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Sitting here in another order meeting, twin beside him Fred found himself wondering how Dumbledore defeated Grimwald, as it seems that right now with there is the threat of Voldemort. People now know that he's out there, the order could be recruiting, planning attacks against Death Eaters, training others to fight hell he and George could be inventing something to help in the war. But instead Dumbledore was only concerned with getting Harry back, leaving him with the Dursley's, getting control of this new magic Harry has learned and his sword.


"I've called this meeting to deal with the threat that Harry is quickly becoming if we don't stop him." Dumbledore paused while the members present murmured and talked for a few moments. "This morning he attacked two order members without provocation..."

"That's not true!" The yell came from Dad. "Bill attacked Harry and he defended himself and Severus tried to attack while Harry had his back turned and Harry once again defended himself."

Ignoring him Dumbledore turned to Madam Pomfrey and asked over the talking that had broken out at Arthur's outburst. "How is Severus?"

"I don't know what was done to him but Severus has 2nd degree burns over his chest. Mr. Weasley is fine; I could fid nothing wrong with him."

"What did Harry do to them?" asked a voice from the back that Fred didn't recognise.

"Harry appears to have used a dark arts spell on Mr. Weasley that would have snapped his neck if Harry had more control. Then he fired another dark arts spell at Severus that would have burned him to death had Severus not hastily erected a shield as you can tell that did not stop the spell in it's entirety despite his knowledge of the dark arts Severus was unable to come out unharmed." Dumbledore answered for the benefit of those that weren't there.

End Flashback

'I know Harry didn't do what Dumbledore says or at least as Dumbledore says so does George and Dad. Harry would never do what Dumbledore claims he was doing plus Harry invited us to his party and while inviting explained what happened...although he left a lot out of the story.' Coming out of his thoughts as Dumbledore started on what he obviously thought was important.

"Now we have intelligence that Harry will attempt to kidnap Miss Granger, Miss Weasley and Mr Weasley today at about noon via portkey. We must intercept this and capture Harry while rescuing Remus and Nymphadora and others he may have taken prisoner."

"First you don't need to worry, Ronikines isn't invited to the party second Harry's not kidnapping anyone he has invited them to his birthday party though Ron's off the invite list for being a jealous prat." George decided to speak up for Harry as there were less and less people doing that at the order meetings, even Dad although they thought that was because of Mum.

"George I fear you have fallen for Harry's lies. Harry has never invited people to birthday parties so he wouldn't start now." Was Dumbledore condescending answer.

"That's because he was always at the Dursley's and could never have a party."

"He was there, with a caring family who he now turned his back on, for both his and their protection."

"That 'Protection' didn't help him when the dementors came did it?"

Rather than waiting for an answer both Fred and George got up and left the meeting heading up stairs to talk to Ginny. Telling her what had happened and what the order planned she left for Hermione's with them after leaving a note say that she had gone back to the Burrow.


Spoken In French

"Come on Gaberielle." Still waiting for her sister to decide what she was going to wear to Harry's party, it was irritating the moment the letter had come back saying 31st July Gaberielle had immediately squealed in a really high pitch took the letter and put into a box in her room then ran back saying that they immediately needed to get Harry a present for his birthday. When she had asked why a present for his birthday Gaberielle had looked at her like she was the dumbest person on the planet and then told her that Harry's birthday was on the 31st. 'How did she know? Harry never said anything about his birthday.'

For an entire week after that they spent in the shops while Gaberielle looked for the 'perfect' present for Harry. When she found it she refused to tell her what it was or let her see it, very irritating.

She was now waiting to Gaberielle by the floo entrance, both of them were about to go to Harry's party, but Gaberielle was obsessing over what to wear.

End of in French


"Master Harry sir, youss needing to wake!"

Opening one of his eyes, all Harry could see was Dobby's large head looking at him. 'Those eyes are way too large'.

"Dobby has put out Master Harry's clothes for him; Mistress Tonks is saying that Master Harry is needing to get downstairs for breakfast soon or she is setting bushy witch on him."

