Title: I'm alive but I'm alone

Rating: T

Warnings: Character death

Spoilers: AHBL 1&2

Disclaimer: Dude, i don't even own the title. (it's from the 3 doors down song "When i'm gone")

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He stood at the crossroads, tears streaming down his face. "i tried bro, I really did" he said to the open air, wanting to believe that his brother was there somehow and could hear him. He tried his hardest to move on and live his life as his brother would have wanted him to, but go on, not without him. He'd tried to save him, he'd known the consequences, but to no avail. It was that winchester stubbornness, through and through, and it had killed him and left behind the empty withered shell of what had once been his brother. He'd tried though. He'd continued hunting and living as he always had during the day, and searching for a way to fix things and get his brother back at night. He couldn't handle it anymore though. There was no reason to go on any longer, not with his brother dead and his heart and soul twisted and broken. He smiled for the first time in what seemed to him to be a lifetime when she appeared."Well well well. Didn't expect to see you" she said, almost sneering as she looked him up and down, visibly surprised by what she saw. He just continued to smile, thinking about what he was going to do. He knew he looked like shit. He'd barely slept or eaten in months. " just wanted you here to see what I'm about to do" he explained, taking a gun out of the waistband of his jeans. " what? Going to shoot me? You actually think that will help? she taunted him with a smile that was equal parts sweet and vicious. " no" he said, cocking the gun and putting it against the side of his head, "not you" dean added before puling the trigger.