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Chapter 4 – Without the Makeup On

"You can do this, son. I know you can…because I have faith that you can accomplish all things. I believed in you Cody. You have come this far and I couldn't have been more proud of you as a trainer and as your father. You go out there and show the world that you've got. Be the best that you can be and don't let anybody get in the way of your dreams. You and you alone can those dreams happen. It's your time now Cody. It's time for you to shine."


A tiny voice in his head was repeating the same words his father had told him the day of his debut on Raw. His father was the reason why Cody was standing in the middle of the squared circle in the first place. He was the reason why he was blessed to have an opportunity to perform before the millions of fans around the world today.

As overwhelming as this seemed while he pictured himself performing in front of millions of screaming fans, Cody knew that this was what he wanted. He grew up with the knowledge of wrestling and of course the skills that his dad had taught him while he was a teenager.

Now at twenty two of years of age, Cody had a lot to be grateful for. He had been given the opportunity to follow in his dad's footsteps. He hoped that one day he could make a name for himself just like his dad did. He hoped to be a wwe champion one day…that would be a typical boyhood dream to any man coming into the wrestling business.

But there was one accomplishment that he wanted to do. To make his father proud.

To him, would be the biggest accomplishment of all he ever made.

But there were times when he was starting to have doubts. Though he had been training hard, he still thought that his abilities were far from perfect.

"I just don't know anymore," said Cody, letting a sigh escape from his lips. "I know that you said that I can do this…but now I don't think I can. I feel like I don't know my place anymore. I know that you believe and I'm grateful that you do… but as of right now…"

He remembered the day he told Brian Kendrick about his problem. Brian told him that he shouldn't bring himself down or it wouldn't help boost his self-esteem.

But Cody couldn't help it. How could stop degrading himself when he thought that he still wasn't good enough?

His thoughts went back to his father again. He had always been the charismatic one. Cody Rhodes, however, was completely the opposite.

He sighed again before staring down at his feet. "I don't believe in myself."


Looking into the rear view mirror, Kelly had a major problem to worry about. It was a fact that she had to find a way to hide this dark purple color that was encircling her right eye.

I cannot go into the arena like this.

She was determined to not let this bruise be exposed in public. She was supposed to look pretty and not ugly, or in her case, that was what this nasty bruise was making her feel.

Grabbing her bag from the passenger seat, she pulled out a huge pair of huge shades and put them on just as she was going to leave.

They should help in hiding her black eye for a little while until she could use her makeup to cover it.

Kelly entered into the women's locker, only to let out a sigh of relief when she discovered that it was empty. Now she could use the bathroom and apply the makeup.

She wasted little time to dump her bags by her locker and slipped into the bathroom to get her problem solved. She stood by the sink and stared into the mirror in front of her.

She was scared. She was scared of what she was about to see.

Slowly she removed the shades and stared into the mirror once more. Her reflection was staring back at her and instantly, this horrific bruise forced her to remember how it got there…


He hadn't returned since he went out to a club last night. She tried to phone him so many times but all her calls went straight into voice mail. She couldn't sleep at all, not knowing where he was and what could have happened to him.

Suddenly a click was made and Mike appeared behind the door. "Good morning baby!"

Apparently his big smile didn't help matters. How come he appeared so relaxed and content?

"Where have you been?!" Kelly yelled. Clearly she was livid.

"I was staying over at my friend's place." Mickie made a shrug as if it wasn't a big deal.

"You could have at least call me and tell me something. I was worried sick! Do you have any idea what you have done to me?"

"Okay now first of all I don't like the fact that you're yelling at me."

"Well excuse me for being so damn caring! I couldn't sleep last night not knowing where you are…and now you've come here and acted as if nothing happened."

Mike laughed. "Nothing happened. What is up with you?"

Kelly shook her head and scoffed. "I can't believe you. Don't you even care about my feelings?"

"Look Kelly, you always worry too much. Why don't you trust me?"

"I'm not saying that I don't," said Kelly. "But Mikey, I've been worrying over you for the whole night! No calls, no texts…no…"

Then a ringing sound was made, cutting Kelly off at her sentence.

