Epilogue: December 3rd, Again

I awoke to an alarm buzzing. I just turned over in the bed and faced the wall. I closed my eyes for a few seconds, but the alarm just kept on buzzing.

"You ruined another nice dream." I muttered. I felt a heavy lump located around legs begin to stir. It let out a mew. "Sorry Chocolate, I'll turn it off."

I turned around and reached for the alarm clock. And then my eyes froze at the time. "What 3 AM!?" I said confused. I got up and rushed to my cell phone that was charging in the wall. I confirmed the time.

"What's going on?"

I was exhausted. I felt some slight pain through out most of my body. I turned on the lights. The black cat just opened its eyes and glared at me. I just stood there in my room frozen. The past 35 days rushed right through me. "It wasn't a dream? Right?"

I looked around the room, looking for a sign, anything.

There was something else waiting on my dresser. The case of Super Smash Brothers Brawl. I stared at it for several seconds in disbelief.

I rushed through the house and checked every single calendar in the house. All of them said December 3rd. It took me a few seconds to remember that if I wasn't actually here, the calendars would have never been switched. I went and turned on anything else that could tell me the date. The TV, the computer, my phone.

It all pointed to December 3rd. I decided that the only thing to do now was to go out to EB Games, and see if I could buy a copy of the game. Maybe that person would also be there, waiting for me once again.

I think its time to clean up all of these lose ends.

I changed into some jeans that I had set out. However I felt something in my pocket.

I reached into my pocket and pulled out two things. The first was a card, the second was the Smash Pendant. I opened the card. It was signed by all of the Smashers. Each of them saying "good bye Nugai," in one way or another.

I collapsed and broke down into tears.

"Damn it." I muttered.

I glanced up at the dresser and there was also a sword on display. Wrapped around the grip, guard, and sheath was chains. I got up and grabbed it. I looked at myself in the mirror, and then at my left eye. It was a different color. I just blinked a few times thinking that my eyes were playing tricks on me.

"It really all did happen." I said, finally accepting it. "It wasn't a dream…"

I took the sword and walked out of the house and got into my car. It took a few seconds to remember how to drive. No autopilot. No insanely fast F-Zero racer. I laughed.

I passed the odd car on the street, and then I made it to the small strip mall where the EB Games was. I parked the car at the far end of the parking lot. I had the feeling that this confrontation could get a little violent, and we would need a lot of free space. I grabbed the sword and it instantly transformed into a chain bracelet with a sword charm on it, it just wrapped around my wrist.

I walked to the store, and waiting for me was someone covered in a cloak. It had been 35 days, but I remembered the other person clearly. He was shivering in the bitter December wind. But this person was different. This person looked somewhat warm under that cloak. The aura that they were letting off was something more akin to "I've been waiting for you," rather than the surprise that the first person had.

"You're not the same person I encountered the last time I was here." I said.

"How observant." The voice said. This was that of a female. "That was Tei the last time."

"And you are?"

"His replacement." She said coldly. "You don't need to know anything else, since you're about to die."

She pulled out a gun and just pointed it right at me. I just stood there, unfazed. "Ah, Miss Manager." I said. "I almost didn't recognize you, that and I thought you were dead. That and I haven't been able to repay you for that whole using me as your experiment." The sword appeared in my hand.

"Do you have any idea what you have just done?" She said, gritting her teeth.

"Sort of." I laughed. "Although, it's kind of hazy for me, and it's slowly coming back... but I think there was something about separating two worlds, stopping a war, stopping someone trying to commit genocide, nothing too important."

"Quit joking!" She snapped. She fired the gun, however I was much faster. I had just blocked the barrel with the sheathed sword. I imagined that might of actually been disastrous had that not been a magical sword...

"Now, where were we?" I wondered. "I never did get your real name, Manager..."

"Claire." She replied.

"Okay we're getting somewhere." I said. "Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Andrew."

"I know who you are." She sneered.

"Ah, good." I said calmly. "Now then, you're a part of a company named Zenith that's working on fusing the two universes, and I'm here to stop you to prevent the possible complete and total destruction of existence, or making life a living hell for everyone on this planet."

She just laughed. "You think you can stop us?"

"Yeah." I replied back.

She pulled out another gun from underneath her cloak and fired it at me. The bullet however just froze in front of me. "What?!"

"I'm glad I still have these powers." I laughed. I reached up to the bullet and just flicked it up into the sky where a moment later it exploded.

"Do you have any idea what you're standing against?" She wondered.

"I'm just stopping video game characters from becoming real in this world." I said.

"This is much bigger than your childish delusions!" She snapped. "What you've done has set back our progress for who knows how long! We have to crack your code, and then, our relationship with the Smashers was ruined. Argh! Not to mention you getting rid of the Reaper so that they are no longer developing technology for wars on that side. I should have killed you when I had the chance!"