'Bushy haired witch?...Hermione what is she doing here?' "Alright Dobby I'm getting up, tell Tonks that I'm getting a shower then we'll have breakfast." Getting up walking straight to his large bathroom, stripping as he walked into the shower.

Just letting the water hit him in an attempt to wake up properly, before actually showering. His thoughts wondering over the last few weeks since Remus joined them here, Tonks had gotten a bit bossier and domineering but he didn't mind, he had it worse with Hermione for five years and Tonks wasn't as bad as her. The not entirely unwanted image of Tonks in leather dominatrix gear holding a riding crop flash in his mind.

Leaning forwards and resting his head against the wall as water from the shower poured down upon his head and back, Harry's thoughts went back to his conversation with Remus a few days ago. It wasn't that different from when Fleur had asked him if he and Tonks were together, although Fleur hadn't sounded jealous of him when she had asked. While laughing about it and dismissing he idea that he any chance with Tonks or for that matter any woman that was suggested it was killing him inside remembering all the Dursley's comments about how worthless he was, people at the school or wizarding world in general as they accused and shunned him. All of it repeating in his head.

"Have to stay strong...can't show any weakness..." Mumbling to him self as his breathing depended in an effort to calm him self. Silent tears moving down his face unnoticed amongst the water.

"Master Harry! Mistress Tonks is tellings youss to hurry up!"

"AHHHHH!" Slipping over, surprised at Dobby's sudden arrival. Looking up from his position on the floor of the shower cubicle and seeing Dobby looking back worried, "Don't worry Dobby, I'll be down soon." To which he nodded and disappeared again. Deciding to quickly finish his shower and get dressed before any more mishaps Harry gets back to his shower.



Smiling at Tonks, Remus, Fred, George, Hermione and Ginny who now filled the dinning room. "Thanks." Looking over Harry could see the table had a number of presents on it, the amount was lower than it had been for the previous four years but he is in hiding so that's excepted. "So why are you guys...not that I'm complaining...here earlier?"

"Well dear Harry, our esteemed..." Started one of the twins.

"...leader, headmaster and general all round..."

"...medderler decided to tell everyone that..."

"...you are using the dark arts..."

"...and planned to kidnap..."



"...The Fabulous Fred..."

"...The Great George..."

"...And ickle Ronikins." And the other finished.

Gin-Gin was now firing hexes at both the twins as they had been moving about and swapping places in the hope that she wouldn't know which was which and not hex them.

"So Dumb and Dumber collected Ginny and I before the Order tried to intercept the portkey." Hermione who had been scowling at the twins for the new nickname now had a large smile on her face as he rushed forwards and enveloped Harry in a hug. "Happy Birthday Harry"

As soon as Hermione released Harry Ginny rushed forwards and caught him in a hug of her own. The twins now however were bound, tied, stuck to the wall, being attacked by bat bogies and their skin, hair and cloths a vast array of colours, while Tonks and Remus were doubled over laughing at them. Dobby and Winky in the kitchen working on cake and goodness knows what else.

"Harry..." Again one twin began.

"...our brother..."


"...great warrior of light..."

"...we'll fight death eater..."

"...the order, Aurors..."

"...snake face himself..."

"...just please..."

"...protect us from our Ginny!" Both finished together setting everyone off laughing.

Smiling to himself Harry thought, 'this is what I want all my birthdays to be like', still smiling as he walked over to greet Tonks and Remus still ignoring Fred and George as they sat down for breakfast.


It was now one o'clock the same afternoon, Andromeda and Ted Tonks had flooed in right after Neville and Luna had, which none of them had a problem with as Fleur had instructed Harry in how to add and remove people from the wards. Fleur and Gaberielle were still late, when Harry said something however Tonks, Ginny, Hermione and Andromeda all said as one 'fashionably late', while Luna commented that perhaps they were being held up my Hook-nosed ice behemoths who freeze cloths then use them to fortify their temple.

As Harry tried to think of a reply the Gryffindor quidditch team including Oliver and Lee portkeyed in, Dobby immediately taking their presents off them and directing them outside to where everyone was, exchanging ambulatory greetings and thanks.

