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Synopsis: Kelly is now the valet of a certain Raw superstar…and both of them are not happy about her new role. But when she is facing problems in her relationship, he begins to show his concern for her. Will he help her to get out of the abuse…or will she be too stubborn enough to put her own life at risk…and to let her heart be healed altogether?

Chapter 1 – Kelly's New Role

The nasty reddish mark on her wrist wasn't visible to anyone's eyes as she had kept it well hidden underneath her sleeve of her jacket. The bruise was still sore so she decided it was best to not interfere with it or the pain would aggravate more. He was just upset over some little problem that he had to deal with. That was it. He had just only unleashed his anger onto her without meaning to. But that was just the conclusion that she made up in her head and as far as that was concerned, she was sticking to it.

She knew that he loved her so much that he had never meant to hurt her at all. As long as she was his first priority, that was all that mattered right? She had hoped that it was true as she feared of losing him forever. It seemed like it was only yesterday when Mike Miznan was her crush and now he was her boyfriend and she couldn't ask for anything better. Her life was simply perfect now.

Or so she had thought. The blonde diva made a faint smile as to convince herself that it was true. He loved her. He said so. So why have a grey cloud filled with doubts hovering over her head?

Kelly made a stop in front of the door of the women's locker room as she had finally arrived to the place she had to be in. She had just moved from ECW to the Raw brand three weeks ago and on that Monday evening would be a special one for her. She was going to get a lot of the attention….not in a debut match as she had hoped and wished to be in but instead she was given a role as a valet of a certain Raw superstar….

She didn't like the idea of it one bit. Neither did him.

She made a little shudder at the thought of having to be around him all the time. She hated the idea just as much as he did. It all began that morning when she was being called in at the last minute in to come into Mr. McMahon's office immediately. Fearing that her career could be jeopardized because of her lack of in ring ability, she went over to the headquarters, only to be relieved that it wasn't her career that was hanging in the balance but instead she had stepped into what had started to be her worst nightmare.

As her boss's voice rang in her head, the memory of that meeting flashed into her mind as it had come to haunt her….

"I think you two will go great together. Not only will you get more attention outside the ring but also you can help guide Cody and help him to lift up his spirits so he can improve better in the ring. From what I've seen back in ECW, you've got some good managing skills. So with that being said, that's why I chose you Kelly and I think that you would do well as his new valet."

Stunned at his words, the blonde diva turned to the man sitting beside her with that same blank expression on his face. They had faked their smiles for Mr. McMahon when they both knew that they weren't going to like the idea of working together. Regardless of the situation, there was nothing that they could do anything about it. The proposition had already been made and now the rest would be up to them to make it work….


"Oh isn't that just great."

Kelly marched through the narrow corridor as she unleashed a frustrated groan after asking Jeff Hardy for a particular person she was looking for. She was already starting to get annoyed with that certain Raw superstar since he wasn't in the locker where he was supposed to be. She didn't have to search any further as she saw a figure at the farther end of the corridor. She found him at last and with a frown on her face, she wasn't pleased by what she saw.

He was sitting down…and reading?

I don't believe this.

But unfortunately that was reality of what she saw as a black haired superstar was sitting on a box of crates with his eyes scanning into the magazine in hand. Cody Rhodes licked his finger and went on to turn to a new page and he kept on reading without a care in the world.

Kelly scoffed with disbelief at the scene and had her hands resting on her hips before she went closer to him, making a louder noise of her boots as she went, which had eventually got his attention as he looked up and made a small smirk after seeing his valet walking over to him.

"Finally she's ready to pop the guys' eyes out. You look pretty by the way."

But she didn't take it as a joke as she went close to him and an angry glare was in order.

"Just what may I ask are you out doing here? I thought we've came to an agreement that you would wait for me. Why the hell are you here? And reading all things?!"

"Hey!" said Cody as the blonde diva snatched the magazine from his hand and jumped off from the crates promptly to face her properly. "That's mine! Give it back!"

He attempted to retrieve for but Kelly made it difficult for him to get it back. She looked at the cover of the magazine and a sound of disgust was made after discovering what it was about. She turned to look back at him and she was more annoyed than before.

"Cody, you have a match to go to!" Kelly snapped. "You should be preparing for it but instead you're…reading comics?!"

"You might want to add The Simpsons since that's the title of it."

"I don't give a damn if it's about Homer kicking some clown's ass--"

"You mean Krusty?" Cody cut in and made a smirk. "It doesn't have that part unfortunately."

If she wasn't at all annoyed by him, she definitely was now. She hated the fact that she had to work for him. To make matters even more complicated as it already was, it had to be like this for a long time.

"That's not the point! How come you're here when you're supposed to be in your locker room? Explain that!"

As she placed her hands firmly on her hips and waited to get a proper answer from him, Cody folded his arms and made a small laugh and shook his head lightly as if trying to figure out whether she was just joking or not.

"Okay now before you go all snappy at me again…"

Kelly made an 'excuse me?' look at him. Cody simply rolled his eyes at this and quickly resumed to completing his sentence.

"Yes I just said snappy if case you're wondering. Anyway as I was about to say, before you go all snappy at me again, I did in fact wait for you. I've been waiting here for I don't know…maybe for fifteen minutes now? And another thing, I didn't recall you telling me to wait for you in the locker room, otherwise I would have. So next time you want me to wait for you, just let me know where you want me to be and I'll wait there. Is that fine with you?"

Kelly let out a scoff and rolled her eyes. "Whatever. Let's just go."

"After you," said Cody as he held out a hand to direct her to the corridor. The blonde diva made a roll of the eyes again and began to march off. As she did, his voice called after her.

"What's the rush? Slow down will you?"

"I'm not going to so you'll have to catch up!"

Kelly was getting near to the black curtains as the show's theme was heard blasting from the outside. That was a sign that the cameras were back on rolling and that the match was about to start.

I can't wait to get this over with and done.

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