Shiawasena Owari Kata ch.1

Shiawasena Owari Katanantenai

A Recca no Honoo fanfic
By Tenshi no Ai

(Between Abekobe and now...I still haven't gotten the rights to Recca no Honoo.)

(A/N: I'll say this once...this chapter, and thereby this fic, is riding on NC-17 because of sexual content. Non-consenual sexual content. RAPE. Please, please have the mental maturity needed to read this. It doesn't matter about age, just that you can handle this mentally.)

(A/N 2: Thank you to Karen-sempai for transalating the title for me!)

Dedication: To Teresa...whatever you went through, we all went through. You are my angel, but I wish I didn't have to say that...

Ch. 1: Cut Short
(Yanagi's POV)

I'm so happy!

I wasn't going to tell Fuuko-san or any of the others about...certain things that had happened recently, but when Kaoru-kun came over with that video camera for a school project and started asking me questions...I couldn't resist! The looks on their faces when I told them of, mine and Recca's secret...well! We planned to keep this a secret from everyone, but...

Well, Hanabishi Yanagi' has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

Life has gotten so much more peaceful since freshman year of high school. I still can't believe that all those fights took place in the course of a school year, but then again, at least it wasn't longer. I like the peace since then...I like being more to Recca than just Hime'.

I look at the thin band on my ring finger. I *really* like being more to Recca...

I smile happily while waving to some of the children from the kindergarten. Nineteen years old and I still work there. I love it. I'm in college right now, majoring in teacher studies. Recca's taking over his otousan's fireworks business, so he's not in school.

I glance at the delicate ring on my finger again. It's becoming more obsessive, this ring. I always have to look at it. It's the physical bond of our love. I wasn't expecting anything like this, but just the way he proposed... I want to be your ninja forever... And the way I responded... I want to be your hime forever, Recca-kun...

Ever since then, I gave up the -kun' honorific. He's closer to me than any honorific could show. And now he calls me Yanagi-hime'. We've known each other, what, three years now? Wow...

I can feel the heat flare up on my cheeks and I just know that everybody's looking at me funny...

I look to my left. Ishijima no Hana... I murmur to myself. Domon-kun's family business. Should I walk in and tell him about this little ring on my finger and under what circumstances I got it from? I pause next to the door. No, Recca can tell him. I've told enough people today. It's been almost two days since the proposal...maybe Recca'll inadvertently reveal it to the others.

Hm. The sun's going down over the park. I want to get to Recca's house quickly, before he leaves to pick me up from Fuuko-san's house, just to surprise him. I think that Kaoru-kun and Fuuko-san are still pooling over that tape, just to see if I actually said that I was now Recca's fiancé.

The sun's setting faster than I thought it would...the only way to get over to Recca's house before the sun sets is to go through this shortcut. This alley cuts through Junshin Street, which is the street I'm on now, to Kibou Way, Recca's street. It's kind of dark in this alley, but if I go all the way around it'd be too late to surprise Recca. Actually, he'd probably be surprised if I wasn't at Fuuko-san's house like I said that I'd be, but then I'd worry him for nothing.

Ah...I might as well go down this alley.

My shoes make sploshing noises in the puddles of water. Why do alleys always seem to have puddles of water? Ah, it's just water. Even if it's a little dirty, I don't think that Recca and I were going out tonight, so the shoes can just be cleaned and dried at his house.

Tum tum tum tum

My footsteps echo off the imposing stone walls on either side of me. It feels like this alley is really narrow, which kind of scares me. It doesn't help that the sun's already set. It's so dark, and I can see the shadows of trash cans and stuff because of some lights in the distance.

They seem so far away.

I quicken my leisurely pace, my skirt swishing against my knees. My breathing is in short spurts. Why did I decide to go through an alley when the sun's setting if I was going to scare myself like this?

I look at my left hand. There's a glint coming from the ring, probably reflecting some far away light. Looking at it comforts me, and I twist it up and down my finger, feeling the cold metal warmed by my touch.

It's like Recca's right here with me.

I slow down. I shouldn't be so scared. I mean, look at all the things I've gone through in my life! I've dealt with a man who wanted me so desperately just for his own ends...I've been kidnapped, I've had to be The Gift', I've been kidnapped by someone I thought was a friend...and I'm still alive and relatively okay.

But the bright lights at the end of this alley seem so far away.

