Lost and found- A look into why Logan is the way he is. A love of the past thought of as long dead comes back without meaning too.

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Lulu watched silently as her male companion, Logan Hayes, tossed and turned in his sleep. His golden tanned body had begun to glisten with sweat, as his dream seemed to take a turn for the worse. This had been the third night in a row that nightmares plagued his sleep. Lulu could not help but wonder what was happening in his mind. She gently ran her fingertips over his skin hoping to calm him down. She wasn't in love with him anymore, the second time around wasn't about love but about hurting him as much as he had hurt her, by sleeping with Maxie Jones so far so good with her plan. Until he started having the nightmares, this was the first one she had been awake for.

"Logan, Logan wake up, you is having another nightmare," she whispered to him.

Nightmare of the past

"Logan, why are you so good to me?"

"Because I love you and you re the most wonderful thing, besides Coop to happen to me"

" Nice to know I take the back seat to Cooper" Reanna laughed , as she playfully punched Logan in the shoulder.

Logan smirked as he pulled up to her house and into her drive way. He looked at the woman beside him, the prefect way those red curls bounced when she laughed. It was hard to imagine that in a few days he would be leaving her behind to go fight in Iraq to keep her and millions other safe.

"Hey handsome, want to come in?"

" I'd love to darling, but I can't I have to go report with Coop tomorrow but after that I'm free if you want to hang out with two losers like us"

"Alright , but you don't know what your missing baby" Reanna leaned over and kissed her boyfriends lips before getting out of his truck.

Logan rolled down the window "I love Reanna "

A wide smile spread across her face as she held up her left hand and played with the ring on her finger.

"I know baby I love you too, call me when you get home."

Logan watched Reanna open her front door and walked into the large house. That was his heart and soul that walked into the house. He started up the truck once more to drive to his house, which were literally four houses away.

Reanna woke up, gasping for breath. Her eyes stung as she tried to open them. Carefully she eased out of her bed and crawled along to the floor. She reached her bedroom door, she reached up to test the door handle. It was warm but not hot yet. Kneeling up, she opened the door.

Logan heard the sirens go down the road, he rolled over to face the wall and drifted back to sleep. That was, until the sirens were getting louder and the cell phone ringing was too much for him. Logan got out of bed and picked up the cell, it was Coop.

"Hello" he answered groggily.

"Logan, Logan there has been an accident at Reanna's house, you have to get here right away."

Logan, felt his heart race, the blood drained out of his body as he looked out the window facing reanna's house, it was engulfed in flames. Logan left his house and ran down Reanna's. The place was a zoo, police cars, fire trucks, EMT's and a corner's truck. Logan saw Cooper talking to a cop. Coop turned to look at his best friend. Right away Logan knew, long before he saw the body bag being carried out of the house.

'NOOOOOO" Logan lunged forward. Coop grabbed Logan before Logan could reach the corner's truck.

Logan jerked awake, panting and sweating; he looked around the dark room. He looked next to him, where Lulu sleeping. He rubbed his face with his trembling hands. Quietly, he got out of bed and went into the kitchen; he made sure to close the door so he did not wake Lulu up. He went to the kitchen sink and opened the drawer underneath it. He pulled out a picture from a long time ago. The red curly hair, freckles and hazel brown eyes that would twinkle when she laughed at something stupid he had done.

That was five years ago as of tomorrow. He silently wondered if that was for the nightmares that he had been having. Funny, how in one hour of being happy and in love could be taken away so fast in the snap, crackle, pop, of a flame.

Logan did not hear, Lulu walk into the kitchen, or if he did, he did not acknowledge that she sat down across from him. She watched him, as he looked like he was lost somewhere in his mind. Locked in a memory that for a moment Lulu did not want to tear Logan out of it. However, the picture on the table was more than enough to make her shake him out of his trance

"Who is that?" she asked pointing to the picture.

Logan blinked out of his memories and was looking at Lulu sitting across the table. He looked at the picture picked it up and handed it to her.

"That was Reanna Cooper; she died in a raging fire, while she was sleeping. Reanna, Cooper and I were the three musketeers. I was going to marry her," he blurted out.

Lulu sat in silence as he told her about the fire that ruined his life five years ago. It rather explained a lot about Logan.

"Is this why you have been having the nightmares?"

Logan only nodded as he got up and put the picture away He walked back over to Lulu and grabbed her hand.

"Maybe but that was in the past and you, Lulu are my future, come on lets go back to bed"

Lulu felt a pang of guilt as he led her back into the bedroom. He thought that she loved him again. When in all reality she despised him. She had to tell him soon, other wise it may just blow up in her face.

I hope you like, I love Logan and he deserves much better than Lulu…