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"Bella?" Alice asked as we walked to our net class, which I'm not sure what class it is or if I really want to go to it.

"Yeah?" was my very intellectual response.

"Have you every had a boyfriend?"

"You mean a boy who likes you more than a friend a and that you hopefully like back and such?"


"Alice, I've never had a friend, how could I have a boyfriend if I didn't even have a friend?" I asked.

"Yeah, okay. You can tell when someone is trying to flirt with you, right?"

"It will be a cold day in hell when someone tries to flirt with me, Alice."

"Then the devil needs a winter coat, because mike was flirting with you."

"That maybe true, but he doesn't know about me."

"I suppose your right about that," we walked in silence for a long time before I broke it.

"What do we have next?"

"Oh! I forgot to tell you! We have trig next."

"I hate trig," I muttered under my breath.

"And I hate Newton, but we can't always kill the things we hate and feed them to sharks," we both started laughing before Alice paused and a clicked and swung open, "We're here!"

"Oh joy," I remarked quietly so that only us two could hear, she shook slightly with laughter but didn't make a peep.

The bell rang to let us out of class and I wrapped up my thoughts as I gathered my stuff. Alice grabbed my hand and we started out the door.

"Not do fast, Miss Swan," the teacher, whose name I've forgotten, stopped us from leaving my nightmare.

"Yes, Madame?"

"Hand me the glasses."


"No buts, glasses," I still didn't give them to her, "I didn't comment about this earlier because I didn't want to embarrass you on your first day, but sunglasses are not allowed to be worn during school. I don't see why you need sunglasses in Forks anyway, but hand them over."

I squeezed Alice's hand in hopes to get her to held me.

It worked, "Mrs. Hedrick, Miss Swan has already spoken to Mrs. Cope about her glasses."

"Is Mrs. Cope the principal now?"

"Well, no. But-"

"No buts! If Mrs. Swan will not give me her glasses, then we are all going to the office."

"Is the really necessary Missus-?"

"Yes, it is. Now come," I heard the angry footsteps that lead to the door. Alice and I followed shortly behind her.

"I'm sorry, Alice."

"What are you talking about?"

"I got you in trouble. I'm sorry."

"Oh, don't be sorry! Mrs. Hedrick just stopped smoking. She's cross with everyone these days."

"So, would we have gotten in trouble if she was still smoking?"

"No, she would have been high, then. She wasn't smoking regular cigarettes…."


"What are you two whispering about back there?"

"Nothing, Madam."

"Watch it, Miss Swan," she stopped and turned on her heals.

"A propos de quoi parlez-vous?"

"This is America!" She was screaming in my face now.


"We speak English in America!"

"Non, nous parlez anglais, mais je parle anglais et français."

« Tu parles bein français, » Alice said.

« No ! Not you too ! » Madame Hendirk said.

« Oui, moi aussi, » Alice responed.

« Non, je parle un peu français. »

« Ah bon ? »

« Oui. »

« You two need to stop it already ! »

« Est-ce que to veux visiter a ma maison ? » Alice asked. We stared walking again.

« Uh, mais oui. »

« Yay ! »

« Oh, so are we speaking English now ? »

« Non, » Alice replied before I could even open my mouth.

« Fine, » she huffed.

« Nous sommes ici . » Alice said once we stoped again. A door opened and we walking in to the front office.

« Well, hello there, Mrs. Hedrick, » Mrs. Cope said as we all steped through the door, «Oh, Alice and Bella ! I wasn't expecting you tw so soon ! »

« Mrs. Cope, would you care to explain why you thught that the school rules didn't aply to dear Miss Swan over here ? »

« Well, you see Missus-«

« I knew you couldn't. Now, I would like to speak with Mr. Wilabee. »

« Mrs. Hendrick, Mr. Wilabee is talking to Dr. Cullen right now. »

« Welll, I suppose this is the perfect time because Miss Cullen here found it nessisary to talk back to me after class today, » I heard more of her angry stomps and another door open. »

« Well, Mr. Wilabee, if youu really think that the students need sexual education, I could find a doctor who is not the father of four of your students here, » I heard a very uncomfortable man's voice. It resembled Alice's slightly. This must be Dr. Cullen, her father.

« Mr. Wilabee ? » all conversation stoped.

« Yes, Mrs. Hendrick ? »

« I have two students here that refused to follow directions from a teacher. »

« Alice ? » Dr. Cullen asked.

« Bonjour, Daddy ! Bonjour Monsieur Wilabee ! »

« Hello, Miss Cullen. And who is this ? » Mr. Willabee said.

« Oh ! This is Bella Swan ! She's new here ! »

« Ah, yes, Cheif Swan's only daughter, right ? »

« Yes, Monsieur. » I answered this time.

« Mrs. Hendrick, what exactly did these two young ladies do ? »

« Well, Miss Swan here would not take off her sunglasses and Miss Cullen spoke back to me. Then, on the way here, they both refused to stop speaking french ! » She started out as if she truley was a teacher, but ended as if she were a whinning little baby.

« Mrs. Hendrick, Miss Swan has a speacial…condition…that allows her to wear the glasses that are clearly against the rules. And as for the speaking french, as far as I know the were not talking in class and it is still America, so we have freedom of speach. »

« Fine, let the little brats get off without even a warning, » she huffed, stomped angerly and slammed the door shut.

«Well, now that we have all that taken care off. Daddy, can Bella come over Friday night ? »

There was a pause. I was loosing hope of being able to go when he answered, « sure. »

« Thank you, Daddy ! » Alice said as she dragged me out of the offices and in to the hallway, « Now, onto class . »