I am officially a 2008 graduate of Bloomsburg University. I have been sending my resumes around the state and am waiting for some callbacks. I have a part time job at The News Item in Shamokin, Pennsylvania until I can find something fulltime and more permanent. So things are decent right now.

I have already finished the post-production edits of "Destiny Redefined."

I have also been experimenting with Draco's story. Before I start it, I'd like to read what has been done with Mr. Malfoy. This is where I need YOUR help: please direct me to any good Draco stories you know.

Frequently Asked Questions

I cannot think of any other questions to answer. I attempted with the best of my ability to answer the questions I could find. If you'd like to see other questions on here, want me to explain an answer more clearly, or discuss a matter further with you, please don't hesitate to bring it up.

Didn't you say you were going to wait to write another story?

I did say that, but this story was literally begging me to write it. I was thinking about it morning, day, and night. I was excited to get it started and I knew I'd lose the motivation if I waited any longer. That's how it is with my inspiration. If I know it's a good idea, my mind won't allow me to let it go.

I thought you didn't have the heart to make bad things happen!

I didn't have the heart to make bad things happen in the nineteen year gap since JK Rowling said all was well. This is why the story takes place twenty years later.

Explain time travel

Time travel is a difficult thing to explain. For one, I honestly believe it could not work on many different levels because it would violate logic. It creates far too many problems and paradoxes. Not that I don't enjoy my time travel stories (The Butterfly Effect, Back to the Future, the Terminators) but there are simply too many impossibilities for it to work.

This is the major reason why I chose to explore the David Hume philosophy. In a nutshell, Hume says that we are a collection of thoughts, perceptions, and ideas. He goes on to say that we are literally not the same person we were twenty years ago or twenty minutes ago, rather we are simply one version of a long chain of versions of ourselves. I think this works perfectly for what I was trying to do.

This could easily explain that no matter what was changed, the Time Traveler would remember it and even leave open the possibility that if too much was changed or too much pressure was put on one version, they could break away from the timeline and become their own version.

In this story, when Harry travels back in time, he takes himself out of the order of his life. He separates himself from the timeline. Once he changes something and returns, he more or less bonds with the new version of himself. The version that existed in the new timeline would have disappeared at the exact moment Harry did. Harry would have acquired whatever memories he missed and even some of the emotions.

It's a difficult thing to follow and even harder to explain.

Explain the cycle of this story

This story deals with the predestination paradox a great deal. The cycle started with one. Harry(a) traveled back in time to figure out why Ginny was hurt. In doing so, he ended up being the reason she was hurt in the first place and becoming the reason he would later travel back in time. Would this had happened if he hadn't traveled back in time? I'm not sure.

When he traveled further back in time, Harry(a) met with his past self. Harry(a) and Harry(b) ended up dueling and creating the Same-Wand-Effect. Harry(a) was transported back to the 1700s and Harry(b) was transported to an unknown location.

Harry (the one we have been following) meets William Cronus which ends up being Harry Potter himself. Cronus explains that he was guided by another version of themselves, one that most likely did many of the same things that Cronus was doing to Harry, which in turn, this one was also most likely influenced by another version, and so and so forth. The cycle was going on for an indefinite amount of time all the way back to Harry(b). We don't know what exactly Harry(b) has done, but we can be sure that his story must be similar to Cronus's story.

Cronus explained that his family was murdered. On the night he comes to murder Ginny, he realizes who has done it. When he says "It was us," he doesn't mean him and Harry, he means ALL Harry Potters. He comes to this conclusion by being in the same exact position every other version was sure to be in. He entered a hopeless world he could never escape, was too far gone from Ginny to ever get her back, and since his mind was mentally unstable, he refused to allow anyone else to have the woman he loved if he couldn't have her. He is sure (and is probably right) that all other versions reached the exact same conclusion he did, thus why he says it was destiny.

Now back to 1700s William Cronus. This is the predestination paradox again. There never was a real William Emmett Cronus. It was always Harry Potter. By going back in time with the journals and Time Turner, he was able to invent the Time Turner and follow the journals which would be saved throughout the centuries to be brought back with Harry when he came to the 1700s. Crazy, huh?

