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"Hey, thanks for the party Eyes!" Ryoko smiled and waved from the porch, beside Kosuke who was seeing her home. Rio went with Hiyono, since they both were getting groceries. Also they'd be safer traveling in groups than alone.

"Say thanks for the food to Ayumu for us too!" Hiyono called out.

Eyes nodded in acknowledgement and waved back, sending them on their way before it got too dark and dangerous. He watched them disappear out of his gateway, and sighed. Hopefully the silent bodyguards were a good idea.

He made his way back into the house, a summer 2 storey villa his parents gave him while he was here in Japan. It wasn't beautifully designed on the outside, to avoid attention, but on the inside was a different story. He passed under the sparkling Swarovski crystal chandelier specially designed and custom made for his family; two flights of marble stairs arching and bending like the wings of a falcon that led up to the second floor. Expensive ornaments littered the corridors, showing off the proud status and wealth of the Rutherford family.

He entered the dining and proceeded to clear the remaining dishes, hearing the distant rush of water coming from the kitchen. Since he lived alone, the servants only came on the last day of the week, and today was only Friday. Ayumu had volunteered to wash the dishes, since he was partly responsible; the cook who dirtied the plates. He grinned and wondered if there was any other intention.

Eyes found the first-year elbow deep in water, retrieving yet another plate to scrub. His light blue shirt was tucked out rebelliously, and his sleeves were folded up so as not to get them wet. With a forgotten apron resting on his hips, Eyes could not help but imagine him as a housewife. Or househusband, for that matter.

He moved to Ayumu's right and dumped the remaining dishes into the soaking basin with a clatter, earning a soft "thanks" from the brown head. He nodded sliently, and noted that his sleeve was beginning to drop.

Ayumu was startled and jumped as cool fingers made contact with his skin, his hand instinctively pulling back in a flash as he spun to face Eyes.


"Your sleeve was dropping; I thought I'd fold it up higher." Eyes stated manner-of-factly, his cat-like eyes staring into Ayumu's without breaking his gaze.

Ayumu stuttered, and gave up what he was trying to say. "I can do it myself." He mumbled while starting to fold the said sleeve.

Eyes was mildly surprised. So his hunch was right, the little flickers of gaze, refusal to send him things alone, the little flirtings he himself flashed at Ayumu and got no response; were signs of a crush he was trying to suppress.

He chuckled inwardly; it was difficult to accept the fact that one was gay and habouring an interest in your fellow male friend at the same time. He had the first problem, but never the second one after he had come to terms with his sexual orientation. He had to admit though, he did have a small interest in the student when they had first met, and it had definitely grown over the few weeks since they had started working together.

Ayumu cursed himself at his reaction; he knew it was a definite revelation of the emotions surging through him. Eyes Rutherford, a 17 year old world-class pianist, who is quick-witted and calm. And a Blade Child.

And the object of his confusing desire.

Ayumu was always baffled by his attraction to the pale, silver-haired person standing beside him. The way the light played with his hair, turning it to various shades of grey, blue and lavender at different angles, the way his fingers nimbly worked to open packets or play the piano. Ah yes, the white and black keys that seemed to produce the heavenly melody only at his fingertips. His voice, the light English accent; his skin, the pale ivory, the smooth marble stretched over his body; his grey-blue eyes that seemed to pierce through your soul and leave you naked. He was, very much in Ayumu's opinion, a figure of the god of beauty.

And these thoughts scared him.

While he was deep in his thoughts, Ayumu did not realize that Eyes had extended his hand, and he gasped in shock at the slender fingers of his fantasies cupped his cheek. Ayumu soon locked gazes with the silvery cat-like eyes, his own golden brown ones seemingly searching, perhaps the reason of this sudden gesture. He felt his soul fall victim to the silver pools, loosing his breath altogether.

He was stunned, right down to the soles of his feet, and didn't move even after Eyes had left him. It was a good few minutes before he found the muscles to his hands and feet, and collapsed against the thin ledge of the sink as he panted to get his breath back, sucking in mouthfuls of life-sustaining oxygen.

"Ayumu, is anything the matter?" Eyes called out from the living room, where he attempted to balance a stack of magazines that Kousuke had dug out from the storeroom; he would have to get the servants to keep it.

"It's nothing!" Ayumu called out hastily, and started on the plates again.

It was already eleven when Ayumu dried himself and collected his things to get ready for the trip home.

"You sure you don't want my driver? He is going to pass your home after all." Eyes questioned, afraid since he was going to be alone, and it was dark.

"It's ok, I can take care of myself." Ayumu reasoned. Like hell you can, Kousuke would have you down in 3 seconds flat in combat mode. Eyes retorted, but kept it stored in his head.

"Alright, I'll see you soon then." Eyes gazed at Ayumu, who was fitting on his shoe, letting in more concern than he planned to. Ayumu noticed it, but shook the thought away. He had enough to deal with already.

"Bye then." Ayumu cast over his shoulder, and Eyes saw him out of the door.

