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Chapter 1

My heart was pounding as I peeked outside the backstage curtain. I gulped at seeing so many talent agents lined up in the first five rows. The only time I felt a pressure like this was when my father's eyes were judging me. Here I stood a 19yr old gir-woman, about to perform for the biggest talent search in Japan. At that mere thought I ran to the bathroom, and splashed my face with cool water. I looked into my reflection's eyes, and everything went blank. That's really all I can remember. Everything was like a blur. For crying out loud I don't even remember which song we played, but whatever we played made all the agents want to sign us. - Hyuuga Hinata

If you ever wanted to know what was going through a guy's mind when a heard of Lioness had him cornered. All you had to do was ask Yamanaka Deidara. He was chosen to be the one to deliver the news that would tangle the girl's in front of him panties in a knot. "What?" Sakura growled. "You have to be kidding me!"

"Iie, yeah." Deidara said with a quivering smile.

"And you agreed to this?" Temari growled.

"W-Well, i-it kind of wasn't up to me, yeah."

"The idiot probably said no, but put that stupid yeah at the end, and they thought he agreed." Deidara sweat-dropped. Ino sighed at her older brother. "Nii-Sama, you're truly an idiot."

"B-But I wasn't the one who proposed it!"

"Oh really?" Temari said as she put her hands on her hips. "Who was it then?"

"Geez. I don't know. I think they said it was them who proposed it."

"Which asshole would do that?" Sakura yelled.

Their heads turned to the sound of a sickly groan coming from Hinata. She had a palm clasped to her face as she growled to herself. 'Neji, I should have known.'

"What's wrong Hina-Chan?" Sakura asked with a worried expression. The pink-haired girl flung herself at her band mate, and wrapped her arms around her. "Whatever is wrong I shall nurse you back to perfect health with the power of friendship."

"Get. Away. Now."

"Don't deny my love." Sakura said as she rubbed her cheek against hers.

"Stop it please." Hinata wiggled out of her best-friend's embrace, and moved down the hotel's couch. "Dei-Sama please continue." The blonde-haired man smiled un-easily as he was just turning the door-knob. The raven-haired beauty arched a brow at their manager. With a groan he turned around, and marched back to the agitated girls.

'Is it me or are they always pmsing...' He asked himself as he flopped on the bed.

"Troublesome." Shikamaru grimaced as he tried to suffocate himself with a pillow.

"Neji, this idea of yours is great, and all but..." Naruto scratched the back of his head. "Why do we have to tour with them?"

"Personal reasons…" Neji responded with a cold stare towards the blonde.

Naruto cuffed his chin. "Ah, so you do fancy the ladies."



"Would you like to get cut?" Neji asked.

"Not really." The blonde stated as he sweat dropped.

Sasuke lazily shuffled through the girl's photos with a yawn. "Ugly." He proclaimed as he tossed Ten-Ten's picture on the table. "Ugly." He proclaimed again as he tossed Ino's picture on the table. "Ugly." He said about Termari's picture too as he tossed it into the pile. "Fucking fugly. No way that's her natural hair color." Sasuke said as he discarded Sakura's picture. When he arrived at the last picture he paused for a moment, with a shrug of his shoulders he said, "Ugly." He said as he tossed Hinata's picture into the pile.

Neji abruptly stood up as a fire burned within him. "How dare you." He growled at the Uchiha. "She's the more beautiful girl that has ever roamed this disgusting earth."

"Ah, so that is the lady you've taken a fancy too." Naruto said as he picked up the photo.

"Not surprised." Kiba commented as he looked at the picture.

"Why is that?"

"Well Neji is a narcissist." Kiba stated as he studied the picture much more closely than looked at Neji. "If Neji could make a clone of himself I bet he would totally do it."

"What the hell Kiba?" Neji said with a disgusted face. "I would never do anything with her!"

"So you agree she is ugly."

"She's my fucking cousin!"

Everything was silent for a moment until Naruto broke it. "Ew, so you have the hots for your cousin! Gross dude!"

Neji face palmed at how stupid and immature his bandmates where.

"Please just kill me now." Kakashi whispered as he felt like he was being punched by Kami.

"What was that Kakashi-Sensei?" Naruto asked.

"I just asked for someone to kill me because I'm stuck as the manager for you…" With a heavy sigh Kakashi stood up. "Can we now start the band meeting or would you guys like to act like a bunch of fucking morons some more?" The guys sighed as they were now paying attention to their manager. "Great job. You've chosen wisely." Under his blue mask a faint smiled could be seen.

"So when will this so called tour start?" Shikamaru asked.

"A month from now."

"A month from now?" Temari scuffed. "How about never."

"C'mon guys!" Deidara was holding his face in his hands. "Do you know how big your groups are, yeah?" Once again Deidara wanted to make a dash for the door. "Check Facebook, Twitter, and your fucking MySpace page! Then check theirs, yeah!" Deidara sighed once again. "Take a look at their photos. Maybe one of you could finally catch yourself a man, and stop pmsing for once!" Everything went dead silent.

"What did you say?" They said in unison.

"Um…" Deidara shakily stood up. "I think I should be going now, yeah…" He tossed the pictures in the girls' faces, and hurriedly made his escape.

"If that guy wasn't my brother I would have strangled him!"

Sakura picked up the pictures off the floor. "Maybe this won't be so bad." Sakura said as she gazed at Sasuke's picture. Hinata peeked over her shoulder and scuffed. "What?" Sakura asked.

"He looks like he's a real douchebag." Hinata explained. "I would of thought you'd learn from your last boyfriend don't date guys like that."

"H-He wasn't a douchebag he was just—"

"Just using you for your money, your fame, and getting some on the side behind your back." Hinata crossed her arms. "If it walks like a douchebag, talks like a douche, it's a douchebag." Sakura glared at her with hatred in her eyes.

"You know maybe you can learn to not say what's on your mind sometimes!" Sakura said as she went to her hotel room with tears threatening to fall.

"Geez, Hinata that was somewhat harsh." Ten-Ten said with a sweatdrop.

"Ten, you weren't there when that asshole broke her heart. For months she cried, she wouldn't eat, and she tried to commit suicide." Hinata opened a can of Pepsi, and took a long sip. "If I ever see Kotetsu again I'll rip his intestines out with my teeth!"

"Wait," Temari said with wide eyes. "she dated the Kotetsu from Yobari?"

"Yup." Hinata said in a careless way. "He used her just to gain fame, and he succeeded. Whoever said Cheater never prospers was a damn lie!" Hinata sighed as she looked at the door. "I wasn't trying to sound mean, but I just don't want her to get hurt again."

"I can understand." Temari said.

"I'll go talk her out of her funk." Ten-Ten said as she left Hinata's hotel room.

"She seems pissed at me." Hinata claimed.

"She'll get over it."

"This is going to be the most tortuous tour ever..."

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