Chapter One-Hundred

Earthrealm, Unknown Area

On the day the war ended...

It was almost like deja vu as Quan Chi practically flew right out of the portal before crashing into the sands face first. For a moment, he remained motionless in his position before he eventually lifted his head up. Using his hand, he wiped the sand out of his face before coughing out some of the ones that managed to get into his mouth.

In his rush to get away from the ninja spectre Scorpion, Quan Chi developed a portal faster than he was used to. Though he knew that he was on Earthrealm, he randomly picked a spot without thinking about exactly where his magic was going to take him.

It could be worse though... he could've ended up in an active volcano instead. Still, even though he was definitely in the deserts, it was more of a matter of exactly which desert.

However, upon looking at his surroundings, Quan Chi became curious. Not only was there sand, but there were countless pillars placed around him in a disorganized mess. Still, this was a sign of one thing... something important was here, even if it was nothing more than an old relic.

Slowly getting up on his feet, Quan Chi made the decision to explore the area for a little while, perhaps for a couple of days before he decided to return to Outworld. The one good thing about being an immortal sorcerer was the fact that he could go without food and water for as long as he desired, not like the weak mortals who would die within a couple of weeks without it.

Still, it was hot as hell here... though he would definitely take this kind of heat over the one in the Netherrealm any day. However, the current lack of water can be quite irritating to the throat after a while.

Walking around, there was a lack of wind and no other living being was in sight, at least until, ironically, a scorpion emerged from the sand, disturbed by the sorcerer's too-close movement, and it tried to sting his ankle with its stinger. Quan Chi merely crushed the scorpion under his foot before moving on. If only it was that easy to get rid of the ninja spectre for good.

The sorcerer eventually lost track of how long he was walking before he noticed a set of stairs after going through a narrow trail. Quan Chi had to guess that there were about two hundred steps leading up to something.

At the final step, Quan Chi stopped where he was as he gazed at his surroundings. The place looked abandoned, but clearly not all that long from what he can tell. Four statues that were very similar to the one of Anubis stood tall, two on the right and two on the left. They were either in perfect condition or mostly damage from being exposed to the elements for, what he guessed, thousands of years. Past the statues, rows of pillars, stacked neatly in two rows, led to another set of steps in front of the wide walkway that laid in between. At the top of those stairs was a door that led into a tall building that was most likely a temple.

Naturally, Quan Chi went straight towards the door, not stopping in his walk until he was standing right in front of the entrance.

On the door, Quan Chi noticed Egyptian writing carved into it. Using his magic, he brushed his hand over the words, which lit up in a bright green light after his fingers passed over them, translating the words into his mind.

Once he was done, a sadistic smirk came over his face. Through these words, Quan Chi discovered exactly what this place was...

… The Temple of Azazel...

The End


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