The thing we have to realize is that we are coming into this story at the end. We have only been following our hero for the conclusion and hundreds and hundreds of story have already been happening by the time we jump into the pages. Keep in mind that Harry was very close to restarting the cycle. His mind was a hair's breath away from breaking, his soul so close to cracking and separating from the timeline. He had every single item he needed to restart the cycle and do exactly what Cronus had done to him. Had he not burned the items, he would have cracked and everything would have repeated itself again.

How did you plan this all?

I had a long time to think about it. I was constantly dwelling on it, working out the major points of this story, and discussing it with any Harry Potter aficionados that would listen. I researched fan fictions to see what hasn't been done to make sure my ideas were original. I drew up the timelines to keep everything in order. Even with all that, it was difficult to keep everything in mind.

A lot of the key plot points were always planned: Horcrux-Ginny, Cronus being Harry, dementors, Cronus being the murderer, and the graveyard scene at the end. Many twists and turns though were added as I went along, almost as if the story was writing itself. Draco loving Ginny was not preplanned, and neither was Harry and Hermione being married.

One of the biggest twists of the story didn't come until it came time to write it. 1700s-William was never supposed to be Harry Potter as well, but I tried so hard to give clues that Cronus was Harry Potter that It ended up making complete sense. I had it all set up to go in that direction, I just had to discover it.

Was the ending always going to be happy?

I had it set up from the beginning to always have a happy ending. All the clues (especially the prophecy) were designed to conclude the story positively. Despite the intentions, I considered for a long time to end the story on a down note. It would have fit the story amazingly. The cycle would have repeated itself.

But I would have been forsaking the original plan, all the hard work setting up what I wanted. I didn't end it nicely because readers asked me to nor because I wanted it as well, I ended it as I did because that's how the story was supposed to be written.

Why do you hate Ginny so much?

I don't hate Ginny. In fact, she is my favorite character and I've been told I have a "literary crush" on the girl. That might be true, I don't know. So why did Ginny continuously die, get injured, and be the subject of so much heartache and turmoil?

In order for this story to work, Harry has to act solely on emotion. We all know how he gets when someone he cares about is in danger. Ginny is the most important thing to Harry, his connection to a normal life. It has to be Ginny because no one other death would have such a profound impact.

Why did you invent Dora?

Dora Molly Potter was invented in the last chapter of "In the Words of Ginevra Molly Potter" before I was aware that JK Rowling intended for Ginny and Harry to only have three children. In the last chapter, Ginny discovers she is pregnant with her fourth child. Since I am less dedicated to post-Deathly Hallows revelations, I opted to keep that detail in my new story.

Who is Dominick?

According to JK Rowling, Dudley's children would not be magical because magical blood would not survive Vernon's DNA. Despite the fact that this detail was not available when I wrote this in "In the Words…" I still think that it's a lousy revelation. Sure, maybe it didn't survive Vernon, but Dudley's wife in this story is also connected to magic through blood so I bypassed that problem.

I imagine Dudley and Helen (his wife) to have a good relationship with the Potters, especially when they started to realize that their son was displaying magical abilities. Dominick and Teddy are also about the same age so I also imagine them being fairly good friends.

Why did Harry drink that potion?

Since Cronus was Harry Potter, he was able to manipulate his actions and thoughts. He knew exactly what to say to stir Harry's mind and influence him in the way he wished. Since Cronus had already lived through the events, he knew the time was perfect for him to come and use Harry. And since he caught Harry in a vulnerable time and knew how to deal with him, Harry never really had a chance.

Not to mention that Harry didn't know bad things were going to happen. He thought it was going to be a beneficial trip. After all, what would be so wrong in stopping a mad man before he had the chance to destroy people's lives, take over the government, and commit countless atrocities? Harry was acting like the hero is feels he needs to be.

Do you think Wormtail was there on that Halloween night?

Someone had to retrieve Voldemort's wand and since Wormtail was the one to have it later in the books, it makes sense for him to be there. He also might have assisted the spectral form of the Dark Lord, but that doesn't make as much sense.

