Chapter 14: On the Wings of an Angel

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Song included: "You Raise Me up" performed by Sasha and Charlie, (Version by Lena Park)

"Deep in sorrow, Lost in doubt, tormented by the deepening sadness and unending agony…the agony of leaving those you love most…Will the pain ever subside?"

San Francisco Pier, 4:00 am, Twilight to Dawn:

A lone, tall figure stood alone on the rickety wooden pier. He looked out into the distance, watching the sea gently roll. The wind, a gentle breeze flew through his thick fur, and before him was the gorgeous arising sun.

The shepherd gave out a sigh, his eyes glinted with thought. The light of the sun reflected off the waters and in his eyes, causing their darkness to radiate warmth that would melt the most malcontent heart. The canine was hurting, deeply, his heart nearly in pieces, thinking of what he must do, very soon.

"Your mind's made up, pal?" spoke a voice below him.

The shepherd- mix stared down to find his best friend Itchy standing beside him, staring out at the shimmering sparkles on the water's surface.

"Yes…for the most part, now everyone needs meet us here."

Itchy stared at his small feet, turning his red baseball cap and tipping it over his face so that his friend could not see him tear.

"Buddy…" Charlie's voice broke a little, trying to hold back tears himself. The canine lifted his head and breathed the ocean's scent deeply, keeping his composure. "We just have to stay strong Itch…we we're bound to leave soon…this was our mission after all…"

Itchy looked up at Charlie, eyes watering and he couldn't help but smile, "Look at you, all serious of a sudden…you've changed a lot, after all these years…"

Charlie looked back down at his smaller friend, "Well…yea…I had friends here who showed me there was more to life…" An image of his beloved Sasha superimposed itself upon the water, staring at him with the same lovely face as always.

The sun was disappearing quickly over the horizon; both canines wore tuxedoes, from a previous engagement.

"Sasha… I will always love you…"

Eight hours ago:

"Charlie! Welcome, my boy!" Mr. La Fleur invited Charlie into their home, the first time he has actually been invited in and not have had to sneak into. The shepherd mix wore a form fitting tuxedo of black with pants and shoes to match. In one paw was the loveliest corsage, a light blue with white in the very center, and in the other paw was a bouquet white Roses.

"Thanks, Sir." Charlie spoke as he entered; he felt the older canine's paw on his back gently pushing him to the home, welcoming him ecstatically. Nearly 2 months had passed since Charlie's skirmish with Red. With his friend Itchy's last minute aid, he overcame the evil and ushered a new renaissance in the very heavens themselves. The weight of the world had been lifted and tossed off his shoulders, and now, he was going to spend the most important night with the female he admired and loved so fiercely.

Mr. La fleur guided Charlie to the den, a warm and well lit area adorned with the finest antiquities money could buy. Charlie stared around in amazement, drinking in the sights. Suddenly, from the staircase, came a wolf whistle, "Well, Well, look at you." Charlie blinked and stared up at the staircase, in a sleek and silky red form fitting gown with matching heels was Dixie, her hair was brought up a loose bun with several drapes laid delicately over her shoulders. The mascara on her eyes was hardly noticeable, but brought her lovely green eyes extravagantly.

Charlie's jaw dropped, "Wow Dixie…" the mix hesitated, picking his words carefully, "You look…"

Suddenly a new voice entered the room, "Unbelievable…" Charlie turned his head to find his friend Cash, staring up at the blazing beauty on the staircase.

Dixie gave a giggle, "You're not so bad yourself." With an air of sultriness, she glided down the staircase, the heels not impeding her movement one bit, to give Cash the most deepest and passionate kiss Charlie had ever seen.

The shepherd-mix blushed deep, the kissing causing heat to rise into his cheeks and face, bashfully he looked away.

"S-so when did…" he asked, still not looking at the couple.

"Oh, about a month ago." responded Cash, a face of content painted upon on his visage.

"It happened when Sasha was in the hospital." Spoke Dixie as Cash wrapped his arms around her waist, "After we left Cash kinda just asked me to go to dinner with him, the rest of course, is history." She smiled up at Cash, a twinkle in her eye.

