Harry Potter and the Will of the Force

Summary: Harry learns something interesting about his ancestry.


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Looking out the window of the Dursley's car as it sped away from kings cross station and those 'freaks' as his uncle called them, was Harry Potter, the boy-who-lived, future saviour of the wizarding world, grieving child. A few weeks ago Harry's only living relative (worth mentioning) Sirius Black was killed in front of him by Bellatrix Lestrange in the department of mysteries rescuing Harry and his friend from a trap that Voldemort had lured Harry and them into to get a hold of a prophecy.

The prophecy had been destroyed moments before Harry's godfather's death and Harry's subsequent battle with Voldemort, and Dumbledore after the battle and losing his godfather decides to finally tell Harry the real reason why Voldemort has been trying to kill him all these years.

"The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches… born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies… and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not… and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives… the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies……"

A prophecy saying that he would either kill or be killed…great.


Uncle Vernon pulls up in Little Whinging, outside number four Privet drive and Aunt Petunia, Dudley and he bolt from the car to the house faster than a firebolt takes as though being near for long will some how infect them and make them freaks. That or Moody and Tonks's warning worked, 'will Tonks come and see me even though I'm sending the letters?…I hope she does… wait… where did that come from…why Tonks…why not Professor Lupin?...'

During this Harry still remains sat in the backseat of the car. "BOY GET IN HERE WITH YOUR FREAK STUFF!" Vernon's bellowing startles Harry out of his thought. Climbing out of the car Harry collects Hedwig and her cage from the boot of the car along with his truck dragging it inside while carrying Hedwig's cage after letting her fly to make up for her being trapped in the boot of the car. Immediately taking them upstairs to his room, but rather than unpacking any leaving it all in the trunk in the hope that he won't be here for long.

Harry's thoughts return to Sirius now that he has got nothing to occupy him or his mind. 'I'm sorry I got you killed Sirius, I should have known that it was a trap, I should have known that Kreacher would lie to me, I should have tried harder to stop the others following me, I should have stopped them from getting hurt…I should have been the one to die.' With that, Harry breaks down and cries for his lost godfather, the parent he never knew, the competitor that died in his place, everyone hurt or injured in this war and the last because he could not stop Voldemort…Yet.


Outside of number four Privet drive under an invisibility cloak and numerous invisibility and concealment charms is a man with grizzly face multiple scars covering it with his lost eye and wooden leg he almost looks like a classic pirate.

Looking up at and into (using his replacement eye) the smallest room is Mad-Eye Moody, seeing Harry break down like that but not knowing his thoughts.

'It was going to happen, Potter would break down after losing Black' he thought expecting it to be the only reason.

Sitting on a bench where he can see the entire of the Dursley's home while his back is to a solid object so no one can sneak up on him, thinking back to what Harry had said when they had gotten them all safely out of the department of mysteries.


Molly Weasley was pacing and shouting at Harry and those that were present that went with him to D.O.M while they were at Grimmauld Place "What do you think you were doing running off like that? Breaking into the Ministry! Not telling an adult, let alone a member of the order…"Mrs Weasley's rant was interrupted by Harry's outburst.

"NOT TELL ANY ONE! I TOLD SNAPE AND MADE IT CLEAR WHAT WAS HAPPENING AND HE JUST LEFT!" after shouting like that Harry was breathing rather deeply. Noticing the strange look Tonks is giving Harry Moody keeps his eye on her. 'she could have been switched with a death eater at the DOM'.

"That's right." Spoke up Ginny since Neville, Ron and Hermione were in the infirmary and Luna seemed to be off in her own world. "Harry told Snape when Umbridge had us in her office and was threatening to use Cruciatus Curse on Harry if he didn't tell her what she wanted. And she started asking for Veritaserum and Snape said that unless she wanted to poison Harry he couldn't give her any since it wasn't ready yet, that's when Harry said 'Padfoot is in the place where it is hidden' and everyone in the order knows what that means." Finishes Ginny a little out of breath from defending Harry to her mum.

Everyone is looking at her and Harry at this point. Tonks looks furious as does Harry, Remus looks as though he wants to rip something or someone to pieces, Molly is horrified, Bill, Fred and George look like they want to start hexing, Arthur is stunned and Dumbledore looks his usual calm self.

