Author's Note: Written for thesandsea livejournal fanfic community, with the themes of silver lining, death, truth, time, and the end. Actually, it's been floating around in my head for about a month, I just hadn't found a reason to write it down until now. I will warn you that I managed to depress myself while writing this.

Who is this Basch fon Ronsenburg?

Two days ago, he was a loyal knight of Dalmasca. He was respected for his sense of honor and duty. He was respected for his strength. Not a soul would have suspected that he would raise a finger against the royal family, much less be responsible for the atrocity that was about to befall the kingdom.

Yesterday, he was fighting to defend everything he had sworn to protect, and failed to a cruel twist of his brother's design. Yesterday, he was arrested for a crime he did not commit, dragged away by those who previously may have sworn by him. How quickly things change.

Today, he was learning the bitter resignation of one who had been branded a traitor and tossed away with no silver lining to assuage the darkness of the clouds that hung around him.

And two days hence he would still be here in this cage and two days further hence and so on until his flesh rotted away and there was naught but a few scattered bones to attest to his presence.

Who was this Basch fon Ronsenburg? To himself, he had been and always would be a loyal knight. To any other? Nothing more than a name to be declared in the annals of history as the man who destroyed Dalmasca. Even were he to by some miracle become free, there would be no one who would believe him, no one to help him tell his story. The truth would never be known.

"I have done nothing wrong," he confided in the wall in front of him, the wall at which he was destined to stare in every waking moment of the rest of his living days, which he could now only hope would be few. The wall had no response but dreary silence. He was alone, and he knew his fate.

This was the end for Basch fon Ronsenburg.