Charlie blinked and looked at them, "So you two-" Charlie swished two digits back forth of the couple quick, but Cash and Dixie stared at him, then in an uproar of laughter that made the mix nearly leap out of his finely polished shoes.

"Of course not Charlie," Dixie walked up to him and bopped his nose playfully, then retreated back into the arms of her boyfriend, "He proposed last week." Dixie flaunted a beautifully crafted diamond engagement ring. Charlie couldn't help but gape.

"So…wait, he proposed to you after two months?" Charlie asked in bewilderment.

"Well…yea, it just felt right; he was so romantic and a little clumsy the whole time."

Cash blushed at his fiancé's words, "A little? I kinda tripped that waitress, spilling several drinks all over a family of pit bulls, nearly got into a fight with the father when his wife claimed that I did it on purpose", Cash counted on his paws, "Then I slipped on the spilled liquid on the floor just as he was about to throw a punch."

"Well…besides that…you proposed perfectly."

"I rehearsed for like 5 hours a day so I wouldn't make a moron of myself to you."

"You goof."

"Hey-", any more words that would have come from Cash's mouth were silenced by a deep kiss from Dixie. Charlie stared at the couple, and then stared at his shoes, paws behind his back while his face was a deep red.

"Ahem…" he cleared his throat to the couple, who sensing Charlie's uneasiness, broke their kiss, blushing deep as they had forgotten Charlie was even in the same room as them.

Dixie tried to divert the conversation, "He's got a contract to perform at the 'Grand Ole Opry' after he graduates. Isn't that right hun?"

Cash had a wide grin on his face, "I don't wanna brag, but yea, my dad knows a few people in the music industry and they allowed me to perform after I auditioned."

Dixie gave him a soft kiss on the cheek, "-and I know you're gonna be successful, sweet heart." Charlie watched Dixie eyes as it stared up in admiration at Cash, a deep love that rivaled his for Sasha. A smile appeared across Charlie's face, truly happy for the two of them.

An uplifting sensation filled Charlie's senses; the feeling of love was powerful even when it was being witnessed. But suddenly, that feeling disappeared. He felt fear, and ever since the fight with Red, a foreboding sense of dread always followed him…

A month earlier, Friday, 9:53 am:

Charlie sat in his English class, copying down the notes for the final exam for the graduating seniors. Not really his best subject, but he had Jenna sitting next to him.

"Jenna?" asked Charlie.

Jenna looked over to him with a smile, her notes perfect and neatly written in a legible cursive and in a lilac colored ink. During her stay in the hospital, Balto had been by her and his caretaker Boris's side, helping their assigned nurses throughout the day and keeping Jenna up to date on her homework, making it a breeze for her to catch up quick.

"Yes Charlie?" she responded, a warm, welcoming smile across her beautiful face.

"How do you keep up with two English classes, two Math classes, AND three science classes." Charlie asked. He was amazed that for one who fell ill for about three weeks managed to pull off three weeks of work in as short as one week.

"Well…I have a great tutor…" she blushed lightly.

Charlie chuckled, "Balto really did take good care of you, didn't he?"

Jenna smiled softly, turning her attention to the board, absently writing down the notes, thinking about Balto and all his kindness.

Charlie walked Jenna home, as a favor to Balto, "Thanks for walking with me Charlie, Balto's been recently swept into the last minute work for our finals."

"Nah, its ok, Sasha's the same, every day she and I get together to study."

Jenna gently nudged his ribs with her elbow, "Any studying actually done?" she smiled playfully.

"…half the time…most of time we just sneak onto her roof and watch the stars." Charlie looked up at the sky, as if expecting something to fall from it.

Jenna looked up at the shepherd as they stopped at her house, "Hey…Charlie?"

Charlie broke from his daze and looked at the smaller female, "Yea?" he asked.

"You seem very…out of place for the past month…you keep staring at the sky all the time, and you always have this distant look. Sasha's worried about you."

Charlie's ears couldn't help but pin to his head, "Uh…" he got out, "That is…never mind. I gotta go Jenna, I'll see you tomorrow." Charlie turned on his heel and swiftly, as if floating, glided back into the recesses of the alley-way out of Jenna's neighborhood. Jenna watched, blinking and a little taken-aback of Charlie's sudden exit.