"Now Ginny, Harry, I'm sure that Professor Snape just didn't know what Harry meant when he said it." Molly replies reasonably still horrified at the thought that Snape was going to let Sirius die.


"Harry is right about that Molly" Mrs Weasley turns so sharply that Moody is now considering that she was a death eater using Polyjuice or an unknown Metamorphmagi. "Snivellus…" Harry smiled a bit at the use of the name but then remembered seeing his mum, dad and Sirius in the pensive, the smile was quickly gone replaced with a glazed look and a longing expression "… knew who we were, there's a story behind that with James earning an award for special services to the school."

Looking back at Tonks, Moody can see she's looking at Potter again with the same expression as before but with concern too now, only she seems to have noticed that Potter has gone quite and is barely moving.

"Harry how did you know this?" Dumbledore asks while getting up out of his seat and moving towards Potter who still hadn't heard.

By now everyone is looking at Harry who still hasn't moved or even blinked. Molly/possible death eater and Ginny are now moving towards Potter with concerned expressions on their faces. 'I best be ready just in case' moving his wand into an innocuous yet ready position.

"Were they always like that?" Harry startles everyone by suddenly speaking with a hint of sadness in his voice.

"Were who always like what dear?" is Molly's immediate reply with concern, worry and a little love in her voice.

"Dad and Sirius." Harry answers still dazed.

"Like what Harry?" Remus asks slightly worried. 'The only reason for him to worry would be because he is not Remus but a death eater using Polyjuice' Moody is now trying to point his wand at Harry, Molly and Remus simultaneously.

"Just after the written DADA OWLS." As Potter says this Remus goes slightly pale.

"How do you know about that Harry?" there is a slight quiver in Remus' voice now.

"Snape's pensive" Harry replies simply still staring off.

"For awhile they were like that but not for long, especially when your father learned that he won't win you mother that way" a hint of a smile was on Remus' face as he finish.

"Harry when did you look into Professor Snape's pensive?" asked Arthur lightly, he was sure Molly would remember what they were originally talking about and start shouting again.

Harry now turning and looking at Dumbledore with an expression that can only be described as anger warring with confusing with a sprinkle of sadness replied to Arthur "During my last Occlumency, he stopped teaching me because I saw that memory. I prefer it this way any way, all he did was say clear your mind and then use Legilimency."

"WHAT!" Tonks has just spoken for the first time since they got out of the Ministry and she has a seriously pissed look on her heart-shaped face. "Dumbledore how could you let that greasy bastard teach Harry Occlumency, it's meant to be taught by someone the person trusts. Harry what memories did he look at?" Tonks is looking angrier by the second and people would be stepping backwards but they expected her to fall flat on her face first.

"Uh…the worst memories I have - Cedric dieing, fights with Voldemort, the basilisk, hearing mum scream when Voldemort killed her, dad shouting for mum to take me and run, the dementors when they almost gave Sirius and me the kiss. And some really private stuff or secrets I was keeping for people." Harry with a confused look on his face asks "Why…isn't that what's supposed to happen?"

Tonks with tears in her eyes same as the other women in the room at hearing Harry speak about such things with a dead monotonous voice, except Luna who had the same strange look on her face, "WHAT…no, your supposed to be taught how to clear your mind, then build mental shields and then how to push someone out of your mind, and they are at the beginning only supposed to use calm, relaxing or happy memories so that you are comfortable when you start learning." When she had finished explaining this Tonks began pacing.

Moody for once was shocked, 'how could Albus let this happen, why would Albus let this happen?' looking around, Moody sees that just about everyone looks ready to kill Snape especially Remus, Molly, Ginny and for some reason Tonks 'why is Tonks getting as upset as the others…she barely knows Potter'

Tonks suddenly spins around and has her wand pointed at Dumbledore's throat, having kept an eye on her all evening Moody barely half a second later has his wand on Tonks and just as he is about to stun her he sees that Harry has his wand on him, while Dumbledore stands there calm as ever.

"How could you let that happen, what were you thinking when you told Snape to do this?" Tonks shouts at Dumbledore with barely constrained anger.

"Calm your self Nymphadora" Dumbledore attempted soothingly, while everyone cringed and expected Tonks to explode at the use of her of her given name.