"Wait, how do you know all of this?" I asked. "All I gathered was that I changed the time line, and I have returned to the morning before I went back into that world. But you clearly know about my escapades."

"Have you heard of the Morphogenetic Field?"


"Of course you haven't, those games haven't been released yet."

"What games?" I wondered.

"999, and Virtue's Last Reward." She replied.

I just made a mental note to remember those names.

"It allows you to do many things. One application is jumping across multiple timelines." She said. "It was an ability that Zenith got it's hands on very quickly in that world as it was extremely beneficial. Our plan was perfect too. We had finally tracked you down. And we intended to get you back into the other world. In order to fight the Reaper. You two would kill each other, and be out of Zenith's hair for ever."

"So, you knew where I was the whole time..." I said.

"Yes. Even though you didn't go back into the worlds... That saved you. We couldn't act until we were absolutely, 100 percent, sure it was you, but the threat of the Reaper on the other end made it much more difficult and we had to start acting soon." She just put her guns back underneath the cloak. "He pulled you in to try and get you to help him... and everything just blew up. So, it appears that we can't kill you now."

I just nodded.

"Andrew, we will meet again." She said beginning to walk away.

"Aren't you staying for the game?" I wondered.

She just laughed. "I guess it was your altering the world, but you hadn't heard, or you're not fully in sync with this world yet. I'll save you some embaressment. The game was delayed until February 2008."

"Thanks." I said.

Though, I only came out here to see you, got my copy waiting for me back home on my dresser.

I just laughed in my head and she walked away. I was glad that we at least didn't have that big of a fight. The sword just returned to the bracelet form and I walked back to my car.

The drive back to my house was rather uneventful. I got back into my room and just sat at the end of the bed for a few seconds. Chocolate began to rub himself against my arm and I just moved it to pet him.

"It looks like we have some long years ahead of us." I laughed.

I fell asleep and woke up some hours later. The first thing I did was look at the Smash Bros. Dojo. The update was about friend codes. I just gritted my teeth a bit and pounded my fist against the desk. I chuckled a bit at the "Real men use items!" line. Online fourms were filled with comments about how it could have been today, being frustrated with the delay. Others were taking the items line far too seriously and thinking that it was a personal attack against them.

I just looked at my copy of the game. I could imagine a devilish smile appeared on my face. Oh all the evil that I could do... This new power that I had, it would be so easy to abuse. Compared to Zenith I was good, but no one ever said good had to be nice... and after the past 35 days of hell I figured I could at least do a little bit of self indulgence...

I glanced at my cell phone. "I guess there is one thing I need to check out." I sighed. I just dialed the Reaper's number. In the back of my head I thought I should have double checked facebook or something online to make sure he was alive first. But he picked up.

"Hello?" He answered.

"Hey." I said. "This might seem like a strange request, but, you're in town still right?"

"Yeah." He nervously laughed. "I don't have any classes until tomorrow, so I was planning on heading back tonight."

"Well, in that case, are you busy?" I asked.

"No, why?"

"Want to play some games?" I wondered.

"Yeah sure..." he said. "Don't you have class?"

"I decided to skip today." I said. "We're using my Wii though."

"Eh?" He said a bit confused.

"I'll be there in half an hour." I said.

There was one other thing I wanted to do before I left. I found two small glass bead like stones that I had lying around. I transfered what I had left of Dialga and Palkia's power into the stones and then attached them to the bracelet. I had edited the stones so that they would act as something that would constantly draw in power, and refill. In the upcoming battles ahead, I was sure I was going to need those abilities.

I quickly packed up the Wii and ran out of the house. I got to his house, and knocked. He looked at me a bit confused and then invited me in. We made our way to the kitchen where he began to put water in a kettle.

"So how have you been?" He asked.

"Busy." I replied. "Running for my life, fighting a psycho maniac, discovering some conspiracy."

He just laughed as he began to take down some mugs. "So, I take it to mean that your NaNoWriMo went well."

"Yeah, that went well. I learned so many things during it. Like, you shouldn't jump inbetween a truck charging at a car with a sword." I laughed.

He dropped the mugs in shock, and they shattered across the floor. He just turned to face me, a look of absolute terror was in his eyes. "What?"

I just stood up and went to the shattered mugs on the ground. With a wave of my hand they were repaired. "There's a lot that I need to tell you, and it must never be repeated to anyone else. Your mother isn't home, right?"

"She's gone to work..." He said.

I closed my eyes and used aura to see the entire house. There was no one else here. I just reached into my bag and pulled out the copy of Super Smash Brothers Brawl. "What, but that was delayed... You were ranting on facebook and were quite vulgar about that back in October..."

"There's a lot to talk about." I said.

He just nodded. I went to the living room and quickly switched his Wii with mine. He came with the drinks and we began our long discussion during rounds of Smash Bros.

