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A red head squinted his eyes as he tried to pick up the words on the screen projector, having a small bit of difficulty.

A few people in his class, even his teacher, had suggested more than once that he should get a pair of glasses. He insisted that he's not actually having any difficulty with reading the words and he's got twenty/twenty vision.

A few of his classmates were a bit skeptical at first, but as the red head persisted in saying he's fine, they eventually gave up giving him the suggestion of getting a pair of much needed glasses.

'Glasses make me look like a nerd…' he reasoned as he flipped over to another chapter of his exercise book and started doing the examples and work stated on the page.

He could feel a headache coming on from concentrating on the screen too much. This would occur almost everyday during class. The teacher warned him that he'll strain his eyes if he continues going on without glasses.

Again, he insisted that he's fine and doesn't need them.

The teacher, a fairly old man with long, graying hair and spectacles sitting atop his nose sighed as he continued teaching his class the rules of business economics.

The red head proceeded to half listen as he worked on the examples and case studies listed in the book, he occasionally stopped to write out something that his teacher said into his note book before going back to the exercises.

He didn't particularly like this class. He doesn't even like the subject that he's studying. But he can't seem to be able to do anything else, so this turned into one of his last resort classes.

He looked up at the white circular clock that hung on the wall and stared at the ticking black hands. He concluded that there was about another half an hour or so of his three hour lecture left.

He sighed as he started rubbing his forehead with his free hand while the other continued to scribble down much needed notes for upcoming exams.

This was such a draining and boring subject, he tried to remember why he picked it. And as he looked at the black words staring up at him from the white paper, he remembered.

But even so, it didn't have to be this boring.

Once the lecture was finished, and once they were dismissed from the class, the teacher shouted back out the suggestion for glasses again but the red head merely threw back a wave as he walked out the door.

He stepped out into the hallway, careful not to bump into anybody who's going into the lecture room for their next subject class. And as he took hold of the silver railing off to the side and walked down the steps to go down onto the floor below, he readjusted the shoulder strap of his black messenger bag and walked out into the open world where a fresh gust of air greeted his face.

He sucked in a breath as he made his way towards his locker located on the other side of the campus and as he walked closer to the main part of the university, it became more crowded with other students.

Somebody yelled out his name, and he turned around to see a girl from his class running up to him with a couple of text books in her arms. He stepped off to the side so that he wasn't blocking the pedestrian traffic.

Once she caught up with him, she adjusted her glasses and pulled the straps of her shoulder bag higher up, "Hey, have you considered getting prescriptions for contact lenses?" she suggested with a smile and raised one hand to tuck a bit of her long, blonde hair behind her ear.

He smirked, "Are you suggesting that I poke my eyes out?"

She laughed, "Of course not, but it will help when you're looking at the projector." As she spoke, a bit of her hair slipped out of its hold at the back of her head where she had a plain, black barrette clipped on.

"Thanks Quistis, but I'm fine." He insisted for the tenth time that day, "I've got twenty/twenty vision. Got it memorized?" he smirked as he tapped his forehead.

The headache had already dissipated.

She shook her head and frowned a little, "Don't make me say 'I told you so' when you end up getting thick lenses because you didn't want to get a pair of glasses." She warned with a point of a finger.

He chuckled and put his hands up in mock defeat, "Alright, alright. I'll see you tomorrow." He waved and started walking back to the main campus again.

"See you!" she called out before walking off in the opposite direction, readjusting her shoulder strap along the way.

He maneuvered easily around the other students and vaguely felt his pocket vibrating, but he decided to leave it for later as he tried to go towards his locker.

He let out a sigh of relief once he stopped in front of the light metallic box in front of him and proceeded to turn the dial of the combination lock.

This was already his second year at the campus, but he still wasn't quite use to the bustling crowd of people. It felt as though there were more appearing with each passing day.

Sooner or later, he might actually turn claustrophobic.

He sighed at the thought as he opened his locker and placed in his books from his previous class. He's already finished the designated homework, but he figured he'll leave the books in the locker for now and try and meet up with some other people first before coming back and taking them back home.

His phone vibrated again and he took it out of his pocket as his other hand closed the door of the locker.

