Warning: Yaoi

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A Bargain


"Yes Naruto?"

"We're out of ramen."

"Really now."

"Yeah. Completely out."


"So what are we gonna do about it?"





"What dobe?"

"What are we gonna do about the ramen problem?!?!?"


"Sasuke will you take me out for ramen?"

"I'll think about it."

"Sasuke, yes or no?"

"Hn. Maybe."

"Sasuke!!! Please!!!!!!"

"If I take you out for ramen what will you do for me?"

"Whatever you want!"


"Yes!!! Now can we go for ramen?"

"Whatever I want? Anything?"


"Okay. I'll take you out for ramen."

"Uh, Sasuke…..what exactly is it you want me to do…..?"

"You'll see. Now let's go get that ramen."


"Do you want your ramen or not?"

"Well, yeah, but…."

"Come on."

After Naruto and Sasuke return:

"Aww, that was the best ramen ever!"




"Sasuke, what the hell?!"

"Are you gonna hold up your end of the bargain or not?"




"Whoa, Sasuke, you sure are h--,"

"Shut up dobe."

"I'm just saying--,"

"You agreed."

"I'm not complaining, teme, just saying."





"What are you two doing?"

"AHH!!! Kakashi-sensei!"

"What's it look like we're doing, Kakashi?"


"Eh, do you mind?"


"Okay, when I said 'do you mind?' I was politely saying 'leave' as in 'get out'."


Door slam

"Well he's gone."

"Now, where were we?..."


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