A/N:Hinata sees no other way out that suicide... Warning: my first time trying to write pure angst. Might make you laugh. No flames, please?

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If you met Hyuga Hinata at school, you'd say she was shy as hell. She would blush everytime she was embarrassed or happy. She smiled often, but those were small, polite ones. She never smiled without a worry in the world, without a doubt. You'd never see her cry, as her peers knew how sensitive she was and some would never insult her. She was on top of her class although she stuttered whenever a teacher asked her something: her scores in exams were almost always perfect. All in all, she was someone you would greet and smile softly at, but after school wouldn't remember at all.

If you met Hyuga Hinata at the training grounds, you'd say she was a hard-working person. Though she failed almost all the time, she always stood up and tried again. You'd admire her inner strength, her will to go on. After a long session of training she'd give you some of her home-made lunch: she made the most excellent onigiri there ever was. Her favourite form was one of Naruto, but sometimes she made onigiri looking akin to Akamaru, Kiba or even Sasuke (if Sakura insisted). After training, however, you would not remember her small smiles.

If you met Hyuga Hinata at the Hyuga compound, you'd be surprised. Her home was the only place where you could see the true her. Insults do their job in the end. Hinata, the shy, excellent cook, became a crying, depressed girl. At home, she cried often. She cried herself to sleep every night. At home all the insults she had heard during the day became reality: weak, pathetic, raincloud, fat. It was all that she could see in her reflection.

Just as she was seeing right now.

She had thought of ending her life in many occasions, but not as seriously as today. After school she had hid in the nearby forest, to let it all out: she had been called fat and useless again. Not to her face, of course, but she had overheard Sakura talking to Chouji.. The worst part of her day though, was when someone found her crying.

Uchiha Sasuke.

His words hurt like none else's. He reminded her so much of Hiashi in some way. He had even hit her when she couldn't stop crying due to his cruel insults. Insults, which sounded so much like her father's.

After 16 years of insults one starts to believe they are true.

She had tried to prove them wrong. She would be strong, one day. She would be beautiful. She would be thin. She would have a comeback at the insults.

After 16 years, her hope had started to get dimmer.

She had written many notes, but always threw them away. They were too sentimental: the others didn't deserve to know her. Not after all the years of abuse, insults..

She always backed out in the last moment, thinking that taking her own life would be giving up. It would be something a weak person would do. So she didn't do it.

This time she had thought of something.

If she really was weak and always ran away.. wouldn't suicide be facing all her fears? She would be strong, if only once in her life. She would take her own life. The note was the problem. She had all the means to commit a suicide.. but to leave without a note? They wouldn't believe it was a suicide..

She took a deep breath.

She had put on her favourite kimono, a deep purple with golden and silver birds. The obi was mauve, just like her eyes. She had her hair in a simple bun with golden comb. She smiled to her reflection on the mirror as she put on some make-up. She wanted to prove them that she could be beautiful..

Putting all the make-up aside, she stood up and walked to her bed. Gripping the final note in her left hand, she rose the other one. A deep breath. Quickly and with all the power and chakra she could muster, she hit the spot she knew her cousin had hit years ago.

Her heart.

The blow was so hard she started immediately couch up blood, staining her kimono. Her energy left her body. The natural reaction of her body was to form chakra, which increased the pain. A single tear left her left eye as she fell onto her bed. She closed her eyes and took her last breath.

It hurt so much...

"Hinata-sama?" a servant knocked on the door. When she got no answer, she quietly opened the door, as not to disturb the heiress.

Her horrified scream echoed throughout the Hyuga compound.

'I died with honour, Father. Are you proud now?'