Suddenly, I feel my ring slip off my finger! My twisting it to calm myself down must've loosened it. Frantically I bend down and start feeling around for it. My hands splash around in the gritty water, and I try desperately to stay calm. I'm not going to find it if I splash around like a little child in the rain.

Ah~! Here it is! The metal is cold again, but at least...

A calloused hand pushes itself over my face, roughly covering my mouth. Startled, I fall back, hitting against a person's legs. I try to scream, but the sound is strangled. Each finger on this hand presses against my face so hard that my cheeks well up around the offending digits. Another hand yanks my right arm up, half carrying, half dragging my body up. I slam against a stone wall, the jagged bumps digging into my back. A body presses itself against mine, forcing me deeper into the wall.

Finally, after all these fucking years you're by yourself, a male voice growls into my ear. I realize that my eyes are clenched tightly together, and I cautiously open one, then quickly close it. aww, too scared to look? I bet you're still so innocent. You probably don't even know what I'm going to do with you...what I've wanted to do with you for all these years.

I jerk around, trying to get some leeway. I'm not stupid. I know what could happen to a lone girl in a dark alley with no one around...

So, why did I anyway?

My struggling seems to amuse him or something, because he doesn't even make any effort to hold me back. Then he shoves himself against me harder, and the stone wall digs into me from scalp to behind. I don't stop moving around. I have to fight him!

I can feel my air running out. I don't want to die! I desperately try to push him away with my knees. I hear a muffled groan and the weight against me seems to lessen. I push it all off and stumble away, trying to grasp enough air into my lungs so I can run.

It isn't even a decent chase. As I scamper away, arms swinging wildly and legs attempting to push me away from this man, I feel his roughened fingers scrape against my left wrist. In one swift move, he swings me around and my elbow hits the edge of the brick wall. Was it the same one that I was forced against just seconds ago? I don't know, my eyes are still closed.

But the force of my elbow against the edge of the wall crushes through my elbow, my arm bending in the opposite way.

I know I'm screaming, but the sound must be beyond what my ears can handle. Or maybe it was a split-second scream before the calloused hand returns back over my mouth. My knees buckle, and suddenly I'm lying on the ground. The pain comes in thick waves, unrelenting in its assault. Nausea squeezes and wrenches my stomach.

Through the murky smog of pain and nausea, I feel my cotton top being ripped down the middle.

His hands are on me; one covers my mouth while the other gropes and squeezes my breasts. I can feel every imprint of his touch on my body, staining and bruising me. I turn my head to the side, flinching instinctively with each brush, each indentation from his roughened hand. I wouldn't dare open my eyes now. Tears push through my eyelids, rolling down my face and drying in all sorts of streaks.

He releases my breasts after giving them one last brutal rub with that roughened hand, making more salty tears force through my sore eyelids. Then he yanks my skirt above my hips and clamps his hand down on me through my panties. I try to buck him off, but the movement shakes my broken arm, and the agony slams into me again.

I've wanted you for so long, Sakoshita. Not even that fag ninja boy could make me stay away, I faintly hear him say while something rips inside me. Weakly I try to move, but his knees are on mine, forcing my legs apart and preventing them from moving. he groans out, ripping me apart further, more burning stabs, and then he forces himself inside so deeply that I feel like I should be splitting apart.

I can feel his body heavily on top of mine, and he uses the hand clamped onto my mouth to bring my head up. A faint odor of cologne wafts past my nostrils and gel-stiffened hair brushes across my cheek as his hot breath fondles my ear. Yanagi...I got to you before your ninja boy could do it. You see what this means? You are mine, he breathes into my ear, causing my body to tingle, you belong to me.

The weight is off me, the hand removed. Battered, bruised and broken, I weakly open one eye. I see the blurry backside of a man quickly growing smaller as all my tears are finally released. I want you to remember me everytime he touches you...I want to haunt you like you do me. Oh, and this must be yours, he tosses something small behind his back and walks away.

The object floats in the air, landing with a small plop into a puddle close to my face. I raise my head slightly, still hurting from those calloused fingers, to look at the object. It's circular and gold, with red chips forming a half circle with a three-tailed split at one end and three white chips placed inside the curve of the circle. The symbol of Hokage.

My engagement ring.

My eye closes again as I weakly force my lungs to give voice to my predicament.

You belong to me...

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