As soon as the twins spotted the chaser girls they were dragged along with Lee to where a stereo system had been set up and to Harry's surprise a muggle station was put on as they started dancing.

"Come one Harry." Looking up at his name Harry saw Tonks looking like she normally does although her hair was the same colour as his eyes. "It's your party, you need to have fun." Grabbing him by the arm she pulled him over to where the other were dancing and making him dance with her as 'Bowling for soup's Girl all the bad guys want' started up.

As the song went on Harry relaxed into dancing, luckily it wasn't formal so once he had relaxed it was no problem. After a while the other girls started dancing with Harry although Ginny was being noticeably possessive, Fred and George were whistling at one point when he was dancing with Katie, Alicia and Angelina at the same time to 'Nelly Furtado's Say It Right'.

When Tonks first dragged Harry out to dance Fleur and Gaberielle arrived, Hermione first to spot them walked over.

"Hello Fleur." Smiling and hoping that Fleur would introduce Gaberielle as she never found out her name.

"Ermione, this is my sister Gaberielle," both girls said hello to each other, Gaberielle distractedly as she watched Harry dance. "how are you?"

"Fine, we had a little trouble getting here as Dumbledore told people that Harry was planning on kidnapping us but aside from that everything is good."

As Hermione and Fleur continued talking Gaberielle had gone of to talk to the girl she first saw dancing with Harry. Walking up to the girl and two adults until she was right behind the girl and then tapping her on the arm causing the girl to startle and jump slightly into the air before turning around to face her.

"You must be Gaberielle." Tonks said with a warm smile.

"Are you Harry's girlfriend? My sister wants to be Harry's girlfriend, so do I. That girl with the red hair acts like she's Harry's girlfriend, is she Harry's girlfriend?"

Staring at Gaberielle for a few seconds Tonks found herself trying to work out her such a small girl can talk for that long without taking a breath. "Ginny (she's the one with red hair) has liked Harry for years, at least that's what Hermione says."

"Is she Harry's girlfriend? Do you want to be Harry's girlfriend?" Gaberielle still looking at Tonks and her eyes still as wide as they had been earlier.

Blushing slightly at being asked repeatedly if she wanted to be Harry's or if she already was Harry's girlfriend while standing next to her parents who were taking way too much interest in this conversation. "No Ginny isn't Harry's girlfriend." Completely ignoring the second question especially with her mum just a next to her.

As Gaberielle skipped off to see Harry Tonks turned back to her mum to see her with a grin on her face that she didn't like one bit.

"So do you?"

"Do I what?" trying to play up her ignorance.

"Do you want to be Harry's girlfriend?" Andromeda making her voice sound as sweet and Gaberielle like as possible before laughing at her daughters face.

A couple off hours later found them all sat a table set up in the garden, presents all unwrapped when Hermione not able to contain herself any longer finally asks what was on everyone's mind.

"Harry what did you do at Gringott's?"

Sighing as he see that those that didn't already know were suddenly very interested in the conversation. The twins had stopped juggerling what looked like one of their new inventions a sort of spherical glass that kept changing colours, the way Hermione and Lee were eyeing it warily Harry guessed that it would be bad if it was dropped or suddenly activated. The three chasers suddenly looked up from their whispered conversation, and Luna's eyes became less cloudy.

"I can't tell you much, it's not magic and the weapon I used wasn't magic either, since it isn't magic I can't teach it unless that person is born with the ability like I was. At Gringott's I was attacked so I simply defended myself...oh and what I did to Bill and Snape wasn't dark magic. I can't tell you more than that." From the look on Hermione's face Harry knew she was going to argue the point.

"But Harr..."

"No. There is a very good reason that I'm not telling anyone Hermione and I expect you to respect that."

She must have realised from the look he was giving her not to argue because she didn't.

"Harry why don't you tell them about some of the abilities you found?" Remus suggested trying to lighten the mood as he remembered what happened a couple of days ago.