Didn't Dolohov kill Gideon and Fabian?

Since the information was not directly mentioned in book canon, I didn't feel guilty altering it to fit this story. Voldemort did not kill the Prewett twins in Rowling's world, but in this particular story, it worked better.

Why didn't anyone figure out that Harry was time traveling?

I established that time travel as Harry was experiencing was thought to be either impossible or non-existent. No one (except maybe Xeno Lovegood) would propose such an idea when no one believed it could happen. The logical reason for multiple Harrys would be magical deception such as Polyjuice. Even if someone did figure it out, odds are likely that they wouldn't know for long, especially if the traveler was constantly altering events.

What's going on with Dudley?

I think it would have been extremely possible for the scenario I described to happen. Since magical ability can be revealed by accident via frustration and anger, I think the Dursleys would have spoiled and coddled Dudley even if they weren't advised by Dumbledore for the similar reasons. Once Harry was revealed to be a Wizard, Vernon and Petunia made it their goal to make sure everyone in that house knew it was abnormal. We know that magical abilities can be stifled through depression (think Merope Gaunt), so why not parental influence and prejudice?

So DID Draco love Ginny in the original timeline?

In my opinion, no!

Are the new timelines parallel to each other?

The new timelines are not parallel, they are the only reality.

Why would Harry fall for Ginny in the new timeline?

I honestly think Harry was always attracted to Ginny and that the possibility for him to realize that could have happened at any moment during the series. Harry was attracted to Ginny's type (small, short, shiny-haired) and I doubt his attractions changed even if he was not a Horcrux. There are many reasons why I feel this way (check out /index.php?actiongringotts&sthglovered to see). Add their intertwined lives and you have more reason.

I know Ginny sounds bitchy when she yells at Harry at the Yule Ball but she was frustrated. She was noticing Harry's attraction towards her and realizing that he didn't see it. Then when she had her chance to show him a good time, he couldn't focus on her. She didn't date throw herself at the first guy that paid attention to her, she liked Michael. And the reason she stopped talking to Harry was to get over him. She wanted to have a good relationship with Michael, but if she was constantly around Harry, it wasn't going to work for her.

Was Harry's first year the same if he was not a Horcrux?

The Horcrux did not play a very big role in the SS. The scar was used only as a plot device for Harry to mistakenly suspect Snape instead of Quirrell. So yes, his first year would have remained relatively the same.

Why did Ginny stay dead when she was willing to die?

That's a great question, one that a lot people have asked, but also one a lot of people don't really understand from canon to begin with. The Horcrux had nothing to do with Harry being given a choice. Since Voldemort used Harry's blood to rebuild a body, Voldemort carried Lily's protection into his body, inadvertently making himself a make-shift Horcrux for Harry. As long as Voldemort lived, Harry lived, BUT the part inside Harry that was Voldemort WAS NOT protected by Lily's blood, thus the killing curse took care of the Horcrux, but left Harry still intact. Ginny only played host to Voldemort's soul. As long as Voldemort lived, Harry lived. In the new timeline, no one willingly sacrificed themselves for Ginny, thus there was no magical protection running through her veins even if Voldemort would have used Ginny's blood. Therefore no choice was given to Ginny. I'm sure if she was given a choice, she would have chosen to return.

Wouldn't Harry's soul be split if he used the killing curse?

Simply using the Avada does not split the soul. Murder is nearly the means in which a dark wizard can use in order to do so.

Why can't Harry remember things right away?

When Harry created a new timeline, he also created a lifetime of new memories. He would be sifting through nearly 80 years worth of events. Since we do not remember every single thing all at once, it would take a while to recall information.

What's up with Snape and the vicious dog?

I was paying homage to fan fiction summaries. You know the kind. "Ever wonder what it would be like if Harry was a girl?" "Find out what would happen if James and Sirius were lovers." One that made me laugh talked about Snape and a dog.

Was I suppose to laugh at the Hermione twist?

Yes, that was the intention. I tried to build up that particular scene as something momentous. Having it end up being Hermione felt like a break from all the death. It was supposed to be lighthearted. So go back and laugh if you hesitated to do so originally.

