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"Why didn't you just let it pass through!?"

A stupid question, she knew, but it had to be asked. Even at a time like this, when time meant more than anything, she had to spend some of it asking.

D.L.'s heart had always beat ceaselessly for her. And then Micah was born and she was nudged aside a little, but never out of his heart as he opened up for his little boy, too.

Even when Jessica wouldn't leave, even when it was only Jessica, even when she was trying to kill him, it had been her. Even when she stole his money, killed his crew, threw him against a wall and stole it all again, he loved her.

So really, it was a silly question. His last thoughts were going to be of them. His everything was going to be of them. It was all about keeping Niki (and, by association, Jessica) safe and getting Micah back.

Because if he had let it pass through, it would have passed through her, too.