Giving him a look for a few minutes before finally equitation. "Telekinesis, enhanced speed, strength, stamina, some precognitive abilities both short term like during a fight and knowing what the person is going to do before they even do and long term like events that won't happen for months. I seem to learn things faster now as well." Thinking for a few seconds. "Some healing abilities, I seem to be able to understand languages but I'm not sure how that happened, this thing that Tonks calls 'mind trick' where I can plant a suggestion in someone's head. I can shot lighting from my finger tips...that's what you saw me do to Snape. Then there was using telekinesis to strangle Bill...Tonks suggested calling that something else, I been working on refining my telekinesis so instead of the simple push, pull, levitating objects I can also...although I haven't tested fully creating an outward...bubble of telekinesis that forces everyone and thing backwards the distance depended on the strength used. Controlling weapons at a distance like the sword you saw me using...running up and along walls...there isn't really a reason for doing that except for the fact that it looks cool." Thinking to see if he missed anything. "Oh and I have be working on levitating myself so sort of like flying...I haven't got far with it though. There are others that I don't want to learn because their too dark for me...there's this thing where you violently ripped knowledge and memories from someone's mind, this other one where you create a ball of energy which then explodes out wards vaporising those within it's radius. And there's the thought bomb, which is sort off like the last one but you don't need to be close by and it's effects are even worse it also trapped the remains of it's victims soul within a sphere of dark energy." Thinking about how his grandmother had invented that while she was a Dark Lord or is it Lady. The shuddered that ran through him at the thought that his grandmother had been worse than Voldemort was mistaken by those who didn't know as being in response to the power he just described.

Looking at there faces either filled with fear and awe he began wondering if maybe he'd said too much.

"You forgot one." Came Remus amused voice from the side.



As soon as he said this both Harry and Tonks blushed, Harry more heavily than Tonks, and Tonks had a small smile on her face as well.

Andromeda seeing this asked. And Tonks filled them in while Harry carried on blushing.

"Well Harry he was practicing his mind arts, Occlumency, mind trick and a few others and decided to try and sent me a thought or image." Smile getting bigger as she talked. "He tried sending me the memory of first meeting me. What did you actually send me Harry?" The smile on her face was massive now, Remus had already fallen to the floor laughing.

"Wait there was the sword skills that I didn't mention."

"Don't change the subject Harry."

To which Harry just mumbled the answer so low that no one heard.

"What was that?" Tonks still had the grin on her face.

"I sent you a memory of me in the shower." Blushing so bad that he could have been the first person to ever pass out from over blushing as everyone stared laughing. He missed the look that Tonks got from Fleur although Andromeda didn't.

Closing his eyes and taking a calming breath to try and control his embarrassment, automatically drifting and sensing, feeling the people close by. Tonks was really enjoying herself but it seemed stronger than that, more encompassing, warmer. Her parents were having fun too, Ted seemed speculative while Andromeda, who he learned earlier was his godmother, seemed to be...soaking up the time around him. Fleur had the same feeling as Tonks, the encompassing warmth but there was also jealousy...it was poisoning that block...shield he felt before. Gaberielle was throwing off waves of excitement and fear which he had come to recognise as awe, Hermione was more a mixture of curiosity and jealousy again. What was it with him and people being jealous of something? Ginny seemed to have large amounts of confusion mixed with sadness, but rather than probe to find what was wrong he left it for now. Don't want to become like Dumbledore. Remus however was more confusing he was equal parts happiness and sadness.

Snapping his eyes open to see that barely a second had passed since he closed them. That was always weird, meditation would feel like second when hours really passed or ages when time barely blinked. Something was different...it was like there were colour around people but at the edge of his vision, if he looked at them they would disappear, it was there but it wasn't. Both Tonks and Fleur had a sort of gold mixed with red around them although Fleur had bits of green in her's. That it! He could see their emotions or rather it was his ability to sense them, the gold-red being that warm emotion, green being the jealousy 'green with envy'.

Turning to Andromeda, "I Lord Black herby transfer control of all Black accounts and properties under my control to Andromeda Tonks nee Black daughter of the Ancient house of Black. So mote it be!" As soon as he finished there was a small flash of blue light. "I, Lord Black secure control of all Black accounts and property to those who hold them, So mote it be!"