Why Hermione and Neville for Harry and Ginny?

It needed to be Hermione because it made Harry feel uncomfortable, but comfortable enough to stay with her. It needed to be Neville because he was a good friend to Harry. It created a whole new kind of conflict. If it had been Pansy and Draco, I'm sure Harry wouldn't have felt conflicted about staying in the world or seeking Ginny out for an extramarital affair.

Why didn't Cronus just wait a year and stop the events himself?

By the time Cronus appeared in the past and was stuck, his mind had already deteriorated. He had been traveling backwards multiple times and was convinced he could change future events by doing the same thing again. He feels that present-Harry, unaffected by his family's murders, could make better judgments in the past. Simply put, Cronus was mentally unstable.

What's the deal with Ginny and Ron?

Love-potion-Ginny is a theory that anti-canon shippers have used to explain how Harry had fallen for Ginny. Abuser-Ron is a reason that they also have used to downgrade Ron and Hermione's romance. I selected these reasons and exploited them. I still feel that what I have portrayed is in character. After all, Ginny was a bit obsessive to wait for someone for that many years. Ron did have a bit of a temper. Those negative parts of their personalities were simply enhanced by the death of their father.

I do not think Ginny used a love potion in canon. I do not think Ron was abusive either. If you want to discuss this further, I'll gladly debate you.

Why does Harry and Hermione's relationship feel awkward?

I'd like to say that I did it on purpose, but I cannot. It was extremely difficult for me to write a relationship that I don't believe could have worked. Therefore the relationship ended up awkward, which turned out to be beneficial for the story anyhow. Instead of a genuine relationship, they clung to each other, fueled by the failed relationships they were in. Did they love each other? Yes, I think they did, but not as strong as it should have been.

Did Harry have feelings for Ginny anyhow?

As I've said before, I think Harry always had an attraction towards Ginny. It is quite possible then that Harry had feelings for Ginny.

Why did Arthur die?

Arthur lived originally because Harry saw it happen via the Horcrux. Since no one was the Horcrux this time around, Arthur was sure to die.

Would Ginny and Harry have had an affair?

You can decide this one on your own. I personally believe that Harry would have stuck with his belief that he could live in this world where he was friends with Ginny, but not being with her would have driven him to pursue an affair. If not for the murders, I think it would have happened.

Were the characters happy in the second timeline?

The characters were happy with their lives, they just felt something was missing. They were not fully satisfied with where their lives ended up. Even Ron, despite his appearance in the chapter, would have been far happier than he was being shown. He would have been still in love with Hermione, but I think he would have gotten by okay.

Is Cronus starting to sound like a fan?

You caught me! I was poking fun at the fans of the series who are desperately trying to get their ship sailed that they would "kill" just to see it.

What do Harry and Ginny's respective sons feel about their parents' romance?

The loss of a parent would have a horrible effect on both of them, but I like to think that Harry and Ginny played a healing role in Frank and James's lives. By the time the romance happened, the children would have been fine with it.

What happened with the wands?

If one wand meeting its brother results in what it did, something incredible had to happen when one wand would meet its exact copy. Since wands are so powerful, the magic meeting itself ripped a hole in existence that would not be closed until the wands passed through. I imagine the hole leading to alternate worlds, parallel universes, maybe even nothingness.

With the introduction of a time turner of the time potion, the hole would act as a portal to another time. That is how the travelers were able to go beyond their natural timeline.

Why did Harry talk to Dumbledore?

Frankly, I can't think of anyone better to explain the events of Harry's life than the former Headmaster. All seven books he was there to do so. It felt right to me.

Why did Albus get the Cloak?

Contrary to some belief, Harry was not favoring one son over another. He allowed James to get away with keeping the map, which made the decision of who to give the Cloak to much easier. Not to mention that Dumbledore said Al was going to play an important role. What better tool to use than the Cloak?

Why can't Harry remember the events?

The events would have felt like a bad dream since he had nothing to prove it to himself. Since he had returned to the original timeline, the other worlds were ceasing to exist and would lose the desire to keep those memories. He most likely fought hard to keep his original memories when he spent a year in the other timeline.