Prince of Both Worlds

Summary: Naruto is the son of both Minato Kazama, god of heaven and peace, and the great Kyuubi no kitsune, god of hell and the underworld. Kyuubi had given birth to their son Naruto, who would soon be known as the prince of Konoha, heaven, and the underworld. Along with many other titles. But right after Naruto was born; Naruto's parents had to flee for they were being attacked by another god, who was set out to overthrow Kyuubi by killing him and his family. When he was hidden on Earth, he was adopted by his newly acquired friend's family. Join Naruto on his journey as he sets out to find out about his past, and who he is. Join him as he struggles to regain his lost memory along with his family's own.




"Tsume, what a surprise to see you," commented the aged Hokage in shock.

"Shut it! You know why I'm here" Tsume hissed out. The Hokage nodded at her words, a sigh escaping aged lips. He slowly turned around and grabbed a folder from a cabinet.

"Here is his original file. What you see in it must be kept secret or face death." The Hokage warned with a stone hard face. Tsume glared at him. "I am not that idiotic, yet the same cannot be said about those fools that make up the council," she spat. The Hokage grunted, resting his chin against his palm. Sometimes he truly hated this job.

"I know," he whispered lowly, but Tsume's keen ears was able to hear it. She grunted in victory, reading the files with a hard look. Her face was blank but the slight tensing of her shoulders and the tightening of her jaw spoke volumes of how she felt. Sarutobi waited patiently for the explosion to come.

He watched her with understanding eyes as she threw the file on the wooden desk. "Set up a meeting with those fools," she hissed. Sarutobi took a smoke from his pipe and replied with a shake of his head, that it wouldn't be wise to do so. Tsume growled at him and with a harsh glare and a cold look she told him what she truly thought. "I don't care. Just do it, or you will no longer house the Inuzukas'." Her serious and cold face told Sarutobi she wouldn't hesitate to do so. Tsume would convince her clan to leave Konoha for an abused child. A child that truly needed the love of a mother, the love only Tsume could give.

Sarutobi sighed in defeat and nodded his head. Tsume grinned wildly. She watched the old man call in his assistant and told her to assemble a meeting with all the council members. She smiled evilly. She wasn't the head of the most wildest clan for nothing.

The ninjas and fellow villagers were separated into their own groups. The head of clans council or the ninja council and the citizens council. Sarutobi sat on a large seat that resembled a throne and next to him was his advisers. Advisers who constantly got on his nerves and always thought they were right. The nerve of those idiots thinking they can control the Hokage.

Tsume stood in the center of the room, glaring at the cowering citizens that made up the separate council. They shouldn't even be here! They were the most closed minded people she ever met that wanted to destroy her new child.

"State your business," commanded Sarutobi, waiting for the reactions of the people in the room. Tsume flashed a cocky grin before speaking. "As of today, Uzumaki Naruto is my son," she announced and a tense silence befell the room. Sarutobi counted backwards from 10, and when he finally reached 1, angry voices filled the room. 'Predictable,' he thought.

Voice after voice spoke of their undying hatred for the young child. Sarutobi had never felt so disgusted at the village since the birth of the so called 'demon' child. His angry eyes scanned over the area and to his relief, there were a few clan heads who had a brain. They looked at Tsume with relief, kindness, or respect. The rest of the idiots however, looked at her with such disgrace and distaste.

Tsume hands slowly formed into fists, unable to keep her temper in check for much longer. How dare these idiots insult her son in front of her? Did they have no shame? Tsume grunted, of course they didn't. They have paid ninjas from other countries to kill him, and when he wouldn't die, they made his life a living hell.

"SHUT UP!" she screamed at the top of her lungs. Her enraged eyes scanned the room, to see if anyone dared to keep their mouth open or even think of completing that action.

"I had enough of your foolishness. As of today Naruto is my son. He now goes by the name Inuzuka Uzumaki Naruto. By law he has the right to take up the last name of my clan, and is officially protected by the laws of the Inuzukas." She stated with a hiss. The room fell silent again. The next to speak was Sarutobi, the village Hokage who now stood tall and with a nasty glare.

"Who ever opposes the wishes of the Tsume will have to take it up with the Inuzuka clan, and they have the power to do what they wish to protect their new clan member. Even killing." He glared at the quivering figures of the civilian council.

"Any ill intention like sending ninjas to kill the newest member of the Inuzuka clan, from the council or power figures in Konoha, will be filed under treason and will result in death."