"Something is definitely up with him…" she thought and entered her home, but stopped in the threshold to stare back into the empty alley, "I just hope he and Sasha are prepared for whatever it is.", She then shut the door behind her.

"…Balto? What are you doing here?

The summer skies were dark, the stars above were shimmering as Charlie lay in a distant field away from the city by the bay. The grass billowing with soft, gentle summer breeze that combed through his thick fur, the ear that been bitten off slightly twitched and then pinned against his skull. His large paws under his head as he stared up at the skies, the clouds above were drifting slowly along the blue sky.

"How can I tell her…" he spoke to himself, "I thought I was prepared…"

"Charlie?" A sweet voice spoke, making Charlie leap onto his feet and turn quick as if ready to counter an attacker.

It was Sasha herself, "Whoa, easy tiger." She smiled sweetly, seeing her instantly caused Charlie to lower his arms just as a blue glow was gathering in his right paw.

"S-Sasha, I- I could of killed you."

Sasha stepped close to his face and planted a soft kiss on his lips, Charlie's ears perked as he fell into her lips' warm, gentle touch. Sasha smiled as she kissed him, pressing their bodies close and wrapped her arms around his neck to gently deepen the kiss. For 7 minutes the stood like this, picture perfect upon the grassy hill.

"H-how did you find me?" Charlie asked her when they broke their kiss.

"You mean you didn't leave me a note?"

Charlie blinked a bit and Sasha gave him the piece of paper in her jeans. Charlie looked at it for a moment, realizing it wasn't his handwriting; it was Itchy's.

"Itchy…" he said in his head, but looked to Sasha.

"Oh, yea, I did. Um-", he tried to lie, but staring into Sasha's face he cringed, unable to hold the façade, "No…I didn't leave you the message, I…was hoping to be alone…"

Sasha looked into Charlie's eyes and then looked down, "Oh…ok…if that is what you want, Charlie." she said, turning away from Charlie. A pang in Charlie's heart made him speak out, "No Wait Sasha." She turned back to face him, "I'm sorry…I…just have a lot on my mind."

Sasha smiled softly and took Charlie's paw, "Hey…now that we are here, I want to show you something."

Charlie's ears perked and Sasha guided him off the hill; a cool gentle breeze surrounded the area. Sasha held Charlie's paw gently in hers, guiding him out of the grass and into a forest area, damp and cool from a recent rain apparently. Charlie's shoes crunched on the fallen leaves as they continued to journey through the brushes, Sasha's airy summer dress not catching on branches once.

"Sasha where are you taking me?" he asked.

Sasha only said, "You'll see."

The twosome continued to walk, upon taking a curve in the path Charlie was met with a beautiful sight, a shimmering blue as the sky lake, above it was a water fall, pouring into the waters and creating a mist on top of the shimmering waters. Upon the lake, the bright moon was shining above, casting the area in a wonderful brightness. Charlie took a step forward, drinking in the sight.

"Sasha, it's beautiful…"he said, staring in awe.

"Wanna know something else that's fantastic?"

"What?" asked Charlie.

"No one knows about this place." Charlie looked behind him and found himself staring at Sasha, her naked back to him.

"S-Sasha?" Charlie jumped back shielding his eyes, he fell over on an exposed treat root and fell back and was splattered in mud. Sasha gasped and helped Charlie up, feeling Sasha's paws on him, he tightened his eyes shut.

"Are you alright?" asked Sasha.

Charlie continued to keep his eyes tightly shut, trying to keep himself from peeking.

"Charlie, you can look, my bra is back on."

"I-I'm more comfortable not looking thank you…" The shepherd stammered nervously, "W-why did you have it off in the first place?"

"Because it got caught in my dress, Charlie, open your eyes, I'm completely covered."

Charlie hesitated for a bit, but finally cracked open to see if she was telling the truth.

To his relief she was, and on her was a dark sports bra that covered her chest coupled with a flower imprinted light pink swim trunks.