Everyone was looking at him like he was mental, 'guess I am...I mean I'm not sure why I did that...just got a feeling when I looked at Aunt Andi and went with it like Vrook and Mum said.'

"Harry why on earth did you do that?" Tonks was shocked but at least didn't look like he was mental.

"Not sure, I got a feeling and went with it. Probably something to do with the precognitive stuff." Shrugging his shoulders as though he hadn't just transferred control of one of the largest accounts on the planet to someone else.

"Do you eve know what you just did?" Calming down now Tonks was checking to make sure he knew what he had done.

"Gave Aunt Andi..."Harry completely missed the look of pure happiness when he said that. "...control of the Black accounts and properties that were under my control and then made sure that the only person who could change that was Aunt Andi. My guess is that they were going to end up in snake face's hands some how, so I was just ensuring that they can't be taken away from her, or yours from you." Still acting as though this sort of thing happened every day.

"Harry I..." Andromeda started.

"Don't worry about it Andi I know their in good hands, which they will remain in." His voice stern at the end to allow no arguing. "Now if you excuse me for a moment." And with that Harry got up and left the table going inside.

After a few moments Hermione stood to go follow.

"Where do you think your going?" came Tonks' voice.

"To talk to Harry. He needs to talk to some one before he acts without thinking again and some one gets hurt."

Tonks and Remus' expressions darkened.

"No what you mean is that Harry has to run every decision by you and discuss until they meet your approval." Tonks all but growled.

Hermione now angry as well, "I don..."

"Hermione, I've been teaching Harry Occlumency, I've seen all his memories. How people all ways turn their backs on him when something bad happen using him as a scapegoat, then demand and expect that he save them from what ever is wrong. How you pressure him into telling you every thing, thinking that you HAVE to know everything about him or what's going on. How you can be just as bad as Snape for berating his mistakes and belittling his decisions, not trusting anything that he hasn't discussed at length with you." All of Tonks' pent up anger and frustration coming out.

Hermione was nearly in tears at having herself described like that.


Running up the stairs and then bursting into his room, Harry ran over to the holocrons activating them.

"Happy Birthday Sweetheart."

Shocked momentarily before recovering, "Thanks mum. I don't have long everyone is still down stairs which is why I'm here." Both of them were looking up at him. "You said that your sensors can detect other force sensitives?"

Comprehension dawned in both sets of eyes and for a moment neither moved before Lily answered. "Two, one male same age as you another female a few years older." Vrook nodded his agreement of the assessment.

"I was right then." Smiling as he knew how to identify others by his 'feelings'. "Neville, I think we can train him at Hogwarts using the room of requirement. Fleur on the other hand is going to be more difficult as she lives in France. Then there's the fact that Dumbledore isn't going to give me a moments peace if I go back to Hogwarts." a pensive look on his face.

"You could both go to Beauxbatons, that way you'd be away from Dumbledore, the Ministry and could try Fleur as she would be near by." His mum suggested.

"I don't know French, I think that Neville does, he was talking to a couple of Beauxbatons students about Herbology during the tournament. Come to think of it he was talking to some of the Durmstrung students as well, so were a lot of people." Frowning as he thought about it.

"Most pureblood families that follow the old traditions teach their children both French and German before the decide which school they will be sending them to. I imagine that Augusta thought Neville just in case he wasn't accepted to Hogwarts."

"How does that help me though?" Not trying to be selfish or self centred but Harry would at least like to finish his schooling at the same time as the rest of his year rather than having to repeat it with the younger years just because Dumbledore is a megalomaniac with Slytherin tendencies.

"You have demonstrated 'Force Comprehension' Miss Delacour could instruct you and you should pick up the language quickly." Vrook decided to speak for the first time today.

"That right and sweetie your grandmother was really good at what some of the younglings called 'Comprehend Speech' where Jedi is able to understand other languages with little difficulty, sometimes just knowing what they are say while no being able to speak it or in mum's case she was able to take the knowledge of the language and it's entirety from a person's mind, it's supposed to work better if the other person is force senetive also."