Tsume smirked at the latest news and couldn't help but feel a sense of triumph over the council members. She turned to Sarutobi and asked him if the meeting was over. The Hokage nodded and glared at the council.

"Mark my words, one wrong move and you'll end up dead," he hissed out, releasing a wave of killing intent. Some of the council members shivered in fear while others just gulped or shook their heads, ashamed at the behavior of their fellow neighbors.

"You are dismissed," the Hokage said with a smug tone, unable to keep the smirk off his face. Tsume and him watched the council slowly leave the room, smiling at the defeated and angry faces of some of the villagers from the council.

"Well, that was easy," Tsume mocked in a childish voice.

Sarutobi only raised an eyebrow at her and alerted her that Naruto was waiting for her in the next room. Grinning, she thanked the old man and walked out the room, just to walk into another one. Opening the heavy door with the white painting, she smirked at her son. He was sitting on the edge of an open window, his feet lightly kicking against the frame.

"Naruto," she whispered as she opened the door further. Naruto glanced at her before looking back outside. Frowning at the odd behavior, Tsume strides over to the silent child and stands next to him, her curious gaze taking a hold of her child. Naruto didn't say anything, instead he pointed to the building in front of them. Tsume didn't question him but only looked towards the direction of the small finger. She growled at the painted walls of the apartment complex and with a loud shout, she took a hold of her new child and went straight to the Hokage office.

"Sarutobi! Your village is a piece of shit!" She was outraged, he noted with a tired sigh.

"What happened now?"

"Now? NOW? An idiotic bitch decided it would be hilarious to write 'Go Die You Demon Scum,' on the building near us!" Tsume hissed out, one hand clenched in a tight fist, the other hand gently patting Naruto's head.

"I am going to commit murder," she warned. The Hokage shook his head. "You have no grounds to stand by. You have not been attacked, and neither has a member of your clan."

Tsume smirked cruelly at him.

"They have no tolerance for those who don't fit in. If this attitude keeps up, I am leaving," she warned and looked at Sarutobi with cold and empty orbs. Sarutobi sighed but nodded his head. "That has been taken into account," he admitted and dismissed her. Tsume had growled but either way she walked away, her hand tightly clasped around her child's own.

"Time to go home sweetie."

Tsume at the kitchen table, dressed in a comfortable pair of sweat pants and form fitting top. Tapping her nails against the table top, she thought of alternative situations and solutions. Humming to herself, she smiled. "I need to review my contacts," she reminded herself and with a smirk, she got up from her position and walked towards her room.

Tsume wasn't the most social ninja in the world, but the contacts she made were worth the pain they caused her. Quickly writing a letter, she tied it on to an over sized wild beast, a gorgeous wolf.

"Now old sage, I want you to deliver it directly to the old coot. If something goes wrong, come back directly to me, or stay in that village, which ever is the nearest." Tsume patted the aged dog on the head before blessing him with a kiss to the forehead.

"Be safe," she whispered against a silver fur ear, and rouse from her crouched position. Seeing the messenger off, she went back inside, only to be met with two troublesome children.

"Naruto! Kiba!" she shouted when she realized the mess they made. The two boys immediately stopped their rough playing and hurried to their feet, trying to look as innocent as possible.

Glaring at them, she hissed, "What are you doing?" The children gulped, their mother's fierce glare scaring the shit out of you.

"Nothing," Kiba squealed out before making a beeline for the bedroom, dragging a frantic Naruto with him. Sighing, Tsume shook her head and went back to work, she had a large amount of research to do. Naruto owned her, BIG time.


It didn't matter what she did because something always had to go wrong. "What do you mean you're not letting me send the letter?"

"Tsume, please understand that we are not on good terms with Sound, or any of the other places you would like to contact." The ninja shook her head in rage, her nostrils letting out steam.

"Hokage," she spat out the title. "Don't you dare tell me that bullshit! I am doing this for my children!"

The leader of Konoha sighed, rubbing aged fingers against his wrinkled forehead, the stress of the day already setting in at such an early time. "Tsume.."

"It's not my fault that this village is fucked up and think it's better then every other country. I, on the other hand, am not as idiotic and I will do what I consider is best for my family." Sarutobi took a puff of his pipe, wanting nothing more then to be in silence and peace. He just nodded his head, knowing what she was doing was helping Naruto get a better life.

"Fine. However, if problems arise, it will be on you," he sternly stated with a glare. Tsume nodded, a dangerous smirk daring to split her face in half.

This was going to be fun. Everything else, be damned.