"I figured since you were in this area…maybe we could take a relaxing swim?" she asked, sheepishly, rubbing the back of her neck, "But instead I got you covered in mud."

Charlie blinked, "But I- I have nothing to wear." In response Charlie caught a pair of red swim trunks.

"It's my dad's; you can change behind the tree if you're so shy." She winked and dived into the cool waters of the crystal clear lake, splashing Charlie in the process. Shyly, Charlie fled behind a tree, removing his mud covered shirt, "I can't believe I'm doing this…" he said under his breath, dropping his pants and boxers to slip on the trunks. They rode up a bit, but were comfortable enough. Putting his clothes on a tree near Sasha's dress, he stepped out of the forestry; Sasha greeted him with a wolf-whistle.

Charlie flushed, "Did you have to do that?" he shielded himself from Sasha's view.

Sasha giggled playfully, completely soaked, "I couldn't resist, come in, the water's fine!" waved Sasha in a beckoning way and she took another dive under the water. Charlie tested the waters with his toe and then took a deep breath, diving into the cool clear depths. Sasha waved him over and pointed to a dark cavern underneath the falls, Charlie blinked at her, but her eyes were bright with delight as she looped her arm around his and swam them through. Instinctively Charlie kicked as Sasha tugged him through the water, fishes circled them curiously.

Upon entering, the cave was dark; the only light was at the top of the pool, swimming up to the light Charlie was met with a powerful sensation, a familiar power overtook him and his wings suddenly appeared. Grabbing Sasha, who gave a 'meep', and her eyes widening at the sight of Charlie's wings which glowed a deep blue and lifted them both quick out of the water's depths, Sasha coughed from the water she took in, "What was that for?" she asked, still staring at Charlie's wings, they weren't even soaked, still pristine and white as if they've touched the water.

"I-I don't know." The sensation was stronger as the moon's light reflected off Charlie's wings, making them sparkle and shimmer, Charlie's wings spread themselves wide, their shape on the cave walls, and soon, a dim light of an opening on a portion of rock wall appeared, Charlie floated delicately downward and let Sasha down. Charlie's wings retracted into his back with a bright white light.

Sasha stared at the open door and tilted her head, nervously holding Charlie's arm as they stepped closer to the door. They looked at each other, and Charlie extended his paw to the glow of the door.

"W-wait!" piped Sasha, "We don't know what this is…"

"I do…" spoke Charlie absently, his paw touched the light and the door burst into a blinding blue light, "Charlie!" yelled Sasha as they are sucked into the glowing portal.

A spinning cavern of swirling clouds surrounded the couple, Sasha held onto Charlie, "CHARLIE!" she screamed, her grip loosening, but Charlie wrapped his arms around her tight, "I got you! Hang on to me!" Charlie tried to command his wings to appear, but they didn't obey. Charlie held Sasha closer to himself, trying to keep her from flying away from him.

Over and over they spun through the cavern, and then, they landed on top of a single circular landing, Charlie felt Sasha fly from his grasp. She was rolling over the edge.

"SASHA!" yelled Charlie, leaping forward as she rolled over the edge, "CHARLIE!" she cried as a furry paw clasped around her paw and wrist.

"I got you!" he yelled, Sasha grasped his arm as he tried to pull her up. "I won't-gah!- let her- fall!"

Just as Sasha neared the edge of the landing, an eager, high voice rang, "Ooo! Visitors!"

"Who the hell?"

Charlie looked around and so did Sasha, holding onto the edge with her free paw while she still held Charlie's paw, "Who's there!" yelled out Charlie, "Help us!"

"Pull thy love from her doom and I shall reveal myself!" the voice spoke, Charlie blinked, still gripping on the fact that someone just spoke to him in English from a Shakespearean play.

"Prove thy love is honest!"

Charlie shook his head and with a great heave, pulled Sasha onto the landing who fell onto him, panting, gripping him.

"Spectacular!" Within the blink of an eye, an eccentrically dressed female poodle appeared before them, her head fur fluffed up and poofy, and the dress (if it could be called a dress) was poofy as well, a bright lilac with many ruffles and layers. A top her head was a crown and she had small angelic wings.