'Wanna meet in the uni bar later on?'

That was a text from his friend. He quickly punched in a reply and sent it as he placed the combination lock on his locker and walked off towards his new destination.

'Xiggy's joining us too!'

That was another text from the same person. He smiled at the name. He hadn't seen that guy in a couple of months or so. It'll be nice to finally catch up with him again.

He wiped the smile of his face as soon as he pocketed his phone back and stepped out of the locker room.

The bar was located in between an ice cream shop and a book store. It was a fairly interesting place to have a business in, but they seemed to be doing well enough. A lot of the students would go there as soon as their classes are over and done with for the day.

Nobody actually walks out piss-ass drunk. None that the red head had seen so far anyways. But then again, it's still broad daylight. Whoever would actually binge drink while the sun's still out must either be stupid, or crazy.

Or depressed and needed a pick me up.

On the way to the pub located in the quad area, he had to walk through a series of hallways and computer rooms. And as he neared the meeting area, he remembered that he needed to take out a book from the library to study from.

Just as well that the library was on the way.

As he turned into another hallway, he accidentally bumped into another person. He was almost blinded at the same time.

He widened his eyes in a mixture of surprise and shock, he had never, ever in his life, seen hair of that color before. Or any color for that matter.

And with his heart beating rapidly in his ribcage, he had never felt so alive before. He was sure the boy might've heard it too. He felt it ringing in his ears.

The boy apologized and flashed a smile before running off somewhere.

Only one thing passed in the mind of the red head, it was that the boy's smile and hair rivaled the intensity of the sun's rays.

And with that thought, he figured he should take up poetry or literature soon. He wondered if it was too late in the year to make a switch.

The red head wanted to see the boy again, but by the time he turned around and looked, the boy had already gone and disappeared down the hallway off to some unknown location.

'Is this what it's like to fall in love?'

He raised a hand and placed it over his heart where he could feel it beating at a rapid pace and he couldn't help but suddenly smile as he ran off to find his friends and tell them of his discovery.

He forgot all about that book he needed to study from.


A blond boy plucked off a green marker from a pack of four colored tags and stuck it onto a page of his exercise book. He flipped to a different page that starts a new chapter and pulled another colored marker off, a blue one this time, and stuck it onto the page before flipping to the next chapter.

He continued on doing this until he reached the end of the book before starting with the next new exercise book that he had just recently bought from the over-priced book store that was by the bar.

He had to walk past the bar and the bouncer had almost demanded an ID from him when he said he was only going to the book store.

He was fairly short for his age, and more than once, a few people thought he was still in high school and wondered if he was a genius that got pushed up a few years.

He still wasn't sure if he should take that as a compliment or an insult.

Back to the subject of over-priced books, he could've easily gotten the books for around 25 percent less the price online, but he didn't have a credit card and he didn't want to ask his parents for help.

They still think buying things online is unsafe and completely unnecessary.

They don't know the cruel world of university…Money grubbing shop keepers that constantly try to bleed dry the students of their hard-earned cash.

Although half of it came from student allowance.

Still, he figured he could've applied for a credit card by himself, but after thinking about the tax issues, the interest of which you have to pay back to the bank when you use it plus a service fee, it was probably a lot more trouble than what was worth.

His phone started to vibrate in the pocket of his jacket and he casually took it out and looked at it.

'Hey, do you want to get something to eat? Let's meet at the park.'

He smiled as he quickly punched in a reply and sent it before pocketing it back into his jacket and packing things up.

He figured he should stop by his locker to drop things off first before meeting up with his friend.

He readjusted the shoulder strap of his black and white messenger bag as he stepped out of the library.

It was getting a little heavy, what with the new texts books and all that he just recently bought. He sighed as he readjusted the strap once again and turned the corner into the hallway.

He accidentally bumped into somebody and looked up to see a guy, at least a head taller than him with red hair, stare at him with wide green eyes.

The blond apologized and smiled before side stepping and walking away again

He sighed out in relief when he was a good distance away. He almost thought he was about to get into a fight with the taller boy.

But just in case the boy did decide to pick a fight, he fastened his pace just a little.

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