Almost as soon as she had turned around, a net covered her and pulled her towards her captor. She only let out half a scream before a hand covered her face and a cloth, her eyes.


Katara struggled to break out of the ropes binding her hands and legs. She could feel herself being dragged along the forest floor, then thrown on to the back of an animal. They rode off on the animal. It was a bumpy ride and she knew that this animal was anything but graceful. Soon she was taken off the animal and slung over a bulky man's shoulder.

"Where should I take the prisoner?" the man holding her asked.

"Does it matter, she's not getting off the ship." Said a familiar voice. It took her a moment, but she soon realized who was talking.

"ZUKO!" Katara yelled, suddenly starting to thrash around again. "LET ME GO!" She heard him laugh.

"Why would I do that?" Katara stopped squirming as she realized the stupidity of her remark. She sighed and relaxed her body as the man who had her over his shoulder brought her to a room and dropped her on a bed. Katara inched her way up the bed and to lay her head on the pillow. She couldn't fall asleep, no matter how tired she was, she wouldn't. Sadly, mind over matter doesn't always apply to humans, and she was soon asleep.


"Wake up." A monotone voice said. Katara sat up, suddenly remembering where she was. She looked into Zuko's blank expression. He stepped closer to her, but to her surprise, untied the ropes binding her.

"Why?" She asked as he began to walk out of the room. He didn't answer, he didn't speak at all.

With a swift movement of his head, she knew he wanted her to follow him. She didn't

stand. He looked back and saw her still sitting on the bed. He grabbed her wrist and forcefully dragged her out onto the deck. She could see he Palace in front of them. There were fire nation guards everywhere and she knew any resistance would lead to her demise. Noticing her cooperation, Zuko released her wrist. He knew she was smarter than to think that she, a single water bender, could defeat an army of fire benders. They were soon at the palace gate, where Zuko and Katara saw Azula.

"Zuzu, why do you have that girl who used to be with the avatar?" Katara noticed her use of the past tense and knew that they DID believe he was dead. She tried to act sad, she hung her head and forced a tear out of her eye. A smile creaked across Azula's face. Katara walked behind the prince and princess as they walked up the road from the palace gate to the front door. She approached them only to her Zuko finish his sentence.

"-her, so don't tell dad."

"Don't worry, Zuzu." The door was opened by the palace workers and the three walked in. Azula turned to the left and Katara followed Zuko down the hallway to their right. They walked down a few hallways and up a few flights of stairs before Zuko stopped at a room.

"Stay in here." He said. She walked in and sat on the bed. "There are hundreds of soldiers solely in the castle. Any resistance is futile." Katara nodded and he closed he door. She noticed that he didn't lock it.