"Oh I have to take this," he said, looking into screen of his cell phone. "Be right back."

Before she could spill another word, the phone was already on his ear and he disappeared behind the door again.

Now she was getting more frustrated that he didn't explain himself properly. What she hated most was the fact that she was always the one that had to take in any harsh comments that were thrown in her way and couldn't back herself for that.

She was getting sick of this.

So Kelly marched toward the door and then, standing on her tip toes, she peered through the hole. He was still on his cell phone.

"I just wish he could hang up that stupid phone and talk to me!" she thought.

But then her wish was reconsidered when she heard bits of the conversation that capture her attention instantly.

"Yeah, it was a pretty wild night for the both of us."

Us? So he was with someone the entire time he was away?

No, it couldn't be. Kelly tried to convince herself that she heard wrong. She pressed her ears against the door and tried to listen harder.

She heard him chuckling. "Uh huh, yeah. I just got back to the hotel actually. Aw I know, I know. I was going to wake you up and tell you but you looked so cute sleeping that I just couldn't allow myself to do that."

That was it. She felt like she had just been stabbed in the heart.

"You miss me? Well, I miss you too."

She felt a stinging sensation in her eyes. No, this could not be happening to her. She didn't want to believe it. Any of it.

"Hey I have to get going now so expect a call from me. Alright cool. See ya."

Unfortunately to Kelly's dismay, a sound of a kiss in the end confirmed her nightmare.

Her blue eyes were still staring back at the door as she backed away from the door. She was determined to not let the tears fall no matter how tempting it would be.

Mike appeared back into the room once more. "Yeah, I'm back."

She placed her hands on her hips and made a frown. "Important call I presume?"

"Not really. Just someone from work that's all."

The blonde diva was tempted to make a scoff but she refrained herself from doing so.

"Really?" she asked.

"Uh huh. Let's order some room service, I'm starving!"

Kelly watched him picked up a menu from the dressing table and began to study it. She decided to take a few moments before speaking up.

"So where exactly were you last night?"

"I already told you," he said, not bothering to look up. "I was at a friend's."

She scoffed. "Yeah you said that…but you didn't specify as to who it was."

His attention was no longer on the menu. Instead, it was onto her now.

"Does it matter?" he asked, raising an eyebrow at her.

"When it comes to your whereabouts, then yes it does."

"Are you trying to play detective or something?" Mike chuckled with amusement.

"I suppose I am…" Now she folded her arms. "But I only asked just a simple question really. I don't see why you're avoiding it."

His eyes narrowed. "I'm not."

Kelly could sense that this was a lie also but the sudden change of tone in his voice. He was starting to get frustrated with her.

"Well then tell me who this friend is. Give me a name. That's all I'm asking."

He simply stared at her, not giving her the answer she requested. Kelly scoffed in disbelief when he simply walked pass her to the dressing table, picking up a jug of water and began to pour himself a glass.

"Aren't you going to answer me?" Kelly inquired.

"There is nothing for you to know," he said, filling the glass before placing the jug back down.

She watched him took a sip of glass. Then she decided to ask him another question...to test his reaction.

"Have you been cheating on me?"

A jet of water was sputtered to the carpeted floor suddenly. Mike looked back at her with shock. "Okay now, whoa! Where the hell did that come from?!"

Kelly wasn't little time to reveal how she knew about this.

"I overheard you talking on the phone. You were with some girl right? Is that your 'friend' that you stayed with last night?"

There was a dead silence, an unkind atmosphere to be in. Kelly just stared at him while he hadn't said a word.

"So I was right then?"

"…You have it all wrong."

"Ha! Do you know how pathetic that sounded?! I just heard having your 'sweet-talk' with some bimbo and know you're trying to deny it!"

His fists began to tighten as he was fuming with anger. How dare she yell at him like that?

He couldn't take anymore of this lashing. He had to take charge. And take charge now.

"So who is she huh?" Kelly demanded. "Answer me! Who is--"

Unfortunately for her, she wasn't prepared of what was to come.

