-A/N: This is the sequel to, "The Ketsueki Trilogy: Chishio No Me." This fic will contain elements from that story. If you haven't read CNM yet, I'd suggest you read that first before reading this story.


Long ago, Shao Kahn became Emperor of Outworld. Throughout his reign, he had only one goal in mind… to rule every realm in the universe. For thousands of years, he took over each realm, one by one. As for the people of those realms, they were forced to serve him… whether living or dead.

Less than a decade ago, Shao Kahn attempted to take over a realm called Earth. It was there that his plans began to foil. With the assistance of the Thunder God Raiden, Earth fought back. This gave the enslaved renewed hope for freedom and they fought alongside Earth. The onslaught weakened the Outworld Emperor, forcing him to free many of the realms he had capture over the centuries.

Although the realms were freed, the people of those realms knew that, someday, the Emperor would rise again, and renew his plan.

Seven months ago, it would seem that the plans would be resumed. A medallion, known to grant one all the power in the world, was presented to him. Shao Kahn made the decision to invite the best fighters in the universe to participate in a tournament, using the medallion as the winning prize.

To many, it wasn't realized until the very last moment that the tournament was a decoy to lure them into Outworld. Shao Kahn had one plan for these warriors… to eradicate them and use their souls to create a powerful army. In the aftermath of the tournament, the plan went on. However, more happened that day than he bargained for.

A powerful being, feared in another realm, approached Shao Kahn. He carried a large sword that the Emperor immediately recognized as Soul Edge. It was at that moment when he realized the truth behind the medallion.

The medallion, Chishio No Me, was a golden artifact with an eye carved in, and a red tear falling out of it. The tear itself was actually a piece of Soul Edge. It had served as a window for the infamous weapon. It was a way for the large sword to pick it's next host when it no longer needed it's current body.

It had gone after Shao Kahn for that very reason.

During their fight, the Emperor found the monster's weakness, ending the fight. Immediately afterwards, another demon walked in. Although Shao Kahn was weary from his last fight, he bested the demon and stabbed him with Soul Edge. His fortress collapsed from the earthquake caused by the sword.

Later that night, Shao Kahn would emerge from the rubble with the demon's power. Using that power, he shattered Soul Edge and absorbed it's essence, keeping it under his control.

As for the winner of the tournament… it would end up being Outworld's future Empress, Ivy Valentine.

Together, using Shao Kahn's new found power and their new army, he once again took over the realms. This time, however, he was taking them over in a much faster pace than anyone could imagine.

Six months have passed since the tournament's end. With many powerful realms in his control, he now sets his sight on two more strong worlds, the ones that would give him ultimate power…

Earth and Keisei.

My eyes snapped open after these visions came to an end. Sitting in my lotus position, I pondered over these thoughts. So long have they come and go in my mind. I always knew that this moment would eventually come. Oh, how I wish I could warn the people of Earth of this, but who would believe me?

I had hoped that the Elder Gods would put a stop to this. But with so many realms now under Outworld's control, it would seem that either they, too, were captured, or nothing was being done.

I much prefer to stay out of conflict. However, with Earth in peril, I knew that I must join in the fight to protect it.

In my visions, it would seem that many have lost hope for freedom. They felt as though this is truly the end.

However… I am able to offer one last hope…

It is said, according to an ancient tablet passed around my home for generations, that in a time of a universal war, four individuals will possess enough power to put an end to what the tablet called, 'the main source of the conflict.' These individuals possess the perfect balance of their own inner energies, which can actually form into a weapon when given the opportunity.

I've tried all I could to figure out the identities of these four. However, my mind was not able to foresee this. Perhaps if I could find them personally, I will be able to feel their energies and know whether or not they are the chosen ones.

With time running out, however, I fear that I may not find them before our eventual doom…

The Words of Dhalsim

The Cast

Please remember… the characters were NOT picked based on popularity… they were based on how they can contribute to the story.

Street Fighter

-Returning: Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Cammy White, Lita Luwanda, R. Mika, Dan, Guy, Cody, Vega, Sagat, Yang, Maki, Shin Akuma, Dark Sakura.

-New: Dhalsim, Ruby Heart, Karin, Juli, Juni.

Mortal Kombat

-Returning: Kenshi, Jade, Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Kira, Ermac, Shang Tsung, Li Mei, Shao Kahn, Tanya, Reptile, Havik, Kabal, Mileena, Sheeva, Baraka, Smoke, Noob, Quan-Chi, Dark Raiden.

-New: Mavado, Hsu Hao, Cyrax, Bo' Rai Cho, Frost, Kung Lao, Sareena, Rain, Kintaro, Motaro, Fujin.

Soul Calibur

-Returning: Ivy, Cassandra, Kilik, Maxi, Xianghua, Siegfried, Seong Mi-na, Hwang.

-New: Sophitia, Tira.


-Returning: Jin Kazama, Heihachi Mishima, Julia Chang, Nina Williams, Anna Williams, Asuka Kazama, Lei Wulong, Raven, Yoshimitsu, Paul Phoenix.

-New: Kazuya Mishima, King, Marduk, Feng Wei, Steve Fox, Marshall Law, Bryan Fury, Hwoarang, Dragunov.

Original Characters

-Returning: Alex Walker, Scott K. Wagner, Matrik.

-New: Donna Ridditch.

A/N: The OC, Donna, belongs to PsychoDominatrix, who I like to give big thanks to for letting me use her.

Keisei: A realm with many similarities to Earth, but with historical differences. This is where the cast of Soul Calibur hail from.

-A/N: The character Ruby Heart was featured in the game, 'Marvel Vs. Capcom 2,' and was part of the Capcom cast.

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