Running over both of their plans in his mind Harry decided it was do-able, but what about combining to two, Comprehend Speech with Force Comprehension, would it speed up how quickly he assimilates the knowledge or would it make the process of taking the knowledge from a person mind smoother.

"Thank you, I'll talk to both of you after the party." With that he left the removing, leaving both his mum and Vrook to deactivate themselves.

Coming back out side to find Tonks and Hermione arguing, while he won't disagree with some of the stuff that Tonks said he still won't say to Hermione. Opening his mouth to get them to stop only to here multiple cracks of apparation.

Death eater had crashed his party.


Andromeda, Ted, Gaberielle and Fleur watched in awe as the moment the cracks of apparation started everyone else burst into action. Tonks was an Auror and Remus fought in the last war, Harry's life was always in danger and his closest friend were at the ministry so that wasn't surprising. What was the Gryffindor team suddenly acting as well, stunning the death eaters nearest them and working in pairs.


Immediately kicking the leg in the death eater to his right as hard as he can at the knee breaking it, turning a little so he can grab the wand arm of the death eater on his left and snapping his forearm forcing him to drop his wand in pain before swing his right leg into the air and kicking the death eater behind him in the jaw breaking that too and knocking him unconscious. All with in a matter of seconds.

Looking up and seeing a killing curse coming at him Harry grabs the death eater on his right by the collar and puts him in front of Harry to take the curse then lets him drop to the ground. Using the force to throw the death eater who fired at him across and on to one of the tables, force enhanced jumping out of the way as a smattering of spells hit where he was a second ago. While still in the air Harry aimed his right arm and fired lighting at those that had just been firing at him, badly burning them.

As he hit the ground and rolling up from it to look about, Neville was fighting two death eaters by himself, Luna, Ginny and Hermione were working to together against a group of them. The team was broke up in pairs fighting against death eaters as well, so were Tonks and Remus although they were fighting a group of about six death eaters. Aunt Andi, Ted, Gabby and Fleur however were off to the side together not fighting as well as the others.

Thinking desperately for something that will make the death eaters attack only him, his mind conjured the image of only him and the death eaters being here. Suddenly the death eaters stopped firing spells and all turned to look and him before advancing in on him. Looking at them, they had formed a semi circle around Harry, his guests from earlier were confused by the sudden shift but were using the breather to heal the minor wounds and regroup.

All at once the death eaters started firing spells, though none of them unforgivable. Raising a hand, his movements guided again all the spells seemed to stop when they hit an invisible barrier. Knowing what to do Harry thru his arms outwards.


Gaberielle was watching wide eyed as Harry fought with no weapons. He had stopped three death eaters almost as soon as they arrived and then he put one in the path of a killing curse. While in England that action might have been frowned upon, in France and the rest of the world killing dark wizards during combat wasn't a bad thing. Only in England they didn't kill dark wizards. 'Daddy said it was because of Dumbledore's stupid ideas'.

Then Harry moved his hand and one of them went flying, jumping high he fired lighting from his fingers and more death eaters. Suddenly all the death eater stopped like they didn't see them and they went after Harry. But the spell all stopped against something that Harry made have made.


All the guests were watching transfixed as Harry thru his arms outwards and visible ripples in the air throwing everything they impacted outwards including the dirt under his feet, the death eaters who were standing around him were thrown as well but a lot more violently some managing twenty feet into the air before crashing back down to earth.

And there at the epicentre covered in dirt, panting and exhausted was Harry atop a small piece of grass, around him a shallow crater where the grass and dirt had been blasted away in all directions for six meters.

"I guess I best drop these off at the ministry." was all Harry said before he raised one of his arm and then brought it sharply back towards him, this action brought all the unconscious or dead death eaters to him. "Portus" and the next second Harry and the death eaters were gone.

"I can't believe he did that!" Came Hermione's somewhat angry voice.


"He killed some of those death eaters!"

Hermione got five "So?" in response or at least variations of it. To which she looked like they were idiots. Course Fleur answered on behalf of Andromeda, Tonks, Remus, Gabby and herself.

