Chapter 1

Kagome walked towards the well hoping that the others would not realize her true intentions. When she reached the other side she would seal the well. She had come to find out that the well did not send her back in time, but to another world. She had almost died numerous times for a world that was not even hers.

She had found the scrolls in Sango's village when the group took time off to help her rebuild it. It was like a kick in the gut when she first read it. Apparently Midoriko was also planning on getting the hell out, but death found her first. She decided at that moment that she was not going to die for a planet that had done nothing but treat her like shit.

Sitting on the well she could feel the pull of freedom. It wasn't fair that she had to give up her carefree teen life, it wasn't fair that everyone had someone except her, and it wasn't fair that people wanted her to be someone that she could never be.

She wanted mindless chatter with her friends. She wanted to skip school and go to the mall not slay demons. She wanted the hot guy in school. She wanted girls to be jealous of her not feel sorry for her. She wanted to not care and she wanted to be selfish.

Inuyasha had asked her to mate him after Kikyo died. She wasn't stupid and knew that he figured her to be the next best thing. She didn't even have to think twice when she said no, because in truth she wasn't Kikyo's reincarnation. Kikyo was she in this world. That would have been her fate if she had been born here.

The jewel in this world had been destroyed with Kikyo's death. The jewel in her world would have never even been looked for. Such things as that where thought to be useless charms. She now held half the jewel thanks to Sesshomaru joining the group. So when she left it could never be completed.

A win win situation if you asked her.

As she sat on the edge of the well in full battle with her self a white figure came to sit next to her. Sesshomaru had seen the look in her eyes as she left the group. He could feel the change in the girl, as she became more distant from the others. She wasn't going home to visit. She was going to home to stay.

"You will be come back." He stated and looked at her blankly

"Of course." She giggled at nervously at the statement

"When guilt is all you feel you will come back. You belong here now." Raising from his position he walked away from the girl.

A huff from her lips as she stood and jumped over the edge of the well. As soon as she reached the other side she did in fact seal the well. She informed her family of her chose. Her mother had been thrilled, but grandfather said the same thing as Sesshomaru. It was a little aggravating.

For the next year she went about her life and tried to forget what was happening in the other world. She stilled trained and practiced in case they had been right about the guilt. She had gotten really good well for her world at least.

After a year she realized that the bastards where right. The guilt was causing nightmares. The day was no better as she looked to see happy carefree people and knew that some much suffering was going on in the other world.

She had to finish this even if it was not her war. She went to her mother's room to retrieve an item. If she was going to do this she wasn't going to fuck around. She put on a pair of jeans and T-shirt as she threw her hair into ponytail it was time to go back. Now at the edge she took one last look and leaped over.

As she hit the other side the bright sky greeted her. Climbing out she found that the village looked three folds larger than when she left. She could hear the loud roar of a cheering crowd. Her curiosity getting the better of her she made her towards it.

Walking only a short distance she could see a large arena ahead. She finally reached the entrance and pushed her way to see who or what they where rooting on. Her eyes had to be betraying her. She could not be seeing this.

There in the center of the arena stood Sesshomaru fighting three large ogres. He was holding his on, but only barely. If this didn't end soon he would be killed. She didn't understand why he was doing this in the first place. It seemed beneath him to do something like this.

The crowd cheered for death. They didn't really care whose death it was as long as the blood pooled on the ground. She looked around in disgusted and noticed a richly dressed man a little bit away from her. Naraku and for some reason he was in his human disguise.

Moving closer to evil that had ruled her life for to long. She whipped out her mother's 38 special and with perfect aim placed a bullet in his head. She waited for him to shift into something and taunt her, but he simply lay there dead and bleeding. The crowd had started screaming and calling her a witch running away in fear.

"That's right I am a witch and if you don't get the fuck out of my way you will end up like that ass hole!" She screamed

Looking down to the arena she could still see Sesshomaru fighting for his life. Quickly she aimed the gun again and took the ogres down. She watched as he fell to his knees panting and gasping. She rushed to his side.

"Sesshomaru, You have to get up. We have to get out of here." Kagome said frantically.

Sesshomaru looked bewildered by her statement, but forced him self to stand. She pulled him as fast as she could towards the well. As they reached the well he looked at her like she crazy.

"Come on damn it. We don't have all day. Those crazies maybe after us." She said tugging his hand.

He gave a nod and took her hand jumping over the side. The blue had him hold her closer. She couldn't imagine what had happened to make him like this, but she planned to find out. The guilt was hitting her worse and she hoped this was not because of her absence.

As the well finally released them from the magic Kagome looked up to see the blue sky still above them. She looked to Sesshomaru who was staring at the ground. Giving him a tug he looked at her.

"Um, could you maybe help me out of here." She asked shyly.

He said nothing as he placed his arms around her and leaped out of the well. She turned to look at him and once again his face was to the ground. He looked so sad and broken she felt the need to try and fix him.

