Disclaimer: Naruto doesn't belong to me. This wholly unoriginal plot sort of belongs to me...or rather, I have taken an overused plot line and run with it, changing it to fit my own desires. I can't guarantee there isn't a story similar to this one, but I can guarantee that I won't steal lines or whatever. That would be lame and I like writing my own stuff.

I should warn you...I have changed many things. Specifically, I've changed the ages...I'll explain the changes. I'll explain the rest at the bottom, so...yeah. One more thing: I WILL be updating "Living With Fire," but this story wouldn't get out of my head. I'll be writing them simultaneously.

Cause and Effect

by Zheyne Starrh

As much as Sasuke hated to admit it…Naruto was strong. He could be strategic…when he wanted to be, or when it mattered most. He was passionate and spontaneous…basically, a horrible fight. A great best friend and (secret) love, but a horrible fight.

And Sasuke was losing. Badly.

He hadn't expected Naruto to be this strong…even with his training under Jiraiya, Kakashi, and even Tsunade; Naruto had always been the Village Idiot. The loser, the last in the class. He wasn't supposed to pass Sasuke up! It was…irritating, and frightening. Especially since his heart – always ice cold – warmed fractionally when Naruto looked into his eyes with his blue, determined ones and whispered, "I never wanted to kill you, Sasuke."

And Sasuke knew he had to use that technique, because Naruto would hate himself if he knew he'd killed his best friend, his teammate. One of his most precious people. It would leave Sasuke vulnerable for a few seconds, but he had backup, and he didn't really want Naruto to die, either.

He called for Karin to cover him, and when she saw him running through seals, she frowned and yelled, "Why are you helping him?

Sasuke couldn't answer…mainly because he knew that his associates would just scoff, and they wouldn't understand why this one person changed him…even just a little.

Just a few years, Sasuke. Just a few years.

He pushed as much chakra as he possibly could into his technique, ignoring his clueless associates (because they were only associates; they weren't comrades, and he wasn't dying for them any time soon so they couldn't be called teammates).

They wouldn't understand why he couldn't kill Naruto, because he didn't understand it himself. He'd tried, and failed, time and time again, and had even come close…but every time, he'd felt reliefwhen Naruto didn't die.

It was just crazy, but that's who Naruto was. He was amazing, he was powerful…

He was gone.

Sasuke had finished his string of seals, and Naruto was gone, and Sasuke couldn't take back his actions.

Uzumaki Naruto was dead…and Uchiha Sasuke obtained the Mangekyou.

Then, everything went dark.

The Elemental Countries were no more.

Don't mind me…I'm just a line break!

Uzumaki Naruto awoke with a start. Blue eyes took in the surrounding trees, sensitive ears picked up the running water from the river, and a sensitive nose told of the life surrounding the body.

"Um, what the hell?!"

Author's Notes:

I'm only going to do these if there's something relevant to the story...so, most likely just this chapter.
This is only the prologue, so it's very short. This will be a time-travel story, and also a female Naruto story. However, I think my idea will be a little more original than most. This is a romance, but it's not a Naruto/Sasuke. Everything will play out...however, it will take time. Please give it a chance!