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Present (end of season 5-season6) Chloe


I shoved my face into his shoulder staining his work shirt in cold wet tears. I surprised myself when I allowed him to carry me into his guest bedroom. He sat with me that night for what seemed like hours, yet it was only minutes. As my breathing slowed, he got up and left. As he closed the door to the room, I buried my face into the pillow and continued to cry. Michelle. President Palmer. Tony. Edgar. Carrie. Lynn. And more.

I didn't sleep well that night. Every time I was close to sleep, I kept picturing all the people just drop dead. Then I saw Edgar drop dead. I saw pictures of the car explosion that killed Michelle. I saw the video feed of Tony being stabbed. It was too much. It kept haunting my sleep.

I gave up around six thirty. I walked into Morris' kitchen and made myself coffee and left some in the pot for Morris. I just sat there. Thinking about the previous day. I kept wondering how we didn't know it was going to happen. Our intelligence was beyond the FBI intelligence. How did we not see it coming?

Morris walked in an hour later. He stood staring at me for a moment. He knelt by the chair I had cuddled up in. He asked if I was all right. I told him I wanted to go home. I mean seriously! I did not look fine. He drove me home. I was relieved to be back home. I sat down on my couch after refusing his care for the day. I hated that I trusted him that much last night. I can't forgive him for what he did.

I sat on my couch going through the events of the day before. I woke up with Spencer in my bed, who was a mole. Then I get a message saying President Palmer was dead. As I walk to my car, Edgar calls saying there was a car explosion and Michelle Dessler had died and Tony Almeida was critical. I realized the connection and ran. That was how my day started. How did I not see that coming?

It was twelve o'clock. I still hadn't moved from the couch. My body felt limp. I curled up on the couch and continued to sit there and think. I realized that in the three twenty-four hour days I've experienced here that this was the only one to affect me so much. I couldn't control my body. I burst into tears. They streamed down my face. I wished for them to stop, but I had lost the small amount of control I had.

I finally found the strength to take a shower around five o'clock. I let the warm water flow down my body. It felt somewhat cleansing. I got out and went to the kitchen to make a small dinner knowing I should eat something although I was not hungry. I crawled into bed shortly after.

My alarm went off at six thirty. It was going to be a long day. It always was after a twenty-four hour day. I knew today was going to be completely chaotic. The paperwork from two days prior were waiting for the analysts and field agents to sign and read through. Then, all of the new permanent replacements were going to be starting today. Joy.

I took a short shower and made a bowl of cereal for breakfast. I heard my phone ring and grabbed it. It was Audrey. I was surprised she called me. We weren't friends or anything. But, it was Jack. That did not surprise me. Then she said it. It hit me hard, and I began to shake. Jack had been kidnapped. Holy crap. I was shaking uncontrollably, but I had to get to CTU. I was going to find him.

I raced to CTU going way above the speed limit. I ran into CTU and as I reached my station I bumped into Bill Buchanan. He told me more information about Jack. He was allowing me to run the search for him. He was taken by the Chinese government, because of the attack on Chinese property from two days ago that he had led. I went to my station oblivious to all of the new people roaming around trying to find Bill.

A few minutes later I felt a hand brush my shoulder. I saw it was Morris, and didn't question why he was there. I allowed my shaking body to be held firm by him. He allowed me to cry. He was the only person I could feel weak around. He brought me into a conference room and allowed the tears that continued to drown my face to slow down. I was secretly grateful he was there. I felt I could trust him, but I wasn't going to admit that to him. I tried to explain in between spells of tears the whole story. By the end I was on the verge of hyperventilating. I felt sick and disgusting, but I had to find Jack.

I spend day to day searching for Jack with Audrey's help. Morris even contributed somewhat. Days turned to weeks, and weeks into months. I got used to the replacements. I clashed a lot with Nadia Yassir, but became close with Milo Pressman. He had helped me try to find Jack. His assistance helped since he knew Jack from when he was married to Terri. I was starting to get desperate in finding Jack. I was giving up, and all of the resources I had were used up way to quickly.

I trusted Milo completely, but our few dated weren't good. We were good friends, but we couldn't be involved romantically. Morris and I become close friends. I didn't want to admit that I never fell out of love with him. We began to hang out, and we started dating. It was weird dating Morris. I mean, we were married, and now we were dating.

Audrey had called when Morris asked me out. She was going to China, and I was desperate to go with her. She wanted me here since she was going alone. She needed the assistance from CTU, so I agreed to stay. Then a month later, I got the call from China saying Audrey was in a car crash that had killed her. I was horrified. Jack was alone in China.

I always had my mind on Jack. I kept hoping he was ok, but knew they were torturing him like crazy. Bill and Curtis went to go get Jack. President Wayne Palmer had negotiated his release. It burned a hole in my heart when Nadia let slip that Bill was giving him to Abu Fayed for information on Assad.

When Jack walked through the doors of CTU hours later, my heart skipped a beat. I ran to him and was so relieved to see him again and alive. He made me swear not to tell Kim until he was staying for good. I smiled and promised him I wouldn't. I saw Morris look on, and smiled to him.

When Morris got the call from the hospital I tried to stop him. He went anyway, but I knew it was a set-up instantly. I called him to warn him, but they got him. They tortured him, but he still set-up the nuke. He programmed it anyway. I went to medical to visit him, but I was disappointed in him. We both yelled and shouted at each other.

I thought he had a drink again, and we both blamed him for the nuke. We both couldn't get passed it. I thought I was going to have to end our relationship again, but he did it on his own. We wouldn't get passed it because we were both t stubborn for our own good.

I hadn't been feeling well all day. As the sky became lighter, I felt really dizzy. I knew I didn't look good even when Morris pointed it out and I claimed I was fine. I felt his eyes glued to me as I went back to my station. As I was working, my vision became burry, and I couldn't think straight. I walked carefully to Morris' station to get some help, and he looked at me with concern. I didn't blame him, but then everything went black.

I woke up in medical. The doctor thought I was just exhausted and dehydrated, but allowed him to run tests to be on the safe side. I told Morris to get back to work. I didn't want to hold up the operation. I could be alone for a while. The doctor came back with my test results thirty minutes later. He sat down on his chair. At first, the news didn't really hit me. It just floated around me. However, then I couldn't tell if I was excited, or worried. I didn't think I could be a mother, but I had taken care of Angelia Edmunds when Chase needed help. I had to tell Morris.

He walked in, and I immediately started to interrogate him (no pun intended) on the operation. He told me everything was taken care of and resolved. I was relieved that everything turned out for the better. I had to tell him I was pregnant, so he questioned me. He told me he loved me. I loved him, but instead of telling him that, I told him I was pregnant, and he was at first confused, but then he was estatic, and that made me excited.


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