Author Notes: I began writing this a while ago; this is a separate story from my main SSB series. Basically this story was something I began to write as a change of pace. However I lost interest in writing it. Recently though my interest was renewed. Because of the delay this was originally going to take place in February. However nothing very interesting happens in February (Save for valentine's day and this time a leap year...) (Mind you to be fair nothing that interesting besides Christmas, and New Years happens in December...) so this story is going to take place in an alternate universe where SSBB was released on December 3rd... and that the stores would of had it shipped to them prior instead of getting the shipments in the middle of the day... yes I'm bitter about those practices... In any case with out further ado:

Disclaimer: I don't own any Nintendo characters... As much as I would like to... I only own the nameless main character of this story. (I also own Rai, Sui, and Tei)

Day 0:

The following is all-true, for those who find these documents thank you for taking your time to read through them. I reiterate that the following is all true and written down from my memory exactly as I remembered it. All of those days that I spent in that mysterious place, and the friends I made. I will not forget you, ever. Now let us begin:

I opened my eyes to the ringing of my alarm and lazily stared at the ceiling of my room. My eyes slowly drifted to the clock. "3 bloody AM!" I moaned reaching towards the alarm to shut it off and turn on the light. Immediately I jumped off of my bed and onto the cold ground. I don't know how long I had been waiting for this day. Yes it was finally here Monday December 3rd, 2007.

Quickly I changed clothing and I raced out of my house down to my car. I opened the door and I entered it. Looking at my house I drove off.

The drive was rather smooth. A small blanket of fresh snow had fallen on the road the previous night, but now it had stopped snowing. The roads weren't icy. After about 7 minutes of driving I landed in front of EBgames. After parking I got out and walked up to the door. I looked up and there in front of me was someone else draped in a cloak, he appeared to be shivering.

In a bit of shock I stared at the person. "Hello," I muttered a bit cautious staring at his cloak partly afraid that it might be hiding a weapon of some kind. He looked at me. From underneath the cloak I was positive that I could feel his smile.

"I'm glad I'm not the only one." He said calmly. I just stared puzzled. "To be so obsessed with this game and coming here in the early hours of the morning to essentially freeze until the store opens."

"Misery loves company." I muttered.

"Why do you want it?" He asked me.

I was taken aback by the sudden question. Thinking about it for a minute I eventually responded. "For fun."

"Did you ever own the N64 installment?" He asked.

"Yes" I responded with out hesitation. In my mind I was trying to figure out what this guy wanted. Was he just trying to start a conversation? Was he trying to be friendly? Was he secretly plotting my demise? "And you?"

"Yes." I couldn't explain it but the very air around him seemed to be full of a positive energy. "Why did you buy it?"

Once again I hesitated. To be honest I couldn't even remember why I bought it, in fact I didn't buy it. It was given to me as a gift. But I had rented it before then; all that I saw was the commercial, the one where Pikachu, Mario, Donkey Kong, and Yoshi were skipping through the field when suddenly they began to fight. I only needed to see it once and I was hooked. Mainly for Pikachu... Hey I was young back then!

We talked for hours. Each of us talking about our previous gaming experiences quite freely. We talked about our first games we ever played, his was Donkey Kong in the arcade, and mine was Punch Out on the NES. Eventually we had exchanged Wii friend codes and he even went to a nearby coffee shop and got us both a coffee.

Until eventually the manager had came to the store. A few others had joined us but more closely to the time when the store was about to open. Almost ready I pulled out the receipt from my wallet. Since the day I had preordered it I looked at it nearly daily, just to prove that it was real.

Eventually the store opened. They only allowed two of us in at a time so I felt slightly relived that I wouldn't be last in the line. That I wouldn't be the last one to go home. Everything seemed almost too good to be true. Boy it was. Getting the game was easy. Going home was the hard part. It seemed just like every other day everyone out on the road was a blithering idiot, and out to kill you. Or inexplicably slower. Just today it seemed more noticeable. A lot more noticeable.

Its only a centimeter of snow! You aren't going to slide off of the road and to your death from THAT! The plough has all ready been through!

I was screaming in my head. How much I wanted to it say out loud... how much I wished my car had a button that launched photon torpedoes or a tachyon beam or something that would break down their car and get them out of my way. I had been waiting for this game for too long. At this rate I gravely feared that I would never be able to play it today in all of its glorious Mario vs. Sonic splendor. I should also probably take a brief moment to break this narrative and quickly say that I was a Genesis kid. However by the start of the next chapter this is all highly irrelevant and rather pointless so its probably not worth that much noting it or really mentioning it, unless of course I have some secret ulterior motive, such as a high word count but I doubt that considering this is only for my own personal documentation...

I hit every red light between the EBgames and my house, which would equate for 6 on the route I took.

When I got home I rushed in to the house and quickly locked the door.

I walked into my room and closed the door behind me locking it. With no hesitation I ripped off the plastic wrap and opened the game. "That car ride seemed to take forever." I muttered to myself. "I can't believe I hit every single bloody red light... This is it, isn't it Chocolate? Goodbye college education!" I said to my black cat that was sleeping peacefully on my bed. Suddenly everything became blurry, I felt as though there was a bunch of weight pushed against me. I collapsed onto the bed and looked up. The last thing I remember was staring into my cat's eyes who was lying on the bed curled up into a ball. It was then I blacked out.

To be continued...

There was going to be a scene where the two people were talking about the review scores of SSBB and how they were all perfect 10's across the board... specifically from Gamespot. However due to recent events I decided to cut it out... Evidently my anticipation and hope for this game is high... there is only two more things that this game could have to make it absolutely perfect in my books... first Mii incorporation in someway shape or form. I think as an actual fighter would be a bit farfetched but hey I could finally punch Wario in the face for being the ugly money grubbing person he is, or Sonic for anything after Sonic Heroes. The second looks sort of possible. SDcard music. MP3's off of the SD card being able to be played as music in a way similar to Excitetruck.