"Damm you don't tell me to be calm after what Snape did to Harry" testimony to how angry Tonks was her hair was cycling through a wild range of colours some that should not be possible and she did not say anything about him calling her Nymphadora.

end flashback

"Moody I'm here for my watch" startled Moody suppressed the jump has was going to do and turned to Tonks. Her hair was still cycling through colours although barely noticeably 3 weeks later and she didn't greet with her usual Wotcher.

"You sure you can do this Tonks" Moody asked in his gruff voice, wondering if her watching Potter was a good idea given her reaction to Dumbledore and finding out what Snape had done to Potter.

Tonks turning and looking towards number four, 'it looks just like all the other houses…you wouldn't expect someone like him to be living there. He should be living with James and Lily…and Sirius, laughing, joking, and pranking each other. Somewhere he is loved…where he could…would be the child he should have been.' Turning back to the scarred ex-Auror she could see confusion on his face, when she feels something just below her eyes she wipes to find tears.

Quickly thinking Tonks turns to Moody "I'm fine Moody…just takes some getting used…Sirius being gone" after saying it Tonks feels awful for using Sirius' death as an excuse just so Moody will let her see Harry. 'Sirius would be horrified if he knew…no he wouldn't he would find it hilarious that him dieing was getting me closer to Harry…but I shouldn't use his death like that…if Harry found out he would hate me…'

While Tonks internal argument went on Moody saw it as proof that she was missing her cousin and devastated by his death. Rising up off the bench to tell her to rest and that he will cover her watch, Tonks not realising that he was still there spun around punching his arm at the elbow causing him to drop his wand, and quickly moving she has him restrained by his arm while pointing her wand at his temple.

Moody actually surprised by this but takes it as a good sign and decides to leave her on watch. "Good Tonks always remember…CONSTANT VIGILANCE!"

Hearing this and realising who, where and how she and he are she lets him up. Moody just gives her one of the smiles of when he is proud of someone, the kind that make his face look even worse, picks up his wand and then Disapparate.

Looking at the house with both looks of longing and sadness, Tonks inner monologue continued. 'I should go in there to see him…I mean to see if he is coming to terms with Sirius' death…but what if he doesn't want me there…how is he dealing…could I help?'. Sighing and starting to turn away Tonks immediately spins and heads towards the house and apparates to Harry's room.


Standing here looking around Harry sees a two story house, vines and ivy crawling up one side of the house with a garden out front, a variety of flowers blooming out front in the garden. Pushing open the gate and walking into the garden 'this is how I pictured home would have been'.

Suddenly day turns to night in the blink of an eye, the moon casting a pale shadow over everything.

Spinning around Harry sees that beyond the house and its garden there is nothing, just a black void which is slowly swallowing up the garden bit by bit. In one step Harry has completely turned 180 and is running for the front door taking 4 feet in that first step.

The door seems to open before he reaches it, as Harry jumps through he finds himself not in the hallway of a house that he had imaged since he was little but rather Hogwarts' Great Hall.

Looking again Harry sees that something is wrong; one side of the hall has had the wall entirely reduced to rubble with holes in the ceiling looking out on the same pale moon sky from earlier, the floor is littered with partially decomposed bodies. The walls and floor caked in dried blood, but the stench doesn't seem to bother him and neither does the image.

Taking a closer look, Harry sees Hermione with a large hole clean through her stomach, skin already rotting off her, Ron nearby looks as though he tried to protect her, chest to the floor head up a looking towards her, left leg missing below the mid thigh, a large gash down his back along the spine the entire way.

Ginny and Luna appear to have tried to help Neville over by what looks like first and second years. A look of pure pain on Neville's face a few feet away from the rest of his body, Ginny bisected shoulder to hip, wand still in hand, mouth mid curse, and Luna looks emaciated her body looking like one of those pictures of Egyptian mummies. Tonks with other order members; missing limbs, clothes torn away at areas, dried blood covering what remains of their bodies.

Other bodies litter the room; students, staff, people Harry has meet at other times. Tears running down his face, trying to look away from the scene but knowing that no matter what it will be burned into his memory forever.

Backing away from the image in front of him Harry's back hits the door, an echoing boom bounces off the walls and seems to get louder with each repeat off the walls. Closing his eyes and sliding down the wall, tears still streaming down his face, head on his drawn up knees, arms wrapped around his legs, but no matter what he can still see the scene before him burned on the inside of his eyelids.

