AN --- Yet another Paire drabbley-thing. Set during their cut-short, totally under-shot roadtrip, towards the end of S1. I don't own anything you recognize, and please, please review.

Of course, the last thing he wanted to do was blow up half of New York, .07 of the population of the Earth (Nathan had told him the number, voice husky with meticulously locked-away guilt), but Nathan had already given up and Mom had already given up and he had already given up, but Claire hadn't. As he drove along, tracking her every movement without ever actually looking directly at her in the rearview mirror, Peter knew she hadn't.

And God, he was going to hell for these thoughts, for watching his niece like an uncle never should, for a tiny little part of him praying that Sylar (or, if it must be, him) would blow up. Because chances were Nathan and Heidi and Angela and Mr. Bennet and everyone who had ever known either one of them (and more importantly knew their connection) and their blood would be dead and they could forget and it would cease to be so wrong.

And it scared him, beyond reality, beyond comprehension that he wanted to kill millions because there was a niggling feeling in the back of his throat when he looked at his fifteen year old mutant niece.

Peter jumped, shifted the mirror and focused his eyes back on the road.