A/N:Hi everyone! Welcome new and old readers also! So, I was bored and didn't feel like updating any of my stories so I decided that when I'm bored or can't think of anything, I'll write a oneshot.

These oneshots take place from the day Hope was born til a week before Hope decides to go searching for her father. The oneshots will be in Bella's POV. I don't have a lot of experience writing in first person so you'll just have to bear with me. Please review!

Birth of a Cullen

Bella's POV

The pain was becoming unbearable as I lied upon the bed in the delivery room. I was going through labor and I was all alone, except for Renee being present but I didn't want her there.

I wanted Edward.

My husband.

My best friend.

My soul mate.

However, he wasn't here today. I hadn't seen him in two months and he doesn't even know that I was pregnant.

"Push, Bella," I heard Renee order. She was really helpful through my pregnancy. After a month she had stopped pushing for adoption.

God, please let me live through this.

I could hear myself screaming in pain. I needed Edward. I'd even settle for Emmett right about now. Stupid, shiny Volvo owner…

I could feel the sweat and tears pour down my face. I'm happy that I'm bringing my child into the world but who knows what'll happen? I'm delivering four months early. Obviously, my daughter doesn't want to be full term.

Oh no… more pain.

There's the screaming again. I'm surprised no one is deaf by now.

"Bella, honey," Renee said, "Just a few more pushes."

I pushed as hard as I could and the whole time, I hoped and prayed that I would get to see my child grow up and that someday Edward would get to meet his daughter.

"The head is crowning," the doctor murmured. Oh how I wanted to kick him in the face right now. He kept saying he knew how it felt but how is that possible? He's a freakin' male –


This baby better be a perfect little angel. Nearly forty-eight hours of labor is enough pain for a lifetime.

I heard the crying of my daughter fill the room and I couldn't help but wonder if I was ever going to get to hold her. I wanted to hold my child before she was placed into the incubator for three or four months without any contact.

"Please," I begged as I watched her get cleaned up. "Can I hold her?"

Beside me, out of the corner of my eye, I saw Renee shoot me a look like I was crazy. I know my touch could kill her but I also know that if she sensed her mother that she could survive. I read baby books on premature labor. I'm very well educated now on the subject.

The doctor and nurses didn't seem to respond to my question but within five minutes, my child was placed inside my arms in a pink blanket. She was already hooked up to oxygen. Her lungs were definitely too small to allow her to breathe on her own.

I smiled down at my daughter, the child I had created with Edward six months ago. She was, in everyway, perfect. "Welcome to the world, Hope Elizabeth Cullen," I cooed to her. I didn't want to let her go and I wished that Edward was here to share this lovely moment with me.

Luckily for me, I had Jacob here. But it would've been better. Much better to have the whole Cullen coven with me. I sighed to myself when the doctor took Hope from me and placed her in her incubator. I could feel a lone tear slide down my face as I watched my child leave from my eye sight.

I looked down at my ring on my left ring finger. It had belonged to Edward's mother, Elizabeth Masen. But now it was mine. I missed him and the others terribly.

Edward, where are you?