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After one month together, they moved in with each other. Maybe things were moving a little too fast for them. Maybe they were moving too fast. But life's not really one to slow down for anybody. Not even for somebody who's colorblind.

But just as well.

Reno was about to kick Axel out to the curb because of the outrageous phone bill that the landlord of the apartment complex sent to them. That was three months worth of phone calls all used in just one month's phone bill.

Geez…you'd think they haven't seen each other for a whole week and decided to try and catch up throughout the whole night or something.

About a couple of days after Axel moved in with Roxas, he started to notice some things about the blond. Like how he likes to have an order. Like how he likes things done in a particular order, in his particular order, or it just won't do at all.

Axel found it sort of interesting. You know, in a cute way.

Like as soon as Axel moved in and got settled down with everything, Roxas introduced the two laundry baskets. One basket for light colored clothes, the other for dark colored clothes.

Or like in the kitchen, in the top cabinets, where Roxas kept the cereal boxes, or the bottom drawers where he stored all the canned soups, dried pastas and noodles. And the cupboards where different shelves held different kitchen utensils and equipment.

Cups go to the top shelf, plates and bowls go to the middle shelf and the big heavy duty stuffs go on the bottom shelf.

Roxas liked to have everything done in a particular order, and he doesn't like it when somebody ignores that order which he had painstakingly put up.

Although, for Axel, he's sort of willing to forego it.

Axel couldn't really understand it much, how Roxas liked to have things done a certain way. He never really noticed that about him before. But he still loved him regardless of his quirky habits and what not.

There was this one time, when Roxas was between running up and down in the apartment for laundry baskets to bring down on the lower levels of the building, Axel described the blond as a tornado or a flurry of colors.

Roxas stopped whatever he was doing, careful to keep the basket of laundry in his hands, and stared at the red head as though he's gone crazy and wondered if he got exposed to too much.

Everyday since they moved in, they would lie in bed together, in mutual silence. Just lying beside each other, in each other's warm embrace.

Axel would lean over and kiss Roxas lovingly, slowly, tenderly. And then he would kiss his scars in a silent apology.

Roxas thought that maybe the accident wasn't so bad after all, except that he wouldn't want to go through it all again. Never again. It hurt far too much the first time.

The affectionate moments, the sweet moments. Axel loved them all and he had never felt this way before and had never felt so complete. Here, beside the blond, the one who changed his life and outlook forever.

The red head kissed the small healing scars on the blonds' fingers and slowly trailed up until he reached the forehead where he would kiss the scar beneath Roxas' blond bangs.

"Thank you…" he whispered quietly and hugged the blond closer to his body.

Because now, he knew that not everything in life comes in black and white. And Roxas was the one to change it.

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