"Sesshomaru what happened to everyone?" she asked

He looked up and tilted his head, but said nothing. She was getting mad that he wouldn't answer her. Maybe he was angry that she stayed gone so long. They walked to the hot springs thinking that maybe he wanted to clean up.

"Um you go ahead and take a bath and I will wait over there?" she said blushing

Once he was finished he came to sit next to her. She retrieved some of the medical supplies from her bag. Fixing him up as best she could with her supplies she could feel his eyes follow her every move.

"Are you mad at me?" She asked with her shoulder slumped.

This time he motioned to the necklace around his neck. Then it hit her he wasn't speaking because he couldn't speak. Reaching up she touched the necklace and watched as it shattered.

" Thank you." He whispered

"Wait did you just thank me?" She gasped noticing that he didn't have a crescent moon on his forehead. This was not her Sesshomaru at all. The stupid well went to the wrong world.

Now that she thought about it. It all added up. She was able to drag him along where, as the Sesshomaru she always knew would have cut her damn head off. Then the clothes looked more like a villager. A poor villager's clothes at that. He is the only one that can pull off that look she thought.

"Why did you do that back there for me?" He asked

"Umm, You looked like a ….friend of mine. Now I realize that I was in the wrong world. Don't worry I will find a way to get you home."

"Home? I don't have a home. The man you killed was my owner. He kept me in a cage and brought me from town to town to fight whoever or whatever for money."

Dog fights. The words echoed in her head. She had heard about them before. The poor animals where treated horrible and forced to kill to stay alive. She fought to keep the tears away so he didn't think she felt sorry for him. Then again maybe he needed to know someone cared and she would make sure he did.

"So I guess you are in no rush to get back." She said trying to lighten the mood.

"I am yours now. I go wherever you go. Even if you where to free me I would feel a debt to stay at your side." He said simply.

"So why did you have a subrogation necklace on?" She just had to know.

"When we are born the necklace is placed on us. It binds our magic and voice. The only way to use either is if our master allows us."

"Why didn't you fight back. You still had your strength." She asked and then wished she did not from the look on his face.

A scoff from his lips as he looked at her. "Would that be when I was being beaten in the arena or being beaten outside. This is the first time that I have been able to fully heal."

"I'm sorry." She whispered looking away from him.

Well this was going to be fun to explain. Not only did she have to try and make them understand why she ran, but now she had a personal Sesshomaru. Lord Sesshomaru may have a problem with his look alike being so subservient to a human.

"All right you can stay with me, but we have to get you some new clothes. I want you to stay by the well while I go get some better clothes for you to wear." She said sighing

As they reached the well once more she jumped over and hoped that the damn thing led her to her world and not some other crazy damn place. Sesshomaru sat and waited for her to return.

As he sat a little girl ran up to him. She was holding flowers in her hand and smiling at him. He wasn't sure what to make of her.

"Lord Sesshomaru, I didn't know you returned." Rin said throwing her arms around his leg and hugging.

He stiffened. Most children where afraid of him or cheering his death. This little one seemed to….like him. 'Lord Sesshomaru?' he thought 'Is that who she thought I was?' remembering that Kagome had also thought he was someone else.

"Are you okay Lord Sesshomaru?" She asked, but as soon as he was about to answer the pull of the magic of the well drew his attention.

Kagome threw the clothes up for him and then climbed out of the well. As soon as she did she faced a very cheerful Rin. Looking over to Sesshomaru she figured that Rin believed him to be her lord,

"Hello Rin. Do you know how long I have been gone?" She asked

"A moon cycle. Everyone was so upset, but they will be so happy now. She said

"Thanks Rin this is Sesshomaru not Lord Sesshomaru just Sesshomaru." She said to the now confused little girl.

"Here Sesshomaru I had these for Inuyasha, but they should fit you." She said and noticed that he didn't get all upset about the name Inuyasha.

The two girls watched as he walked towards the woods and disappeared for a few minutes. When he came back he was wearing black cargo jeans, white T-shirt and black sneakers. He was also wearing something she had never seen on Lord Sesshomaru a smile.

"Look Kagome Lo..um Sesshomaru is smiling." Rin giggled

As he reached the girls Kagome grabbed his hand and walked into the village. He watched as everyone coward in fear. It seemed that some things never change. Then he looked to the female that had saved him and the small girl at her side that always smiled at him. Then again maybe they did.

Kagome entered Kaede's hut surprising the elder miko. Kaede looked at Kagome and sighed relief they where not doomed and then she took note of the male beside. Glancing down she noticed that Kagome and Sesshomaru where holding hands. She looked to Kagome with a raised eyebrow.

"It is so a long story Kaede. When will they be back?" Kagome asked taking a seat.

Kaede watched as Sesshomaru sat closely to the young miko. Then she noticed that his crescent moon was missing. The same thing that tipped Kagome off that this was not the western lord had now told the elder miko.

