A/N: This is incredibly spur of the moment, however I am currently working on Chapter one. I actually have a long-term plan for this, despite all the one shot ideas that flitted through my mind. Any advice, comments, etc would be greatly appreciated. I got really tied of the "Harry is a veela/vampire/magical creature. His mate is "insert character name here". If he does not mate with them before "insert amount of time" he will go insane/ die." This, therefore, while I have thought of the vampire scenario, will contain none of the things above apart from romance.

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Blinded by the Light


As the darkness crept in all sides of his ever-decreasing vision, he knew he would never be able to win this war. More importantly, he wondered of what use he would be to the wizards if he could no longer see his opponent.

He realized his staying at the Dursley's had never had anything to do with his safety, and everything to do with power. If there was one thing he had always known it was that he would not be safe with theseā€¦creatures.

Muggles feared that which they did not know, but his fat fetid uncle feared anything that threatened his view of "normal". To him one must be a middle class, white, male married to a woman younger than he by one to five years. The wife simply must stay at home and raise any horrible children the union managed to produce. The children must be of average intelligence receiving B to D marks, and other than that little was required of them.

If there was one other thing he was sure of, it was that he was anything but normal.

For the first eleven years of his life, he mourned over his abnormality, his freakishness.

Now however, he embraced it. It was his power, his very strangeness that had kept him alive, kept him fighting for something other than his own life.

But with this betrayal, he knew, there was no way he could keep fighting for the lives of the innocent. It was time to grow up.

After all, if he could no longer see the light, why should anyone else?