Hearing a sound Harry's head shoots up, eyes open, blurred by the tears to see three figures moving towards him. Taking off his glasses and swiping away his tears, looks again once his glasses are back on to see…

Sirius, his mum and dad but as rotting corpses; Sirius his skin a sickening brown green, hair falling out, his dad hair completely gone as is part of his scalp, skin a similar colour to Sirius' only deeper and looks to be hanging off his bones at points, finally his mum, half her face looks like a melted wax manikin, left eye hanging slightly out of the eye socket, muscles seem to have sagged at point along her body to the point were they look like water.

"Why Harry, Why did you have to kill us?" "Why didn't you save me like you were supposed to?!" At this, hearing what they were going to say Harry slams his eyes shut as they continue to shout at him with their voices joined by other who have died. "You were supposed to help us" "Kill Voldemort that's all you had to do and you couldn't even do that" "Harry you failed us it's all your fault!"

As they continue Harry curls into a ball, tears gushing like a torrent down his face, repeating over and over again "I'm sorry" at this point it's all Harry's mind seems capable of as his body moves into the foetal position.


Apparating into Harry's room the first thing Tonks sees is Harry in the foetal position on his bed, whimpering over and over again "I'm sorry" rocking slowly back and forth. Thinking he's hurt she rushes to his side to check for injuries, only to find he is crying in his sleep.

'Harry…what could you possibly be thinking for you to be in this state?' Scooping Harry into her arms and laying with her back resting to the headboard she holds Harry through his nightmare.

Slowly succumbing to sleep herself as she held Harry.


Waking groggily, and looking around to realizes that it is Dudley's second room, signing in to the warm body that is embracing her. Tonks eyes suddenly snap open remembering that she was the one holding Harry last night when she obviously fell asleep, only to in their sleep switch positions with Harry. Rubbing her eyes and then looking around the room while remaining in Harry's arm Tonks now noticed a letter sitting on Harry's desk.

Gently extracting herself from Harry's arms and making her way over to the desk Tonks saws that it was a Gringott's letter. 'Probably about Sirius' will' she thought sadly to herself, hearing a moan behind her spinning quickly on her heels, only to lose her balance and fall landing on the floor next to Harry's 'bed' although it couldn't really be called that as it was nothing more than a old mattress put on top of probably an even older and damaged frame. 'Bloody muggles' then remembering why she was on the floor she swore to herself, looking around only to find that the moaning was coming from Harry and that he had pained frown on his face.

Looking at him from the floor while trying to work out what to do, deciding Tonks got up walked back over to Harry and climbed back into his arms.


Waking up from the best sleep he had ever had in his life, at least as far as he can remember, despite the nightmare that had started it. Harry tried to reach for his glasses when he found himself pinned to the bed by something warm. Opening his eyes, trying to focus them on the object pinning him to the bed, he is just able to make out what looks like pink hair when he realises what and who it is. Trying carefully to get up without disturbing Tonks, he fails spectacularly in his groggy state and instead ended up catapulting her onto the floor, waking her up.

Tonks immediately awake rolls as she hits the floor comes up and throws herself at her attacker, grabbing his right arm and pinning it behind him, kicking out his legs and holding him face down into the bed.

"Tonks what are you doing?!" Harry asks as his arm and legs are now hurting, though it seems Tonks realises who he is and lets him up stammering out an apology. Harry mean while is looking at her in a new light, she isn't Sirius' clumsy cousin anymore, now he puts her in the same league as Moody for dangerous and unpredictability. "Where did you learn to do that?" final asking with a big grin on his face. "Can you teach me?" Harry continued somewhat shyly.

Finally her brain catches up with her and Tonks answers him. "Sure but first you should read the letter on the desk" then she realises that she just agreed to teach him, something which Dumbledore had forbidden anyone to do. 'shit! Dumbledore going to kill me when he finds out I've been teaching Harry hand-to-hand'

Harry had walked over to the desk and opened the letter while she had been thinking and had just started reading when she came out of her thoughts.

Dear Mister Potter,

First of all let me offer my condolences on the loss of your godfather, he was a good man and did not deserve what the ministry put him through.

Secondly I ask that you come to meet with me at Gringott's, it concerns your parents will. I have made numerous attempts to contact you about it but Dumbledore has always stopped those attempts, I am only able to contact you right now because he is in France right now and is unable to stop me using the wards around where you live at this time because he is as I said out of the country.

