The scariest Fanfic ever!

Dorcas walked down the hall in Blood Pledge Castle.

He was looking for someone. Conrad was standing in the door.

"Hey Dorcas, what are you doing?" He asked polite.

"Oh, I am not doing anything" He answered and hurried past the brown haired man.

He went out side, down the stairs and into the garden.

"Where could he be?" Dorcas said and turned.

Then he saw Günter.

Günter was standing with a tea cup in his hand.

"Oh hello Dorcas, Have you seen Yozak?" Lord Christ asked.

"Uhm, Why don't you go ask Conrad, he's in the big hall!" Dorcas said and went back to the castle.

"Maybe he's with the Maou?" Dorcas said to himself and opened the door to the office.

Dorcas really came in a bad time.

Conrad's brother was all over the Maou, of course all knew of their close relationship, but Dorcas came in a bad time as I said.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT?" Conrad's brother yelled. He was obvious annoyed because of Dorcas who had disturbed them.

"Calm down Gwendal!" The Maou said and calmed down his lover.

Dorcas excused himself and left.

Where could he be?

"I haven't seen him since Lord Bielefeld and Lord Cruyff's marriage." Dorcas whispered when he entered his lover's room.

Dorcas sat down on the chair beside the window, and looked outside.

There he saw Yozak and Günter kissing.

They all had found a lover. And their lovers where there…

King Yuuri and Lord Gwendal, Günter and Yozak, Lord Wolfram and Lord Histo and Sir Weller and Sir Hube.

Where could Dorcas' lover be?

Dorcas suddenly felt a warm hand on his cheek.

"Have you waiter for long?" He said and kissed Dorcas.

Dorcas looked into his dark brown eyes.

"No, I haven't…Murata" He whispered before giving the great sage a passionate kiss.