed. "No, I'm an orphan. I have no ma or pa to take care of me or a place to stay," he lightly informed the shocked figure. Kiba quickly grabbed his hand, before he started pulling the smaller of the two away from the sand box. The demon container had questioned the rougher male, but he only shook his head, gritting his teeth while he was at it. The Uzumaki noticed that they were nearing the edge of the village. He tried to pull away on numerous times, but Kiba had refused to lighten his grip on the tan arm.

Suddenly, the 7 year old stopped, causing the younger boy to bump into him.

"Hey!" shouted Naruto annoyed, but grew silent as figure emerged from a house and approached them. Naruto grew afraid. He frantically pulled on Kiba's arm, but his efforts were in vain.

"Mommy!" the boy shouted as loud as he could. The wild looking female stopped in front of her young child.

"What is it Kiba?" asked the women in a rough voice, observing her son. The latter had a frown on his face that seemed to be made out of marble. "Mama, can fox here be my brother?"

The women's brown fierce eyes widen at the request. She looked over at the young blond behind her only son, his figure stiff and eyes panicky. She knew who he was. Every adult in the goddamn village knew him, the demon container; Naruto. She wasn't stupid; she had never hated the boy. She knew he wasn't the demon himself. She only pitied him and felt guilt consume her when she turned the other way when he begged for help.

"Why do you ask Kiba?" this time her voice was a little softer, as were her eyes.

"Foxy said he has no mama or papa, and I saw him in a trashcan mama! You said that's bad, remember?" he almost shouted at her. The words stun his mother a little. She once again averted her eyes towards the smaller figure. He was pulling on Kiba's arm like a cornered animal.

"Lets' go inside," was all she could bring herself to say. Kiba glared at her, a pout pulling at his lips. He dragged himself and the smaller boy towards the direction of his clan house. Naruto gave up struggling once he was inside their house, their domain.

The inside of their home was warm and cozy. The walls were a sandy color and hardwood panels covered the ground. There was a couch in the center of the room, facing the TV, other couches, and chairs surrounding it. Next to the center couch was a wooden hand carved side table made out of oak. On it was a lamp and chips.

"Naruto," the soft yet rough voice of Kiba's mother was heard. She patted the seat next to her on the couch. Kiba sat next to her, still pouting.

Naruto quietly walked over to her after a brief moment of thinking.

'The couch is as comfortable as it looks,' he thought, letting his mind wonder for a little while.

"Naruto," His head snapped to attention for fear of what would happen if he didn't give it.

"Tell me about your life," the lady asked gently. Naruto nodded.

" I was kicked out the orphanage for being a..... What was that word again?" he asked himself, a frown on his face. He bit his lip as he struggled to remember the word. Then his eyes lit up and his mouth widened to form an oval shape.

"Bur... burdan!" he shouted in joy, glad to finally remember the word.

"You mean burden?" Kiba's mom asked frowning at the very word.

"Yeah and the villagers didn't want to give me food, so I had to get garbage. It's yucky and taste bad!" he complained.

"It's supposed to be, anything else?"

"They beat me up for no reason; call me demon and other bad stuff!" Naruto had begun to tear up at the thought.

That's when Kiba's mother made up her mind.

"Naruto, you like Kiba right?"

Naruto nodded a smile on his lips.

"Yes! I like dog breath! He's fun!"

She smiled. "You like my home? Or dogs?" she gently asked. Naruto nodded to both her questions, frowning at the conversation.

"Do you like me?"

"You scare me, but you are nice to me, unlike the other people." the child answered with a huff.

"Would you like a family?" Kiba finally caught on. He turned towards his mother, a toothy grin plastered on his face.

"That's my only wish," Naruto whispered sadly.

"Then I will adopt you tomorrow morning and make you my son!" Naruto looked up confused.

"It means you will be my son, Kiba will be your brother, and you will have a family."

Naruto smiled at the thought and cried in joy on the female's shoulder.

"Thanks...mama," the word felt rough on his tongue, but at the same thing flooded his system with a sweet sensation. He had a family, he had a friend. He was happy for the first time in months. So is this what it felt like to have someone care for you? He could get use to it.

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