"So, that's what it was all about." He said. "Back then when you appeared in front of me..."

"Yeah." I sighed.

"So, what's your plan?" He asked.

"I don't know..." I replied. I decided for right now to keep the details of the time that was left to myself. "Quit school I guess."

"What?!" He said shocked. "Come on, where are you going to get money to live or..."

"What if I tell you I'm feeling really lucky?" I wondered. "Like I can win the lottery this week..."

"That's kind of a big gamble..." He said.

"Well, I've got 1 week of school and then exams start next week." I said. "If I win the lottery, I don't think it will be that big of a deal..." In my head I formulated the plan all ready, I'd abuse Dialga's power to see the winning numbers and play that. I'd get enough money there, invest it in stocks that I would know how it would preform due to Dialga's power, and essentially build up my finances. So, when it came down to it I'd be well armed.

"I wish you luck through..." He laughed. I questioned if he had figured it out that I had the ability to win the lottery every time I played it.

"Well, thanks for listening to me." I said.

We began to do a run through of the Subspace Emissary. It really felt nice for those few hours. Even in the Great Maze we didn't get too annoyed or discouraged. For those moments, it was like we were kids again, playing through Streets of Rage 2, or Gunstar Heroes. We were joking, laughing, riffing the various monsters. And then we got to Tabuu. His off waves kept on destroying us. Neither of made the connection of trying to dodge, but somehow we were able to whittle down his health before he used them 3 times to take out the six combined stock.

"Well, that was fun." He laughed as the credits played.

"Thanks for everything." I said, tears were pouring down my face.

He looked at me a bit shocked. "Hey, why are you crying?" He wondered. "The ending wasn't that sad, is it the music?"

I however just placed my hand on his forehead. He froze, and I just removed the memories. "I'm sorry, but, what I told you, I can't trust you with that information. I know you're still a target. I can't let you get caught up in this until the time is right."

I just packed up the wii. After I had put it in a bag, I turned to him.

"Well, thanks for everything today." I said.

He came back to his senses. I had rewritten his memories. He would just remember us playing through Streets of Rage 2, Gunstar Heroes, and some rounds of Wii Sports. "Yeah, no problem." He said. "Can't believe we still got it for Gunstar Heroes."

"Probably could of put up with the playing the higher difficulty level bullshit in Streets of Rage 3 too today." I laughed.

"See ya."

"Yeah. See ya. I'll stay in contact with you." I said.

I walked out to my car and just opened the door.

"So, you and the Reaper aren't so different after all." A voice said. I just glanced over to see the Observer sitting in the passenger's seat. "Both of you think you can endure it by yourself."

"I just needed to get that off of my chest." I replied, getting in the car and closing the door. I held out the bullet that said Reaper on it. "I've put the memories back into this, I'll return them to him one day, but for the time being he needs to be safe while I prepare. I also think it might of been kind of a stupid idea to say my financing plan to him out loud, so I kind of needed to erase that."

"Why's that?" The Observer wondered.

"Just that if he knew, he might ask me for the next week's lottery numbers." I laughed. "Blackmail me, tell everyone that I can see the next lottery numbers. It might be rather disastrous. Then, well, who knows if the lottery numbers I play with that information would still be legal, you know?"

"I see..." The Observer said.

I drove back to my house, but we got to a stoplight. I glanced over at the Observer who was just sitting there.

"Observer, there is one thing I don't understand." I said.

"And what is that?" He wondered.

"When the Reaper altered history, it created an alternate universe, but, when I altered history, I didn't." I said.

"Consider it the difference of your powers." The Reaper said. "You are now one of 14 people who would be able to alter reality, since you have bonded with an Akashic Point. When that Reaper saved you and pushed you out of the world, he only obtained Dialga and Palkia's powers. He had not been with Akashic Point, and therefore his power was limited."

"What do you mean by one of 14?" I said confused.

"You and 13 others, the first humans in either world to come into contact with an Akashic Point will be essentially gods. There are 7 in each universe. You were using the power of the Akashic Point with out knowing it, and that allowed you to alter reality, and not create another parallel universe." The Observer said.

"So, there are at least 7 others?" I asked. "That could go and break the seal."

"In theory." The Observer said. "However, currently no Akashic points have been found in this world. As far as I know, it's just you."

"What about the Reaper?"

"When you changed history, it was probably made so that he never bonded with the point." The Observer said.

"But that was only this world. He bonded in the other world." I said. I glanced at the bullet. "If, he knew, he probably could have the link still established to this bullet, when I shoot him... he will regain that power."

"Interesting." The Observer said. "So that Akashic point will lay in stasis, even if he dies..."

"So 5 points over there, and 7 over here." I said. "I'd say I should look for them, but that would draw attention to them and Zenith will be wanting to get their hands on anything to make up for what they lost."

