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"How do you feel?" the therapist asked her, glancing up from her notebook. The woman facing her looked very distraught, and clearly was in mental agony. Anyhow, as it was her job, she asked the stupid question she had grown to hate. During all the years she had been in her position she had learned that the best approach was definitelynot this, but she had to obey the regulations.

'Stupid law observer bastards..'

"Just perfect! My father is a total block of ice, Neji-nii is a walking zombie, and I've started hearing my sister's voice every night. Sobbing. She's dead. So everything's just dandy!" the young Hyuga heir was on her feet, now pacing around the small room, too angry to sit down.

The therapist, Yuhi Kurenai, looked at the seething girl questiongly.

"You.. hear her crying?"

Sighing and giving into her sadness Habani finally stopped and turned to look at the black haired beauty sitting calmly on the comfortable sofa.

"Yeah.. it started the night after.."


After a hard day of training and trying to forget the sight she had witnessed in her sister's room, Hanabi was left half-dead.

She hadn't talked to anyone about it. No-one outside the Hyuga household knew, and wouldn't probably find out before it was made 'official' – meaning her father had succeeded in makíng it look like a muder. No Hyuga could commit a shameful act like that and live to tell the tale..


Just as she was about to fall asleep, she heard someone crying. It was quiet, but somehow Hanabi knew it came from the same room she was in. Quickly she activated her Byakugan. What she saw made her scream in horror, surprise, shock.

Her sister was sitting next to her bed, quietly sobbing into her hands.

She was glowing..


"Purple?" Kurenai asked in disbelief.

"Yea.. And.. she was see-through. And glowing purple. Or something, I don't know.. But seeing her like that, as if she was still in this world.."

At the same time, the Hyuga compound

What a disgrace, having a daughter who could only commit a suicide.. Hiashi sighed, unable to concentrate on work anymore. He had had to send his other daughter to see a therapist since she was probably affected the most. And yeah, she was hearing her dead sister crying.

"Otou-sama.." someone called him from the other side of the door. Hiashi just told her to get in, not fully recognizing the voice. He was so deep in thought that he didn't see that though someone opened the door, no-one was on the other side.

"What is it Hanabi, I've got work –"

"Are you proud of me, otou-sama?"

Hanabi entered the compound, surprised by the lack of people guarding the entrance. Feeling too emotional at the moment, she didn't ask what the occasion was.


"Neji-nii, you're up.. what is it?" the strange look on her cousin's face made her wary. What had happened while she was gone?

"It's.. your father. It seems like he –" before he could finish, Hanabi was already running to her father's study. Somethis bad must have happened, otherwise Neji wouldn't be up and about so soon after Hinata's .. after the incident.

Slamming the door open Hanabi ran in, only to be stopped by the huge amount of servants trying to clean up the mess..

"What happened?" the young woman asked, not addressing anyone in particular, trying to weawe her way through the bustle to her father. One of the servants shook his head, not quite sure what to say.

"It appears as though he had a heart attack", another one said quietly as he was heading out with a bloody towel in his hands, ".. or as though someone hit his heart with the Gentle Fist.."

Hanabi paled. Hinata had.. that was how Hinata had died. Why, who could have done the same to Hiashi? It must have been a Hyuga, but none of them would have dared..

"It must have been her, Hanabi-sama", Neji said from the doorway. He had come to the same conclusion as his young cousin, though both reluctant to believe it.

"Just before you arrived, Hanabi-sama", he said, this time almost whispering, "she was crying".

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