If you are coming to Gringott's I would recommend that it be immediately, and as I am aware that there are people hunting you right now and that your life would be in danger I would only recommend bringing one person you trust explicitly as too many would draw the attention of others that it would be best did not know.

From Director Ragnok

Harry looking dumbfounded at the letter. His parent's will. Dumbledore kept stopping him from seeing his parents will. "Tonks"

At his low voice laced with anger Tonks looked up sharply. "yes?"

"I need you to side along apparate me to Gringott's, they can only do this now with Dumbledore out of the country." Harry's too calm voice almost had her comply immediately. Holding her hand out to Harry and asking to see the letter which he does with out complaint, quickly reading it and swearing to herself.

"Sure let's go" and with that she grabbed a hold of Harry's arm and apparated them both to Gringott's.


"Mister Potter. Thank you for coming so quickly" a voice sounded from behind Harry and Tonks, both spinning so fast and Tonks tripping on her robes.

"Its was no problem Director Ragnok." Harry replied sounded as though he was just happy to be out of the house. Looking around now he could see that they were in what appeared to be a private conference room, a circular polished marble table took up the centre of the room, seats enough for twenty or so. At the seat closest to Harry there were several papers, a metal circle that had a light in the middle of it, three rings and a assortment of quills and ink.

"Shall we begin Mister Potter?" asked Ragnok as he took the seat opposite Harry, as Harry was beginning to sit he noticed Tonks was leaving the room.

"Tonks, where are you going?"

"To give you some privacy Harry, it's your parent's will, you'll want to be alone." replying as though it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Tonks I want you to be here, otherwise I would not have asked you to come."

"You didn't ask you ordered me to apparate you here." replying with a big smile as she sat down.

"Mister Potter if you would begin by touching his document here and stating your name." began Ragnok as he handed Harry a piece of parchment. Harry placing his hand on the parchment felt a slight jolt go through him.

"umm...Harold James Potter." quite nervously he stated then noticed that Tonks was trying not to laugh, guessing that it was because of his full name he sighed and predicated that she was never going to stop making fun of that.

As his thoughts became more preoccupied with Tonks Harry did not see the metal circle project two 4inch high figures directly above it. They looked like ghosts that someone had somehow painted a light blue, one male and one female both looking directly at him. Once Harry's thoughts returned to the present he saw the projections and fought hard not to break down there and cry, they looked the same as they had in the mirror and in the graveyard.

His mother began, "Harry if you are watching this then we are both dead..." James interrupted with a smile on his face, "or you've been going through are stuff and found this, tisk, tisk, tisk, you know you shouldn't be in our things, what if you found one of Lil's..." "James be serious..." "I thought you like me not him?..." "you do know that that joke stopped being funny years ago?..." Harry all the while was watching his parents playfully argue with a bittersweet smile, on the one hand he got to see his parents as they would have acted around him had they lived, on the other hand it was another reminder of what he can't ever have. " now Harry, if your father can behave for just a moment. watching this probably means we are both dead, in which case we leave everything that we own to you, estates, money, vaults, items and artefacts, titles and house elves. What we are going to discuss next Harry you must keep secret, only James, Sirius and Remus knew so don't tell anyone unless you explicitly trust them. In my personal vault Harry you will find a charmed chest about the standard size of a school trunk, take that with you as soon as you leave Gringott's and with it take the two items on the table next it, one is a cube about 2inchs long, high and width, the other is a sphere about the same size. Now both of those are fragile Harry so be careful...Harry you should know that James and I always have and always will love you and we are proud of you no matter what." the image of his mum appeared to be crying as well, so James started to speak "Harry what Lils just said is right. Now enough of the sappiness, your mum mentioned earlier titles, these are as follows; Lord Potter of the Ancient and Noble house of Potter, Baron Potter which is pretty much the same as the last one just older. And finally..." taking a overly dramatic pause with a massive grin on his face "...Lord Gryffindor...by now you should have a absolutely shocked look on your face, I'm not joking, Godric had a daughter who never knew her father because he died before she was born and then her mother died during child birth, eventually she married one Baron William Potter." his father if at all possible smiled even bigger at the thought of his son finding out the news.

Harry was speechless, with tears running down his face he tried to comprehend what had just been told, 'I'm a descendant of Gryffindor...a Baron and a Lord...why didn't I know before...why wasn't I told.'