"Ah! At last!" she hurried forward to Sasha and pulled her away from Charlie, "Hmmm…Mhm, Mhm…" she inspected her form.

Charlie stood up immediately, "Just who do you-", and the poodle intervened, "Hold this dear." She stuffed a massive book into Charlie's arms. He fell over at the weight.

"We must prepare your bride!"

"BRIDE?" yelled both Charlie and Sasha, who tugged herself away from the Poodle. "You have it all wrong!" cried Sasha, waving her paws in front of her rapidly back and forth. "We're not-we're not getting MARRIED." She flushed harshly, Charlie had flushed as well.

The poodle blinked at them, as if looking over the corpse of an Alien, "Preposterous! Of course there is to be marriage, you're a man and a woman are you not?"

"Look Lady…" Charlie was losing his patience, lifting the book off himself and stood up, "We only got here by mistake, and what ARE you-" Charlie getting a better look at the female made him yell out and back away, he got in-between Sasha and the poodle, "Not you…"

Sasha stared at Charlie's sudden strangeness, "Who is she exactly?"

The poodle scoffed, "Of course, bloody typical." She dropped the Shakespearean tone, and the eccentric dress changed shape into that of a long loose fitting gown of the same color, "Charles Burt Barkin, I thought I smelled street rat." She gave another scoff and clapped, the circular landing and their surroundings also transformed into an enormous office, several cherubs floated away with pouting faces.

"Who exactly ARE you?" asked Sasha, side stepping Charlie to get a good look at the Poodle, who turned to her and met her gaze with a comically large pair of opera binoculars, "you have very lovely eyes, dear." She said randomly and the binoculars vanished, "I am Veronica de Erdoes, I am the angel of Love and Marriage in the Angelicus order of Heaven under Annabelle, at your service my dear." She added a short bow and brushed past Charlie to her desk, sitting upon the comfy cushions. She ignored the couple for a moment; an enchanted quill writing down notes as she filed her nails, the poofy dress enveloped her entire seat.

"AHEM." Charlie cleared his throat, trying to get the poodle's attention, "Excuse me your "highness" but why are we here?" Sasha blinked at Charlie, never before has she seen him so impacient.

The poodle not only didn't look at Charlie, but she pulled out a mirror to check out her hair, she tisked, "Charles, Charles, Charles, impacient as ever…Now I know why we never worked out."

Sasha's eyes widened and she stared at Charlie again. Sensing her stares Charlie slammed his paws on the desk, "We were NEVER together, Veronica, for the angel of love and marriage; you fail to see when someone ISN'T in love with you." Sasha jumped at Charlie's outburst. The poodle paid him no mind as she continued to adjust the major afro-ness of her head fur.

"Delusional as always too, how could you NOT be attracted to me?" She stopped to look Charlie in the eyes for the first time since they arrived, Charlie glared at her.

"God you're about as worse as Lucy."

Veronica's puffed up as she leaned forward, "How DARE you…How dare YOU compare me to that cow! Everyone knows I should have taken that position, not HER!"

Sasha watched to and fro at this fight, "Ha! You both fit under the category of egocentric cows."

"You have no right to talk to me like that!"

Sasha was getting a bit annoyed.

"And you don't have the authority to talk to ME like that!"

"I've been in Annabelle's court for years! MUCH longer then you have ever-"

"WOULD YOU BOTH JUST SHUT UP!" yelled Sasha, reaching her limit. Both canines stared at her in shock; apparently they forget she was in the same room.

"Can you just answer my question?" Sasha scooted in front of Charlie, her green eyes staring into the Poodles light brown eyes. Veronica sat back, a look of both resentment, but also respect for this Irish setter.

"Very well…" she said calmly, "Your both in my office, I marry lovers and bind their hearts to one another so that not one person can break into their eternal bonds. This cave is one of many parts of the world where couples who are truly in love with one another can make their vows to the heavens themselves. I stand guard over this and I perform the bonding of hearts ceremony."

"Bonding of Hearts Ceremony?" asked Sasha, Charlie tensed up as he continued to stare at Veronica in disdain. She ignored the glares.