"Arry did what he needed to do to save us. He did nothing wrong."

"He can't just go about killing people." Hermione answered hotly.

"He doesn't, Arry, will kill those that attack him. Wizarding Britain is the only country that arrests people for rightly defending themselves. Even muggle soldiers shoot to kill in wars. Arry is fighting a war, you need to understand that, while you may run around thinking that the school is the most important thing Arry has to fight a war." Fleur getting increasingly upset at Hermione's lack of understanding.

The twins deciding it would be better not to get into argument tried to steer it away.

"Did you see-"

"-that where he thru that-"

"-one death eater-"

"-across the tables-"

"-like he was nothing"

"Or where he was firing lightening from his fingers. I'd love to do that to some Slytherins." Lee adding his option.

"Harry already has, he did it to Snape a couple of weeks ago." Ginny too.

"He also did this thing to Bill where he was strangerling him without touching him. He didn't like Bill comments about Fleur." Hermione mollified added weakly from near by, Fleur having heard this asked what went on.


"Kingsley!" Harry yelled as soon as he landed in the middle of the magical law enforcement department. Offices in all directions, tables set up to talk to junior or low ranking Aurors, people some how being magically bound taken to and from cells.

"Lord Gr..." stopping as soon as he saw all the death eaters at Harry's feet.

Deciding to keep with the illusion of not knowing Kingsley. "Are you Kingsley?" to which he nodded blankly, by now everyone with in the vicinity was looking over at them. "Good can I trust you to arrest these death eaters, they attacked my party." Harry would have continued but he was interrupted by someone he was hoping to miss.

"Mr Potter" the overly sweet and in Harry's option vomit inducing voice of Umbridge. "Mr Potter who have you attacked now."

From the look that just about everyone in the department gave her none of them liked her, most likely hated her.

"These death eaters attacked my party, I defended myself, you'll probably need some medi-wizards or witches as most of them are badly injured, the rest are dead."

A shocked silence greeted the last announcement.

"We'll deal with this." was all he got from Umbridge, Harry found himself slightly disappointed, he was expecting her to try and arrest him for killing 'up standing members of society'.

"No, I will be dealing with this, Kingsley will be arresting them."

"Mr Potter. This is a ministry matter best left to the professional." the way she emphasised words told Harry what she thought of him.

" I will deal with it because I will not leave my life in the hands of Ministry corruption and incompetence. I and those who can think for themselves know that these will be out again soon, whether broken out by Voldemort or because you, Fudge and about two thirds of the ministry are probably in the pocket of wealthy death eaters."

It was only at this point that Harry noticed the reporter from the Prophet who had been trying to find out more information about Skeeter.

Instead of letting her reply Harry merely apparated to Gringott's.

Landing at the apparation point Harry strode directly to Griphook's teller ignoring the whispers of people around him.

"Griphook, is there any way in which some one could find out from Gringott's where ay of my properties are located?"

Looking up and seeing the fire in Harry's eyes Griphook got a good idea what was going on.

"Not unless they are a goblin Lord Gryffindor."

"Thank you Griphook."

Again apparating away, this time back to DMLE.

As soon as he landed Harry walked directly to the department of records again ignoring everyone and Umbridge's screeching. The reporter sensing more story followed.

Walking straight into the department and over to the land ownership/residency again entering without so much as a word or glance. Only to find Dawlish reaching up to the Muggleborn files, sleeve of his robe falling back to reveal a dark mark. With out thinking Harry raised an arm and with a swift motion to the side Dawlish was flung out of the room into the corridor atop Umbridge knocking them both to the floor. Arrested by Scrimgeour before he could move Dawlish only then realised he'd been found.

Harry hadn't even bothered to look back his anger rising Harry raised the other arm pointing his palm at the cabinets that held the files. A small ball of light appeared red, gold and black vied for dominance across the ball as it grew bigger before Harry released it. As soon as it impacted it vaporised the cabinet, the pieces that survived were soon consumed by the fire however.

Harry simply apparated back to Black Manor.


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