Summary: Bella wasn't quite ready to take Edward back the night of the return from Italy. She just needed time, and Edward is determined to show her that he loves her. Soon, Forks High School Play arrives and Charlie asks Bella to sign up to be more sociable. But when Edward and the rest of the Cullens soon grab the other lead roles, Bella soon seems to be falling under Edward's spell again.


I dared a peak out of the curtain of the stage, looking at our surrounding audience. The whole school seemed to be there, including all the parents. I saw Charlie, Renee, and Phil sitting front row, and the adrenaline pulsed harder through my veins. I looked across to the other side of the stage, and saw a familiar set of gold orbs meet me.

We continued to stare right at each other, our gazing locked in a tense way. Tonight all our hard work would be revealed, and I would be facing all of Forks on this stage, with him right beside me.

A small, comforting hand rested on my shoulder, and I softened a bit.

"Thirty seconds till show time!" the director announced. I bit my lip nervously, never tearing my gaze from those perfect butterscotch pools.

With one last wink, he disappeared behind the curtains. The lights dimmed, and the music began.