Tonks was just as speechless as Harry, she knew he didn't know any of what he had just been told, that much was obvious from just his face. 'how could he not know? I knew he was a Lord or was going to be, why didn't he know?'

"Lord Potter, with each of these titles comes a ring, which only the title holder can wear, each also holds a seat on the Wizgengamot, given your knew titles I can have Mister Black's will read here now, we would have to call all those in it here." Ragnok made the sentence both a statement and a question at he same time.

"Please Director Ragnok call me Harry, and yes I would prefer to have Sirius' will read today."

"I will see to it Lo...Harry, and please allow me to extend the same curiosity." at this Harry just nodded still a bit out of it.


Two hours later the conference room saw Harry, Tonks and Ragnok joined by; Dumbledore, Mr & Mrs Weasley, Fred, George, Ron and Ginny Weasley, Hermione, Remus and Tonks' mother Andromeda.

"I Sirius Orion Black, of sound mind, body and mostly intact soul, expect my last will and testament to be acted upon. To the Weasley family and Hermione I leave four million galleons to be divided equally, Remus; no.12, 1 million galleons and orders to get some new clothes. Andromeda as a dieing wish can not be ignored I hereby reinstate you within the house of Black and as a part of the family. Tonks and Harry get the rest of the money and estates, with Harry getting the vaults, title and he is to be legally emancipated. Dumbledore, all I have left is to say 'Try and stop him now'." finished Ragnok with a small smile at Sirius' unique way of doing things.

"Harry if you would place your right hand in the small indent on the table next to you, a drop of blood will be drawn from the palm of your hand and magic combined with that will make you legally emancipated." Ragnok said with an even bigger smile.

"What will I be able to do that I can't do now once I'm emancipated?" everyone could hear the eagerness in Harry's voice as well as the caution.

"You will be able to do magic with out being prosecuted, get access to all your vaults and be able to take your place in the Wizgengamot Lord Potter." offered Ragnok

"Didn't the will say Harry was to be Lord Black not Lord Potter?" asked Hermione from some point at the table.

"Lord Potter's parent's will was read before he called all of you here for Mister Black's will." supplied Ragnok.

Looking around the table observing the people at it Harry committed their reactions to memory. Ron was looking at him with anger and jealousy which was hardly surprising Harry had just got large amounts of money and titles. Ginny was looking at him with admiration or awe, he couldn't really tell which, the twins were not even fazed by the news as though they expected Harry to be a Lord. Mr. Weasley had a big smile on his face, while Mrs. Weasley looked worried, probably afraid that now he could do magic he would run off and start attacking Death Eaters. Remus was slightly dazed, probably hadn't expected the money, Andromeda was looking at Tonks probably wondering why she was here or why she was sat so close to Harry. Dumbledore tried for the serene expression as though this was how he had planned every thing to happen, but if you looked closely enough you could see his left eyebrow twitching slightly. Hermione looked at Harry and Ragnok as though they were a puzzle to solve.

"So what titles does Harry have?" she pressed for as much information as possible.

Ragnok looked to Harry for conformation to which Harry gave a small nod, an action which was only missed by Ron, because he was still too busy with his jealousy.

"Harry is now; Lord Potter, Baron Potter, Lord Black and Lord Gryffindor. With these titles he also holds four places in the Wizengamot" telling Hermione Ragnok began shuffling his papers as though everyone one should know this.

Harry decided that he would hurry and get to the inevitable confrontation, placing his hand in the indent he felt a slight prick against his palm and then a flow of magic. While he was doing this everyone around the table was coming to terms with what they had just been told, with the exceptions of Tonks who already knew and Dumbledore who was most likely trying to figure out how to use this to his advantage.

"Harry would you like to visit your vaults now?" being able to see that Harry wanted to get out of here Ragnok offered a way out for him. Harry saw this and gratefully accepted asking Tonks to join him.


Sometime later Harry was in his mother's vault, he had had to change all the vaults over to him, asked the goblins - Ragnok and Griphook specifically - to handle his investment both muggle and wizarding. Walking up to the table that held both the cube and sphere, reaching out with his hand the cube suddenly sprung to life with a projection similar to his parent's will looked up at him.

"Welcome young Padawan, are you ready to learn the ways of the Force?"