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Reanna will run into Lulu at the apartment, but no sparks yet until Lulu decided to she wants to keep Logan for herself.

Riley watched the scenery goes by and his little mind wondered if they stayed here this time if they could get a dog. His thoughts were cut short by his mommy.

" Alright, lets go see if daddy left the key where he said it was " Reanna muttered to herself as she for the 6th time that day unbuckled Riley and put him on the ground. She grabbed his hand and walked into the building. Ignoring the curious looks from people in the lobby, who knew she didn't live there?

She followed the hallway to the end and stopped at the door, it was strange, she was about to walk back into Logan's life, and it just seemed odd for her. She placed the key into lock but the door opened with woman who was at the hospital screaming about not being able to see Logan was staring at her.

" Hi I'm Reanna, I'm just here to get Logan's keys for the penthouse he doesn't use."

Lulu, nodded and stepped aside, Logan told her that a woman would be stopping by to pick up the key. She let Reanna and the little boy in, Logan had told her that he was helping out a friend and she seemed pretty cool so far.

" Thank you, do you know where he keeps the key by any chance?" Reanna asked Lulu.

Lulu did know where Logan kept the key; she went into his room and opened the drawer, picked up the extra set of keys and plucked the penthouse one right off. She went back into the living room where the woman and her son sat. Lulu took a better look at the little boy; he was a spitting image of Logan Hayes. No… it couldn't be… could it?

" This should be the key to the penthouse, is there anything else that you needed?" Lulu asked Reanna.

" No, I think we are good, thanks for your help…."

" Lulu… Lulu Spencer, Logan's girlfriend" she added just to see if she would get a response, but Reanna didn't even twitch.

"Alright, well please tell Logan I said thank you for everything. Riley are you ready to go?"

"Yep" Reanna took Riley's hand and they left the apartment, the minute the door shut Lulu, grabbed her cell phone to call Logan's room and see who this woman really was to him, and see if the little boy was his son. The kid looked just like Logan, which if he were then Lulu would just have to deal with it.


It was only ten minutes away and Reanna was never so happy in her entire life to stop driving for the day. Riley had fallen asleep in the back of the truck. She turned of the turn and the little boy jerked awake.

" Come on kid lets go see what Daddy set up for us" Reanna helped her son down and the walked into the lobby, where a taller man wearing a very expensive suit greeted her.

"Hi, I'm Milo, Ms. Cooper, if you need anything please let me know. Logan called and told me to help you out as much as I can."

" Okay, for starters you can call me Reanna, and this is Riley. Riley this is Milo, its okay to talk to him."

" We cleaned out the penthouse I hope its up to your liking Ms.. Reanna. The beds are made and the kitchen is stocked. He even had the rooms decorated, and said if you hated it to let us know and we are to go shopping with you."

Reanna laughed " That sounds like Logan Hayes, alright thank you Milo, I'm going to get us settled in and hopefully get Riley to take a nap so I can lay down. I'll call Logan later on."

Milo nodded, before he left the penthouse, he wondered if Logan would want to get back with this woman or if he would mind if Milo asked Reanna out, not that she looked like she needed anyone in her life right now. Milo uses to be in love with Lulu but she chose Logan, and even now Milo doubted she truly liked him. He had seen the way she looked at Johnny Z and Milo knew that both were not up to any good.

Reanna, let out the sigh that she had been holding back, she did appreciate everything that Logan had done for her and Riley, she guessed it was more for Riley, and Milo wasn't bad looking at all. Plus there was the fact that Lulu was still Logan's girlfriend. She looked around the room for Riley, whom had found his bed and climbed into it. Surprisingly he had fallen asleep. Normally when he got all excited he was up for hours. She closed the bedroom door a little bit and went back into the living room, laid down on the couch and pulled the light afghan that was thrown on the back of it. She laid her head down on the pillow and closed her eyes. With in minutes she had fallen asleep.

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