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Chapter 1: Reunited

Demons Within

By 'Sharingon-Master' & Pie-was-here

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Chapter 1: Reunited

The warm sun slowly burst through the horizons, a golden wave of warm light crawled closer to the large gates of the famous Leaf Village. The wave of warmth spilled over the large wall that surrounded the village, flooding the area below with light. Several shops were just opening as the warm light reached there buildings.

A light breeze blew carelessly through the village. Fallen leaves danced across the streets abruptly stopping after they flew into trees or got caught between buildings. One tree in particular was standing tall and proud in front of a small home, the branches of the tree where in-sync with the breeze, knocking them against the window of the home. The window belonged to Sasuke.

"Stupid... tree..." Sasuke said with a yawn as he rolled out of bed. He sat for a moment and stretched, reaching upward with both hands then coming back down again to his feet. He lazily glanced to the left of his bed and noticed his end table; on top of the small table was his alarm clock and a picture of himself, Sakura, Naruto, and Kakashi.

The picture was of Team 7 on the day they became an official team. The four members were standing in front of the large gates to the Hokage building, Kakashi stood behind his three students smiling or what appeared to be a smile from behind his mask. Sasuke, who stood to the right of Kakashi, was giving Naruto an evil glare with his arms crossed over his chest. Naruto, who stood to Kakashi's left, returned Sasuke's glare with his arms crossed over his chest in the same fashion. Sakura, who was left between the two rivals, was looking at Sasuke with a light blush on her face. To the right of his picture sat an alarm clock which read 7:05am.

"Crap," Sasuke said to himself as he jumped out of bed "I'm late, why did I sleep in for so long." Since the chunin exams Sasuke felt like he needed to become much stronger than he already was. The following month of the exams he had begun a grueling training routine where he, like Gai, would run laps around the village walls. He would run up large trees like Kakashi showed him and his teammates long before, and other strenuous activities. Most days he'd be awake still training at well past two in the morning

All of his new extreme training came from being frustrated with himself for not defeating Gaara. Sasuke wasn't mad at Naruto for jumping to the rescue, he was angry at his loss of control over the curse mark. Naruto's new found strength motivated him to work even harder, with the next chunin exam almost a year away Sasuke was dedicating every spare moment he had to training. He promised himself that at the next chunin exam he'd not only win but annihilate the competition. In his mind this was just one of the many steps he needed to overcome in order to prove to himself that he had what it would take to kill Itachi, though when he thought about how Naruto beat Gaara a feeling of jealousy came over him but as quickly as the feeling came he'd shake it away just as quick.

After getting dress and securing his headband to his forehead, Sasuke took one last look at his home; mentally checking to see if he had all his things. Satisfied he stepped outside closing his door behind him, as he walked off a strange feeling overcame him. The young boy turned back around to glance at his home once more before jumping up onto a near by roof and racing off into the village.

Naruto, Sakura, and Kakashi waited for Sasuke at the edge of the village in a large grassy field. Naruto sat impatiently in a tree while Kakashi sat under him reading his favorite book, Make Out Paradise. Sakura on the other hand was pacing back and froth biting her nails.

The silence of the three was broken when Naruto finally spoke.

"Hmm..." Naruto grumbled, "I'm tired of waiting! When is he gonna get here!"

"Calm down Naruto, Sasuke will be here soon." Kakashi said not looking away from his book.

"Yeah Naruto, just be patient." Sakura reassured.

"Your one to talk, look at you, if you keep pacing like that your gonna dig your own grave…girls, they worry too much." Naruto spat back at her but said the last part to himself he didn't feel like pissing Sakura off. Sakura ignored his comment and continued to think about Sasuke.

"I just want to start training right away, and we can't do anything without him here!" Naruto continued

"I know that!" she yelled then sighed as she looked over at here teacher

"Kakashi sensei, aren't you the one that's normally late." Kakashi was quiet for a moment

"…well that depends on how you look at 'being late' Sakura" he replied

"That didn't answer her question Kakashi sensei" Naruto pointed out. Kakashi looked up from his book and cleared his throat

"Now, now you two I'm not late. I simply arrive at a time no one expects " He said returning to his book. The two sighed as a response.

"I say lets just go without him, so when he gets here he won't be able to do anything. It will teach him to not be late, Believe IT!" Naruto said as he stood on the branch with a huge grin on his face and his right hand was held in front of himself with his thumb up. The others paid no attention to him.

Sasuke had just arrived at the clearing when he heard Naruto's "speech". He sighed then jumped up into the same tree as Naruto, landing behind him.

"Loser" Sasuke said as he finally became noticed. A surprised Naruto lost his balance from the tree branch and fell face first to the ground landing in front of Kakashi.

"They'll never learn" Kakashi said with a sigh as he put his book away.

"Sasuke you're here! What took you so long?" Sakura asked with excitement as Sasuke jumped from the tree landing in-between her and Naruto.

"Yes Sasuke, I was wondering the same thing normally it's Naruto who's late." Kakashi said

"Hey I am not!" Naruto argued pulling his face from the ground. Sasuke looked at the three of them then answered "I just took the long way"

"OK Sasuke is here, so can we go now Kakashi sensei?"

"Alright let's go." The four of them walked deeper into the woods to begin their training.

Several Hours Later…

"Man am I hungry! I could go for some ramen right about now." Said Naruto as he led everyone back to the village jumpy and excited as usual.

"Urg...I'm so sore, Naruto, how can you have so much energy left after what we just did back there?" Sakura asked as she looked at the energetic boy in front of her.

"What? How can you not be excited? Were about to go eat some ramen." Naruto replied


"Yeah Sasuke" Naruto said as he turned around to look at Sasuke

"Shut up"

Sakura laughed and Kakashi chuckled, Naruto stood there as the rest of the group past him. It took a couple of seconds for him to realize what Sasuke had said.

"Hey! I won't shut up why don't you..." but Sasuke and the others were already out of sight. "Stupid Sasuke" Naruto thought to himself before running after them.

The rest of Naruto's team was almost to the ramen shop when he caught up to them. That's when he realized. Someone was in his favorite seat.

"Hey!" Naruto yelled as he pointed an accusative finger at the strange boy "What do you think you're doing in my seat?"

"Naruto, stop yelling it's just a chair there are like seven more."

"That's not the point Sakura! This one is my favorite!" Naruto shouted as he pointed to the young ninja still sitting in his seat.

He was younger than him, about 11 his hair was short and black, similar to Sasuke's. He had eyes that were the color of a fierce storm. He wore shorts that were a dim gray, almost black and they went below his knees. His shirt was a dark black. The Uchiha clan's symbol was placed at the bottom left hand corner of his shirt in gray to match his shorts, it was barely noticeable. His ninjas head band was of the village hidden in the mist.

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The young ninja continued to eat his ramen which pissed Naruto off. "Alright you, if you don't move then I'm gonna make you move" at saying this everyone looked to the dark haired boy for a response.

The boy put down his chop stick and slowly turned around. Sasuke immediately noticed the change in his eyes. His once stormy gray eyes were now red with black making around his pupils. The look that consumed his eyes was none other than the Sharingan.