He charged toward her and before she could do anything, he had already gotten her by the throat and thrust her against the wall. The blonde diva shrieked as fear got the best of her.

"You think that I'll let you run your mouth, huh?!"

"Please let me go…" She felt a sharp pain in her as he tightened his hands around it. "Please Mikey you're hurting me…"

"Well maybe you should have thought of that before you lashed out at me! No one and I mean no one lashes at me!"

Kelly looked at him in the eyes. Those same brown eyes she once loved…and now afraid of. This wasn't the man she fell in love in. No he wasn't.

He was becoming a monster.

She tried to form a sentence but she couldn't as she was gasping heavily for air.. "Please…I can't…can't breathe…"

At last she had gotten her wish but not out of sympathy. He shoved her away rather harshly. Kelly held her hand to her throat as she coughed and panted, desperately needed some air back. But she had no time for this as he was too quick to charge back to her.

"No Mikey, please don't hurt me!" Kelly pleaded. She tried to use her hands as a shield but they turned out to be unless. Screams past through her lips and as quick as a lightning, she had been struck down by a balled fist, causing the blonde diva to crash onto the floor below.


It was too much for her and the dark purple circle around her eye relived those memories. She couldn't stop those horrid images from popping inside her head. She wished that they would just leave her alone.

But they were too powerful to be forgotten.

Soon the warm tears were forced out of her eyes. She was crying.

"How could this happen to me?" she asked herself. "How?"

As she allowed herself to be in her vulnerable state, she had forgotten where she was.

And a sudden shriek out of nowhere proved that point.

"Oh my god! What happened to you?!"

Kelly startled and unconsciously quickly turned around to Maria, who appeared to be in a state of shock.

Kelly knew the reason for this. But it was already too late to hide it.

Maria saw the black eye.


"Yo Cody."

Cody was on his way back to his locker room when a voice stopped him. He frowned as he knew who the caller was. He shifted his body around to face the two superstars. The self proclaimed duo The World's Greatest Tag Team stepped up to him but the young rookie showed no fear in his face whatsoever. He could stand on his own two feet.

"Can I help you with something gentlemen?" Cody asked.

"I think you can help me actually." Shelton chuckled and then his face grew serious. "I want a rematch."

"Really?" Cody scoffed. "You just couldn't stand the fact that I beat you fair and square? That's not good sportsmanship."

"Shut up." Now Charlie Haas put himself involved. "That match last week was a total fluke! He almost had you for the three-count!"

"Yeah but he didn't pin me, did he?" Cody questioned with a smirk as he looked at Shelton who was fuming at his point. "I pinned him."

Shelton got into his face and a staredown was made between the two superstars. Cody remained in his place. He wasn't going to let the African American superstar provoke him.

"You better watch it 'cause he's got beef!" was Charlie's voice in the background.

"Oh yeah?" Cody asked, raising his eyebrow. "You got beef?"

"That's right," Shelton told.

"Well there's two things that you should know actually." Cody said, showing his index and middle fingers together.

"And what's that?" Shelton asked. He was still smirking.

"One, I'm a vegetarian…"

Charlie was confused. So was Shelton as his frown faded. Apparently they didn't seemed to get the pun...or that he was actuallly referring to a song.

"...and two," Cody's eyes narrowed to show how serious he was before making his last statement, "I ain't fuckin' scared of you."

That certainly wiped a smirk right out of Shelton Benjamin's face. He was going to punch him but Charlie stopped him from doing so and pushed him away. The young rookie looked on in amusement as Shelton argued with his tag team partner.

Shelton pointed a finger at the dark haired superstar while Charlie was trying hard to get him as far from Cody as possible.

"I'll see you in the ring punk!" Shelton yelled as loud as he could from afar.

"Bye bye," said Cody with a childlike wave and then they disappeared from his sights.

So the rematch was made tonight and of course he was excited for this. But he couldn't help but to be a little nervous.

"It's your time now Cody. It's time for you to shine."

His father's words came back to him again. Tonight he would do much better.

It's his time to shine now.


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