The scene flashed across his mind's eye suddenly; the porcelain face, elegant and calm, so close to his, his warm breath puffing onto his otherwise burning face, the silvery eyes that seemed to convey a hidden message…

Ayumu unconsciously turned around to glance at the house, and realized the door had not closed. Strange, Eyes doesn't have the habit of watching his guests leave the threshold; he can watch them from the camera tv that lies hidden below one of the vases in the living room. Ayumu mused, and turned back to check his hunch.

Eyes bit the inside of his cheek to prevent himself from crying out in pain. The disadvantage of not having a full ribcage was one thing his disliked, very much. He curled up on the porch, beads of perspiration forming at his pale temples as he gaped like a fish out of water.

He faintly heard a clatter, and saw a blurry image of Ayumu kneeling at his side. He smelled his anxiousness and worry, like a snake smelled a mouse while hunting in the dark.

Ayumu knelt at Eye's side, unable to do anything. It comes and goes, Eyes had told him once. But it hurt bad, Ayumu could tell.

It was a while before Eyes dared to release his jaw, wincing at the strained muscles. Ayumu took this as a good sign.

"Are you feeling better?"

"I think it's gone." Eyes whispered, his body still stunned and aching.

He felt the hand slide under his neck, and found his body hanging limply from Ayumu's hands. For someone younger than him, he sure was strong. Eyes chuckled silently, and all but groaned as Ayumu dropped him as gently as he could onto the couch; which wasn't at all gentle because he was using his weight to counter the load, and thus ended up in a awkward position where his back bent backwards.

"Do you want anything? Painkillers, or…?" Ayumu asked, unsure of what Eyes usually did after such an attack.

"No, a glass of water is fine." Eyes winced.

Ayumu left for the kitchen, and Eyes reached out to touch the spot where Ayumu had sat, feeling his fingers tingle at the lingering warmth.

"Here you go." Ayumu slipped the cup into his hand, "Can you hold it?"

"Think so." He mumbled, and gripped the cup. Ayumu watched as that elegant neck moved like a snake, his Adam's apple ascending and descending as the cool liquid slid down his gullet.

"What were you doing there?" Eyes asked simply, snapping Ayumu out of his trance before handing the teen the glass cup. Ayumu averted his glance and mumbled, "I'll put this back."

Come on Ayumu, think! Ayumu mentally slapped himself as he washed the cup.

"I left something here I think." He replied, dragging his feet back to the couch where he found Eyes sitting up wearily. There was something that pained him, knowing that he was in pain and not being able to do anything about it.

"It's late, I should get going." Ayumu feigned casualness in his voice.

"Do you want to stay over? I don't think it's a good idea for you to travel in the dark alone." Eyes offered, grinning at the expected result.

Can I? Ayumu thought, and all at once he felt a throb from his lower body. He groaned; this was not a good time to get aroused. But the object of desire was right in front of him, his scent intoxicating him.

He sighed and nodded. "I'll tell my sister-in-law then." He breathed, pulling out his cell.

Eyes nodded, and grinned to himself. Oh yes, he is going to leave something here alright.


Said person raised his eyebrows from the couch, casually flipping through one of the magazines. "What?"

"The tap isn't working." Ayumu drawled, flipping the metal piece up and down and receiving no drop of water like he was supposed to.

"There's one more bathroom upstairs, in my room." Eyes replied calmly.

Ayumu grumbled to himself and wrapped his torso with a towel. Expensive, he could tell from the material and the weaving.

Eyes looked up from the magazine as the lock clicked and the door swung open to reveal a half naked Ayumu tottering out with his spare clothes. [ "I can't sleep in jeans!" He had exclaimed, so Eyes gave him disposables and spares. Eyes licked his lips at the tempting sight. "Delicious." he whispered.

"Don't peek." Ayumu warned down the stairs, uncomfortable at his exposure in a friend's house, especially when he was having something 'personal'.

"What you have I have too Ayumu." Eyes retorted, but he could already picture it; that body arching, writhing below him, that tanned smooth abdomen rising and falling in pants, that neck that tastes so sweet beneath his tongue, that sexy voice whimpering and crying out…

Eyes sat there, dazed, and suddenly couldn't move. "Shit…" He groaned, and made his way painfully to his bedroom.

Ayumu left the shower on, hoping that the pattering of water droplets on the glass and floor would muffled the sounds he made.

The soft lips on his, teasing and pressing while he feels the smooth marble skin under his fingers; that expert tongue gently probing his lips for permission, before thrusting inside to feel every crook and nanny, swirling and dancing with his…

"Eyes…" Ayumu moaned, his hands slowly working to the image in his mind's eye.

His tongue lapping at the pink protrusion on his chest, hearing the gasp of pleasure as he runs his tongue over it, then sucking in lightly, the gasps escalating to mews and whimpers as he teases the bud to an aroused peak, then to the other one…

"Ayumu…" Eyes breathed out, panting at the mental image projected in his head.

They both cried out their release; Ayumu's strangled, Eyes's muffled.

Did he call my name? They both thought, after a while when they had caught their breaths and descended from their respective high.