"So it would seem. I do believe that they will be returning tomorrow. You look different girl how long have you been gone?" Kaede asked

"It's been a year in my world, but I am happy it has not been that long here."

Later on in the night after Kaede and Rin had heard the tale of how she met Sesshomaru the two had fallen asleep. Kagome found herself sitting outside with Sesshomaru. He was just as quit as the demon lord but not as imposing. Looking to her silent companion the questions filled her mind.

"Do you have any brothers or sisters?" She asked thinking she knew the answer.

"I would not know. I was born and taken away once weaned from my mothers. I did not know her or my father. When I was younger I would wonder about such things, but not anymore." He said looking at the night sky

"So what would happen if one of you fell in love with a human and had a child?" She almost hated to ask. His world seemed to be crueler than this one. Maybe that's why she was sent to see how good she really had it and her life could be worse.

"Mother and child in front of the father are killed. It is done to show that such things are not allowed. I had seen it happen once." He whispered and looked at her face as tears started to roll down her cheeks. Reaching over he wiped away her tears.

"It is late and you should rest." He said getting to his feet and pulling her up onto hers.

A smile on her lips as they entered the hut. As she went to lay down he picked her up and cradled her in his arms. 'Okay' she thought this is different, but nice as she snuggled into him.

Kaede peeked from under her eyelashes at the couple. A perfect fit in her eyes. They needed each other and this world needed them. She only hoped that the others did not blow everything out of proportion as they always did. This was a loyal dog and if someone threatened his master he would not hesitate to bite.

Early the next morning she awoke to something nuzzling into the side of neck. Then she heard a giggle from Rin. Opening her eyes she looked to see Rin laughing at them. Looking up she watched as his eyes fluttered open.

" People are approaching fast and two very strong auras are in the lead." As soon as he finished Inuyasha and Lord Sesshomaru burst into the hut. Protective arms stayed wrapped around Kagome.

Inuyasha and Lord Sesshomaru looked at the male standing behind Kagome and then at her. Inuyasha was pretty sure he was trapped in a nightmare as he did a double take. At this point Sango, Miroku, Shippo, Jaken, and Kirara came striding in also to freeze at the sight.

Sango was so happy to see Kagome that she didn't care whom the male standing behind Kagome was. She ran and embraced her friend. She knew that Kagome would return, but as she got a good look she noticed that she looked older and her body seemed firmer.

"Kagome I am so glad that you have come back." Sango said tears prickling her eyes.

"I missed you too. Everyone this is Sesshomaru." She said taking his hand and bringing him to her side.

"We kind of noticed who he looked like, but why is he here." Inuyasha barked eyeing the demon beside her.

"Kagome saved my life and now I will protect hers." Sesshomaru said to the group.

"Bullshit. She is mine to protect." Inuyasha growled and went to grab Her.

Suddenly he found himself slammed against the side of the hut and a claw digging into his throat. Red eyes stared mercilessly into his and he thought that he was done for. Barks sounded from Sesshomaru, but Inuyasha had no idea of what he said. His brother however did and sent barks back to answer.

After Sesshomaru heard the barks from the lord he dropped the hanyou. Kagome who had been held back by Sango and Kaede was released. Once again she shocked the people as she went to Sesshomaru and threw her arms around him to calm him.

"Excuse me I am the one that was hurt here." He said raising himself from the ground.

"You are hanyou and do not understand. I will let it go this time. She is MINE to protect." He growled dangerously low.

"Child maybe you should tell them what all had happened and why he is here now." Kaede said trying to be the voice of reason.

As everyone took a seat Kagome explained about that it may have been a month here, but it was a little over a year at her world. She told the tale of how she met Sesshomaru and his world. Then she told them that she would not leave again till the task was complete.

Miroku had been observing the exchanges between Inuyasha, Lord Sesshomaru and Sesshomaru. It seemed to him that Kagome had been the only person to ever show Sesshomaru any kindness. Therefore he would do whatever it took to keep her by his side. Lord Sesshomaru seemed to be making plans of his own for the fighter and Inuyasha seemed to just want him gone.

Shippo sat on the side of Rin and watched the exchange himself. He knew what the barks where. Sesshomaru had told Inuyasha that Kagome was going to become his mate and if he did not except he would die now. Lord Sesshomaru had told him that Inuyasha could not understand him and they should speak later.

Lord Sesshomaru watched listened to every word the miko had said. He understood that once a dog demon pledged there life they where loyal even in death. If Kagome died then her demon would not eat or drink till his own death found him. Lord Sesshomaru also saw the makings of the perfect Beta for his lands.

He could be the brother that Inuyasha would never be. In his lands everyone would assume that his father had another full demon son before his death. From what the miko was saying he was maybe matched in fighting skills as his own. If he wanted to mate the miko it would make no difference to him. Power was power in his books and she was the shikon miko.