The Observer just nodded and I continued driving. Eventually we got to my house and I let him in. We just made it to my room where I set up the Wii.

"Could we play that game of Smash Brothers now?" He wondered.

I let off a heavy sigh. "To be honest, I'm kind of smashed out today. I don't want to look at it for at least a month. I'd prefer a game of Mario Party instead."

He had a smile across his face. "Very well, but I will want a game of Smash Brothers in the future. Maybe at the actual release day."

"Okay." I said. "But, by the end of the week, I'll have a lot of free time, you can come over and play games constantly with me if you want."

"What are you planning on doing with the money?" He asked.

"Of course the investing in stocks that I know will go higher and get me more money, but besides that, a new house, a car, probably give some to my parents for putting up with, and build a bigger video game collection." I said.

"What?" He said a bit confused. "With that last one why?"

"Right now, I can't do anything to stop Zenith. I have no idea where to even start. But the strongest weapon I can have is knowledge. I think the best course of action would be to make sure I know what's coming, and what the people on the other side are capable of. We'll fight fire with fire, if they want to use that technology, we will use it as well. When the seal breaks, I need to know the abilities of anyone and of everyone." I continued. "Like the pieces of a chess board. They can only move certain ways but there is a nearly unlimited amount of games that those pieces could play."

"I see." The Observer said.

"But for right now, let's play for fun." I said.

We went through a few boards of Mario Party 8. The Observer seemed to get the grasp of the game quickly. The thing that seemed to throw him off the most was the motion controls, and the different ways to hold the controller for each mini game.

At the end of the 3rd 20 turn round he had finally managed to beat me. It was now about midnight. "Do you want to go for another game?" I wondered.

He just shook his head. "Sorry, but I think I should return back to doing my main job."

"All right." I said. "Guess I better go to sleep too. Tomorrow, or I guess today now, will begin the first day I have to start preparing..."

"Andrew..." The Observer said.

"Nugai is fine." I said.

"Very well then." He said. "I'll see you at the end of the week."

I just nodded.

That night, I had a dream. I was back in the land of Johto. In front of me was my team of Pokemon. "I want to make amends, will you ever forgive me?" I asked. They all happily chirped. "Let's go to Hoenn, and continue our adventures, and afterwards, Sinnoh."

That was the last time I had any contact with that world.

Even now, I don't know if it was just a dream or I was capable of telling through telepathy that a part of me had been left behind in that world still having adventures. My memory, the imprint that had been left upon that world.

For now though, I can't help but wonder if my adventure was just something small, or if it was going to be the beginning of something much bigger. But I knew that if Project Fantasia was ever completed, or that the worlds ever began to cross over, this world wouldn't be unprepared.

I didn't go to school for the rest of the week. I locked myself in my room and just recounted my adventure to the best of my ability. I typed it up as best as I could. I figured there might be a clue or two that I over looked that any potential allies would see. Wednesday night I went out and bought the first lottery ticket that would be the beginning of my finances for the fight against Zenith. Thursday I announced my 'surprise' win to my family. Friday I played another lottery ticket. And the Observer came to berate me.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk." He said. "Wasn't school supposed to be important Andrew."

"I had a change of plans." I said. "I'll do my exams next week, no need to worry. Although after winning tonight's lottery, I'll announce everything to my family that I'm dropping out of college."

"So what are we playing tonight?" The Observer wondered.

"I'm thinking of some more Mario Party. We'll do Mario Party 5 this time." I said.

"Very well then." He said.

"How has Zenith been the past week?" I wondered.

"Frustrated beyond belief." He said. "You better keep yourself low key, they know you won the lottery, and were looking for ways to prove that you had rigged it."

"Try as they might, they will never find it though." I laughed. "I'll just be seen as the world's luckiest man. And then there would be the problem of if they say that I used powers from another dimension, their plans might get ruined too, so they have to tread cautiously. They're pretty much just biting down and taking it."

Our games of Mario Party continued. "How's the eye?"

"It's been a little dry." I sighed. "Nothing some eye drops and water doesn't cure. But I have found out a few other things. While I can't edit any part of my body, the eye that you gave me is the exception. I applied some of Dialga's power to it, and now I can see things like the results of a scratch card, or what minigame we'll be playing next."

"But can you see why kids love Cinnamon Toast Crunch?" The Observer wondered.

I just shot him a glare. "No." I dully said.

The games continued, until the Observer decided to leave at 1 in the morning. I just lied down on my bed and looked up at the ceiling. "Damn it." I muttered. "Fantasia... This is going to be a real big pain..."

I soon drifted to sleep. Ahead of me would be a long 7 years... Hopefully I would be able to stop Zenith and Fantasia.


Final thoughts:

And that's the end of this story. Hmm… This story took a bit too long to write. At least I finished it before SSB 3DS came out.

Well, I'm glad that it's the end. But not really sure what else to say… Ah well until next time.