But One Truth
by The Exile

'Bunny Runs For President.'

Chisato Madison picked up the newspaper. Around twenty supplements fell out with a hollow thud. A small furry black blur shot across the room and buried itself in the pile of pamphlets, raising a small cloud of paper. Chisato smiled and took the newspaper to the table. Apart from being almost too large to fit through the door, the Cross Review was a fairly reliable publication. It covered most of Expel's news, wasn't too biased and had a picture of Dias Flac naked on page 3. It wasn't the Nede Chronicle but it had potential. She read about the bunny, then about the latest in a series of XINE sightings. Allegedly, one of the creatures had attacked a man in Mars Village, The government was warning people to stay away from them.

A little voice mewed in her ear. She looked around and saw a black fuzzy whiskered face staring at her, piercing green eyes unblinking. The tiny kitten had climbed up onto the chair and onto her shoulder. It had something in its mouth. It was a leaflet.

Dungeoneering Photography Competition!

The Cross Review needs pictures of your exciting adventures in major dungeons around Expel, especially the Cave of Tribulations! Send in a photograph of yourself on any floor of the Cave of Tribulations and win 10,000 Fol per floor.

Chisato made a mental calculation. The Cave of Tribulations was thirteen floors high. Assuming she could conquer all thirteen floors, that was 130,000 Fol in her hands. That would put food on the table for a month at least. Since living on Expel, she had found it very difficult to find work. She was too set in her ways – after having worked in one job for so long, she couldn't find another. Celine sent her money from the spoils of her treasure hunting expeditions but she didn't like scrounging off the others. They had all done quite well for themselves - Rena was working in a hospital now and Claude had joined the Cross town guard. Ashton had gone adventuring as well. Precis was quite a famous inventor now. Even Noel had a job – he was working as a lab assistant for Leon, looking after the lab animals. For some reason, Chisato couldn't get accustomed
to everyday life on an alien planet after all that she had been through during their epic quest.

Placing the kitten carefully down on the floor, she walked over to the glass cabinet on the wall and unlocked it. She took out her best camera, a Ririca 2120, and hung it around her neck. For good measure, she took her reporter's clipboard as well and stuffed it in her backpack; You never knew what newsworthy events would happen on a day out. She packed enough food and water for a few days, her stun gun, her phone to contact Claude in an emergency, then left out some food and water for the kitten, switched off the lights and left the house.