Katara, Sokka, Aang and Toph were setting up camp in the woods. Bing in the Fire Nation, they slept in the woods a lot.

"Toph, go get some firewood." Sokka said.

"Sokka, are sticks made of earth?"

"Of coarse not, Why?"

"Then how should I see them?" She asked rhetorically, waving a hand in front of her face.

"Right…" Katara and Aang were laughing at Sokka, who everyone knew felt really stupid.

"I'll go get some." Katara offered. She walked off into the woods.


Katara had walked pretty far. If it weren't for the stream she was following, she wouldn't be able to find her way back. She heard a rustling in the bushes, but when she looked over, nobody was there. She decided it must have been a monkey-squirrel and went back to her search for wood. Almost as soon as she had turned around, a net covered her and pulled her towards her captor. She only let out half a scream before a hand covered her face and a cloth, her eyes.


"Did you guys hear that?!" Toph asked scared.

"What?" Sokka said, pulling his sword out of it's sheath.

"I think, Katara just screamed." Toph said with an unsure tone.

"Maybe," Aang said shakily, "She just saw a armadillo-rat." He didn't even believe that himself.

"No, she was screaming, and then she was cut off…" Toph said worriedly, trying to remember exactly what she heard.

"Then what are we waiting for?! Lets go look for her." Sokka said loud and fast. Aang and Toph nodded and they ran onto the forest, following the stream, as Katara had done.


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