"It's a ceremony where lovers may present their very hearts and beings to one another in a single ceremony, they are considered betrothed in the eyes of Heaven. The lovers are also connected in the deepest of ways…when one is hurting, the other will feel their pain, physically, and emotionally. There is no hiding, while they haven't exchanged words, they will feel as the heart beat changes…"

Sasha blinked at this, "And…if one of the lovers were to die?"

"The bond is broken, and the living lover would feel pain of the utmost trauma. One that'd take years to recover…but…" her paws lifted, showing that there was more, "If both lovers were to die together…they would be offered the most wonderful paradise in heaven where only they resided and lived all eternity."

"An eternity…with your loved one…that's so romantic…" Sasha blushed softly, imaging herself and Charlie together in heaven, not a person to disturb them, only them together, forever.

"Hmmm…You two do love each other don't you?" asked Veronica, staring at the couple in interest, "It's obvious when you found this cave…why don't I perform the ceremony? It is my duty after all…" She was speaking to Sasha when saying this.

Sasha looked at the ground, thinking hard, blushing at the proposal. Suddenly, there was a tap on her shoulder.

She looked behind herself, and found Charlie on a single knee. She and Veronica gasped at once.

"Sasha Eileen La Fleur," he began, "Would you honor me, in being my wife…whom I pledge my eternal servitude and love, you, and only you…"

Veronica grabbed her enchanted quill and was about to snap it in two out of pure anger that was bubbling in her face. The red blush was in her face as the poor quill started to squeak in pain. Sasha's cheeks were red, really red, tears shimmering in her eyes. Charlie looked up at her with the greatest sincerity in his dark eyes, his paws holding her own. Regardless of their current attire, Sasha stared at Charlie with the dream-like trance, the room went still. She continued to stare, the two conscious canines before her and behind her was watching in anticipation; Veronica still strained the poor quill who gave a horrified squeak at being almost broken.

Finally, she said, "Yes…Yes I will Charlie Burt Barkin!" she embraced him, Veronica released the poor quill and began to sob in her desk, waving her paw in a nonchalant way, "Si-Sing you're love for each other a-and you will be f-fore-ever bo-o-nd-e-ed!" she still sobbed.

Charlie and Sasha stood up, staring loving into each other's eyes; they shut their eyes…and they found themselves alone in a white plane, the lower half of their bodies draped in the softest of robes, they levitated in the plane, with only each other to look at.

A blue crest in the shape of a heart with a pair of angelic wings appeared on Charlie's chest, while a light pink one appeared on Sasha's chest.

Charlie opened his maw to sing his heart to Sasha.


When I am down and, oh my soul, so weary

When troubles come and my heart burdened be

Then, I am still and wait here in the silence

Until you come and sit awhile with me

You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains

You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas

I am strong, when I am on your shoulders

You raise me up, to more than I can be

Charlie held Sasha chin, cupped in two of his fingers. Sasha placed a paw on Charlie's cheek and she opened her maw to return the song to her love.


There is no life - no life without its hunger;

Each restless heart beats so imperfectly;

But when you come and I am filled with wonder,

Sometimes, I think I glimpse eternity

You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains

You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas

I am strong, when I am on your shoulders

You raise me up, to more than I can be

The two crests emitted a glow, and two shots of each color shot into the other's chest, a golden chain created from their light. Both of the canines began to glow an aura of the same gold, the chain began to split into two as they intertwined together, their aura glowed brighter.

Charlie and Sasha

You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains

You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas

I am strong, when I am on your shoulders

You raise me up, to more than I can be

You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains

You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas

I am strong, when I am on your shoulders

You raise me up, to more than I can be

The chains became one once more, and a soft locking sound echoed through the empty, white plane.


You raise me up…

He closed his eyes, leaning in close to Sasha.


to more than I can be

Sasha completed the gap, and pressed her lips to Charlie as their union completed, and they faded back into the material realm. Charlie's wings were spread, lifting them from splashing back into the water of the lake. Together they stood there, feet touching the water as if standing on a hard surface, in each other's arms and kissing gently, their crests glowed bright as the moon above them.

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