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Another time and place she would've allowed this charade to continue but this is not another time and place, this is now and she's sick of pretending. He tries not to, doesn't want to, understand the change in her, the desolate look in once cheerful eyes; he asks what wrong, though deep down he already knows, and she merely laughs bitterly. She knows it's wrong to toy with his emotions like she does, yet she continues to because she's grown selfish since her love's death. She sees how it kills him to have her scream his name in the clutches of yet another nightmare.

As the sun sinks once again, painting the sky the most brilliant crimson, she's reminded of eyes better left forgotten. She won't cry, no she'll choke down the tears until she feels her heart will explode, but she'll not shed a tear. She's grown stronger over the years, learning to swallow her emotions like her love did, if he could do it so could she.

She'll still be on the hill as the crimson fades to inky black bringing up more images that she really doesn't need. Flaxen hair will fill her vision; he'll lean down looking into her eyes.

"Hinata, this can't continue." He'll whisper gently, azure eyes soft and concerned. He'll flinch as her glare becomes more frigid, reminding him eerily of his dead teammate. He'll sigh, standing offering his hand down to her, she'll ignore it; she'll stand quickly heading away from him. So the routine goes, for a heart can only be mangled so many times before it gives up and stops caring.

There's no reason to go to his grave but she does nonetheless. Looking at the unfeeling, cold marker reminding her painfully that he is indeed dead and gone. Another time and place she would have choked back her tears, but this is now and she misses him far too much to contain it any longer.

"Why…Sasuke?" She chokes, even as the winter wind freezes her cheeks, she finds herself smiling because the cold reminds her of him. She really should have understood by now that this place offers no answers or solace, only proof that he'll never hold her again. Yet time and time again she'll return, leaving more broken then when she arrived.

Another time and place she would have denied the fact she was in love with all his sins, but this is not another time and place, this is now and she's heartbroken. When Naruto comes to retrieve her from this place, she'll let him because he's all she has now. This is still a charade, an act to keep her alive, but his arms are warm and she's cold.

Long ago she went to him, begging him to save her and he did just that. He loves her and she loves a memory. Who could have guessed that Hinata would be, after so long the one breaking Naruto's heart, ironic.


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