I don't own Big Wolf on Campus.

Most of these drabbles will be slashy, but there will probably be some gen. too. I was thinking about posting these ten-per-chapter, because I don't like the idea of just 100 words for a single chapter, but since I won't be writing them in groups of ten, I think I'd probably get confused. I personally don't like reading drabbles on because I think it looks ugly.

prompt: 097. Writer's Choice

"It's soooo hot." Merton fanned himself. The goth was stretched out in his chair, feet propped on his desk, back arching, and pulling his shirt up just enough to show a sliver of pale flesh.

Tommy tugged at his collar and swallowed. The heat was driving him mad, he'd already decided. He was hot, the wolf was hot, and they were both mesmerized by the motion of Merton's thin, delicate wrists.

"I need a cold shower." Tommy growled, irritated by his fangs and claws.

"Ooh," Merton cooed, head falling sideways, offering his pretty neck for all to see, "Me too."